Prelude & some WP/Flickr tips

22729428251_62d75404c7_z.jpgPrelude by Whimsy Winx, on Flickr

So, I put together this outfit with some new and old clothes I have. It’s for a chilly, but not too chilly fall day. I’m really into layered textures (fabric – not photo) and this makes the cut for me. I’ve titled my post as I usually do after a song title, it’s an instrumental by a band called Bag Raiders, I recently found. It was kinda odd to change my blog title after the fact, to include “some WP/Flickr tips”, which might have left people saying “whut?” to the Prelude.

When typing up this post, I noticed Flickr has recently changed, providing only the BBCode, instead of BBCode and HTML. This was irksome, and I am not happy, but whatever. Flickr has really gone downhill since Yahoo purchased it, and the new changes have not been user friendly. I don’t think they really grasp how people use Flickr.  So, faced with new change, I found a code converter.  BBCode to HTML will let you do exactly what the title says. Just grab your BBCode, and paste it into the box, check mark any settings you want and convert! Voila! Copy and paste your HTML into the Text Tab, and go back to the visual tab and hello!  This does leave the name and account holder info underneath your photo. It could easily be removed if you are more HTML savvy than I, but, after consideration I think I like it. It easily, and quickly cites the photo reference. Many times friends and I will blog each others photos when we do posts together and this makes sure everything will get properly cited. If your citation appears as close as mine by the photo, at the end of my GIF you see I put my cursor in front of the title of my photo, what isn’t shown is I hit enter so it would appear below my photo.

You can still select the HTML in the Embed Tab on Flickr, however it has a string of HTML that looks a mess on blogs that you have to use. Just don’t select any of the options like banner, header, etc. Select your size and copy paste. Or just you the BBCode – HTML.

See my animated gifs below for a reference as to how it works. The website also shows simple HTML codes that you may find useful to know for a fast edit.

While I’m at it…I know some people haven’t really used HTML within Flickr before, and they’ve also made it hard to find this information when it used to be right there under the description box under your photo. But I was slick enough to save the link to the Flickr: Allowed HTML page for future reference. Should this link ever become disabled, refer to the below screen shot. (I’m an old dog who doesn’t like new tricks – sometimes) At least this will be handy until we get used to BBCodes. This HTML is for use on Flickr for formatting your descriptions on your Flickr photos.  I’m also including two samples of how you might find this useful. It’s nice and tidy.

Hair: Murray – Giorgia {MESH NEW!
Eyes: Ikon – Spectral – Silverleaf {MESH}
Head: LeLutka – Stella {MESH}
Makeup Appliers: YS&YS – Noemi [APPLIER] NEW!
Skin Appliers: YS&YS – Tone 03 [APPLIER]
Lashes: LeLutka – Kornelia Lashes {MESH} NEW!
Body: Slink – Physique {MESH}
Hands: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual/Flat {MESH}
Manicure/Pedicure Applier: Flair – Set 57 [Applier] {MESH}
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Jewelry – I Love you Heart {MESH}
Cellphone: Muschi – MyPhone {MESH}
Handbag: Murray – Ekberg Leather Tote {MESH}
Top: Murray – Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater – Nude {MESH}
Skirt: Maitreya – Mesh Mini Skirt – Herringbone – Tan {MESH}
Leggings:  Izzie’s – Cozy Tights [Applier]
Feet: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Feet – High {MESH}
Shoes: Essenz – Bratislava {MESH} NEW!(Currently available at Shiny Shabby )
Pose: Kirin
Studio/Posestand: VR Foundry
Location: Crestwick Island

♪  Bag Raiders – Prelude  ♪