Alphabet Challenge-B

Alphabet Blog Challenge-B

Letter B in Willow Zander’s Alphabet Challenge was fun.  I had fun and used a number of B stores with my Bloom avatar.  Blue Galaxy‘s Stereo hair was a fun choice, I pulled in some color with my Array leggings from Bijou, and Suede Bootie from Coco in this bright purple. Dress it up with a fun sleeveless jacket from Baiastice over my Boom polo dress, and giant black gems from Ganked.

Hair: Blue Galaxy – Stereo – Auburn
Avatar: Surf Co.Bloom Doll -Strawberry Bloom
Jacket: Baiastice – Russian Black Sleeveless Jacket
Dress: Boom – Casual Polo Dress – Black
Manicure: BareRose – Nail No23 – Black
Bracelets: GankedBlack Sherbet
Leggings: Bijou – Array [Closed]
Boots: Coco – Suede Bootie – Purple
Pose: Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute

Prime Factorization

/me loves her purse and hair...and boots...

Hair: LeLutka – Georgeous – SoySauce
Lashes: Chaisuki – lashes13
Eyes: Argrace – Moonlit Eyes – Regular (Honey)
Skin: eStyle Exquisite – Athens X3 – Tan 18 With Layer: Tuli – Cleavage/Sunkissed – Boost
Purse: BareRose – Connie – Black
Jacket: DeeTaleZ – Winter Coat – Grey
Tank: Maitreya – RB-Tank – Fuchsia Red
Underwear: Ooh LaLa! – Lacey Slip Bottom – Cream (the lace trim detail you see)
Shorts: Nyte’N’Day – Denim Mini Mini Skirt Shorts – Dark (does not have lace trim, See Underwear layer)
Boots: Miel – Lia Boots – Coal
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

A style post…been REALLY busy in RL, but have this I am dying to share, before I get to the tons of other things I am getting ready to blog…accessorizing takes TIME dagnabit. All this stuff…or most of it, comes in other colors, and patterns, stop by the stores to see more. The lace trim you see is my undies peeking out from my shorts…I liked the look. Ooh LaLa might be closed for a while, they’re on Tableau which has closed temporarily for their yearly rebuild. Oh yeah, I changed my lip color but in the top middle lip is properly represented.

82nd Annual Academy Awards & Virtual Fashion

Whimsy Winx & Red Carpet Virtual Fashion

This evening I will be attending the LIVE Virtual Oscars Pre-Show, which made me wonder…what would Whimsy wear to the Oscars.  One has to carefully plan these things out.  One needs to consider what role they are to play in the evening.  Whimsy is an ‘It Girl’.   I’ve not produced, written, or starred in anything, or presenting, so the dress while chic shouldn’t overshadow anyone nominated for an award.   So as an ‘It Girl’ attending, I’m required to show up, look pretty, and act pleasant.  Pretty simple.  Maybe.  One has to consider the venue.  I will walk the red carpet, it’s a formal event.  Red, Black, and White will be colors people gravitate to because of the events nature.  I will leave that to others.  I could go for russet, but it looks wrong in the winter/spring.  Greens, are a go, but not for me today.  Swan feathers, and avant-garde have already been done.   It was a tough call but I went with spring as a theme.  I narrowed it down to two dresses.  Both flowered in theme- one avant-garde, one classic.  I chose this one, classic,  for the Oscars, as I didn’t want to be THAT girl in the avant-garde flower dress.  Not today.  That dress I will save for another event I want to stand out in.  Tonight I shall blend and enjoy the evening.

Harper Ganesvoort is having an Oscar Fashion Contest, this is my entry.  See the Flickr group.

Phaylen does the Oscars, Virtual Oscars Pre-Show.

Skin: Laqroki –  Alice 02 [Peach] Glow skin
Hair: – Yelena.2 – Dramatic Red
Jewelry: Laughing Academy – Sascha Jewelry Collection
Manicure: BareRose – Nail No. 27 – Rose
Dress: Reale – Floratta Dress – Tulips
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Shanti – Cerise
Pose – Long Awkward Pose – Red Carpet Diva Set – Other Shoulder

Blue Love

Blue & a Hair Fair-Hair Sneak Peek

I have had the MichaMi Jacket in Sky for sometime now, and have yet to blog it.  I bought it in Sky which is a soft mute blue, in MichaMi’s sophisticated color palette.  It lends itself easily to casual wear, and is perfect for dressing it up more.  It’s collar and prim jacket parts are all togther so this is great for wearing with jewelry and not having to find a new attachment point.  The sculpts are well done and come in a variety of sizes for you. I paired it with Maitreya’s Jules Jean Skirt in Dark, which consists of a well done sculpted prim skirt, and sculpted belt.  The base is well finished, so it can double for a great pair of shorts too.  Under my jacket I wore LeLutka‘s Shirt Top in White.  It also features sculpted parts, which I chose not to wear, a lovely tiered effect with drape of fabric over the shoulder.   Alone on layer it added a nice angle, and a crisp tight fitting expanse of white.  It wasn’t hard to pull on my favorite boots from Maitreya, the Dune, in blue.  Sculpted yumminess and good texture galore.

A cute handbag from BareRose called Bellisma in Blue was a great match, despite the finishing being in a old gold, it worked perfectly, shown here attached to right hand, default is left.  They include several attachments points on the left and have thrown in a clutch purse too! Good texture, and options for a excellent BareRose price.  I bought mine at BR’s location at The Deck, if you wanna snag it without the hassle of hunting through the plethora of amazing outfits at the main and go broke too. ;P  I topped it off with the Starry Necklace in Blue from eLDee. I love how chunky, and fun this piece is, really a nice bit of work.

I am wearing a sneak peek from Adam N Eve, which will be available at Hair Fair 2009.  The Cassandra in Latte.  Sachi Vixen, the designer, has been closeted away working on a whole range of new hair textures, new hair, and a whole new hair store!   You owe it to yourself to grab some color demos, and check out the new offerings instore, and a selection available for Hair Fair which begins June 20th!  Hair Fair details Here.

Items & Teleports:

Hair: Adam n Eve – Cassandra- Latte [Hair Fair – Bloggers Pack]
Skin: Redgrave – Leticia – Tan Skin – Smoky [Purchased]
Jacket: MichaMi – Noomi Jacket – Sky [Purchased]
Necklace: eLDee – Starry Necklace (blue) [Purchased]
Shirt: LeLutka – Shirt Top – White (worn without prims) [Advance Bloggers Pack]
Bag: BareRose – Bellissima 09 – Blue (worn on right hand) [Purchased]
Skirt: Maitreya– Jules Jean Skirt – Dark [Purchased]
Boots: Maitreya – Dune Boots – Blue [Purchased]

Poses:  shown from DeLa

BareRose-A Basics Guide

Winter recently issued the Rosebud Challenge,  I decided to do a store overview for the new visitor.

I remember my first visit to BareRose.  I wasn’t happy about going, as I have this odd quirk about marketing, and brand recognition, and to me a clothing store with the word Rose in it was not going to be my cup of tea.  Don’t ask why, my brain just works that way, it’s the reason I pay up to $3 USD more on a product at Target then save it at Wal-mart.  So there I was, waiting to rez, when I noticed Caliah Lyon on my radar.   I then decided, if Caliah can stand around the main landing point for this long, I can give this store a shot.  Then I rezzed.

BareRose Main HQ-Landing Point
BareRose Main HQ-Landing Point

To a first time visitor BareRose is overwhelming.   They are stocked with a wide variety of clothing to suit any possible vision of avatar dream you can come up with.   The store is prolific in content creation.   At first a visitor is on overload, so many items, and each so unique its really difficult to get a sense of the place.  My second visit there I was able to really explore and get to know the store, and it’s system.

BareRose Main HQ-Info Boards
BareRose Main HQ-Info Boards

As you can see at BareRose Main HQ landing point, you are greeted with quite a sight.  All new releases are here for quick and easy access,  events are held here, and if you turn your view to the other side you have information boards.   These can easily overlooked but are worth checking out.

To the left of these is a BareRose staff board of all store employees.  Then you have the info boards themselves, they offer teleports to various areas within the empire of BareRose, store events, and various relative information and news about your Second Life community.  They also have a random raffle ball that hands out gifts, so there may be a treat in store for you.

BareRose Main Freebie & Dollarbie Gift Area
BareRose Main Freebie & Dollarbie Gift Area

BareRose is quite generous and  to the side of the main landing point you will find a wide variety of gifts, and dollarbies.   They can range from skins, clothes, and tools, to even towel racks for your bathroom.


BareRose employs an army of proficient staff to help you with anything you need.  Their customer service I have found is superb, and always at hand.  The main area is the best place to find them, look for them with their BareRose Staff title on.  They are who you need to see when you also want to be added to the BareRose VIP group, just come to the store wearing a BareRose item you have purchased, and they will be more then happy to add you to group.  The group is a great way to stay in touch with the new releases, events, and even gives you the right to use the VIP Sandbox, which last I was there had a great lucky chair, I heard a raffle ball nearby too so double the gifts while you work.  Many times an item will only be available in this form.

Shopping in BareRose
Shopping in BareRose

Navigating the main store is a breeze when you know the system.  First men’s and women’s clothing is on either side of the main area.  Once in side an area, there are columns that set apart the themes  so you can easily find items of a particular interest.  When in doubt don’t forget your BareRose staff is on hand and waiting to help you in your quest from a simple sweater to the perfect outfit for a vampire.

BareRose Haute Couture
BareRose Haute Couture shown with Paper Moon Outfit

BareRose Haute Couture is one teleport on the info boards away.  A select boutique of formal, party, event wear, and accessories from stylish handbags, and jewelry to wedding bouquets.   Take a seat in the center and relax while you shop for that big day, with choices from BareRose, to select offerings from other stores with affiliations with them.   Located here is the Paper Moon outfit I blogged a while back to read that post click here.

BareRose Spa
BareRose Spa

BareRose also has many gathering places for you to enjoy, one of them is BareRose Spa.  An area set aside for you to relax with friends, with beach access, grotto, and a nice area to get that special someone to pay back all their foot and back massages.  At the teleport, you are offered Spa wear for $1 each.  It’s a short walk away from the main area too if you need a chance to regroup while on a large shopping binge.

Surprise find at the BareRose Spa
Surprise find at the BareRose Spa

While I have featured only a few areas, there are many more.  Check out their events, explore the store and you will never know what you will find next.  With a little rezzing, and a savvy eye as to what to look for, your shopping trip will be a dream. Remember to never ever bug Ms. Dion, as you can imagine shes busy designing, and to direct questions and comments to store staff, or Tori Heart.  Tori is a charm to talk to and is able to assist you.  Check out her blog for BareRose news.

Teleports:   BareRose Main HQ

BareRose Haute Couture

Paper Moon

Bright and early this morning, about my second sip of my first cup of coffee, I came across Paper Moon on the Whats New feed.   I had to have it, so badly that I logged on straight away and went off to find it.  But just like in SL it helps to rez before walking in RL, so it took me some time to work out that there wasn’t at a store named Paper Moon, it was at BareRose–Bonus!    BareRose is a favorite with everyone, featuring a wide variety of items, suiting a wide audience fashion wise, and all at deal of the century prices, while retaining quality even though they release at incredible speed.

BareRose – Paper Moon

Paper Moon is a well thought out dress, with sculpted skirt draped this way and that, feature beautiful lilies.  Featuring matching accessories that suit it perfectly, its a dream to wear.  June Dion even included a lovely framed photo for your home, and says the entire outfit was inspired by Nat King Cole‘s version of It’s Only a Paper Moon.

Skin: Adam n Eve – Persephone – T3 – Make up Creme; Hair: Maitreya – Yasmin – Beach Blond

Click here for teleports: Adam n Eve BareRose Maitreya

Said it is only a paper moon
Sailing over a cardboard sea,
But it wouldn’t be make believe
If you believed in me.

Say it is only a canvas sky
Hanging over a muslin tree,
But it wouldn’t be make believe
If you believed in me…