So Sasy and I were out fashion trolling last night.  Usually this evolves into massive binge shopping trips that involves a rotating gaggle of girls, some minor flirting and dragging along of the men we find along the way, and that bleary moment 12 hours later when you log on wondering where the hell all your lindens are, and wtf is all this in your inventory, followed by another couple of hours of trying on clothes and recalling it all over Skype.  Yeah, good times, good times.  This started the same way but ended quickly when Sasy dragged me over to Meghindo Romano’s store appropriately named Meghindo’s.  After combing through the lovely lingerie, the swimwear, the little party dresses,  I turned a corner and saw their outfits.  I died.  I love when designers throw together an entire look.  I love that one easy moment of click wear a folder and being ‘done’.  To throw on their idea of a moment in time, an event, etc.   Meghindo’s does this very well.  She is a very clever designer, using  multiple layers, and layer work to her advantage.  Her jewelry, amazing big earrings, are flexi alpha, which is a fun twist.  Many prim parts are done flexi, and completely different then I have seen before.  She has a several group gifts available, her group only being $250 to join.  One outfit was the coolest outfit, I totally began imaging various places my avatar would wear it to, and what I loved about it were the prim pant legs.  Not your typical sculpts, or old school cones/cylinders they were flexi giving a really nice evening pantsuit touch to it.  I liked the movement.   The jewelry was all on layer available with or without the top.  Very fun effect.  Many of her outfits come with full accessories from shoes, handbag, clothes.  The price range for an entire outfit as shown in my photos runs about what you would be paying if you purchased them as separates, and pulled a unique look together.  I am showing off several of Meghindo’s outfits, and can’t wait to photograph more, they are so fun.  I thought I would show them off playing around with a style of layout I am totally stealing from Eve Kazan at Mademoiselle. She blogged Hair Fair 2010 Recently using this, and my attempt is very amateur in comparison but I liked it enough to wanna play around with it.

I’m wearing hair from Hair Fair 2010 from a new to me store.  I knew about them, but only as they were new sim mates, and holding out on putting out  their hair until Hair Fair. Shown are Natasha Likes Hot Rollers, Natasha Loves Boris, and Riley.  Three formal updos, Riley is their store freebie hair style available in a naturals pack. I love naturals packs, can I say it enough? Shown from left to right from Meghindo’s are Diplomat, Admiral, and Faded.  Shown with Diplomat, is lacey face tattoo from Masquerade Parade.  It comes with several variations, light, dark, and tintable (viewer 2.1+ only).  I can’t wait to play around with my outfits some more, and blog them again, and mix these separates with some other pieces.

Outfits: Meghindo’s

Hair: Frou-Frou

Face Tattoo: Masquerade Parade’s Face It – September Morn

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