Just Desserts

Recently I was poking about on the main grid with Sasy, and I came across this amazing store.  I had to check it out, as it was a giant dinosaurs skull embedded into the side of a volcano.   Primordial Soup & Sandwich, creative builders extraordinaire.  They specialize in avatars that are well-built, comical, and unique.  From dragons, thanksgiving dinner, and musical gremlins you will wonder at the creative genius.  Check out their blog, and their xstreet store.

Primordial Soup & Sandwich - Just Desserts

I couldn’t resist buying this adorable avatar called Just Desserts.  It’s at first glance a pie, turned out I bought not only the pie, but an entire avatar that’s an evil pie on table with plates and silverware.  Clicking my avatar gives people a slice a pie that when worn, takes a bite out of their shoulder.  The ao is the big surprise!  The table walks using its legs, it’s extremely comical to watch.  I had my fun, and settled down in a few shops this past weekend blending in with the furniture.  I would notice people would see my nameplate, and then cam on me, then the table parts figuring it out.  Eventually they would click me and get pie.  A few times I had some fun following people around stores, and when they would turn their view I would stop and blend back into the store.  This wa,s by far, my favorite avatar I have purchased. Check out the store, you’ll will find tons of good giggly avatars, and sculptures, at some amazingly affordable prices.

Teleport to Primordial Soup & Sandwich


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