Whimsy Winx Then & Now

I recently turned 3 years old (no there wasn’t a party we know that crashes the grid, but you may send chocolate and shoes), and had a chance via Sophia Harlow’s blog challenge to look back to the good old days. I very much appreciate how much Second Life has changed since I rezzed early January 2007.  Sculpties were just hitting the grid and no where near in the numbers they are used today.  Flexi hair was still newish.  Prim feet rare.  The residents were giants compared to the size of the average resident today.  A bad teleport didn’t mean you were logged out, or crashed, but hair, shoes, and any other prim attachment shoved up your non prim derriere. Bling was still king!  Professional shoppers, stylists, decorators were numerous.  I used to wonder at the thought of a virtual home, hiring people to take my photo, help me shop, and decorate my home.

I knew from playing The Sims 2 that there would be downloads for Second Life online, so while downloading the viewer I surfed.  I was shocked to find I would have to acquire everything inworld or make it.  I made notes from blogs like Linden Lifestyles, and those on Fashion Planet, of stores that I could find items I would want.  I read up on what camping was about, and salsa.   I took the term camping literally and couldn’t figure out how to camp the teepee’s behind The Free Dove, (ps if you are new and reading this there isn’t any camping there).  It was a lonely couple of days inworld, I didn’t talk to anyone, because they all wanted me in their dungeon, and had to learn what to do by people watching.  Finally after many hours trying to figure out how to send a notecard, I responded to an instant message from a guy who was stuck in an animation in the ground.  I figured you can’t harass me if you are in the ground.  He was looking for a way out of his glitch, and while I don’t recall if I was able to help, he was able to help me send a notecard.  He was only a few days older then me, and added me to his friends list. We would IM back and forth things we had learned as we camped and explored the grid.  He showed me how to camp, sit on a pose ball, and once he even logged into my account for me to mod my skirt so I could attend a fashion show.  Second Life can be overwhelming to a new resident, but its really the people that make it as great as it is.  Connecting to them allows us to learn so much about each other, and provides us with the ability to step away from our real life selves and learn new things.

That notecard he showed me how to send was for my free GuRL 6 hair.  I was in awe of the place, super pink and black decor, it was uber girlie, with amazing hair.  I lived at GuRLywood for a couple of days while a new resident, always returning there as a home base, and to log out at night.  Six Kennedy to me was the example of what you can do inworld.  She had a busy store, a whole sim, and a sexy fun look.  I used her as my base model of what to emulate to roughly fit in as a new resident.  Shown here in my 2007 photo is moi in GuRL 6 hair, and outfit, and Celestial Studio’s Charmed skin.  It’s a big difference, but many things besides my look have changed inworld.  I hope that it continues to grow, residents pursue content creation, explore, and live amazing virtual lives.

Whimsy Winx Then & Now

4 thoughts on “Whimsy Winx Then & Now

  1. That was a really beautiful post. I rarely ever see anyone capture the experience of the game, from when you are new to present day, and it was vivid and actually moving.

    I’ve been playing the game for 5.2 years or so and I have never had any great experiences like you have. I did create some stuff that was somehow popular, but I have lost the will to create these past 2 years. I almost forgot all my skills and SL is generally been depressing for me. I want to find the perfect friends but people are either too social or too childish and I feel like my heads spinning quite a lot.

    Anyway, here’s to the happiness you found and the good experience you had! I hope others do too. Some of us fall through the cracks just like people do in the real world and we end up lost along the way, but posts like yours have given me a little hope for the future.

  2. fantastic story, Whims (although i do miss having that grid crashing party)! you look amazing and continue to have a fantastic attitude. thank you so much for sharing this, and for giving hope to those like M from the previous comment.

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