Fierceness from Glance!

Glance - Beyonce

I got a big surprise from Glance when I tried on their Beyonce skin, I went from soccer mom to FIERCE.  This skin is incredible.  If you are looking for a mid-range tan – to light ethnic skin, this is it!  I have walked around in this skin for 2 weeks now, not even wanting to share it with anyone in a blog post.  You simply must grab some demos and try it out for yourself!

Glance - Beyonce - Makeup Range

The makeups are all well-chosen for the skin tone.  They feature cat eyes to dramatic eye shadow to natural, all with coordinating lipsticks that really play up the skin.  This is my shape, the shape I wear for every post.  Not even custom modded to “accommodate” the natural effect the skin would need. It’s just that yummy!   When Glance does a skin, it does it in one shade…it’s a concept.  I would like to see them expand that a bit tone wise…perhaps a slightly lighter and darker for each of their skins, which prominently feature a look inspired by popular celebs du jour.  It wouldn’t work with all of them, but would with a few others…which I hope to blog soon as well.  These alone are glorious,  I can’t say enough..check out my abs, my knees, and the all over effect!  Wait till you try on the demos yourself!

Glance - Beyonce - Full Body

My favorite outfit I kept coming back to recently, was comprised of some of my favorite items in my wardrobe, and a few newly acquired items too.  I’ve got my fun bridisi slacks from Gisaci, paired with this fun zebra corset, which is a new item from Dreams.  Textures adding depth from my DeLa cropped jacket, to my bangles and nails from Mandala.  New to my inventory is this fun hair from Xplosion, and my JazzleWorks Vajazzle!  Yes, I am wearing vajazzle OVER my slacks…it’s the new black..seriously are you gonna hide all this fun away?  Phaylen tp’d me to this cute little place that had them… I snagged the heart as it was perfect for over the pant look, creating a bedazzled slacks effect.   My lingerie photos feature hair by, and lingerie by Glam Affair (formerly Beauty Avatar).

Glance - DeLa - Armidi - Mandala - Dreams - LeLutka - Xplosion

Hair: Xplosion – Kayli Normal – Cacao
Skin: Glance – Beyonce – Black
Earrings:  Zaara – Tarika Claw – Silver
Bangles: Mandala – Takara Bangle – Black Fur/Leather
Vajazzle: JazzleWorks – The Heart (worn over slacks, it’s the new black)
Jacket: DeLa – Short Jacket “Bette” – Jet Black
Corset: Dreams – Animal Print Corset – Zebra
Pants: Gisaci – Brindisi – Black
Shoes: LeLutka – Saffron Pumps – Soft Silver
Poses: Olive Juice

Hair: – Melanie.2 – Cynical Black
Lashes: Chaisuki – Lashes 27
Lingerie: Glam Affair – Ramonna Azure
Poses: Olive Juice

10 thoughts on “Fierceness from Glance!

  1. You are Tyra fierce it is amazing how much with your shape you look like Miss Banks, so the skin works so well even though a specific lady was intended, it has been fun watching you embrace her so much ♥


  2. Hi Ok welll I guess someone should contact Glance and let them know that the skin looks more like tyran than it does beyonce unless your shape is based off of Tyra but if not and you just look like that cause of the skin… then I’m just saying you dont look BEYONCE FIERCE but TYRA FIERCE Sasy said…. I think a change of name is order… well just my opinion but you look Fantabulous otherwise 😀

    1. It was an amazing surprise to find I was very Tyra! I have seen the skin lean towards Beyonce with a change of shape and hair quite easily. It’s a lovely skin, that does amazing things, I can’t wait to try it with some shapes I have to see the different effect one great skin has.

      1. Oh ok sooo it does change well that’s good XD Cause I was looking at it thinking wait wait…. beyonce? This is Tyra. But that’s awsome that it can make you look like both by changing the shape and hair very nice.

  3. is simply a coloring over a shape. While it can change the look a bit, your shape is far more a decider in a look. Never judge a skin by the ad or in this case the NAME. You never know what it will look like on you, or a variety of shapes, or even you with a slight modification here and there.

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