How to request items to blog

Being a new to the scene blogger is terrifying.  You are a ‘little fish’ in a big pond.  Get over it. You’re like everyone else, and surprise we all are scared to send requests to blog items.  What?  Yep.  Why?  Well, humans are afraid of negatives, and take even a no personally.  One of the strongest lessons you will ever learn in life is being able to tell people no.  For your own sanity, to keep your goals in line, and to be happy.  It’s a word we are afraid of.  But remember the saying  “The worst they can say is No.”. Don’t be afraid of the no.  Craft a well written request.  State your business right away.  Who, What, Where, How.

Hi, I was recently in your store, and wanted to contact you to let you know I blog fashion and events on Virtually Dressed  I would love  the opportunity to blog (state what you want: example your store/new release/specific outfit).  Please let me know what your bloggers policy is.  It’s been a delight to find you.  (be honest, not smarmy.  Yes sometimes I do find it a delight


Whimsy Winx
Virtually Dressed

That probably wasn’t the best I could do, but I’m mentally already focused on what I want to communicate to you here, and my heavy to be blogged folder at the moment.  This is a quick post to inspire you to step out of your shell and help you promote you.

Consider your blog and your blogging style. You might review, showcase, style blog, etc.  So please be careful when you ask for review copies, when you want to style blog.  I would leave review as a word out if it.  Review might scare off a designer if you aren’t going to be actually be reviewing but instead showcasing.  Be confident in your request.  Be willing to drop it on a content creator, and let it go.  If you don’t hear from them ever again, don’t be upset, just let it go.  If you get a ‘no’ response, don’t be upset.  Be gracious.  You may or may not be given the reason. Whatever the case you can’t force the issue.  You might not be right now, but you might be given an opportunity later.  I might feel the need to elaborate on this later and do another post, I am open to tips from other bloggers and or designers being posted here for helpful advice.  Remember HELPFUL ADVICE. 😉  We’re a community whether we like it or not and its time to make it work.

I can wear my hair now?      BTW if you are reading this and didn’t know, Hair Fair 2010, Designers United 4,  Project Donate, and Wear Gray.  Go Blog!