The Deck is 1 Year Old!

The Deck, one of Second Life’s fashionable shopping sims, is celebrating their first anniversary.  Many store as well as my own have been able to put out a gift for shoppers.  W. Winx offers you the Lotus Water Temple Spring, a free gift in celebration of The Deck’s birthday, this weekend only.  Come check out the stores, and enjoy some time at  The Deck.  For more information on the birthday fun click here, and here. 😉

Lotus Water Temple Spring - Gift

2 thoughts on “The Deck is 1 Year Old!

  1. I went to the event as you know Whimsy; 3 straight days and clicked on the gift for a couple of hours.
    Would never go to “buy” for me; and i really did spend hours of my life trying. Other vendors gifts were working; just not yours, sadly.
    lag is hell. hopefully you will participate in more events like this one.
    Also i looked for your stuff on xstreet. And no listings. Do you sell anywhere out of world?
    Thanks. Sierrah

  2. Yes, I have listings on Xstreet, Slapt.Me, and Metaverse Exchange, as well as at my store at The Deck. Many people had misclicks due to the tremendous turnout at the sim, not just mine. 😉

    Also this weekend, I had the misfortune of having a glitch with my xstreet box. Not sure why, but my items are not currently showing. I am having it checked into, so please check back.

    So glad The Deck’s humble birthday celebration was such a wild success, thanks to the owner, and all the other participating stores.

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