Crazy Arse Hair @ W. Winx

When I heard that any store, any person could join in the fun of making crazy arse hair for the hunt I knew I had to give it a go!   It was fun, and interesting to see how differently hair creators work, from texture creation to the post processing of texturing all that hair, and packaging.  WOW!  Props to the hair designers out there!

I created 2 hairstyles for the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt, called ICU, and Rats Nest.  ICU is a subtle design, available in 8 shades, and Rats Nest is a little more fun!  Two rats have created a place to store their interesting finds in your hair! Complete with rats!

ICU & Rats Nest Hair @ W. Winx (Crazy Arse Hair Hunt!

Do the hunt and check out more fun, and unique hair!  There are 52 participating stores!! At each store a gummi bear has been hidden, not too hard, they will be within 20 meters of the entrance!  You will have the opportunity due to time, and or ease to complete this hunt!  Within the first hour of it starting I had people already at my store and I am number 39!

Crazy Arse Hair Hunt Starting Location Teleport

Dates: July 15th through August 15th, hunt for the hidden gummi bear!

Crazy Arse Hair Hunt Flickr Group! Yep, post your photos of fun CAHH hair found at the hunt!

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