Crazy Arse Hair @ W. Winx

When I heard that any store, any person could join in the fun of making crazy arse hair for the hunt I knew I had to give it a go!   It was fun, and interesting to see how differently hair creators work, from texture creation to the post processing of texturing all that hair, and packaging.  WOW!  Props to the hair designers out there!

I created 2 hairstyles for the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt, called ICU, and Rats Nest.  ICU is a subtle design, available in 8 shades, and Rats Nest is a little more fun!  Two rats have created a place to store their interesting finds in your hair! Complete with rats!

ICU & Rats Nest Hair @ W. Winx (Crazy Arse Hair Hunt!

Do the hunt and check out more fun, and unique hair!  There are 52 participating stores!! At each store a gummi bear has been hidden, not too hard, they will be within 20 meters of the entrance!  You will have the opportunity due to time, and or ease to complete this hunt!  Within the first hour of it starting I had people already at my store and I am number 39!

Crazy Arse Hair Hunt Starting Location Teleport

Dates: July 15th through August 15th, hunt for the hidden gummi bear!

Crazy Arse Hair Hunt Flickr Group! Yep, post your photos of fun CAHH hair found at the hunt!

Ohmai R.icelli

I love black and white in the summer!  This is  fun outfit, more formal than what you think of for summer, but great for summer formal splash, which I’m attending later.  R.icielli makes these great highwaist skirts, that include the belt, all modifiable for a very easy fit.  This bodysuit has been available at Ohmai as a freebie for some time now.  It’s all hand-drawn, with a cute prim ruffles at the shoulder.  Maitreya Gold’s Aequus heels in white, with a the color changeable ankle wraps shown here in black.  Accessories are easy when you dress like this keeping the shades simple.  Black, and gold bangles from Armidi, paired with Septem Essentia’s Starbow black weave purse, and I am ready to mingle.  I am wearing Tuli’s Sayuri skin, with Tiny Bird’s Kissy Kissy in Ginger.

Hair:  Tiny Bird – Kissy Kissy – Ginger [TP]
Lashes: Chaisuki – Lashes32  [TP]
Skin:  Tuli – Sayuri – tone 2 (freckles) – 02b [TP]
Shirt:  Ohmai – Asymmetry Bodysuit (A freebie!)
Bangles: Armidi Gisaci – Glitz Bangle combo – 24 carrot gold  [TP]
Bangles: Armidi Gisaci – Glitz Bangle combo – Assorted 11 [TP]
Purse: Septem Essentia – Starbow – Quilt Metallic -Black [TP]
Skirt: R.icielli – Anita Highwaist Skirt – White [TP]
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Aequus – White

Poses: [TP]

Summer Outfit – Monotone

Summer Outfit Full

I pulled this summer look together for a day at the bunny markets, and auctions.  A nice cool dressy casual look for summer.  Nyte ‘n Day recently released the Pick Shirt, a nicely drawn shirt, with prim cap sleeves. It’s available in a number of colors, all of which really would have popped against the white suit, but  I chose grey to pair it with my summer short suit from Aoharu in white.  The jacket and shorts are matched to create a nice tailored look, with added detail of sunglasses worn in front pocket. This is also available in a number of colors.

Summer Outfit elements

The perfect choice of purse or handbag was LeLutka’s Calarca bag in black.  The bag comes with a specific ao, and is nicely sculpted and textured.’s dreambooties in grey were the shoe of choice for my summer dressy casual look.  Armidi’s Abagail in auburn, with Tuli’s recent addition in the Jade skin line The Deck make-up, really stand out and are showcased.  My furry accessories, since I wore this out to the bunny markets, is Titania, my Blanc de – Hotot breed bunny with light green, upright ears, and dusky shade from Ozimals.  If you like her, I have one of her nests, a cute little bunny all your own that looks just like her available at my bunny warren.

Hair: Armidi – Abigail – Auburn
Lashes: Chaisuki – Lashes32  [TP]
Skin: Tuli – Jade – (tone 5/br) – The Deck (c) [TP]
Jacket/Short Set:  Aoharu – BT Tailored Jacket SetUp – White
Shirt: Nyte’N’Day – Pick Shirt – Grey  [TP]
Bag: LeLutka – Calarca Bag – Black
Bunny:  Ozimals – Blanc de – Hotot, Light Green, Upright, Dusky (nest available at my warren)
Shoes: – Dream.Booties (Gray)
Poses: Adorkable [Teleport]