Maybe you wonder where you are, I don’t care

Spent last night in school with Sasy, and Fia.  Afterwards spent some time dancing with Sasy at The Deck, listening to 80’s tunes.  She was organizing inventory, while I played in my Meghindo folder some more.   While Hair Fair kept me busy, it can kinda drain ya for blogging, so it’s nice to play a bit before you get back into the swing of things.  I am way over scheduled so I need all the play I can get.   I picked up this great guitar case at Sey,  I have a thing for good band gear, as I am in a band with Sasy, called The Juggernauts.  Sasy plays tambourine, while I play fast and loose.  Sasy says she likes to play tambourine cause when she whacks me on the head with it, it makes a great sound.

Late for band practice
Late for band practice

This is an outfit called Caval, from Meghindo’s.  Love these long denim boots.  FUCKING sexy right!  The whole outfit consists of these denim boots, a dress, or continuation of the denim boots into jeans that’s beyond hot.  These awesome sequins cape and top, love my hip spikes!  They totally say BACK OFF BITCH. Thank good for Ploom, just sayin, awesome hair, Jade skin from Tuli.  Animations/poses are Cupid Shuffle from some dance store I don’t recall, and a pose by Long Awkward Pose.  My guitar case is from Sey, click change several colors.  They have more versions, plus drum kit bags.

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