Santa Clutz! Gingerbread Village Tray! @ W. Winx

New Winter Whimsy at W. Winx!

Santa Clutz!

Santa Clutz @ W. Winx
Santa Clutz @ W. Winx

Oh oh!  Dood…wheres my ipod?

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Santa Clutz on Marketplace

Gingerbread Village Tray

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Gingerbread Village Tray on Marketplace

Previous Winter Releases & W. Winx in Happy Holidays Hunt:

W. Winx is in the Happy Holidays Hunt and our hunt item is a Gingerbread Arbor. This holiday arbor features 6 animations, and is a bright, festive addition to your decor. 96 stores are participating in the hunt and the amazing amount of goodies you can collect is overwhelming, men’s and women’s fashion, home and garden! Stop by the store and click the Happy Holidays Hunt sign for more information. Teleport to W. Winx

Gingerscapes @ W. Winx
Gingerscapes @ W. Winx

W. Winx has more new winter releases….Gingerscapes! Instantly transform your place into a gingerbread and hot cocoa winter wonderland, full of marshmallows, gumdrops, peppermint sticks, and extra snickerdoodle cookie because you have been good. The Gingerbread mini is 10×10, featuring 5 animations, and an extra snickerdoodle cookie with sit pose for you to place increasing seating to 6 and beyond. Perfect for small parcels, 512’s. The Hot Cocoa Gingerscape is 21×21, featuring a hot cocoa ‘pond’, 7 animations, extra snickerdoodle cookies for you to place for added seating (2 kinds of animations). Both are on display at W. Winx, at the display platform as well. Gifting options available through SL Marketplace and Display Platform. These items are Copy, Mod, No Transfer.

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Hot Cocoa Gingerscape on Marketplace
Gingerscape Mini on Marketplace

Extend the whimsy, with Gingertrees, a forest of them! Available in an all in one Fatpack for fast sim decorating! Or purchase by set. Each tree set features swayed and upright gingertrees in either Sugared, Lightly Sugared, or Plain gingerbread trees, with sprinkles option as well. All sprinkle trees give out a cookie when touched. Trees are copy, mod, no trans for full sim landscaping possibilities, with a fatpack available at 25% off.

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Gingertrees Fatpack on Marketplace
Gingertrees (Sugared & Sprinkles) on Marketplace
Gingertrees (Lightly Sugared & Sprinkles) on Marketplace
Gingertrees (Plain Gingerbread & Sprinkles) on Marketplace

W. Winx-Mel-a-mine Photo Cube! Remember back when photo cubes were the rage! Every coffee table had one! Now you can too! This amazing cube is easy to customize! Click and the plastic is gone! Drag your photo onto the side you want, click and the plastic is back! Copyable! Mod means not only can you customize, but you can make them into various sizes for display! Send a holiday gift via the display platform. Teleport to W. Winx

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