Hair Fair 2015 – Bandana Day

Boudicca Amat -Orchid - Hair Fair 2015 BandanaThe last day of Hair Fair 2015 is here, and traditionally it’s called Bandana Day. The day we take off our hair, and wear a bandana to show we care. As a Hair Fair committee member, it’s one of my most favorite things about Hair Fair. The committee and designers put in so much to make everything run smooth as possible for the event, and creators, and residents alike also get to be involved by creating the Bandana’s that are sold every year. They are all limited edition, and like many others I love collecting them. From the insanely stylish to the the insanely creative takes on head gear. The best part are when you hear about why someone felt compelled to help out, and create one, either in memory of someone, or their personal experiences, or out of creative compassion. Boudicca Amat - Dahlia's - Hair Fair 2015 Bandana

Some years I’ve been able to blog more of Hair Fair, and especially the bandana’s. This year, I’m showcasing 3 of the assortment I purchased, so I can get one last post finished. These are some of my favorites this year, I enjoyed the colors, and flower motives. LeLutka, and Boudicca Amat created 2 unique ‘bandana’s’, I love when people make their own, as much as I love the amazing work people do on texturing the ones provided in the kits we send out. One of those would be again, Boudicca Amat’s Dahlia’s.

Lelutka -Kali HeadScarf - Hair Fair 2015 Bandana

Thank you to all the designer’s, and bandana’s creators this year, as well as my fellow committee members, photo contest participants, bloggers, and shoppers. Hair Fair 2015 closes at the stroke of midnight tonight (the 26th), you as of this post still have a few hours left if you still wanted to grab some of the gifts, or hair.

This year is a celebrate of 10 years of Hair Fair, with each store providing a gift in their booth.  Each sim also contains Bandana Booths featuring bandanas made by residents of Second Life. Bandana’s are limited edition, $50L each, with 100% of price going to Wigs for Kids. For more details about Hair Fair 2015 visit the blog.  Also check out the Hair Fair 2015 Flickr groupWigs for Kids, is a non profit charity that provides a complete hair system for children suffering from hair loss due to illness, or injury.  For more information visit Wigs for Kids.

Teleport To: Hair Fair 2015 – Blonde Hair Fair 2015 – Brunette Hair Fair 2015 – Noirette Hair Fair 2015 – Redhead Cam shopping available: Hair Fair 2015 – Streaks Hair Fair 2015 – Foils

One thought on “Hair Fair 2015 – Bandana Day

  1. I’m thrilled that you liked two of my bandana’s. And I’m even more thrilled that I have played a very, very small part in the amazing event that is Hair Fair.

    We all have the right – and need – to think of ourselves as beautiful. Hopefully the money raised during Hair Fair will enable a few more smiles, a few more lingering looks in a mirror to confirm what those around them already know.
    That bravery in the face of adversity brings it’s very own beauty.

    My thanks to you and to the Hair Fair 2015 Committee.

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