Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2011 – Tuli (Zoe)


Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2011

Tuli - Zoe

Tuli will be at Vanity Universe’s Skin Fair, showing off her latest endeavor–Zoe.  For those who love the layer possibilities of newer 2.0 based viewers, Zoe is a delight!  A skin pack contains a skin tone that is comprised of six skins, these six differ each having it’s own eye makeup shown here with no prim lashes worn. They are full skins, meaning on the skin layer.


The packs contain multiple layers to customize your look,   seven brows; black, bleached, blonde, carrot, copper, honey, light brown, and red.  In addition to these, she includes twelve lip shades in Amethyst, cherry, coral, kiss, lilac, magenta, nude, peach, raspberry, ruin, and terra, and eyebrow shaper, and a shape!  Of course Tuli threw in some cleavage layers too, she’s always kind to the cleavage!


Throwing in a style post I just couldn’t wait for. L’ Abel has this super awesome sequin capri with the cutest ruffles at the knee. I mixed Coco’s Bow Shirt I picked up recently, and I love the effect of both of them. I was so close to accessorizing this with bright red, but I felt that was too predictable and went with a bubble gum pink accessories from DeLa.

Lingerie:  Armidi – Boudoir- Marron
Shoes: Royal Blue – Secretary’s Dream Pumps  – Noir

Hair: LeLutka – Aadi – SoySauce
Skins:  Tuli – Zoe – Pale, Sunkissed, Tan
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 lashes/curl
Earrings:  DeLa– Berlioz – Pink
Clutch: DeLa – Clutch Bag “Zazu” – Crocodile Pink
Shirt:  Coco – BowShirt – White
Capris: –L`Abel – OOna – Black Short
Shoes:  DeLa – Sandal “Marie” – Pink
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Vanity Universe Skin Fair begins February 20th at 3PM SLT, and runs to the March 6th, 2011. Click here to get more information on the Vanity Universe website.  Your ride to the Fair is here (when it patient one more day!).  The line up of stores featured are:

Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2011


*****Please remember this is a FAIR, just like in REAL LIFE there will be lots of people there.  Mind your manners, and please try to not “wear blings, scripted hair, scripted shoes, scripted or sculpty attachments, animation overrides (AO´s), sensor HUDs, mystitools, anti spy shields, or other HUDs.”  The general idea is to go low script, even if you turn off the scripts, but still wear the device, the item is in passive listening mode and still counts, please remove. This is for you to see the latest from many designers, and not show off that awesome 2700 prim scripted avatar you just bought.  Having said this, please remember while it might be rude to wear all this to the fair, it’s just as rude to turn into a screaming harridan yelling about people’s avatar rendering costs, ao’s, etc.  Just turn off the people and shop! Ctrl alt shift 4 turns off people, doing it again will turn them back on.  It’s also nice for cutting some lag (client side).