My Attic – W. Winx-Artist Studio

My Attic has only a few days left for the May Session.  The theme for this session has been Memories of Love & Lust.  My Artist Studio the first of many in the new line for W. Winx, the WinxBox.  The WinxBox is a photo shadow box that has been created to provide a unique environment for photography purposes.  Abundant dynamic shadow opportunities, and interesting posing vignettes, either with poses provided or utilizing the poses you may already have in your inventory.

W. Winx-WinxBox-Artist Studio

This first WinxBox is ‘The Artist Studio” a collaboration effort with Adorkable Poses containing six custom made poses.  In addition, Adorkable also has an additional companion set of poses also available at My Attic.  For My Attic this item will be at an introductory price of only 95L, until the end of the event. You will find a display WinxBox set up at the back of My Attic veranda area.   Also up until 31st of May all items in the Mainstore of W. Winx are on SALE at 50% off (WinxBox not included in SALE).

Adorkable Poses: Paint Me

This item is designed for photos with shadows enabled.  To really enhance your photography experiment with the various windlight presets available on viewers (not all viewers have the same presets), turn down the gamma, change the time of day, and east/west angle to really maximize the outcome.

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