Dimension X & AeroStep @ My Attic – May 2015

My Attic – May 2015 is underway, and the theme for this round is Back To The Future!  Designers have created items around this theme, a limited time price of $95L during the duration of the event.

W. Winx & Flair collaborated to make Dimension X, and AeroStep.
W. Winx & Flair - AeroStep
Remember how Lou’s Cafe in the present time is being used as a Lou’s Fitness Aerobics Center? We’ve created the AeroStep a mesh sport step, with:

6 Custom Made Poses (+ mirrors)
2 Land impact
100% Original Mesh
5 Textures
W. Winx & Flair - Dimension X Ad
We went in a different direction on theme with Dimension X a Time/Dimension photo prop:

12 Land Impact
8 Custom Made Pose
Original Mesh

Currently available at My Attic. All items will be 95L for the duration of this event, only until May 31st. Theme: Back To The Future . Afterwards “Dimension X”, and “AeroStep”  will be available in the W. Winx main store, and on marketplace at full price.

Teleport: My Attic

Teleport: W. Winx  Teleport:  Flair

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