W. Winx @ My Attic-August 2012-Shaken Not Stirred

New Release at W. Winx for My Attic! Three WinxBoxes specially created for My Attic, in the August 2012 theme of Shaken Not Stirred. This was a fun theme, and I think provided a great way to create unique photos, play with shadows, color, and just have fun taking photos.  Use with friends, or feature solo themed photography. My Attic is an event that starts on the 21st of August and ends on the 31st of August. . All items will be 95L for the duration of the event, and will then go to regular store prices afterwards.

W. Winx and Flair - WinxBox - Stirred Ad Final

Stirred contains 5 custom made poses.  Contains hanging chair that features color changes via menu, and custom 2 poses.  The inner portions of the WinxBox are color changeable via menus, and in sets  Back/Front, Sides, Floor/Ceiling.  The mesh divider contains 3 custom made poses, and color change menu script. Features a vibrant fresh color palette via menu. You can also mod all items to suit, moving dividers changing to your own textures, and using other stores poses to really get a great deal of use.  The dividers and chair, would look great in your home as well.

W. Winx and Flair - WinxBox - Shaken Ad Final

Shaken contains 5 custom made poses.  Contains hanging mesh lamps that feature color changes via menu, and type on/off for lighting.  The inner portions of the WinxBox are color changeable via menus, and in sets  Back/Front, Sides, Floor/Ceiling.  Each mesh divider contains a custom made pose, and color change menu script.  Features a retro/autumn color palette via menu.  You can also mod all items to suit, moving dividers changing to your own textures, and using other stores poses to really get a great deal of use.  The dividers and lamps, would look great in your home as well.

W. Winx & Flair - WinxBox - Royale AD FINAL

Royale contains 5 custom made poses.  A casino themed WinxBox, featuring 3 poker chip props.  Use with or without the WinxBox, also optional are the doors, and faux room.

Shaken, Stirred, and Royale are a collaboration effort with Sasy Scarborough of Flair.  This item will be at an introductory price of only 95L each, until the end of the My Attic event. You will find display WinxBoxes set up at the back of My Attic veranda area.

This item is designed for photos with shadows enabled.  To really enhance your photography experiment with the various windlight presets available on viewers (not all viewers have the same presets), turn down the gamma, change the time of day, and east/west angle to really maximize the outcome. Turn the outside walls transparent, to really bring out the shadows.

My Attic Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Deck/88/185/21
Teleport: My Attic
My Attic Flickr Group

Another Fundraiser II

Three years ago, Eloh Eliot of Another Shop caused a grid wise stir when she released full perm skins.  Her reasoning was simple…to see what would happen.  Lots happened!  Out of her generosity, many people had access to layered psd’s.  Psd is a file extension name for Photoshop, meaning there is more than one item inside the file, on a layer.  These layers were lashes, eye-makeup, lips, shading, highlighting, all the elements that come together to create a skin.  For many people this was the first time they were able to see the process.  It was an informative tool, as well as resource.

Seizing this opportunity, and hoping to cement the foundations for proper use of this gift, Another Fundraiser was born.  Second Life residents were encouraged to create modded/modified skins.  The response was overwhelming.  In just a few short day, there were tons of skins already set out awaiting the opening. Residents were consuming tutorials as fast as they could to participate.  Everyone contributed to their skill level at the time, and everyone learned something.  Over the years, people who attempted to make some new makeups for this event, have gone on to show their skills with more makeup, more heavily modded skins, and eventually a fully developed skin with no traces of the old Eloh they started out with. A fresh new skin, fully their own.  Eloh Eliot’s risk, paid off in many people ‘leveling up’.

It was  three years ago to the day, of the posting of the charity receipts for Another Fundraiser, that Mina Jun of MinaJunk offered her full perm skins to the grid for modification, to benefit Red Cross.   The grid has changed a lot in 3 years.  We now have tatoo layers, allowing avatars to swap out tattoos, and makeups.  Another Fundraiser II is back to help victims of the March 11th 2011 Earthquake, and Tsunami by asking residents to try their hand again at modding skins.

Please read for information about Another Fundraiser II.

A collection of various tutorials that might answer some questions about working in Photoshop/gimp with layered files.  You can do this, it’s easy, just play around, emulate some tutorials, and see what happens….trust me anything you do will be better than my old Another Fundraiser skin mods. ;P   Using Mina Jun’s skins, Eloh Eliot’s layers, and Sezmra Svarog’s template, I am sure you can put together something someone will like.  Give it a try!

Eloh Eliot’s Another Blog
Eloh Eliot’s Skin Files (Worth looking through the layers to see the work involved.)
Tutorials by Eloh Eliot
Vint Falken’s Tutorials
Facial Hair Tutorial
Link to various Second Life Skin Tutorials (youtube)

There is a lot of information out there for you, hunt for it.  I suggest using your search browser to find skin resources.  Please double-check copy rights, licensing, and distribution information before using.  Just cause it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s free.

The Deck is 1 Year Old!

The Deck, one of Second Life’s fashionable shopping sims, is celebrating their first anniversary.  Many store as well as my own have been able to put out a gift for shoppers.  W. Winx offers you the Lotus Water Temple Spring, a free gift in celebration of The Deck’s birthday, this weekend only.  Come check out the stores, and enjoy some time at  The Deck.  For more information on the birthday fun click here, and here. 😉

Lotus Water Temple Spring - Gift

New Release @ W. Winx – Lotus Water Temple Market

Some new releases at W. Winx, the Lotus Water Temple Market!  It’s been a long time coming, but I couldn’t ignore the requests for more items in this series, and the requests for market related items.  Much more is planned with this theme but this is whats ready to go!

W. Winx - Lotus Water Temple - Outdoor Market Set

Lotus Water Temple Market – Perfect for outdoor markets, or perhaps even usual stand etc indoors.  The right setting is everything!  Instant atmosphere when paired with other Lotus Water Temple themed items!  This full market set contains, pens, stands, flats, and vendor walls, for displaying merchandise to its advantage.  Specially created to work with the needs of the bunny breeder.  Whether it’s your personal store, your home warren, or your professional market, you will find this fits perfectly!

W. Winx - Lotus Water Temple Pavilion

Lotus Water Temple Pavilion – Made for those times you want to hang out with friends and family but still keep an eye on your breeders, or a particular nest.  This features 2 cushion sets in the Bollywood and Jade Tea Garden color themes, with 9 animations. Perfect for small plots, and only 33 prims!

W. Winx - Lotus Water Temple Open Pen

Lotus Water Temple Open Pen – Funny enough while intended as an open pen for bunnies, this really is multipurpose anything from a pen to garden gazebo.  Includes an attached sign for you to list bunny breed, or store logo, its full mod so you can unlink this if you would like.  Amazingly only 12 prims!

W. Winx-Lotus Water Temple Well

Lotus Water Temple Ruins Well – An old deserted well.  Comes with plants, and lounging blanket with 7 animations in two color themes. That little something for your special area.

W. Winx – Lotus Water Temple Market outdoors @ The Deck

W. Winx Main Store @ The Deck

W. Winx’s Warren (Live Ozimals Bunnies & Nests! v1.1 nests currently $100-$250 gems, lops, shaded, retired)

Listings on Xstreet, Slapt.me, and Metaverse Exchange.

A few recent releases at W. Winx have been :

Bunny Pavilions!

Meadowlark Bunny Pavilion

Bunny Pens!

W. Winx - LazeDaze Bunny Pen

Petscape – A Day At The Beach!

W. Winx - Petscape - A Day At The Beach
W. Winx-Beachcomber-Mendocino 2

(il)licited advice

Wanted to share the news!  Stokley Mayfair and I will be joining Nocturne Magazine!  We will be doing an advice column called (il)licited advice.   Read the press release from Nocturne for more information about how to submit your questions! Stokely and I can’t wait to get started!  So send us some questions!   The premiere issue is coming  out in June, and I am really excited about the content! It’s full of Fashion!!!!  Amazing fashion, with twists you didn’t expect, but I know you will enjoy!

For more information about Nocturne check out these links:

Nocturne Modelling Agency

Nocturne Magazine Info

Nocturne Magazine Advertising Opportunities

Nocturne Modelling Agency Feed-Press Release


Nocturne Modelling Agency is an alternative modelling agency, focusing on the diverse cultures in SL, through art, live fashion shows and print.   This includes and ranges from lolis/victorian-fetish/goth.

As a way to supplement and to help promote these genres that we feel are under represented in the SL fashion world, Nocturne has created a feed of websites that specialize in this field.  This includes and not limited to review blogs, new releases, clubs, special events etc that focus on these ‘sub-cultures’ in SL.  Also this feed will represent not only the english speaking world of SL, but also the many other languages that are spoken.

If you would like to be a part of this feed, please send December Dollinger a notecard with a link to your blog/website and your name, titled: NMA FEED-YOUR NAME, and if we feel it matches what Nocturne is all about we will gladly add you to our feed.

Thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you!

Voshie Paine

BareRose-A Basics Guide

Winter recently issued the Rosebud Challenge,  I decided to do a store overview for the new visitor.

I remember my first visit to BareRose.  I wasn’t happy about going, as I have this odd quirk about marketing, and brand recognition, and to me a clothing store with the word Rose in it was not going to be my cup of tea.  Don’t ask why, my brain just works that way, it’s the reason I pay up to $3 USD more on a product at Target then save it at Wal-mart.  So there I was, waiting to rez, when I noticed Caliah Lyon on my radar.   I then decided, if Caliah can stand around the main landing point for this long, I can give this store a shot.  Then I rezzed.

BareRose Main HQ-Landing Point
BareRose Main HQ-Landing Point

To a first time visitor BareRose is overwhelming.   They are stocked with a wide variety of clothing to suit any possible vision of avatar dream you can come up with.   The store is prolific in content creation.   At first a visitor is on overload, so many items, and each so unique its really difficult to get a sense of the place.  My second visit there I was able to really explore and get to know the store, and it’s system.

BareRose Main HQ-Info Boards
BareRose Main HQ-Info Boards

As you can see at BareRose Main HQ landing point, you are greeted with quite a sight.  All new releases are here for quick and easy access,  events are held here, and if you turn your view to the other side you have information boards.   These can easily overlooked but are worth checking out.

To the left of these is a BareRose staff board of all store employees.  Then you have the info boards themselves, they offer teleports to various areas within the empire of BareRose, store events, and various relative information and news about your Second Life community.  They also have a random raffle ball that hands out gifts, so there may be a treat in store for you.

BareRose Main Freebie & Dollarbie Gift Area
BareRose Main Freebie & Dollarbie Gift Area

BareRose is quite generous and  to the side of the main landing point you will find a wide variety of gifts, and dollarbies.   They can range from skins, clothes, and tools, to even towel racks for your bathroom.


BareRose employs an army of proficient staff to help you with anything you need.  Their customer service I have found is superb, and always at hand.  The main area is the best place to find them, look for them with their BareRose Staff title on.  They are who you need to see when you also want to be added to the BareRose VIP group, just come to the store wearing a BareRose item you have purchased, and they will be more then happy to add you to group.  The group is a great way to stay in touch with the new releases, events, and even gives you the right to use the VIP Sandbox, which last I was there had a great lucky chair, I heard a raffle ball nearby too so double the gifts while you work.  Many times an item will only be available in this form.

Shopping in BareRose
Shopping in BareRose

Navigating the main store is a breeze when you know the system.  First men’s and women’s clothing is on either side of the main area.  Once in side an area, there are columns that set apart the themes  so you can easily find items of a particular interest.  When in doubt don’t forget your BareRose staff is on hand and waiting to help you in your quest from a simple sweater to the perfect outfit for a vampire.

BareRose Haute Couture
BareRose Haute Couture shown with Paper Moon Outfit

BareRose Haute Couture is one teleport on the info boards away.  A select boutique of formal, party, event wear, and accessories from stylish handbags, and jewelry to wedding bouquets.   Take a seat in the center and relax while you shop for that big day, with choices from BareRose, to select offerings from other stores with affiliations with them.   Located here is the Paper Moon outfit I blogged a while back to read that post click here.

BareRose Spa
BareRose Spa

BareRose also has many gathering places for you to enjoy, one of them is BareRose Spa.  An area set aside for you to relax with friends, with beach access, grotto, and a nice area to get that special someone to pay back all their foot and back massages.  At the teleport, you are offered Spa wear for $1 each.  It’s a short walk away from the main area too if you need a chance to regroup while on a large shopping binge.

Surprise find at the BareRose Spa
Surprise find at the BareRose Spa

While I have featured only a few areas, there are many more.  Check out their events, explore the store and you will never know what you will find next.  With a little rezzing, and a savvy eye as to what to look for, your shopping trip will be a dream. Remember to never ever bug Ms. Dion, as you can imagine shes busy designing, and to direct questions and comments to store staff, or Tori Heart.  Tori is a charm to talk to and is able to assist you.  Check out her blog for BareRose news.

Teleports:   BareRose Main HQ

BareRose Haute Couture

At last…Fall…lol..almost

Labor Day for Americans is when we typically start our autumn season,  even though its not officially fall for another few weeks, we are already mentally there.  I have been ready since last fall for this fall.   Autumn is a fun season fashion wise, out come layers, rich tones, and amazing textures.  Knits, Leather, Suedes are all suited to the tones we look for in fall despite whatever fashion maven or guru declares is the in color for fall.  One look I love for autumn are boots, or well heeled shoes, paired with jeans, and something to wrap up in either a sweater, a sweater coat, or favorite jacket.   I went rummaging around in my closet, and across the grid to pull together the following outfits.

Fall Outfit 001

All inspired by some of my favs and some new items.  Maitreya‘s Jade with its woolen cap a new release available currently at Hair Fair 2008, while I’m not a hat person, and never purchased any hat with hair before-this one sold me.   It’s so soft, and I love the color changeable option I get with it.  I wish a few more colors were there, but its a nice spectrum on its own, and I am happy it doesn’t rely on the same tinting method other items use, as unless my atmospheric shaders are on I can’t see tints.  (don’t ask I think I voted on a jira)  The Gypsy Coat is by Truth, and will probably be discontinued soon.  He’s having a huge sale, so go grab some hair which some styles will be also discontinued, and this coat, which is shown here in Cherry and is available in four colors.  It’s main jacket component is on the jacket layer, with a prim skirt, and prim belt, hood, and cuffs.  Thanks to layering options from Last Call (no longer in business), I was able to wear one of my favorite shirts from Veronica on the shirt layer, with lower half on the underwear layer.   Worn with Celestial Studios Cords in Tan, tight fit, with skinny prim legs, they went perfect with my Maitreya Bloom Boots in Brown, without the calf prims.  A finishing touch to this fall outfit is ETD’s Everyday Tote in Brown, worn on the shoulder.  I love this tote as much as Celestial Studios Hobo bags.  Whats awesome about both is the anims that come with them, and in particular ETD’s is a torrid ao, so you can even turn off your ao and just use the bags…no more whacking people upside the head…or yourself for that matter.


Adam n Eve‘s Skin – Persephone t3 – Make up Creme gives a nice dewy look, I wore MMSkins– Thora Lashes, but modded to allow for the SL’s glitch with transparencies, to work with the hair.  A nice trick is to make a copy of your lashes,  then move the lash set that overlaps your hair IF the style doesn’t show any lash, into your skull completely hiding it, then rename the lash at the end with Modded-Left Side Only or Modded – Right Side Only.  You can do this will all your mod lashes and store copies of them in the folders with the hair you own that drape across eyes, its a nice trick to know.

Fall Outfit 002

Again here you can see I have a sweater, jean outfit going.  I am wearing Phaylen Fairchild’s (Diva Designs) Aurelia Gray Sweater from last fall’s Sweater Collection with sculpted collar, prim cuffs, and you have to scream with glee that it is still available.  Its a short shirt layer sweater, so I wore it with Leagues Wide belt – lower to prevent any skin from showing.   Celestial Studio‘s Jeans again in the tight fit, with skinny leg prims, and Maitreya’s Bloom boots in Purple, no calf prims, yes that’s ETD’s Everyday Tote again,  sorry but I am obsessing here indulge me.  ;P


Adam n Eve
Celestial Studio
Phaylen Fairchild (Diva Designs)

Hair Fair 2008

Tools of the trade

We all see these cool backgrounds on people pictures and say wow they really know their photoshop, and they have such nice poses, and unless you already own these cool tools you really don’t have a clue about whats out there and what does what.

Most often you see models, bloggers, and designers using photo studios and that sounds really OOOOH exclusive and high tech but its not. Many are available in world, and through OnRez, and Slex. Search keyword: Photo Studio

Continue reading “Tools of the trade”

Sculpty Resources

Sculpty resources for you in order of degree of difficulty-by the time you get to Blender you will need an advil.

Rokuro–A fine beginning level sculptie maker,  I’ve used  this to make sculpties for cushions, pillows, columns, etc.

SculptyPaint–A friend told me about this, and I haven’t quite mastered it yet even though its quite simple-again though my use of sculpties is simple-cushions, pillows, etc

Blender-I just got into Blender and I can already see that I am going to have to read the instructions, there is no open and muck about even for making cushions, pillows, etc.

All these programs are free downloads.  Many tutorials are available.  Enjoy!

SL Specific Resources

Ok, some sites from Second Life residents with stuff you might need too.

One of the most well known ones is done by Natalia Zelmanov of Sirena Hair & Fashion, her Mermaid Diaries Blog. Here you will find newbie information, freebies, basic info like editing prim parts, tutorials for content creation and information on where to find tutorial tools inworld. Currently she has poseball scripts, looprez, etc available at her store for you, some things are free, some may require a fee.

Chip Midnight’s Fine Fashions-He has tweaking templates for making skin, and clothes in second life. A link to this site can also be found on the Mermaid Diaries Blog.

Robin Wood also has templates, and tutorials on her site.

ETD-Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD, has a 4 part hair building tutorial from start to finish, including how she made her textures. It’s cool to compare and contrast this texture technique to the one listed on the Mermaid Diaries. Play around have fun.

Another Blog-Eloh Eliot of Another Shop, has made some of her skin templates available here for you to use in modding skins.

Second Wave Fashion-Miss Siouxie Legend has tutorials here, recently she posted one on making a satin texture.

More Content Creation Resources

Ok, according to my blog stats, you guys are hungry for content creation stuffs.  So here ya go!

Tons of tutorials for tons of programs like:   Gimp, Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Blender, Maya

PS Brushes
More brushes for photoshop.

Get Gimp for free.

Tons of information about programs, and the programs in some cases are available on the Second Life Resident Resources page.  Pick a subject and click through.

More RL Tools

DeviantART is an amazing forum. Virtual, and Graphic artists shape, share, and showcase here. Many tool are here for those looking to add to their collection of graphic art tools. Search keyword: Brushes

You will everything from blood splatters, angel wings, to hand prints. Everything you might be looking for. I have a number of their brushes that I use. JUST ONE THING! Be cool! If you flickr, cite/mention the artist whose brushes you used. It’s a courtesy thing, and very bad form not to.

Many of these tools are free, some are for sale, so freebies, dollarbies, and more higher priced tools available.





I welcome and invite all comments of a civil, informative nature to be posted regarding usage.  At most, this is informative, and obviously something to discuss.  THX!