Hair Fair 2013 – Curio Obscura

Hair Fair 2013 - Curio Obscura s

Curio Obscura made some fabulous hair for Hair Fair 2013. The designer, Pandora Wigglesworth, is always imaginative, and always creates a hair worth talking about. This release at Hair Fair 2013 is no different.  My style photo is of the Big Fat Spirals hair style in white, with my WL it’s a bit grey so sue me. The hair style true to it’s name, is composed of Big Fat Spiral ringlets, the kind you might find on some petulant little brat out there. I’ve gone goth Lolita with it in white, and Bare Rose’s Nite outfit. It’s mesh, modifiable, and full of details. My skin is Mother Goose’s Lene 1 with teeth and light brow.  I’m wearing Amacci’s Gaze Eyes in Blue Pink, as they go so well with paler skin.

Hair Fair 2013 - Curio Obscura

Curio Obscura released five hairstyles at Hair Fair 2013.  Above I styled Big Fat Spirals, and they also released Braids Unfurled Pigtails with and without bows.  The bows are color changeable as is the hair if you click it, you will get a nice selection for customizing.  Glamazon Swoop is, as you might guess, all about glamor in Amazonian proportions. It includes a ‘mirror’ version so you can always show off your best side. The Godiva Deluge was a refreshing take on your usual Lady Godiva style, featuring masses of fat curls, it includes a body alpha so you too can effect the perfect demure style with just your tresses.  Curio Obscura’s Manehawk was truly magnificent for proportion, fullness, and the ability to give a reptilian impression from behind.  I’ve worn Glamazon Swoop, Godiva Deluge, Manehawk with Bare Rose’s mesh Blinger dress in Gold, and Silver.

Hair Fair 2013 began this weekend with over 80 hair stores participating. There is an amazing selection from fashion forward to fantasy! Men will be particularly pleased to know there is quite a lot of styles for them this year, so grab your guy and shop for a good cause.  Your purchase of any hair styles at Hair Fair 2013 will donate a percentage to Wigs For Kids.  You can beat the lag at Hair Fair by joining the Hair Fair Demo group inworld, and trying on demos in the comfort of your home, before coming to the fair. Vendors are set up to redeliver any hair that you might miss accepting, which eliminates double purchases as the vendors will only let you buy it once.  Just left click the vendor and it will redeliver.

Also available at the fair, are Free Official Hair Fair 2013 outfits, which feature him and her layer clothing, and hair bases from DCNY and Exile. No need for AO’s, just find a bus kiosk and rez a bus to move in edit around the fair, they come in singles, and larger versions for group shopping.  This year the theme is a fun interlocking block build, each sim has it’s own unique color scheme and style so you can easily tell where you are and where you’ve been.  Upon arriving at a landing point, you can chose left or right, follow the path and easily make your way around the fair, back to where you started assuring you of full fair coverage. Many stores also have placed out free gifts, and dollarbies.

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Hair:  Curio Obscura – Big Fat Spirals/Braids Unfurled Pigtails with Bows {MESH} NEW! (Currently available at Hair Fair 2013)
Eyes: Amacci  – Gaze Eyes – Blue Pink
Lashes: LeLutka  – 2011/Curl
Skin:  Mother Goose’s – Lene 1 Teeth (lb)
Outfit: Bare Rose – Nite
Poses: Ploom
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Hair: Curio Obscura – Glamazon Swoop/Godiva Deluge/Manehawk  {MESH} NEW! (Currently available at Hair Fair 2013)
Hairbase: Wasabi Pills – Golden (if hair base shown in photo)
Eyes: Amacci  – Gaze Eyes – Blue Pink
Lashes: LeLutka  – 2011/Curl
Skin:  Mother Goose’s – Lene 1 Teeth (lb)
Makeup: – Glamorize – Rumours Eye Makeup – Black
Hands: SLink  – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual  {MESH} (if shown in photo)
Feet: SLink – Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet  {MESH} (if shown in photo)
Outfit: Bare Rose – Blinger – Gold & Silver
Poses: Ploom
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Frou Frou – Hair Fair 2012

Frou Frou Hair Fair 2012 a

Frou Frou released 5 hair styles at Hair Fair 2012.  Four updos are great for runway, editorial, and formal dress and an angled bob with a ribboned rolled hair piece.   Frou Frou also has a gift hairband, that is the ribbon and rolls element that is on three of the styles, to mix in with your hair.

Frou Frou Hair Fair 2012 b

I’m wearing portions of an outfit called Tremolo Staff from Bare Rose.  Not shown are the shoes, leg ribbons, shoes, and hair bow.  The skirt is kinda genius, the top two layers are sculpted so it holds it’s form, the bottom ruffles are flexi prims with glow, it’s a great effect. This outfit also includes a white version with purchase.  Tremolo Staff is a musical term and there are several other complimentary outfits with similar names in that theme, like Staccato, etc.  My boots are mesh and from LeLutka, with rivet, lace, and heel color options via hud.  My stockings are from !gO!, the pack included brown, and beige as well for a great price. They have really nice texturing, and feature prim bows around the top.

Hair:  Frou Frou – Foxpouf – Golden
Eyes: Izzie’s – Deep Dark Eyes – Teal {MESH}
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011/Curl
Skin: LeLutka – Gem – Hush – Makeup8/LBrow
Makeup: LeLutka – Gem – Petulant Lipstick – Hush
Earrings: Bax – Pearl Collection  (I don’t think this is available anymore)
Dress: Bare Rose – Tremolo Staff – Pink
Stockings: !gO! – Mini Stockings B-B-B – Black
Boots: LeLutka – Ren – Black {MESH}
Poses: /me <SMP> (Slash Me Poses)  [Marketplace]
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry
Featured Hair: Gesella, Lysandra, Corinna, Aigle in Golden.

Hair Fair 2012 is ongoing through July 29th.  All styles featured at the fair have a percentage of proceeds being donated to Wigs For Kids. A wide variety of stores are participating ensuring something for everyone. Join the inworld Hair Fair Demo group to receive hair demos before you go! For more information visit the Hair Fair blog.

Hair Fair Info  (Tips & Tricks for Navigation)

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Alphabet Challenge-B

Alphabet Blog Challenge-B

Letter B in Willow Zander’s Alphabet Challenge was fun.  I had fun and used a number of B stores with my Bloom avatar.  Blue Galaxy‘s Stereo hair was a fun choice, I pulled in some color with my Array leggings from Bijou, and Suede Bootie from Coco in this bright purple. Dress it up with a fun sleeveless jacket from Baiastice over my Boom polo dress, and giant black gems from Ganked.

Hair: Blue Galaxy – Stereo – Auburn
Avatar: Surf Co.Bloom Doll -Strawberry Bloom
Jacket: Baiastice – Russian Black Sleeveless Jacket
Dress: Boom – Casual Polo Dress – Black
Manicure: BareRose – Nail No23 – Black
Bracelets: GankedBlack Sherbet
Leggings: Bijou – Array [Closed]
Boots: Coco – Suede Bootie – Purple
Pose: Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute

Hair Fair 2011 – Tekeli-li!

Hair Fair 2011 - Tekeli-li!

Tekeli-li! released five styles at Hair Fair 2011.  These are amazing, and leave me feeling like a petulant princess from another world.  Tekeli-li allows you to customize these further with changable metals, lights, gems, glow, etc.  I love seeing what Tekeli-li has to offer, great prim work, customizing options, and imagination.  Perfect for our virtual world.

Hair: Tekeli-li! – Aklo, Aberration, Ashtoreth, Hathor, Namtaru [Available at Hair Fair 2011]
Skin: The Body Co. – Gem/Hush-Makeup6/Dbrows  (Shape too)
Eyes: Amacci – Real Eyes – Winter
Lashes: Glow Studios – Like Natural – Like Natural
Dress: Bare Rose – Hakete
Makeup: YS&YS – Imperio Sky Makeup
Poses: aDORKable
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Hair Fair 2011 is ongoing through July 15th.  Featuring 4 sims full of designers who each are offering 3 to 5 new hairstyles with a portion of each style going towards Wigs For Kids.  Womens, mens, casual, formal, fantasy styles you name it.  Plus many designers have included a free gift in their stores.  Don’t forget to check out the bandana booths on each sim!  Bandana’s made by designers, content creators, and your fellow residents!  Bandanas are $50L each, and 100% benefit the charity. Bandana Day is July 15th, the last day of the fair, the day we take off our hair, wear a bandana to show our support to those effect by hair loss because of illness.

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—  Hair Fair 2 (Oceania)
—  Hair Fair 3 (Carnival)
—  Hair Fair 4 (Salt Water Taffy)

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Sugar Free

Sugar Free
Sugar Free

Celestial Studios is another fashion house that’s been a mainstay for sometime.  The designer is immensely talented, and kept us skinned and clothed for quite some time.  Her designs have always been casual, stylish, and hip.  Her range of pants and jeans are some of my most favorite.  She was quite clever when she made them, doing accompanying belts of various styles to wear with, on the pant, and jackets layers.  I hearted her for this, along with her amazing sculpted pant prims.  Located with the jeans, are her corduroys, and suede pants.  The textures are some of the best you are going to find inworld.  If you stop by, check out her tees, hoodies, and handbags.

Sugar Free
Sugar Free

I’m wearing many brights for late summer, this fun one shoulder halter is from Sand Shack Surf Couture, featuring bright sculpted flower adornment on the shoulder strap.  The colors are rich, and the detail has depth, and excellent textured.  There is more added color with my Zaara painted bangles and earrings, and I picked up 3 of my favorite colors in this outfit for my shoes from Kalnins.  I love being able to do this with it’s color change hud.  It was a hard choice between a cherry patent leather purse from Celestial Studios, and denim one, while I was trying to decide, Sasy told me about these cute bags at Bare Rose, and the style was exactly what I wanted. A simple belt lightens the look up in the middle, I like the casual look of this belt from EarthStones, called Leather and Laced. It’s available in some neutral tones as well, I would have loved if this came in red or blue, or was mod so I could tint. My nails and rings are a combination set from Page 3.  Ring finish and polish colors are changeable by hud, available in a pack of sizes.  My skin choice is Tuli’s Jade line, I love the eyeshadow on this one, worn with Chaisuki’s lashes.  The hair is Ploom I recently blogged them, and can’t wait to show off all my Ploom purchases!  I love this hair!  This is Kemper in Fudge, nice, full, and flexi.

Hair: Ploom – Kemper – Fudge
Skin: Tuli – Jade – tone 4/br
Lashes: Chaisuki – lashes32 brianna
Earrings: Zaara – Sarayi painted hoops- gold
Bangles: Zaara – Indra painted stacked bangles – gold
Manicure: Page 3 – Rings & Nails
Top: Sand Shack Surf Couture – Canvas Garden Top – Yellow
Belt: EarthStones – Leather & Laced Belt – Powder
Handbag: Bare Rose – Miranda – Blue
Pants: Celestial Studios – Variety
Shoes: Kalnins – Orchid
Poses: Torrid