Amacci - Full Service Salon

Amacci is a full service salon store, offering skins, hair, eyes, lashes, and lingerie…even eye sparkles!  They recently had some releases you should definitely check out if you haven’t already.

Amacci - Hair Base & Pony Tails

Firstly she just released a pack of hair base attachment ponytails that I love, and when it comes to hair bases…Carina Larsen is muh gurl.  Guys, she has pony attachments and hair bases for you as well.  Then she really wowed us by then releasing a “crazy hair” pack of shades of Blue, Blueberry, Cherry, Lilac, Lime, Pink, Purple, and Red.  Amazingly, at the moment those Crazy Hair packs (all hairs have this option as a pack now) are $35L each which include the hair base as well…so if you occasionally like me have a penchant for Pink Ponies…well then. (shown here are Blue, Lime, Blueberry (yeah I know like the yummy warm blueberry pie…mmmm, Pink.)

Amacci - Crazy Hair Packs Currently $35L!!!

As if that wasn’t enough the busy girl released the Irina skin, shown here in the various skin tones its available in.  The makeups are well done, I love how rich the eye makeup is, the work on the body is lovely, and the lips are dewy and kissable.

Amacci - Irina Skin Tones

I recently went to change my eyes, they have been to date, a free pair of eyes from Basy!, and were discontinued which is why I never really cited them in posts.  Amacci was just what I needed, as I hunted everywhere for a eye I could live with everyday.  She had a wide range of them, and I found that her browns were really well done.  I have decided to make the switch now to her Real Eyes, probably settling on Autumn, or Moon, as they are some of my favorites.  She also features sparkles for the eye!

Amacci - Eyes & Lashes

Hair/Skin/Eyes/Lashes/Lingerie: Amacci
(I told you they were full service)

SL Marketplace

Shoes: Royal Blue
Dress/Coat: Armidi
Poses: Long Awkward Pose (from her latest release!  ❤ LAP!)


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