Erare Project

Erare Syrene Flora 1592x2408

The creators of Celoe and LeLutka recently released these stunning mesh mermaids called The Erare Project.  The mermaids consist of a variety of body parts to transform you from human to siren.  There are eight in total, each more beautiful than the next. Flora is a lovely bottle green that provides camouflage.  Fury is predominately red, with some tones of gold and orange and stands out brilliantly. Pretense is a darker mermaid with lavender, midnight, and prussian blues that mimic the deeper depths. Mercy is soft and lovely tones of subdued pinks, corals, and golds.  Ghost is muted tones of coral, nude, sea green, and pale gold. Glory are muted, and deep tones of red, gold, and browns. Spire is a beautiful black, that really stands out dramatically. Foam blends into the waves, with silvery blues, and muted lavender.

Erare Composite 7a

The hair is stunning, the concept is incredible, and it moves with perfection. Included are mesh eyes that are eerie and beautiful.  They’re modifiable so you can custom fit them.  There is a layer to add a shimmer to your exposed skin, and another for your torso that is the main torso color with added detail to the breast bone area. There are two types of breast adornment, one more modest than the other. I’m wearing the full version.  There are also several other mesh fin and kelp attachments for various looks, in my photo I am wearing all of them. Mesh hand/claws give a nice look, and give the impression you could really grasp a fish, or defend yourself with them. The tail is very long, giving a slim elongated form balanced out nicely by the caudal tail fin. The tail itself moves nicely with the body, and comes with tail angle HUD that allows you to move it in a variety of degrees to suit your mood.  They’ve also included an AO for movement with lovely animations, it’s modifiable allowing you to customize it further if you own more mermaid animations. Various parts are rigged to move perfectly with the body as need, others are left unrigged to allow you to modify them for a perfect fit.  This design was not only beautifully executed, but well thought out. The Syren’s are available on a barge in the waters just off of the city area of Mayfair.  Nearby them is a group gift of a lovely necklace made with them in mind.

If you are looking for more ways to add to your merlife, some of my favorite finds over the years are Kami-Hitoe’s Dramatic Seas AO2.  This ao has been my basic mermaid ao for years. It features lovely movement, ground sits, and my favorite hover, and crawl animations. Sala Snook, the designer at Kami-Hitoe makes a variety of mermaid ao’s, and items, all are worth checking out. My most amusing item from Kami-Hitoe is the mermaid fish bowl. Another favorite mermaid resource I’ve used is Creative Insanity’s Mermaid AO, it has beautiful ‘stands’ that move your body about in a very wide range. I have used both of the ao’s with the Erare mermaid and they work perfectly with them.  Check around the grid for more mermaid items, if you are looking for some cool additions to your own mermaid spot try SL’s Marketplace  for decor, homes, sea life, waves, rocks, surrounds, and plants. There is a wide variety of items that would be perfect to create your mer-paradise.  If you want to play, I recommend Mittandraland Mermaid Haven…watch out for the nets and mines. Thanks to Nei Ruffino aka `ToolKitten from DeviantArt whose stock images, stock_ocean_2 & stock_ocean_6,  I used for these photos.  I also used a variety of free textures for overlays etc from Insight Designs.

Skin: Tuli – Helen – Pearl 01
Mermaid: erare – syren – Flora {MESH} NEW!  [syren marketplace listings]
Pose: Ma Vie
Props: erare – syren – package – unboxed

Composite Photo:
Skin: Tuli – Helen – Pearl 01
Mermaid: erare – syren  {MESH} NEW!  [syren marketplace listings]
Pose: Ma Vie’s Follow Me Down pose pack, Hopscotch’s Say Feesh pose pack, Kami-Hitoe’s Dramatic Seas AO2