Blues & Greens

Blues & Greens

A mish mash of some recent releases, with some favorites thrown in.  Bodysuit by Maitreya, this color only available at The Dressing Room.  The Dressing Room for those who haven’t heard is a discount shop, featuring discounted items made by various stores.  Always worth a stop! Currently they have a Tuli skin, and this awesome body suit, other colors/tones available at those stores main.  Zaara recently had a sale, check to see if its still going, but its 50% off of selected items, so another place worth stopping.  I picked up this items here. My J’s Thigh High Boots are a favorite, when they appeared at the Shoe Fair this past year, I snagged both fatpacks for the colors alone. This low ponytail hair from Lamb is to die for, there is another variation of a low pony released at the same time, with bangs that is equally well done.  Great lashes from Chaisuki, she really has a wide variety of them, this pair I love for its cat eye variations.  Page 3 makes these great manicure and ring combos, all recolorable via hud, even the type of silver/gold on the rings.

Blue & Greens

Items, Stores, and Teleports:

Hair: Lamb – Lost – Pale [TP]
Skin:  Tuli –  Jade (tone 4/li) 04c  [TP]
Lashes:  Chaisuki – lashes32   [TP]
Earrings: Zaara – Hiral Shell Earrings – Gold [TP]
Necklace: Zaara – Swarit Necklace Paua – Gold [TP]
Bracelet: Zaara – Sadaf Paua Bangles [TP]
Manicure/Rings: Page 3 – Rings & Nails  [TP]
Suit: Maitreya – Bodysuit de la Ruche – Sea Green (This color available at The Dressing Room) [TP] [The Dressing Room TP]
Boots:  J’s – Thigh High Boots – BlueGray [TP]
Poses:  Reel Expressions [TP]

Back from Rehab

Been vacationing in Azeroth, but I am back now, and expect I’ll be blogging more.  I know you missed me, but I’m back! (I really hope everyone knows my vanity is really me just rping and laughs with me)

Kisses! XOXOX!


3 thoughts on “Blues & Greens

  1. ‘Allo dahlink! I see the SL Paparazzi wasted no time in getting over there to welcome you back. **Grins**


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