In The Waiting Line

Twisted & Spoiled’s Jeans are part of series of posts I’m doing featuring some of my favorite jeans.  I acquired these over the summer, and love them to death. I bought the fat-pack which included 12 colors, from true blue seen in my composite shot, to pink! Included are two types of jean prims, baggy and boot cut, nicely sculpted they give it a nice finish. The shading, and hems/seams are done well, and well worth adding to your inventory.

In The Waiting Line

I paired my jeans with my shear-ling coat from DeLa in beige.  Dela make these in a short and longer version, I’m wearing the longer version called Jona.  Sculpted, with good texture, I love the fullness of this!  Underneath I have on two more shirts from Twisted and Spoiled, the feisty shirt in a rich chocolate, which comes with sculpted prim cuffs, and collar.  Available in a wide variety of colors, as well as the Vest I am wearing, which is more like a longer ribbed tank. My jewelry is from Miel, who have been slick enough to put out jewelry for $50L Friday events for some time now, yet rarely after that is it in store to buy.  All their jewelry is delicious enough that I am ready to start a petition to make them carry it at full price in the store afterward. If you agree it also, please send them a nc requesting this. This set’s called Ahi, it’s simple, it’s elegant, and unique. My other accessories are Casa del Shai’s Lizard Boots in brown, and Mandala’s Saicho belt in brown.  My skin is a new release at The Dressing Room by Tuli called Gina 06, and has this lovely adoration by the left eye. She’s released several there over the course of it, so it’s becoming a nice collection.  Soft makeups, dewy skin, the look classic, everyday, fresh.

In The Waiting Line

My hair gets it’s own paragraph…it’s awesome.  It’s from Ploom, and if you hadn’t heard already Ploom’s designer is Helyanwe Vindaloo of Deviant Kitties.  She’s branched out into this new store of amazing hair, and some nice skins…Sasy talks about them here, and some of her other hairstyles too.  I loved this one called Iris.  This style comes with a hud to change the streak of color in the hair, the hair shade itself is Auburn. I love its form, and that’s one thing that caught my eye when I visited Ploom for the first time.  I snagged quite a few hairs, and can’t wait to go back!

Hair: Ploom – Iris – Auburn (with blonde streak option)
Skin: Tuli – The Dressing Room – Gina 06 [The Dressing Room TP]
Jewelry: Miel – Ahi Set
Coat:  DeLa – Shearling Coat “Jona” – Beige
Top 1: Twisted & Spoiled – Chocolate Feisty Shirt
Top 2: Twisted & Spoiled –  Vest – Magnolia
Belt: Mandala – Saicho Belt – Brown
Jeans: Twisted & Spoiled – T & S Jeans
Boots: Casa del Shai – Lizard Boots – Brown

Poses:  Variety of poses by ImpEle, Glitterati, and !Bang