Le Bistro & Le Bunneh’s

Omg omg omg, guess what!  Sasy took me to Le Bistro, knowing how much I get a giggle for real life everyday things like eating inworld.  But wowsa, Le Bistro lets you cook the meal too!  Sasy Bunneh and I took the opportunity to have breakfast and chat at my place. Thanks to Le Bistro, I was able to serve her something more then champagne and tapas, which is what I’ve been living on for five years (see why I am so skinny).  Le Bistro made these cute packages, featured here is their Pancake Breakfast.   So easy to use, you will be arranging elegant dinners, cozy lunches with the gals, and breakfast for your sweeties in no time.   Just rez your pots and pans on a cooking surface, click to start the cooking, when your meal is ready click the serving bowls on the tray to transfer the food.  The meal comes with placemats for your table just click them or the tray to serve the food. The food is copyable, no modify, no transfer.  Le Bistro features a wide variety of food selections, meals for you, with gifting options available.  Stop by to check them out, don’t forget to check out their party items like the movie package, and upstairs is full of yummy sweets. The Pancake Breakfast Meal includes: Pancake Skillet,  Eggs & Bacon Skillet, Pot of Grits, Pancake Breakfast Tray, Pancake Breakfast Place-mats (2)

Watch Sasy and I have a Pancake Breakfast.  Check out Sasy’s blog to read and watch the fancy Le Bistro Ham Dinner she cooked.  Taxi to Le Bistro

Scarlet Creative

The Loft
Fashionably Dead
Cluster (available on marketplace)
Tranquility Way Station
W. Winx

Cooking Animation:
Random Kitten

Avatar: BeetleBones – Winter Bunny Gatcha – Cocoa (available at Seasons Gatcha)
Hair: SLink – Angel Hair – Buff
Accessory: Fashionably Dead – Black Bow Headband for Twins Hair
Skirt: Flair – Bunny Mini Gatchas – Pink Plaid Mini

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