Le Look Osakki!

Osakki @ Le Look

Osakki who I have been bingeing on the past couple of posts such as Osakki Berries, and With Love Plaid, has just released a new collection, and a new location at Le Look!  It’s a stunning looking store.  The designer Kaysha Piers ‘s work this time around has continued with her structured look in form, but from soft sweaters to military bodysuits, and jackets.  It’s a wondrous, contemporary mix of old, and new styles, with fun twists. It’s very hip, very now, and totally Second Life fashion. I especially love her for her variety of leggings.

Osakki - Assassin - Blood

One of my favorites right away was this eye-catching blazer in blood-red, with coordinating corset, leggings, and gloves, called Assassin.  It featured two types of shoulder epaulets.  As I mentioned before she has a variety of leggings,  I was really taken with the fish net leggings I blogged in With Love Plaid.   I have worn them for over a week, so I am quite happy she’s created even more, and hope she just turns these out left and right.  I am sooo into this right now.    [Osakki Mainstore Teleport] Check out my awesome new hair from Exile, this windblown hair is great.  I am in love with browns and auburns and Kavar nailed it.  I love the way it drapes from behind as well.

Osakki - Leggings - Variety

Whut Whut:
Hair: Exile – Nyx – Dusk
Hair Base:  Amacci – Hair Base Tattoo – Mocha
SSkin: eStyle Exquisite – Paris X3 – Tan 24
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelashes ‘Allure” – Black
Eyes:  Amacci – Real Eyes – Amber
Outfit: Osakki – Assassin – Blood
Boots: SiniStyle – Animosity Boot
Poses: Marukin

I also wanted to share that Sasy Scarborough of SasyPants (lol), has created a flickr group of stock images for Second Life users.  Bloggers, photographers, virtual artists, photo pile up enthusiasts are sure to find something interesting to use in this group that is growing and growing.  If you have a love of taking photos, and are always snapping a photo out on location, consider submitting it to this group.  All work submitted is to be used Non Commercially.  You can’t use it to make textures, backgrounds, etc.  You can use it as the background of your store ad, or blog post photo, or pile up, etc.  The group has a lot of potential, so please consider making some backgrounds for others, or use it as your resource for backgrounds.  Check it out Second Life Stock Images, and check out an example of how I used a photo.

Second Life Stock Image (flickr group) Use Example

PLEASE REMEMBER this is NOT a pile up group, so if you submit a photo like a head shot, it can then be used in any manner non commercially by others.  There are groups for pile ups, this is where you get the background you want for it.  Just sayin’  don’t complain when you are the next spoke person for diaper fetish group. Mmmhmm.

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