Art Collection release @ My Attic event

W. Winx-Aunt Wanda's Summer Art Tour Haul

W. Winx has created an 11 pieces pop art and modern art collection for your home. For a limited time only $95L available at My Attic.

My Attic @ The Deck ad

What’s My Attic?

The Deck sim is proud to announce ‘My Attic” an event that starts on the 21st of March and ends on the 31st of March. The theme this session is “Summer Abroad 1955-1960” tenants at The Deck and two special guests have made items that fit within this theme and their own creative influences.
All items will be 95L for the duration of the event, and will then go to regular store prices afterwards.

My Attic Slurl:
Teleport: My Attic
My Attic Flickr Group