Hair Fair 2011 – Bandana Day Mood

Hair Fair 2011 - Bandana Day

Bandana: Mood – Hair Fair 2011 Bandana (Womens)  [Available at Hair Fair 2011] *
Skin: LeLutka – Gem/Hush – Makeup6/DBrow
Eyes: Amacci – Real Eyes – Winter
Earrings: Zaara – Sarayi Wood Hoops – Silver
Bag: LeLutka – Guajira – Bag/Gray
Necklace: Zaara – Karmuka Necklace – Wood Silver
Dress: DCNY – Halter & Skirt Set – Warm Grey
Shoes: LeLutka – K.I.A – Night
Poses: Di’s Opera
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry


Hair Fair 2011 over at midnight SLT July 15th. Featuring 4 sims full of designers who each are offering 3 to 5 new hairstyles with a portion of each style going towards Wigs For Kids. Women’s, men’s, casual, formal, fantasy styles you name it. Plus many designers have included a free gift in their stores. Check out the bandana booths on each sim! Bandana’s made by hair/clothing designers, content creators, and your fellow residents! Bandanas are $50L each, and 100% benefit the charity. Bandana Day is July 15th, the last day of the fair, the day we take off our hair, wear a bandana to show our support to those effected by hair loss because of illness.  Bandana booths are located all over the fair. All bandanas are unique, one of a kind, limited edition available only while the fair is on.  Shown here are a small handful of what’s available, by a variety of stores, and residents. Stop by while you can!

Important Links:
Hair Fair Official Blog
Hair Fair 2011 Flickr Group
Wigs for Kids
Teleports to Hair Fair:
Hair Fair 1 (Independence)
Hair Fair 2 (Oceania)
Hair Fair 3 (Carnival)
Hair Fair 4 (Salt Water Taffy)

Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2011 – Tuli (Zoe)


Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2011

Tuli - Zoe

Tuli will be at Vanity Universe’s Skin Fair, showing off her latest endeavor–Zoe.  For those who love the layer possibilities of newer 2.0 based viewers, Zoe is a delight!  A skin pack contains a skin tone that is comprised of six skins, these six differ each having it’s own eye makeup shown here with no prim lashes worn. They are full skins, meaning on the skin layer.


The packs contain multiple layers to customize your look,   seven brows; black, bleached, blonde, carrot, copper, honey, light brown, and red.  In addition to these, she includes twelve lip shades in Amethyst, cherry, coral, kiss, lilac, magenta, nude, peach, raspberry, ruin, and terra, and eyebrow shaper, and a shape!  Of course Tuli threw in some cleavage layers too, she’s always kind to the cleavage!


Throwing in a style post I just couldn’t wait for. L’ Abel has this super awesome sequin capri with the cutest ruffles at the knee. I mixed Coco’s Bow Shirt I picked up recently, and I love the effect of both of them. I was so close to accessorizing this with bright red, but I felt that was too predictable and went with a bubble gum pink accessories from DeLa.

Lingerie:  Armidi – Boudoir- Marron
Shoes: Royal Blue – Secretary’s Dream Pumps  – Noir

Hair: LeLutka – Aadi – SoySauce
Skins:  Tuli – Zoe – Pale, Sunkissed, Tan
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 lashes/curl
Earrings:  DeLa– Berlioz – Pink
Clutch: DeLa – Clutch Bag “Zazu” – Crocodile Pink
Shirt:  Coco – BowShirt – White
Capris: –L`Abel – OOna – Black Short
Shoes:  DeLa – Sandal “Marie” – Pink
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Vanity Universe Skin Fair begins February 20th at 3PM SLT, and runs to the March 6th, 2011. Click here to get more information on the Vanity Universe website.  Your ride to the Fair is here (when it patient one more day!).  The line up of stores featured are:

Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2011


*****Please remember this is a FAIR, just like in REAL LIFE there will be lots of people there.  Mind your manners, and please try to not “wear blings, scripted hair, scripted shoes, scripted or sculpty attachments, animation overrides (AO´s), sensor HUDs, mystitools, anti spy shields, or other HUDs.”  The general idea is to go low script, even if you turn off the scripts, but still wear the device, the item is in passive listening mode and still counts, please remove. This is for you to see the latest from many designers, and not show off that awesome 2700 prim scripted avatar you just bought.  Having said this, please remember while it might be rude to wear all this to the fair, it’s just as rude to turn into a screaming harridan yelling about people’s avatar rendering costs, ao’s, etc.  Just turn off the people and shop! Ctrl alt shift 4 turns off people, doing it again will turn them back on.  It’s also nice for cutting some lag (client side).

Mina Paper Couture

Mina @ Hair Fair 2010
Mina @ Hair Fair 2010

Mina is a store that’s new to me this year, and it’s been fun to get to know them through their offerings this year.   My favorite at the fair is Stacey, which is a very relaxed updo, with attachable ponytail.  It comes with 2 variations of the updo portion, with, and without daisies.  The ponytail itself is also adorned with daisies.  Bonus it’s a charity hair, as well as the Thulani.  Thulani is a versatile unisex hair, as well as the Debbie, which is shown here in Cranberry.   Carice is a soft, mid-length hair, with a bit of a wave to it, very subtle, very nice. Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.  For maps of all stores locations on each sim click here.  Check out the inworld demo group to pick up demos!  Know before you go!  This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandana donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids.  To get some tips on managing your settings for attendance at Second Life events like Hair Fair click here.

Paper Couture & Mina
Paper Couture & Mina

A while back someone posted a plurk highlight photos of a country wedding they had found on flickr.  We wondered over the splendid photography, and I was determined I would try to emulate some of the principles at play in them.  When I saw Paper Couture’s Crossroads dress, I was sure this was just the dress to attempt for this, partnered with this Stacey hair.  However I envisioned something a little more than what I settled for, as I really just don’t have the time to play around doing a full attempt at shadows in Kirsten.  So here it is, minus the shadows, extra props, lighting, etc, all that can happen another day.   The crossroads dress is a lovely mermaid style dress, with details over the bodice, very simple, very elegant.  It also comes with a grey shrug not shown here.  I have played it simple with the jewelry throwing on a turquoise and silver necklace from Zaara, and a pair of western boots (not viewable) from Adam n Eve, complete with Surf Couture, sheaf of wheat for my mouth.

Hair:  Mina Hair Fashion – Stacey – Dark Chocolate (With flowers) & Pony
Skin:  Chaisuki – Vienna – 08 Peach
Lashes:  Celestial Studio – Lashes – Club 3
Mouth Attachment:  Sand Shack Surf Couture – Chewing Wheat
Necklace:  Zaara – Vanisri – Wrapped Necklace – Turquoise-Silver
Bangles:  Zaara – Kaya – Turquoise Bracelet – Silver
Dress:  Paper Couture – Crossroads
Boots:   Adam n Eve – Rodeo – Brown
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

I would especially like to thank Anais Fugue for her hospitality.

The Deck is 1 Year Old!

The Deck, one of Second Life’s fashionable shopping sims, is celebrating their first anniversary.  Many store as well as my own have been able to put out a gift for shoppers.  W. Winx offers you the Lotus Water Temple Spring, a free gift in celebration of The Deck’s birthday, this weekend only.  Come check out the stores, and enjoy some time at  The Deck.  For more information on the birthday fun click here, and here. 😉

Lotus Water Temple Spring - Gift

New Release @ W. Winx – Lotus Water Temple Market

Some new releases at W. Winx, the Lotus Water Temple Market!  It’s been a long time coming, but I couldn’t ignore the requests for more items in this series, and the requests for market related items.  Much more is planned with this theme but this is whats ready to go!

W. Winx - Lotus Water Temple - Outdoor Market Set

Lotus Water Temple Market – Perfect for outdoor markets, or perhaps even usual stand etc indoors.  The right setting is everything!  Instant atmosphere when paired with other Lotus Water Temple themed items!  This full market set contains, pens, stands, flats, and vendor walls, for displaying merchandise to its advantage.  Specially created to work with the needs of the bunny breeder.  Whether it’s your personal store, your home warren, or your professional market, you will find this fits perfectly!

W. Winx - Lotus Water Temple Pavilion

Lotus Water Temple Pavilion – Made for those times you want to hang out with friends and family but still keep an eye on your breeders, or a particular nest.  This features 2 cushion sets in the Bollywood and Jade Tea Garden color themes, with 9 animations. Perfect for small plots, and only 33 prims!

W. Winx - Lotus Water Temple Open Pen

Lotus Water Temple Open Pen – Funny enough while intended as an open pen for bunnies, this really is multipurpose anything from a pen to garden gazebo.  Includes an attached sign for you to list bunny breed, or store logo, its full mod so you can unlink this if you would like.  Amazingly only 12 prims!

W. Winx-Lotus Water Temple Well

Lotus Water Temple Ruins Well – An old deserted well.  Comes with plants, and lounging blanket with 7 animations in two color themes. That little something for your special area.

W. Winx – Lotus Water Temple Market outdoors @ The Deck

W. Winx Main Store @ The Deck

W. Winx’s Warren (Live Ozimals Bunnies & Nests! v1.1 nests currently $100-$250 gems, lops, shaded, retired)

Listings on Xstreet,, and Metaverse Exchange.

A few recent releases at W. Winx have been :

Bunny Pavilions!

Meadowlark Bunny Pavilion

Bunny Pens!

W. Winx - LazeDaze Bunny Pen

Petscape – A Day At The Beach!

W. Winx - Petscape - A Day At The Beach
W. Winx-Beachcomber-Mendocino 2

Diesel Works

Diesel Works - Shake set


Diesel Works has a couple of goodies, most recently I used their Shake poses for my blog post on Maitreya Gold @ 2009 SL Footwear Expo.  The set includes 12 static poses, that feature wide extended body layouts, as well as more drawn in.  Many of them were sassy, and full of life.  The proportions were good, and I found no mesh breakage.

Diesel Works - The Débutante Chaise Lounge


Diesel Works also has a posing chaise lounge called The Debutante Chaise Lounge, that does double duty for awesome boudoir furniture.  Featuring 25 poses using the chaise as a prop.   The chaise includes a photographers edition with photographers stool, is available in 5 colors, and also all in one fat-pack.  Copyable, easily adjustable via menu, and only 10 prims!  The variety of poses included were fun, sexy, and perfectly suited for this type of prop, and easy to use.


Diesel Works - The Débutante Chaise Lounge


Poses & Posing Props: Diesel Works [Teleport]


New Release! Winx-Lotus Water Temple

Lotus Water Temple
Lotus Water Temple

The Winx-Lotus Water Temple is a rainforest/jungle ruins themed design full of atmosphere to create a unique addition to your sim, or garden area. Abandoned long ago buy some unknown culture, and over run by a gnarled banyan tree, it allows you to bend the design to your minds eye of when and where it should be. Perhaps found on safar, trekking the rainforest, on holiday in some remote tropical locale, or a set for some action adventure role play, it’s all up to you. Lush pillows and cushions allow you to decorate the design to create a space to relax and spend time hanging out with friends, roleplaying lifestyles, or a cuddle. Available in two color themes Bollywood a mix of bright, rich colors, and Jade Tea Garden a mix of relaxing tones. Even without the addition of these, this creation has ample space to add your own decor to it. Surrounded by lush plants, grasses, and ferns.

Other Features: Click on/off fire, easy Rez-Faux installation, Pillows/Cushions with animations, firestands.

Copy/Mod/No Transfer

Other Lotus Temple Structures can be found here on Xstreet.

Winx-Lotus Water Temple Gazebo

Winx-Lotus Water Temple Grotto

Can be viewed inworld and purchased at:Winx Home & Garden Main Store @ Oubliette in a nature setting ON DISPLAY!!

Also Available on XStreet, and for purchase at Winx Home & Garden @ The Deck

Navy & Gold Mix

Navy & Gold Mix
Navy & Gold Mix

I logged on the other day and had this craving for the rich, luscious blues we have inworld.   My two picks were Zaara’s Mitya shorts, and the Essential Wrap Sweater from CKSD.   The Mitya shorts are available in several rich jewel tones, they feature excellent texture work, and this lovely embellishment.  I would die and go to heaven if Zaara Kohime did these in a pant too, same texture work, and detailing.  Seriously!  They feature little ties on the outer thigh of the shorts effecting a very nice style.

Kit Maitland of CKSD dropped her Essential Wrap Sweater on me.  I had told Sasy how much I liked her Sweater dress, and she mentioned it to her.  I really love the look of wrap style tops and dresses regardless of your shape they always suit you.  What got me most about the variety of colors in them is how lovely they were textured, and the vibrant colors. They come with a prim sleeve, that Sasy told me I should adjust it was set to higher up my arm, but I liked that effect, but didn’t wear it with them for this photo as I wanted to wear bangles. (yes, I still am on my bangle kick-just got sidetracked and didn’t track down the bajillion inworld yet)  The Essential Wrap Sweater is shown here in Navy, and I love the sexiness of it.

If you’re gonna go this…Sassy…with your outfit you might has well have some fun.  I found the new hair from Kyoot to be a perfect one for it.  Called Self Absorbed and shown here in Chestnut, I thought it was sassy enough for the look.   I accessorised with my Armidi Vidalia Pump in Metallic Glitz, the Focsani Bag in gold, and the Niama Necklace in White Gold.  I went with DeLa’s Antonia earrings in Golden Olive as they were also a bit of gold sass.  Seriously it was a whole day of working out the perfect earrings for this, thank goodness for DeLa.  Here I am again, in my VG Republic bangles.  Sorry they rule,  these are the Basic Metal Bangles, and are click to change metals-Bronze, Silver, Gold.   I just had my nails done by Awesome Designs 😛 in blood red.  She includes three styles in her mani/peds, a solid, a white tip, and a black tip.  It’s a great deal!

Skin: Redgrave -Leticia – Tan Skin – smoky [Purchased]
Hair:  Kyoot Hair – Self Absorbed – Chestnut [Purchased]
Lashes: LeLutka -Volumen [Purchased]
Earrings: DeLa – Earring – Antonia GoldenOlive [Purchased]
Necklace: Armidi Gisaci – Niama Necklace – White Gold [Purchased]
Bracelets: VG Republic – Basic Metal Bangles – Thin, and thick in gold [Purchased]
Shirt: CKSD – Essential Wrap Sweater – Navy [Review Pack/Designer Gift]
Tote:  Armidi Gisaci – Focsani Bag – Gold [Purchased]
Shorts:  Zaara – Mitya Shorts – Blue [Purchased]
Shoes:  Armidi Gisaci – Vidalia Pump – Metallic Glitz [Purchased]
Manicure/Pedicure:  Awesome Designs – Blood Red [Purchased]
Poses:  Y.M.X Teleport here.

Separates Mix

Mixing Seperates
Mixing Separates

One of the easy ways of ensuring you always have something to wear, is sticking to a range of colors you will most likely wear.  Everyone knows the theory of the little black dress, and the value of accessories in basic black.  At some point you may realize that even unintentionally you have acquired  many pieces in a certain range of colors.  I find I will buy in this order:  black, grey, brown, white, with a olive green thrown in if I can get that option.  Thinking about it makes me think its a bit boring, but I think I would rather always have a match then not.  When presented with an affordable fat pack I choose the fat pack, and will sometimes not even buy the item until I can afford it.  Fat packs can be great like this if the designer has a set palette they design with, and bonus if its a palette that works with other stores palettes,  you really get mileage out of its use.

I have these lovely Olimpia pants from LeLutka’s spring line in white.  They feature these billowy prim pant legs that have nice soft look to them.  I find they are suited perfectly to DeLa’s Vivian Blouse in white, which comes with this amazing high collar, and structured prim sleeves, and even a billowy prim back.

Prim parts can be frustrating at first look these days, with the newer Second Life viewers, and the various graphics cards out there, and lets not even go into various glitches.  I find the biggest interference with prim parts these days is the face light.  I know many people have had it with face lights in general due to the fact they are running scripts, too bright, too primmy.  Yes, you can look awesome, but play with your lighting presets, and consider how many people are using presets to make you look good or actually looking at you.  Do you really think you teleport into a sim and those countless green dots on the mini map are all turning their views to admire you, stunningly highlighted in the glow of your face lamp.  Um no, and if they are looking at you its to right click, and Im you about turning your face light off.   (Shhh…Whimsy’s in a 12 step lace light recovery program)  The fastest way to get over your face light addiction is to find yourself knee deep in clothes with prim parts that will discolor under face lights.  Many designers have made clothes suited towards windlight, or taking into consideration people wear lights.  You may find that due to a number of reasons your prim parts are a different color then your outfit.  Double check the edit box on them, for instance, my pants here had a slight grey tint that worked with my face light, but since I no longer wear it I had to remove the tint to have the prim parts match.  You may even need to add a tint in some cases to prim parts.

To make these pants work with this particular shirt I needed to wear a corset, or at least a very wide belt, as the shirt is empire waisted and the pants had a nice finishing prim pant top that was optional.  I was happy to be able to use my Pixel Dolls knit belt on the jacket layer to break up the expanse of white.  Had I wanted to begin mixing in another color this was the perfect opportunity, but I am such a fan of black I had to go with it.   When you wear this many prim parts you need to consider how you are balanced out prim wise with shape, The Boulevard Bag from Paper Couture was a choice I went with due to shape, and texture.  I liked the all over logo design repeat, and the barrel shape.   No doubt you have one of these tucked away in inventory, and with the palette they used spring is a great time to pull them out, specially in pastels.

Sasy Scarborough clued me into these sexy mules called Nana from enkythings when we went out birthday shopping.  She and I discussed at length (poor Gary had to stand in the store and listen-he’s such a trooper) how wonderful these are and specially worn with lingerie.  The texture on them is soft, making it perfect for wearing with soft fabrics, or giving a soften look to your outfit.   I was able to wear my Envy jewelry set from Glamurena with this, it was the first time I had worn it since purchase, and it loved the effect of the long pearls with the high collar of my shirt, and the earrings dangling beyond the ends of my hair.

My hair is Sienna by Aden in Hazel.   Aden recently closed his store after marking down all his hair for sale.  There is still an outlet called Wigs by Aden, but only older styles are there, but worth a look as the Amy Winehouse style and the Spice Girls styles are here among others.  I wore one of the Spice Girls styles in one of my early blog posts here.   This style of hair is great with high collars, and structured shoulder lines.  Many hair stores have similar styles, off hand I can think Aveda, ETD, Armidi,  some curly bobs as seen at Cake, and Detour would work, even the Bang Bang at lamb Ms. Sasy proclaimed that day was all hers so I couldn’t wear it.   I finished off my look with Opal Guardian Moon Cuff from Balderdash, a nicely detailed cuff bracelet, and my LeLutka Sunglasses in white.

Items & Teleports:

Hair: Aden – Sienna (Hazel) [Purchased]
Skin: Redgrave – 01 Leticia Tan Skin –  oldrose [Purchased]
Sunglasses:  LeLutka -Sunglasses – White [Bloggers Pack]
Earrings:  Glamurena – Envy – Black Pearl And Feather Jewellery Set [Purchased]
Necklace:  Glamurena – Envy – Black Pearl And Feather Jewellery Sett [Purchased]
Blouse:  DeLa – Blouse – Vivian –  White [Purchased]
Bracelet:  Balderdash – Opal Guardian Moon Cuff [Purchased]
Belt:  Pixel Dolls –  Belts –  Knit (Jacket Layer) [Purchased]
Handbag:  Paper Couture – The Boulevard Bag – Noir [Purchased]
Pants:  LeLutka – Olimpia – Pants -white [Bloggers Pack]
Shoes: enkythings – Nana Black [Purchased]

Money Honey

Beautiful Dirty Rich
Beautiful Dirty Rich

While hopping grabbing eggs on The Bunny Hop Hunt, I found myself at Cutie Honey.  This cute colorful store is filled with goodies, from trees to fashion.  I waited 4 hours at the lucky chair for a W for a Money Honey Carpet.  This cute carpet is a pile of American hundred dollar bills, with a stack of them on the side.  It features 5 animations, and on/off money particles.  It’s my favorite rug, and I am sticking it in my dressing room.  🙂

Money Money Money
Money Money Money

Well, since I had a pile of money you know I had dress up like Lady Gaga from her Beautiful Dirty Rich video, so I threw on this great one piece called JeweLeah from Bijou.  I am not sure if it’s still available, I know it was a gift around Christmas.   The hoodie comes with a great blonde hairstyle built in but I took out the hair and wore it with a heavily modded Loelle in platinum from Maitreya.

Get Paid
Get Paid

My glasses are some of my favorites, from PrimOptic, the Globe2.  These are color-changeable, and are worth picking up a demo of.   I finished off with accessories from Cutie Honey’s Money Honey Dress set, the Money Cigar, and Money Fan.

Cutie Honey - Money Honey Dress Set
Cutie Honey - Money Honey Dress Set

While there I also picked up Cutie Honey’s Money Honey Dress Set, I had to have it.  It features this cute little dress of hundred dollar bills, with accessories to match.  A Money Cigar, with particle smoke; a cute little top hat with money bow; and two styles of animated Money Fans that really fan, and expand from a stack of bills to a splayed fan of cash.   The Hunt is still on, so stop by Cutie Honey, the designer is full of creative energy that is displayed in her variety of items.

Rich Mans World
Rich Man's World

Items & Teleports:

Money Honey Dress Set:

Hair:  Truth – Pumpkin – pumpkin [Purchased]
Skin:  Mojo – Glitterati – Tone 4 – Ruby – Day/Gloss/Liner[Purchased]
Hat/Dress/Accessories: Cutie Honey – Honey Money Dress Set [Gift from Designer]
Shoes: Stiletto Moody – Silver Stud Sides Pump (Black) [Bday Present from Stiletto/Dancer]

Lady Gaga Outfit:

Hair:  Maitreya – Loelle – Platinium [Group Gift]
Skin: Mojo – Glitterati – Tone 4 – Ruby – Day/Gloss/Liner [Purchased]
Glasses: primOptic Globe2 glasses (tinted black) [Purchased]
Accessories:  Cutie Honey – Money Cigar, and Money Fan (Honey Money Dress Set) [Gift from Designer]
Outfit: Bijou –  JeweLeah – Red  [Store Gift]
*Note the hood comes with hair attached, I removed the hair, and wore the Maitreya.
Shoes: Stiletto Moody – Elegant Slingback (SilverTwinkle) [Birthday Present from Stiletto/Dancer]
Carpet:  Cutie Honey – Money Carfet [LUCKY CHAIR WOOT!]

Photos 1, 2, and 3 are in the Money Honey Carpet from Cutie Honey

All other poses are from TorridWear.

Winx-Garden House

New Release:

Winx-Garden House
Winx-Garden House

Winx-Garden House  designed as a quiet little retreat for your backyard, garden, or a boat house, at 15 prims (house & dock total) is perfect for those seeking a little something extra.  Doors remain in open postion.

I’ve included a spare dock piling in case you need to extend, all items are copy/mod/ no transfer

Item may be viewed and purchased inworld at: Winx Home & Garden

Alone & Adrift

First, I would like to apologize to those have forwarded along blog items.  I haven’t been able to get to them as I am going on week 4 of the flu (my immune systems is very poor at the moment), I have had some RL issues (Family is Fun…not-they like to hog the bandwidth with their WoW missions, while running YouTube, and file sharing programs-I have lost signal 4x trying to type this), and then there are the various SL glitches that make life so much fun (Meh).  I will get to them all, I promise.

I have set out in my store, 4 ice floats with a single sit on each, as a store gift.  They are scattered around the sim, so you will have to explore.

Alone & Adrift
Alone & Adrift

Don’t forget to stop by and check out Balderdash, Saiyge has placed her winter items out, and has lots of awesome things in her store.  We can’t wait until the other stores and items are in!   Thank you to all who came to our little ice skating party last night, it was fun to catch up with a few people who have been RL and SL busy, and meet some new people, and hang out with the crew.  It felt like magic when everyone was ice skating, sl is so much fun sometimes.

TP to Oubliette: Home to Balderdash, Winx Home & Garden, and coming soon…Evie’s Closet!

Winx-Ice Float Deluxe

Winx Home & Garden has moved..again..Yeah I know.  BUT! I swear I am here to stay.  My new location is at Oubliette and is under construction, but all my items are out and set to sale.

Oubliette is a beautiful sim being created by Saiyge Lotus, and in completion will be home to not only Winx Home & Garden, but Saiyge’s Balderdash – Bagatelle & Trinketry, Evie’s Closet, so far.  The sim will change with the seasons of the northern hemisphere, and is currently in winter mode.  While not any where complete, its still a fun walk on a cold day.  So stay tuned I will post upcoming developments as they happen on the sim.

I have a flotilla of releases coming….the first being the Winx-Ice Float Deluxe.  This wintry iceberg cuddle is perfect to drift away on cold nights wrapped up in the warmth of friendship and romance with 4 single, and 5 couples poses fireside.  Once at Oubliette, open your mini map and head north to find the Ice Float, or explore the sim in its current state.

Winx - Ice Float Deluxe
Winx - Ice Float Deluxe

-Click/Touch on and off drift
-4 single poses
-5 couples poses

Winx-Ice Float Deluxe is 43 prims
Copy/Mod/No Transfer

I have more fun wintery items coming I wouldn’t recommend parking a large ship anywhere near Oubliette at the moment…maybe for the spring thaw.

Thank You for Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008
Halloween 2008

Thank you to all the designers and content creators who made some coolest, cutest Halloween themed items this year.  Whether they were free, dollarbies, or not, they took your time, energy, and talent.  The Feeds have been awash in them.  Halloween last year was my first in Second Life, and was a whirl of fun hunts, this year I didn’t have the time to participate other then snagging a few things here and there, but have followed them on the feeds, and in groups.  Sounds like everyone had a fun time.  I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who made Halloween fun this year.

Hair: Primp My Life! – Happy Halloween Hair  TP
Skin: Celestial Studios – Deviant Nation -Cashmere- Vamp-Enchanted  TP
Dress: Dani’s Fine Fashions – October Dolly Dress (Whimsy)  TP
Shoes: BAX – Bax Black Patent  TP
Accessories: CAS – Trick or Treat Pumpkin  TP

“First L@@k” at SLim

Well if you regularly keep up with LL news via the Second Life blog you have heard of SLim…the new standalone application that lets you IM/Recieve IM’s from people inworld without going inworld.

Sounds great huh!

Yeah,  I thought it sounded slick too, or should i say  SLick.

That blog post if you clicked it carnival barkers it like this…

“…SLim enables Second Life Residents to conduct voice or text conversations with member of their Second Life friends list….whether they are logged into the virtual world or offline. While the Second Life viewer will still serve as the primary inworld communication engine, SLim is capable of running on most computers, and offers users a voice-enabled instant messaging client that extends the value of the Second Life Grid beyond the virtual world…”

It also directs you to this page, where it lists the instructions and downloads for SLim.

Basically you…

1. Download and install the First Look SL Client , this is a client just like any other one you are logging onto. You also HAVE to do this, you HAVE to cause SLim pulls/syncs your friends list via this.

2. Download and Install SLim, a breezy no nonsense, no bells, no whistles little application thats similar to Yahoo Messenger, AIM, etc.

3. Register an account with SLim, this takes two seconds, and USE A DIFFERENT PASSWORD THEN YOUR SECOND LIFE LOG ON PASSWORD, but use you Second Life avatar name.  Easy Peasy.

So I do all this, and no friends list appears.  So I log out of SLim and go back into First Look SLim Viewer aka the First Look with me here.  So I log out and go back into SLim, and VOILA, YAY all is right with my virtual life I haz friends list.  So Milli plurks that she’s IM’d me but Second Life says I am offline when I have my settings set to Online.  I double check and all is set up right, and so I IM her via SLim, and I get this shiz…

“Imcompatible Peer Application” -Milli Santos is using a version of the Second Life Viewer that does not support IM or Voice session with this application.


So to use SLim to its advantage all of the people you IM or IM you must be using the First Look SLim Viewer.

Now silly me, yeah I did see under the download button for the First Look SLim Viewer (not to be confused with the actual SLim application) this:

You need to download the Second Life SLim Viewer that is specially designed to work with SLim. Other Second Life viewers will not work with SLim.

Please note: You must log in to this viewer at least once before logging in to SLim. Logging in to this viewer ensures that your SL Friends list syncs properly with SLim, and that SL Voice is engaged. You do not need to speak to use SL Voice; you just need to log in to this viewer so voice is automatically engaged. This enables Vivox (our voice partner) to authenticate you as a SL Resident for SLim use.

Now to me, that simply comes off saying I need to use it the first time to load my friends list, not that everyone needs to be using it for me to be able to IM them.

Seriously!  Specifically this line:

Other Second Life viewers will not work with SLim.

Now where does that give you the nitty gritty that it’s useless unless you and all of SL are on it. To me this wording is deceptive.  I feel like I got a bottle of snake oil.

So now you know, if you were curious as to whether or not you wanted to try this out.

Aleri Darkes Virgo Skins

Aleri Darkes just rebuilt her store and it coincides with her latest skin release her Virgo line.  This line is heavily modded Splendor skins, so fans of those will love the new variety she has created.  Stunning make ups, and a lovely attention to detail in every one, with heavy modding of face and body.  Each skin tone comes in a variety of styles shown here is the tan tone.

Aleri Darkes  Virgo Skins in Tan
Aleri Darkes Virgo Skins in Tan

Stunning to be sure, I was hard pressed to not to turn a skin photo session into a lingerie shoot.  Since I brought it up, I should mention that each skin is comes in 3 bikini styles (demo for a looksee), and she has has been kind enough to include several sets of lashes.  The lashes come in a full set, tops only, bottoms only, left eye, and right eye only versions so you are prepared for a variety of sweeping hair styles, and various accentuations of the lovely eye make-up.  I want to particularly mention that I found the in the Tan line, the Mata Hari, and Tarot to be very lovely.

Aleri Darkes Virgo Skins in Tan Makeup
Aleri Darkes Virgo Skin's in Tan Makeup

Shown with Armidi’s [Intimizzio] Il Giorna – Gold; ETD’s Starley Pumps in cheetah; and ETD Tiana in Chestnut.  All Makeups where photographed with no lashes.   TP’s:  ETD Armidi

Aleri Darkes/Diversity Hair

W. Winx-Timeless Colonnade Ruin

Timeless Columnade Ruins
Timeless Colonnade Ruins

I recently set out the W. Winx-Timeless Colonnade Ruin at  Heathrow. The Timeless Series is another series I am working on, specially designed for a forest setting, but does well in forested parcels too.  The Colonnade Ruin in particular is a very large one height-wise and is stunning set in nature, along water, mountains etc.  It will make one want to explore to find it when viewed from a distance.  I’ve included a bonus column to arrange at the sight to complete the effect.  Covered in white roses, it’s a classic, dreamy, and romantic addition.

I will be adding items from this series as I tweak some details on them.  Adding them to your outdoor space adds quite alot of atmosphere and setting, and with the added implement of Torley’s amazing windlight settings you can effect a surreal environment, and really showcase your space.  The Timeless Series will feature a columned cuddle ruin, fountain, grotto, ruined gazebo, and waterfall.

Available inworld at W. WinxXstreet.

Hot LALA Jackets

Hotla Hoodoo of Hot LALA Designs, has some great jackets for fall.  Her Inbound Jacket, and Suede jackets have a rich texture, and the color palettes for them are perfect.

Hot LALA Suede Jacket with Jean Capris
Hot LALA Suede Jacket with Jean Capris

The richness of this jacket’s texture is what draws me in, but I am over the moon with the generous cut of the front, and the style variations.  While all on the jacket layer, you get a on layer full sleeve version, a sexy sleeveless version, and for added effect you can wear the bottom on a skirt layer to give them both dimension.  The jean capri’s are great, I wore them with the skirt jacket bottom off so you can check out the bum, they come with prim cuffs with extra detailing, while Hot LALA clothes are transferable she smartly perms them modify.

Hot LALA Suede Jacket Variations
Hot LALA Suede Jacket Variations (middle prim skirt variation)

The Suede jacket is available in an assortment of colors, and is transfer.  I really enjoyed the variation, and hope to layer a poet shirt underneath the sleeveless.  Shown with Domestic V Skins DV-04-CHEEKY SHEEN HYBRID2 (NATURAL)   Currently Domestic V skins are $5 instore, an amazing sale price; Lashes: [Whimsy ]Lashes-dramatic by Arriah Fiertze of Whimsy (SWEAR TO GOD not my store but oooh love the name!;  Hair: ETD’s new release Tiana in Chestnu.t    TP’s:  Hot LALA Whimsy Domestic V ETD

Hot LALAs Inbound Jacket & Jeans
Hot LALA's Inbound Jacket & Jeans

Hot LALA’s Inbound jacket is richly textured as well, with lot of zippered details.  Available on Jacket layer, Transfer.  The Inbound jeans deliver a tight fit, and a nice denim hue.  Shown with Domestic V Skins DV-04-CHEEKY SHEEN HYBRID2 (NATURAL)   Currently Domestic V skins are $5 instore, an amazing sale price; Lashes: [Whimsy ]Lashes-dramatic by Arriah Fiertze of Whimsy (SWEAR TO GOD not my store but oooh love the name!;  Hair: ETD’s new release Tiana in Blonde, Shoes: ETD Starley Pumps (Cheetah)   TP’s:  Hot LALA Whimsy Domestic V ETD

Hot LALAs Inbound jacket close up
Hot LALA's Inbound jacket close up

The Jacket features all these great zips, and has a special shirt layer to wear underneath to fluff it out and give it more dimension, a great effect.  Check out more of Hot LALA Designs assortment of clothing at: Hot LALA

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose (LAP)’s Red Carpet Diva set (Blogged here) TP Here:  LAP

Blog Post Updates

Thought I would give a quick update on some recent postings, and tell you something at the end of my post.
Merry Go Rounds at Alices Garden
Merry Go Rounds at Alice's Garden

I went over to Alice’s Garden recently, and found she had put out the merry go rounds her signs had advertised.  They are stunning!  Merry go round 1 is a fun favorite, click and sit and get a nice twirl, only 31 prims and an astonishing $149 price!  The same goes for Merry go round 1, a traditional carousel with charming horses, fully working, 76 prims, and same price of $149.  An adorable steal.

Merry Go Round #2
Merry Go Round #2

Both Merry Go Rounds, are at the Dojo Tristan location of Alice’s Garden, click here for a tp.

Petite Maison Citrouille
Petite Maison Citrouille

I also was able to set down a inworld copy of my little pumpkin house for viewing.  Its located at the Cafe Yard Sale (Yard sale from Fashion Consolidated Cafe members) in Heathrow click here for a TP. It’s also listed on SLex and OnRez.

Riverside Shopping in Munchkinland at Magic of Oz
Riverside Shopping in Munchkinland at Magic of Oz

Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch (power couple & SL Giant) and designers for Eye Candy, and Treasured Visions, (omg serious giggles) would like to announce that “We’d like to thank everyone for making the Grand Opening of Magic of Oz an incredible experience… we couldn’t have hoped for a more wonderful and enthusiastic response and we are so glad that people seem to love Oz like we do.  The hunt has been extremely popular and the sim has stayed at capacity for 3 days now.  I know that there are people who have not been able to get in enough to find all the items and some have not been able to get in at all.  So we have decided to extend the hunt until Friday the 10th at 10 pm SLT! This is a thank you from us to all the people who have supported the sim.  We are so grateful to you and to our fantastic vendors whose gifts made the hunt as epic as it was.  So spread the word – the Slipper Hunt is here for another 5 days!”

Yeah I know, this hunt has been one of the most challenging, as they are using a object rezzor to cleverly rez the red slippers around the sim, as soon as one has been found, it disappears, and is rezzed in another location.  Challenging, but we are having so much fun!  Here’s the list of some of the items, more have been added and green stationary slippers too.

Here’s a checklist of the hunt items:

[LAP] – Magic of Oz – Poses Inspired by the Sim #1
[LAP] – Magic of Oz – Poses Inspired by the Sim #2
[LAP] – Magic of Oz – Poses Inspired by the Sim #3

The Stringer Mausoleum gift #1
The Stringer Mausoleum gift #2
The Stringer Mausoleum gift #3

Schadenfreude Down the yellow brick road
Schadenfreude Oz earrings
Schadenfreude Green Spectacles (copper)
Schadenfreude Green Spectacles (gold)
Schadenfreude Green Spectacles (silver)

~silentsparrow~ (oz) swimmy fishie (wear me)
~silentsparrow~ Gift#1 Luxe Corset and Mania Vest

~EC~ Magic of Oz Exclusive Bracelet
~EC~ Magic of Oz Exclusive Choker
~EC~ Magic of Oz Exclusive Ring

~JD~ MTF Shoulder Buddy Swamp Tree
~JD~ MTF Sitting Scarecrow
~JD~ MTF Sitting Flying Monkey

Witch’s Castle by Malkavyn [small]
Witch’s Castle by Malkavyn [large]
Munchkin Land by Malkavyn [small]
Munchkin Land by Malkavyn [large]
Emerald City by Malkavyn [large]
Emerald City by Malkavyn [small]

(Miriel) Bird of Paradise Headdress – Gold/White/Morganite

JUICY { Chunky Red Magnolia Bracelet }

TP here


DOMESTIC V Skins has put their ENTIRE skin line in a box for $100, and available in singles for $5,  HURRY I think its only for a few more hours today  TP here