About Whimsy Winx

Just a virtual chick living my virtual life.  I build, I party, I blog, I flickr.  Showcasing Second Life, Second Life Fashion, Building, Virtual Fashion, and other virtual world content.

Review Policy:

Promotional copies are accepted with the caveat, I only blog what I like and have had time to work into outfits etc. I work full time in real life, and have a busy family life. I do try to feature as much as I can, when I can. I make no promises, but do feel compelled to get things blogged.

When commenting about items, I will mention a work around if I see there is a useability problem, or not blog it. Second Life can be problematic and with the addition of mesh, and how it layers, and what animations can do to an item I am knowledgeable and forgiving. I will not mention if I think there is some clipping do to any animation or poses I have noticed, unless I really feel it’s an issue. I wear a mesh body currently and layer using a variety of sizes to make it work.  I do not give negative reviews, if I can’t make it work (for me-and this could be from anything from my mesh body with it to more serious issues) I won’t blog it.  Occasionally I showcase a new release, and this is only occasionally due to real life time constraints, and sometimes I have just run out of words for the day and voila a style post.

I don’t give a damn about grammar or form. I blog off the hip and whatever comes out comes out, well after passing through a filter first. 😀

Promotional copies are denoted from November 2014 to present with the usage of bold type. If I am wearing a promotional dress, the word Dress in my credits will be in bold.  I also mark if an item is {MESH}, NEW! (as of the post time), and any event it might be available at (as of the post time), and [Gacha] or [Group Gift], or [Exclusive/Limited Edition] [No Longer Available]. If a store has a discounted system for their bloggers, or friends, I will make no notation of it at all, as I wouldn’t have bought it, and put it here if I didn’t like it (not to imply any promotional copies might not to be to my liking as I blog what I like).

So yeah, there it is, oh yeah I hate the color orange unless its autumn, freaking close to Halloween.  Did I mention my hate of flats unless I’m at the beach and that’s only to keep my mesh feet from melting on hot sand. But don’t let that stop you from sending them cause you never know. I love leopard print, which is really really funny considering how much you see me actually wear it on my blog. I don’t have ads, or “sponsors”. To me a “sponsors” is someone who has an ad on my blog. I don’t need or want one.  I also don’t blog super adult items, so don’t expect to see nakey, adult animations, or toys, but thanks for thinking of me.

Do not send promotional information/copies/IM’s to my blog alt VirtuallyDressed Resident, it’s a space alien that will eat it, and tell all it’s friends how bad it tasted. Unless you really wanna send over space alien avatar…can’t say that it will get blogged.

Aren’t you glad you wanted to hear about my review policy? I blog for me, I blog sometimes to let others know some stuff, there might be a tutorial occasionally. This is my policy established when I used to blog like at 4AM my time cause I am I crazy like that, and I refuse to change it now. I’ve been blogging since 2007, and have the scary pictures to prove it.

/me laughs and wanders off for coffee

You may contact at me WhimsyWinx [at] yahoo.com

Social Network Links:
Tumblr – Virtually Dressed
Tumblr – Whimsy Winx (nothing there really, just a placeholder)
Empire Avenue
Steam (sure go ahead, you will probably kick my butt and that’s ok, because I let you.


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