Le Dinner Guest

Recently I was invited over to Sasy’s for dinner.  I threw on a cocktail dress from Connors, added two, yes, two sets of false eyelashes for drama, and bundled up in my Harris Tweed Coat from S H I.  I love this coat, so warm, and very chic.  I also love my concave cut from SLink, it’s beautiful, sleek, and perfect all the way around.

Read about my dinner at Sasy’s on SasyPants.

Le Dinner Guest

Hair: SLink – Angel Hair – Latte
Eyes: Amacci – Real Eyes – Amber
Lashes 1: Glow Studios – Fancy Eyelashes – Like Natural
Lashes 2: Celestial Studios – Classic 2 [No Longer Available-store closed]
Skin: JeSyLiLO – Heather – Light Skin [The Dressing Room Blue]
Makeup: Tuli – Jade – Sunkissed Lips – Red
Earrings: Miel – Cue Earrings
Manicure: Mandala – Takara Nail – Oriental Gold
Dress: Connors – Georgette Lace Cocktail Dress – Brown
Shoes: LeLutka – SaffronPumps – (Two-Toned Black/Sand)
Poses: Ploom
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Gion Gibson

Gion Gibson

Frou Frou released a new hair, which made me pull out some items I’d been looking to pair with something as interesting.  The hair is called Gion Gibson, I see the inspiration here, and went with my Haori Calme jacket from Tomoto. I picked it up months ago after wandering around some stores that had been featured in To One Lounge.  The hair is a full updo, and very large up front, featuring locks hanging down here and there.   I bet this looks great with mermaid skirt gowns, and even ball gowns.  I mixed and match accessories using the Fishy Strawberry Leather Geisha Belt for a fun look over my Leather Dress in Gray from MichaMi, I added my Sinra jewelry set from Mandala, and my fun K. I. A shoes from LeLutka in Night.  All in all it was fun playing with some old, new, and waiting to be worn items to create a look around the hair.

Hair: Frou Frou – Gion Gibson – Umber
Eyes: Amacci – Real Eyes – Amber
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Classic 2 [No Longer Available-store closed]
Skin: Tuli – Jade – Sunkissed – 01 Bare
Jewelry: Mandala – Sinra Set – CK Black
Coat: Tomoto – Haori Calme
Dress: MichaMi – Leather Dress – Gray
Belt: Fishy Strawberry – Geisha Leather Belt – Black
Shoes: LeLutka – K.I.A. – Night
Poses: Diesel Works
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Thinking of fall

Comfy Brown

To be perfectly honest, I am burnt out.  My real life is full of deadlines, activities, chores, while my second life is equally full of them.  I find myself in a zombie state at the computer unable to focus on anything that isn’t completely a waste of time.  When I walk away to take care of a non computer related real life task, I become just as unfocused, and unable to complete the task.  So I muddle through, hoping somewhere along the way I get energized, and able to get back on track.  So a quick style post, based on I know I should blog, and I was wearing it and liked it.

Hair: Clawtooth – Blown Away – Soil
Hairbase: Exile – Coffee
Eyes: Amacci – Real Eyes – Amber
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Classic 2 [No Longer Available-store closed]
Skin: Tuli – Jade – Sunkissed – 01 Bare
Jewelry: SLink – Wood and Tourqoiuse Set
Sweater: E! – Cable Knit Collar – Chocolate
Belt: LeLutka – Anna Belt – Light A
Manicure: Mandala – Nail Palette 1 Medium
Hand Bag: Tokidoki – Elephant Bag – Light
Jeans: Zaara – Classic Jeans – Coffee
Boots: Miel – Troupe Shoes (Naturals)
Poses: Ploom
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Retro Wasabi

Wasabi Retro
Wasabi Pills has released a number of new hair styles since Hair Fair 2011. Shown here in a style post is a cute one called Pompon.  Featuring color/texture change headband, ribbon, knot, and hair bands.  It’s a cute look, I love the bangs.  Also shown are Roy which is a nice unisex style, and I think Thor does well for girls as well.   MissAllSunday Lemon, the hair designer behind Wasabi Pills brand, had many requests for a variation of her Kiki hair, and released Kiki Act II. I’m wearing a fun top called Vicky from artilleri which features a variety of different ‘patches’ shown here with Cherry.  I paired it with an early summer release from LeLutka, the Caprica jeans, shown here with the 3/4 cuff option.  Bukka is a cute store I love to find new things in, shown here are the Double Ring Belt, in this amazing color, it’s full of options even color change loops to match your clothes. I’ve pulled out a favorite style of purse from Celestial Studios.  Celestial Studios was around for years for those didn’t know. They were a popular place to go for skins, eyes, and clothes.  They closed earlier this summer, and will be missed. If you have their items, brush them off, give them an airing they are still great. Lately I have been using alot of their babydoll dresses with my Bloom avatar.

Wasabi Pills Recent Releases

YS&YS’s new release is the Milano Slingback, a sexy slingback shown here in Cherry White.  These are cute, I love the various patterns and colors. These are prim feet, and be sure to remember your best tricks for tinting as they do not feature any prim work to hide the attachment point.  Remember when tinting you will never get a perfect match, just very close to it. For these I recommend being sure to size them right to obscure the area. I sized down about -5 to hide the join. When tinting for street wear (as opposed to blog wear) I like to use the default light settings or a standard Caliah windlight setting. The majority of people on the grid are using default or a Caliah windlight variation. I no longer wear face lights.  Together these help assure me that most people most of the time are going to see me with matching feet.  It’s not fool proof, it all depends on what someone else’s default light settings are, and if there are lights around.  Who cares when they match on my screen ;P!


Many people aren’t sure how to go about tinting feet with just using a color picker, for those who aren’t sure I have taken a shot of the color picker on the YS&YS HUD, and circled the area I used to sample colors from.  This area, as well as below into the greyish areas is great for finding various skin tones.  Just use the slider on the right to move between light and dark after choosing.  Play with it a bit.

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Pompon, Roy, Thor, Kiki Act II, Ryoko
Skin: LeLutka – Gem/Hush – Makeup6/DBrow
Eyes: Amacci – Real Eyes – Winter
Jewelry: Je Suis – Tente Set – Fire
Shirt: Artilleri – Vicky Top – Black/Cherry Patch
Manicure: Je Suis – Naive Nails – Red
Handbag: Celestial Studios – Hobo Bag – Berry Cute [Store Closed]
Belt: Bukka – Double Ring Belt
Capris: LeLutka – Caprica Jeans – 3/4 Cuff
Shoes:  YS&YS – Milano Slingbacks – CherryWhite
Pose:  Atomic
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Mina Paper Couture

Mina @ Hair Fair 2010
Mina @ Hair Fair 2010

Mina is a store that’s new to me this year, and it’s been fun to get to know them through their offerings this year.   My favorite at the fair is Stacey, which is a very relaxed updo, with attachable ponytail.  It comes with 2 variations of the updo portion, with, and without daisies.  The ponytail itself is also adorned with daisies.  Bonus it’s a charity hair, as well as the Thulani.  Thulani is a versatile unisex hair, as well as the Debbie, which is shown here in Cranberry.   Carice is a soft, mid-length hair, with a bit of a wave to it, very subtle, very nice. Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.  For maps of all stores locations on each sim click here.  Check out the inworld demo group to pick up demos!  Know before you go!  This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandana donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids.  To get some tips on managing your settings for attendance at Second Life events like Hair Fair click here.

Paper Couture & Mina
Paper Couture & Mina

A while back someone posted a plurk highlight photos of a country wedding they had found on flickr.  We wondered over the splendid photography, and I was determined I would try to emulate some of the principles at play in them.  When I saw Paper Couture’s Crossroads dress, I was sure this was just the dress to attempt for this, partnered with this Stacey hair.  However I envisioned something a little more than what I settled for, as I really just don’t have the time to play around doing a full attempt at shadows in Kirsten.  So here it is, minus the shadows, extra props, lighting, etc, all that can happen another day.   The crossroads dress is a lovely mermaid style dress, with details over the bodice, very simple, very elegant.  It also comes with a grey shrug not shown here.  I have played it simple with the jewelry throwing on a turquoise and silver necklace from Zaara, and a pair of western boots (not viewable) from Adam n Eve, complete with Surf Couture, sheaf of wheat for my mouth.

Hair:  Mina Hair Fashion – Stacey – Dark Chocolate (With flowers) & Pony
Skin:  Chaisuki – Vienna – 08 Peach
Lashes:  Celestial Studio – Lashes – Club 3
Mouth Attachment:  Sand Shack Surf Couture – Chewing Wheat
Necklace:  Zaara – Vanisri – Wrapped Necklace – Turquoise-Silver
Bangles:  Zaara – Kaya – Turquoise Bracelet – Silver
Dress:  Paper Couture – Crossroads
Boots:   Adam n Eve – Rodeo – Brown
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

I would especially like to thank Anais Fugue for her hospitality.

Cocktail Hour

Miel @ Hair Fair 2010
Miel @ Hair Fair 2010

It’s cocktail hour for Miel at Hair Fair 2010, with their line up of Cosmo, Martini, and their charity donation hair Mojito.    Cosmo and Martini are classics, and softly styled,  suitable for a variety of looks.   The showstopper is Mojito an amazing prim curly do thats chic, and could still easily be worn on child avatars ala Shirley Temple -ish.    Miel has gone from fashion to including hair at their store this year.  It’s always worth a look when they do a release to see what they have come up with, anything from their recent release of cowboy boots, to sculpted tops.  I am over the moon about some of the curly hairs at the fair this year, and this one of them. Miel’s hairs are available in 5 shades of each color group, Brown, Black, Blonde, Red.  I am wearing the 1 in each shade (cept Black).

Miel @ Hair Fair 2010
Miel @ Hair Fair 2010

I wanted to show of this hair and went for a slim pencil skirt from Ingenue.  Many people disregard systems skirts as relics in sl, I have to tell you thats simply not true.  Pencil skirts in general show off your rear in general, that’s the gimmick, while creating a slim look.  A system skirt will put some junk in your trunk due to the fact it can’t hug your butt cheeks, point blank.  The trick is left to designers at creation to keep the highlighting of the skirt to a minimum.  There should only be enough shading to make some natural wrinkles in the fabric and nothing more, specially near the rear or thighs. With the lower back half of the skirt becoming darker under the buttocks if any shading at all.  Ingenue, a vintage fashion house in Second Life knows the trick and has these lovely Secretary pencil skirts.  They come in a number of muted tones, with jacket layer upper high waist, and a prim option of peplum skirt toppers. I fell in love with them, and bought them all.  I topped off the skirt with this Bourgewhat? top from Veschi, it’s two toned, similarly hued to my skirt, and has prim collar and cuffs that just don’t stop.  I threw on my dream.booties from fri.day in Red, with my Ahi jewelry set from Miel.  I love the makeup on my Bruna skins from Glance, this one is Colour, and I find it really suits this style.

Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.   This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandanas donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids.  To get some tips on managing your settings for attendance at Second Life events like Hair Fair click here.

Hair: Miel – Mojito – Red 1
Skin:  Glance – Bruna – Colour
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Lashes – Classic 8
Jewelry Set:  Miel – Ahi Set
Shirt: Veschi – Bourgewhat? 2-tones Blue/brown
Manicure: Mandala – Takara Nail/Brown
Skirt:  Ingenue – Vintage Basics – Secretary – Chocolate
Shoes:fri.day – Dream.Booties – Red
Poses: [doll.]

The cutest damn hair evah

Scribble @ Hair Fair 2010
Scribble @ Hair Fair 2010

So what I love about Hair Fair, is its so very much an exposition.  Consider the Worlds Fair, or your State/County Fair, the best get to go, and each show off their latest talents, and innovations in products.  We’ve seen some amazing concept hair aka avant garde, we have seen some amazing designs that we haven’t seen inworld yet.  Some cover the needs of high fashion, or alternative sub sects of style, or even the most basic of needs…like Scribble’s Cleaning Day.    You might already be familiar with their braided crown hair, but Scribble is new to me hair wise as I am always ways paying attention to the clothes in their store when I go.  Designer, Radio Signals has created 5 styles showcased at Hair Fair 2010.   The hairstyle Scribble chose for Wigs For Kids, is called Saturday Morning, this cute short pigtail styles.  Everyday casual, and one that would be adorable on a child.  Also released are two sideswept styles, an updo, and my favorite Cleaning DayCleaning Day features this adorable kerchief, the pattern of the fabric is this lovely dark red with paisleys.  It’s just what I always wanted.

Scribble @ Hair Fair 2010
Scribble @ Hair Fair 2010

I couldn’t wait to wear it with my Sianita dress from Reale,  I have it in this pretty denim/yellow print, but am wearing the dark denim/pink version for this post.  Reale has a knack with the dresses they make, always a favorite in my wardrobe.  I last wore their tulip dress to an Oscar party.   This dress is a fun, casual denim babydoll, with hints of retro/vintage with it’s prints, and rick rack.  I kept it casual yet nice with my Nantucket Spectators from Surf Couture in Red, and a Hobo Bag from Celestial Studios.   My skin choice was Laqroki’s Alice, a nice dewy skin.  I pulled out some cute jewelry from Luc, to keep the casual look going.  My poses are from Olive Juice, and so cute.

Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.   This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandanas donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids.  To get some tips on managing your settings for attendance at Second Life events like Hair Fair click here.

Items & Teleports
Hair: Scribble – Cleaning Day – Brown/Adrift
Skin: Laqroki – Alice – 01 (Peach) Glow Skin
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Lashes – Classic 8
Jewelry:  Luc – Vintage Print Set – LoveLetter
Handbag: Celestial Studios – Hobo Bag – Berry Cute
Dress: Reale – Sianita – Dark Denim/Pink
Shoes:  Surf Couture – Nantucket Spectators – Red
Poses: Olive Juice

Sugar Free

Sugar Free
Sugar Free

Celestial Studios is another fashion house that’s been a mainstay for sometime.  The designer is immensely talented, and kept us skinned and clothed for quite some time.  Her designs have always been casual, stylish, and hip.  Her range of pants and jeans are some of my most favorite.  She was quite clever when she made them, doing accompanying belts of various styles to wear with, on the pant, and jackets layers.  I hearted her for this, along with her amazing sculpted pant prims.  Located with the jeans, are her corduroys, and suede pants.  The textures are some of the best you are going to find inworld.  If you stop by, check out her tees, hoodies, and handbags.

Sugar Free
Sugar Free

I’m wearing many brights for late summer, this fun one shoulder halter is from Sand Shack Surf Couture, featuring bright sculpted flower adornment on the shoulder strap.  The colors are rich, and the detail has depth, and excellent textured.  There is more added color with my Zaara painted bangles and earrings, and I picked up 3 of my favorite colors in this outfit for my shoes from Kalnins.  I love being able to do this with it’s color change hud.  It was a hard choice between a cherry patent leather purse from Celestial Studios, and denim one, while I was trying to decide, Sasy told me about these cute bags at Bare Rose, and the style was exactly what I wanted. A simple belt lightens the look up in the middle, I like the casual look of this belt from EarthStones, called Leather and Laced. It’s available in some neutral tones as well, I would have loved if this came in red or blue, or was mod so I could tint. My nails and rings are a combination set from Page 3.  Ring finish and polish colors are changeable by hud, available in a pack of sizes.  My skin choice is Tuli’s Jade line, I love the eyeshadow on this one, worn with Chaisuki’s lashes.  The hair is Ploom I recently blogged them, and can’t wait to show off all my Ploom purchases!  I love this hair!  This is Kemper in Fudge, nice, full, and flexi.

Hair: Ploom – Kemper – Fudge
Skin: Tuli – Jade – tone 4/br
Lashes: Chaisuki – lashes32 brianna
Earrings: Zaara – Sarayi painted hoops- gold
Bangles: Zaara – Indra painted stacked bangles – gold
Manicure: Page 3 – Rings & Nails
Top: Sand Shack Surf Couture – Canvas Garden Top – Yellow
Belt: EarthStones – Leather & Laced Belt – Powder
Handbag: Bare Rose – Miranda – Blue
Pants: Celestial Studios – Variety
Shoes: Kalnins – Orchid
Poses: Torrid

Full of Nyte’N’Day

Nyte’N’Day‘s been a mainstay in Second Life for years.  The designer, Nyte Caligari,  has successfully won the hearts of fashion devotees, club go-ers, and everyone in between with her ability to design outfits that suit our everyday lives.  Sasy and I decided to feature an item we both agreed on from Nyte’N’Day, mixing and matching other items from them, and if we wanted a few other places.  Click here to see Sasy’s look featuring the Mete titled Ain’t No Shoe Pony, read on for mine.


Look One: (Right)

Hair: LeLutka – DeJa Vu – Soy Sauce
Skin: Chaisuki – Vienna – 18 – Caramel
Lipstick: Chaisuki – Vienna Lips – 07 – Caramel
Necklace: Zaara – Balini Necklace – Onyx Clear
Jacket: Nyte’N’Day – Moitie Jacket – Red
Shirt:  Nyte’N’Day – Mete Shirt – Black
Belt: Cobrahive – Big Waist Belt – Pianokeys
Manicure: Awesome Designs – Finger Nail Polish In Blood Red + White Tip
Purse:  Celestial Studios – Hobo Bag – Burgundy Suede
Shorts: Nyte’N’Day – Mete Shorts – Black
Shoes: Kalnins – Wonder
Pose: DARE

Look Two: (Left)
Hair: LeLutka – Becks – Soy Sauce
Sunglasses: Armidi Gisaci – Fi Umo Sunglasses – Dark Tortoise/Gold Lens
Skin: Chaisuki – Vienna – 18 – Caramel
Lipstick: Chaisuki – Vienna Lips – 07 – Caramel
Manicure: Awesome Designs – Finger Nail Polish In Blood Red + White Tip
Necklace: Essentia – Retro Montage – Silver
Bangle Right: YS&YS – Simoun Bangle
Bangle Left: YS&YS – Wooden Bracelet
Shirt:  Nyte’N’Day – Mete Shirt – Blue
Belt: Nyte’N’Day – Ginger Belt – Tan/Silver Studs
Skirt:  Nyte’N’Day – Denim Mini Mini Skirt – Light
Bag: LeLutka – Mitu – Tan
Shoes: Surf Couture – Nantucket Spectators – Navy
Pose: MyPinkieSkull

Maitreya Gold @ 2009 SL Footwear Expo

Maitreya Gold is featuring a stylish stiletto with prim feet at the 2009 SL Footwear Expo.  This one is called Shanti in Snow Leopard, a luxurious snow leopard pattern, with rosy pink inner lining.  The snow leopard print (I really DO love you Onyx!), but I have to say it, lends itself easily to using with dalmatian prints.  I was easily tempted to wear a thick, long, black fur coat with this, but let’s face it, who wants to be old Cruella de Vil, when you can be chic, young, Cruella. The stylish chic girl about town, with a dark side. ;P

Maitreya Gold - Shanti - Snow Leopard
Maitreya Gold - Shanti - Snow Leopard

The Maitreya Gold Shanti Snow Leopard, features everything we’ve been spoilt by them, Shoe HUD that allows you to tint to match, with easy reference card to many skin lines for an exact match, slots to save various tones to, and ability to change your pedicure.  All this in a sexy heel.  I am on pins and needles to see if they release this in a full range of animal prints.  This ones for charity some come give and look amazing for it.

Aoharu - Bijou
Aoharu - Bijou

I went with Bijou‘s Selfish dress (ha! apropos for Cruella), it’s a highly versatile outfit, with full flexi babydoll like dress option, also optional is a leather wrap around for the bodice.  It features a short mini, a tank, and prim belt.   I wore Aoharu‘s Shiny Down jacket in pink, but chose to not wear the sculpted prim parka jacket body, and prim cuffs, creating a bolero jacket effect.  Aoharu also includes a number of options with jacket purchase, which include sculpted collar, fur-trimmed hood, hood up option, and unisex size!

I matched my jacket perfectly to my lipstick on my Chaisuki Gina skin, vamped up her hair with Dernier Cri‘s Natasha style in black with white tips.  Did you know Cruella was known to drink ink?  Perhaps her hair looked like this when she was younger. I have a tip for you when wearing prim lashes with bangs, the alpha’s will make the lashes show through, so make a copy of your lashes, wear the copy, edit the part that will be covered by moving those pieces into your skull, add left eye or right eye, bottom right, whichever applies to the lash name and voila, prim lashes and bang! Shown here is a modded Celestial Studios Club Collection lash.

alaMood - Akhai Teke Set

I am wearing alaMood‘s beautifully textured Akhai Teke Set, a mix of gold, silver, and white metal.  The effect is striking, and yet soft.  The set features a necklace, earrings, and cuffs.  Easily modded if not a perfect fit straight out of the folder, shown here I moved the necklace to the spine attachment point, as my jacket collar was attached to chest.

The 2009 SL®  Footwear Expo is to benefit the Marine Toys for Tots foundation. The event will run from November 22 through December 6, 2009. For more information about various events being held click here.

Teleport to the 2009 SL®  Footwear Expo here.

Teleport to Maitreya Gold here:

Hair: Dernier Cri – Natasha
Skin: Chaisuki – Gina – Peach – Flash Black
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Club Collection – Club 11
Jewelry: alaMood – Akhai Teke Set
Dress: Bijou – Selfish – Dalmatian
Jacket: Aoharu – BT – ShinyDown – Pink
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Shanti – Snow Leopard
Poses: Diesel Works [Teleport]

24’s Shoo Shoes @ 2009 SL Footwear Expo

I have to say 24’s Shoo Shoes Wow19 shoe is appropriately named. It think it even goes beyond Wow! If you have been searching the ultimately chic stiletto, this is it.   24’s Shoo Shoes store is full of them, each on their own so amazingly designed, you will be stunned. A great deal of effort has been put into them, from the prim work design, to the 3 HUDs included to allow you to select your pedicure to match your skin tone for the prim feet. The transparent base of the HUD of the 2 skin HUDs allows you to position the HUD over your legs, when you find a tone that directly matches it will literally disappear on the HUD assuring you of a perfect match. I went with the highlight of my shin. The prim feet themselves are very interesting, as she’s worked to include some skin texture, and even shaded them to graduate to a pink tone near the soles of the feet. This much forethought, combined with the design is a delight to find in a designers work.

These shoes are the epitome of HAUTE COUTURE to the nth.

24's Shoo Shoes - Wow19

I chose to let these shoes shine, wearing the stylish Ontible dress from Lelutka, which features a system layer skirt, and prim bodice. The prim bodice is sculpted in parts,  the fabric is sheer, and it features a tie at the front.  I chose to leave the prim sleeves off, and wear an on layer corset from +Plus.   The corset is a short corset that works great with system skirts, +Plus has several styles, and all on layer.  I wore Oh My Darling, in black from Oh, a high updo, with soft tendrils framing the face.  Tuli’s VIP skin pack had this lovely skin named Raven, which I wore with my Celestial Studios Club Collection lashes, and Icon‘s BC jewelry set.

The 2009 SL®  Footwear Expo is to benefit the Marine Toys for Tots foundation. The event will run from November 22 through December 6, 2009. For more information about various events being held click here.

Teleport to the 2009 SL®  Footwear Expo here.

Teleport to 24’s Shoo Shoes Main Store here.

Hair: OH– Oh my darling
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Club Collection – Club 1
Skin: Tuli – Bella – (tanned/br) Raven (PU2)
Jewelry: ICoN – BC Necklace set
Corset: +plus – Corset Belt- Black
Dress: LeLutka -Ontibile Dress – White
Shoes: 24’s Shoo Shoes – Wow19 black L (Betty Boop)
Poses: Long Awkward Pose [Teleport]

PXL Creations @ Vanity Universe Skin Fair

PXL Creations - July

PXL Creations has a line of skins called July at Vanity Universe’s Skin Fair.  The body features no flaws, excellent shading, and beauty marks on the abdomen for a unique look.  The skin line comes with push-up cleavage option; light, medium, dark eye brows shades; the line is available in dark, tan, light tan, sun-kissed, and natural.

PXL Creations - July - Skin Tones


These are really lovely skins, with fine delicate features on the face with full lips. A variety of makeups in a soft day to-night range.  Lush lips with gloss, finely done eye make-ups, and the freckles options comes with the hint of freckles on the face for a soft look.

PXL Creations - July- MakeUp

I’m wearing Exile‘s Single Lady hair in chocolate, to accentuate the amazing cheek bones of the July skin.  Swimwear by CKS Designs, this bikini called Sparklebum comes with prim side ties, and neck tie in the back, shown here in teal, its available in several colors.  To tie the look together I have the Messina heel from Digit Darkes in Vineyard, this heel comes scripted with bling, walk, and sound options.  Scarlia Inc’s jewelry in coral was perfect for bringing out the coral tones in the teal and coral shoes.  Finely made, comes in a variety of colors, to coordinate with outfits.


PXL Creations skins are featured at Vanity Universe Skin Fair this year.   Charity skin selection purchases will go to Care International, an international charity devoted fighting against global poverty.  Read more about the charity here.  Donation kiosks will be available on the sim.

Teleport to Vanity Universe Skin Fair here.

Teleport to PXL Creations Main Store here.

Hair: Exile – Single Lady – Coffee
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Lashes – Classic 1
Earrings: Scarlia Inc – Essential Earring – Coral
Necklace: Scarlia Inc – Kaleidoscope Necklace – Coral
Bracelet:  Scarlia Inc – Spangle Necklace – Coral
Swimwear: CKS Designs – Sparklebum Bikini – Teal
Shoes: Digit Darkes – Messina Heel – Paisley Vineyard – Silver
Poses: Long Awkward Pose [Teleport]

Symphony Skins

Symphony Skins debuted their latest skin tone Base at Vanity Universe’s Skin Fair.  The darkest of their tones to date.   The skin goes beyond a deep tan, with good shadows, and proper highlights to keep the features in focus.  A variety of makeups featuring striking makeup. Symphony Skins - Base - Body

Symphony Skins provides you with a light, red, and dark brow option, as well as a ‘busty’ version of skin that is done well.  Makeups are available in a “Day” or “Night” range, and pay special attention to making your eyes and lips a standout feature. Symphony Skins - Base/Baritone - Makeup Sampker

Baritone was a tone I liked, as well as Tenor (not shown), it’s a light tone, that’s not washed out, and even with the lighter tone, the selection of makeup still remains in keeping with the skin, and not overly vibrant.   I liked the busty effects, the highlights near the rear, and the belly buttons.

Symphony Skins - Baritone - Body

Symphony Skins are featured at Vanity Universe Skin Fair this year.   Charity skin selection purchases will go to Care International, an international charity devoted fighting against global poverty.  Read more about the charity here.  Donation kiosks will be available on the sim.

Teleport to Vanity Universe Skin Fair here.

Teleport to Symphony Skins Main Store here.

Hair: Maitreya Moon – Kala Jeera
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Club Collection – Club 10
Eyes: Scarlia Inc – Dualtone Eyes – Quartz 3
Lingerie: WTW – Nugikake Lingerie – Pink Ap [Teleport]
Shoes: Adam n Eve – Volar Heels – Salmon
Lingerie: WTW – Nugikake Lingerie – Ap
Shoes: Adam n Eve – Volar Heels – Saffron
Poses: Long Awkward Pose [Teleport]   & Lyndz-matic [Teleport]

DeLa = Delightful


DeLa just released a new long cardigan called Lily.  Available in a variety of colors, while I should have grabbed a fatpack, I ended up getting the Pale Blue and Black one shown here.   It’s a very well textured piece, with prim upper and lower sleeves, prim belt and bottom in 3 sizes all modifiable.   The large buttons on the front are a light brown, and the sculpted pockets on the bottom are amazingly realistic.   Deep plunging neckline begs to show off your cleavage, though this cardigan is also well suited for layering with other items, and pants.

I recently picked up a pair of  The Catalyst boots at TheAbyss.  These also come in a variety of colors, and for those who are especially keen on light pink thigh highs should come check these out.   Three prim parts compose the boot, well done so they climb quite high on the thigh.  Good highlight sheen on them makes them stand out as well.  The heels and toe portions are pointed and impossibly high.  These boots raised my avatars height by five inches (13 millimeters).  The instructions that are included with purchase state “Avoid extreme bending of the knee for a more aesthetic look.”, to be honest I sampled over 100 poses while photographing this, the stands, sits, and lays showed no problems with any of the prims, but there are many other poses and animations that might cause a bit of show through, fortunately the shoe layer is tinted black, and even has a slight shadow at the top for an added bit of realism.

I wanted to go easy on the accessories letting the whole ensemble be simple and chose LeLutka‘s Alisa necklace, and Zaara‘s Tarika Claw Earrings.   Both items feature a lot of thought in construction.  Zaara’s earrings are superbly textured and built.  They also come in gold, and turquoise.   LeLutka has a new jewelry designer on board, Anykey Munster of Golden Fleece Jewelry.   A good deal if not all of the new jewelry by AnyKey at LeLutka is scripted to color change giving you one amazing piece, with hundreds of options and on some pieces there are over 1000 color combinations at one hell of an affordable price.  SLink‘s Signature Series Tote was the first bag I thought of while dressing.  I love the superior textures used on it, and the silver finishing.  It comes with animation, but I copied and shifted the attachment point to the left so I can wear it with my favorite tote accommodating ao.

My skin is from a skin gift/bloggers pack from Exodi.  This is Lily!  I have been admiring Exodi’s skins as they have evolved from early stages in development to final release via the designers plurks.  She is keen on a wide variety of make ups, many that are combinations that you don’t see enough of inworld.  This particular one is skin tone Cedar, the make up is frosted with dark brows.  I like the finely arched brow, and the brown eye make up with pink lips a personal favorite.  The skin tone was lush, good highlights and shadows, over all its a nice skin, and features several beauty marks on the back.  Definitely pick up some demos for more of a look-see!  My hair is from Fascino, called Licio in Cocoa. Flexi, and long, with good textures.  Fascino is a small hair store with a couple of cute very windblown hairs with and without poses for those interested.  I hope to see lots more styles from them soon.  There is a group gift at the store too. My sunglasses are from PrimOptic, called Globe 2.  They feature a wide range of scripted features from flight assist, to color changeable frames and lenses.

Teleports & Info:

Hair: Fascino – Licio – Cocoa  [Purchased]
Sunglasses: PrimOptic – Globe 2
Eyes: Bazy! – Steel Grey
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Club Collection – Club 10
Manicure: Awesome Designs – Blood Red
Skin: Exodi – Lily – Cedar – Frosted-Dark Brow
Earrings: Zaara – Tarika – Claw Earrings – Silver
Necklace: LeLutka – Alisa Necklace
Tote: SLink – Signature Series Tote – Black
Cardigan: DeLa – Long Knit Cardi – Lily – Black
Boots: TheAbyss – The Catalyst – Black
Poses:  Long Awkward Pose (Teleport)

Plastik Lamb

Plastik Lamb
Plastik Lamb

I recently visited Plastik to pick up their Shredder dress in black, which was in the front of the store for a reduced price, and found this denim dress in brown.   It was difficult to choose a color, as Plastik’s designer, Aikea Rieko, provides items in a wide variety of colors, textures, and even variations in style per item.  This particular dress is available for purchase with this bodice undone as shown, or closed, both separately.  I was in love with how this store has such vivid, rich, saturated tones

League’s Old Antique Brown Belted Leather Jacket was a great addition.  Nena Janus is very good with the level of detail she pays to her clothing, and this jacket is a good example of it.  Her distressed leather texture is rich, and finely detailed.  The jacket is available in long, medium, and short (shown here), with options for slim prim sleeves, and thick ones.  Included are matching gloves.  Prim collar and arm belts are well constructed, and League’s items are mod, so a good fit is assured.

I spent way too much time playing in my boot folder before deciding on Maitreya’s Billow Boots in brown,  the style of them balanced out the outfit.  These boots are a favorite (ok yeah I know, all boots are my favorite, I love boots).   Maitreya is known for their detailed textures, and good design, if you haven’t tried them before, you owe it to yourself to grab some demos.  These boots are available in a variety of colors.

My hair from Lamb named Milk was picked up at the latest $50L Friday promotion is my current obsession.  Available in a variety of colors, this particular one was part of the promotion which included two hairs, Black with red running through it, and this one called Pale, which made me giggle when it rezzed because of the darker roots.  I have grown to like it in the past 24 hours quite a lot, and would love to see this as a permanent texture for the store its giggly awesome…along with my usual requests/pleas to designers to make a “Naturals Pack”, that includes a Black, Brown, Blonde, and Red shade.  You have to admit if someone was gonna made dark roots on platinum hair, Lamb nailed it.   The style itself is very lovely, a small braid across the top, and it’s a long hair style, and Lamb has done it all prim, so its static, but it IS mod so you can adjust it easily.

Accessories I am wearing are Armidi’s Niama Necklace, which is a nice full necklace, tons of prim work here shown in White Gold.  Armidi has excellent jewelry textures, their gold not being yellow or too brassy.    I also used part of another purchase I made at Plastik, from their Infinity Dress, the leg strings.  These are great as they are on the sock layer, and no extra prims to even think about modding.

Tuli has been sidelined by Real Life at the moment, leaving us all in great suspense for her Bella skin.  This I have from the Skin/Shape Expo earlier this month. Awesome skin, 2 push up options on it, read the post here.   I would love to cite what poses I used, but completely forgot!  I suspect, Leafy, Maitreya, Long Awkward Pose, and KS Creations possibly.


Hair: Lamb – Milk – Pale (Before Infection)
Skin: Tuli – Bella – Tanned/br – Natural (PU2)
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Club Collection – Club 10
Necklace: Armidi Gisaci – Niama Necklace – White Gold
Jacket: League – Belted Leather Jacket – Old Antique Brown (Short)
Dress: Plastik – Prototype – Denim – SLIP – Samba
Belt: Truth – Hipster Belt – Bronze
Leg Strap:  Plastik – Infinity Dress – String (from the Dark Aqua)
Boots: Maitreya – Maitreya Billow Boots – Brown

Tuli – Bella

Tuli - Bella
Tuli - Bella

Tuli has outdone herself yet again, this time with the amazing, naturally beautiful–Bella.  Aptly named, this skin is a stunner! The body is so well done you will be amazed!  This skin comes in a variety of shades, all represented well.  Tuli has done extra work making the skins truly vavavavoom in the cleavage area with two push up editions!  Skins also feature light, red, and brown eyebrows on skin.  A lovely fairy dusting of freckles across the nose and a lovely beauty mark by the lip complete the look.

Tuli - Bella
Tuli - Bella

Shown with Adam N Eve’s Leopardess Lingerie in Black/Tan.  This set comes with stockings, panties (shown here), boy short option, bra, and garter.  I went with Sylfie’s Prim Seduction Rogue stilettos in Dark/Leopard.  My hair is Olivia from Tiny Bird, in Brownie.  It’s a fresh short hair style, with lovely waves. Still wearing my Glamurena Studios eyes in Mossy Eye.  I am wearing Celestial Studios Club Collection lashes called Club 6.  They are a big favorite of mine at the moment.

Skin/Shape Expo ‘09 began September 26th, benefiting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  It’s a smaller event then a fair typically is, with a wide variety of stores participating. Click for a teleport to the expo!  Skin/Shape Expo ’09 is going on now through October 10th, 2009.  Stop by and check out Tuli’s Bella, grab demos, and gifts from a variety of Second Life’s skin and shape designers.

Hair: Tiny Bird – Olivia – Brownie
Skin: Tuli – Bella – Tanned – Brown Brows – Natural
Eyes: Glamurena Studio – Mossy Eye
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Club Collection – Club 6
Lingerie: Adam N Eve – Leopardess – Black/Tan
Shoes: Sylfie’s Prim Seduction – Rogue – Dark/Leopard

Red the new black?

Casual Fall
Casual Fall

With the end of summer for most of us, well at least for me, Oubliette‘s seasons have changed, and the weather has cooled.  I put together an everyday casual outfit for it, ok really thats all bs, I just have another pair of new red boots I am dying to wear! ;P  Red is the new black, or at least for the moment for me.

Pixel Mode has lovely footwear, and their Rea boot is yummy as it can get.  Pointed toe, pointed high heel, bring out the sexy in this short scrunchy boot.  Accessorized with leather and beads, that are easily color changeable via script.  Included are two types of boots, the usual, and another that easily hides any leftovers from shoving jeans in your boots, and is great for hiding cankles.

When I first saw Tuli‘s Bandana Dress, I had to have it.  I am wearing it in Red, which with the denim really makes for a nice casual look.  It comes in a number of colors, I found the Blue to be a stunning favorite too.  With fall starting I needed a jacket for outings at Oubliette, so I went with Aoharu‘s Short Jean Jacket.  It comes with short and long sleeve prim options, shown here with long sleeves,  there is a small bit of modding needed for this I found at least for my avatar, just minor adjustments in the back.  The sleeves, and main jacket are sculpted, and the dimensions it creates for your avatar are appropriate.  If you love this jacket you should see one of their recent releases the Vintage jean jacket!  I love the rich blue I bought, and it comes in a variety of washes at the store.  While I considered pairing the jacket with a pair of jeans equally blue, I decided to make it even more casual by wearing Celestial Studios jeans. Celestial Studios pant prim parts are a favorite of mine, they come with 3 styles, all sculpted that are very well done, and look amazing with a boot worn underneath.  This time I wore the jeans only. I finished off with this lovely bag from Shiny Things, called Favorite Leather Bag, shown here in Reddish. I bought them all, they are nicely done, well textured, and fit nicely. I also went with Aoharu’s twin belt, in brown.  The fatpack alone for this doubled belt is worth it style wise. Easy to mod, nicely done.

Zero Style made this lovely long hair style called Camille shown here in Ginger Brown.  The flow is gentle, it provides nice even coverage all over your shoulders front and back.  I’m even able to wear modest lashes with no glitch effect with the bangs, Celestial Studios Club Collection lashes.  I went with a nice fresh face from League, Misty in Suntan, Apricot Glow makeup, and made my eyes stand out a bit with Glamurena Studio’s Mossy Eye.

This whole look is really a balance of layers, and attachment points to effect the look.   The jacket is worn on the jacket layer with the prim parts on the chest.  The bag is worn on the spine, while the skirt prim is worn on the pelvis, with the belt on the stomach.  I am wearing the jeans on the underwear layer, with the dress pant on the pant layer.  This is a good example for designers why layers and attachment point variety is so beneficial.  You make the clothing more wearable.  For the wearer using as many layers to your advantage can create a great look, don’t be afraid to make a copy of the item if its prim, and adjust to another attachment point.  You will learn a lot along the way, and be even more stylish.

Poses by aDORKable   store tp here.

Lashes: Celestial Studios – Club Collection – Club 6
Skin: League – Misty – Suntan – Apricot Glow
Hair: Zero Style – Camille – Ginger Brown
Eyes: Glamurena Studio – Mossy Eye
Bag: Shiny Things – Favorite Leather Bag – Reddish
Jacket: Aoharu – Short Jean Jacket – Blue (long sleeves)
Dress: Tuli – Bandana Dress – Red
Belt: Aoharu – Twin Skinny Belt – Brown
Jeans: Celestial Studios – Destroyed Wash
Boots: Pixel Mode – Rea – Red

I Heart Red

Bax Boots & NyteNDay
Bax Boots & Nyte'N'Day

Sasy and I have been out shopping.  I haven’t been out much lately, and she willingly dragged me everywhere.  I was able to pick up these fabulously over-sized sunglasses called funny enough, Oversized Shades, from Epoque, formerly known as VintageWear.  Yes, if you didn’t know they have rebranded, and also have hair at their VintageWear Outlet on discount!  These glasses were a great deal with scripted options for the lenses in Black, Clear, Resin, Sunset, Gold, Purple, Pink, Rose, and the frames options are Onyx, Silver, Opal, Ebony, Bronze, Copper, Gold, and Ivory.

I love sweater dresses and picked up this newish one from Nyte’N’Day in Red.  They come in a range of vibrant colors, and are well designed with good seams, and prim work.  The sweater texture is perfect, and I love the effect of it will the off the shoulder neckline.  Sexy, stylish, and comfortable looking, what more could you want?

I fully admit I bought the dress simply to go with my Prestige Boots from Bax Coen.  Boots this hot, you know you deserve a new outfit to go with, am I right?  The Prestige Boots are full of all the bells and whistles Bax Coen thoughtfully designs into footwear.  These are no exception.  Mine are the Red pair, which gives you script color options of 4 shades of red to suit, as Fire, Maroon, Burgundy and Grape.   I am wearing them in maroon, with another great option we love Bax for, scripted top options.  In the past they have scripted lace and other trims into their boots, with the Prestige you have Over the Knee, Denim Cuffs available in light and dark denim, Straight, and Rolled Down.  They also feature low lag scripted auto size, with get this REMOTE sizing, so if you get all flustered while resizing contact them, and they can size them via remote while you wear them.  I know!  Lastly they have a variety of changes you can make to the trim parts, like zippers, heel, etc. You can check them out more here.  They are also available in store in White, and Black.  I love how vibrant they are with my Zaara Classic Jean, in Indigo, and how well the cuff works with them.

I chose Essentia’s Byzantine Necklace in silver to work with this neckline, I think they do a nice job together, neither hogging the spot light, standing out on their own nicely.  This is an amazing constructed piece, you really should see the detail, plus bonus is Unisex!  Would be great for gifts His n Hers style.  I had to delve into the pack of City Purses from ETD for this look, I love the red croc, the texturing is perfect.  If you have never tried an ETD purse you owe it to yourself to indulge a little, they are packed with an ao. Bonus I jacked the animations out and added them to my ao, and made up a notecard for them for use with other purses as well.

My hair is A Little Lift in Coffee from Clawtooth by Clawtooth.  I love this with the flippy ends, the lift at the top, and well done side-sweep bangs.  I am wearing some of my latest favorite skins from League, the Misty in Suntan, and silver eyes from Scarlia.  My lashes are from Celestial Studios, the Club Collection, and are Club 6.

Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth – A Little Lift – Coffee
Skin: League – Misty – Suntan – Silver
Sunglasses: (epoque) VintageWear – Oversized Shades – Metal
Eyes: Scarlia – Monochrome Eyes – Silver 3
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Club Collection – Club 6
Necklace: Essentia – Byzantine Necklace – Silver
Sweater Dress: Nyte’N’Day – Mini Red
Bag: ETD – City Handbag – Red Croc
Jeans: Zaara – Classic – Indigo
Boots: Bax – Prestige Boots – Red Leather (Maroon with Cuffed Denim Top Option)
Poses by Flowey Click to Teleport

Teal & Plum Mix

Teal & Plum Mix
Teal & Plum Mix

After being on a semi black and white binge recently I had to have some color, LeeZu’s La pequena chaqueta jacket was just what I needed.  It’s a fun jacket full of rich intense color, and texture, with great shaped prim parts to add further dimension.  This deep intense teal went well with Adam n Eve’s Skai boots in Calypso.  Not to overpower the outfit I went with Maitreya’s Jules denim skirt which has this lovely sculpted skirt prim, and belt.  It holds it own in the outfit while still letting the jacket set the tone.

For a touch of added color I pulled out the plum tones in the jacket with  Maitreya’s Slouch Socks, and added more with ETD’s Casual Purse in Eggplant and Orchid.  The purse comes with its own ao, and I am glad I picked up the fat-packs of purses from ETD.  Celestial Studio’s Whitney style hair added more color in the color-changeable headband, while pulling the hair back to show off the collar of the Jacket.  VG Republic’s (yes, still closed, but we are patient) Double Hoop earrings colorchangable in plum were a close enough match, the color was close to the shades of purples already in the jacket.  Redgrave’s Leticia skin in lilac worked lovely too.

I wore my Boot Fixer hud for this post, I have been wearing it more and more and even with short ankle boots and shoes.  Its this neat little hud, very simple to use, wear and turn on.  It corrects any deviation in animations, and poses that distort the line of the foot/ankle area so no matter what shoes or boots you are wearing they always line up perfectly.  Even with regular shoes you wouldn’t think this would be such a problem, but I have noticed it helps too, so now I am wearing it all the time.  It’s $50 on xstreet, and available here.   Sasy turned me onto this gadget, she blogged it here.

Items & Teleports:

Hair: Celestial Studios –  Whitney Hair – Penny [Purchased]
Skin: Redgrave – Leticia – 04 tan lilac [Purchased]
Jacket: LeeZu! –  La pequena chaqueta /yellow [Purchased]
Earrings: VG Republic – Double Hoop Earring [Purchased]
Handbag: ETD – Casual Purse (Eggplant & Orchid) [Purchased]
Skirt: Maitreya –  ‘Jules’ jeansSkirt – Dark [Purchased]
Socks: Maitreya – Slouch Socks Softs1 [Purchased]
Boots: Adam n Eve Boots – Skai – Calypso [Review Item]

Poses: Imperial Elegance Teleport here.  Xstreet here.

Glamurena Witch

I can’t quite recall how I came about finding Glamurena Studios,  I know i had been in search looking for something and randomly tp’d.  So glad I did, as this was quite a find.   I immediately snagged some eyes (not shown here today), skin demos (also not blogging today, but go grab some demos), but I did snag their luscious silk blouse in creme, and loved it so much I went back for hair, another shirt, and my favorite witch outfit!   But first check out my new toy, thanks to Kari and Torridwear.  A group gift, this perfect witches broom was delivered just as I had discovered my old one wasn’t working.  Filled with great Torrid anims featuring several flying poses, sits, etc.  Someone asked me which group it had been in and after sorting through my emails I can confirm its in the Kari update group, and the Torridwear update group, all tucked inside a cute pumpkin too!

Trick or Treat...Shhhh!  I bewitched your poseballs.
Trick or Treat...Shhhh! I bewitched your poseballs.
Glaurena Halloween Pumpkin Set
Glaurena Halloween Pumpkin Set

Glamurena Studios‘s Halloween Pumpkin set was exactly what I was looking for in a witch costume.  Funky Orange and Black striped stockings and gloves with garters,  peasant style bodice with prim princess sleeves, tight well textured corset, and a feathery, fringy black skirt that shows the perfect amount of leg. Included a undershirt of cobwebs, and a Witch Hat with sculpty pumpkins, that paired with my latest shoe acquisition the Bax Boot from Bax Coen in Black Patent Leather fully scripted with walks, color change heels, tips, eyelets, and even add on lace in a variety of colors I was set to go.  Glamurena Halloween Pumpkin set also comes in a lovely purple shade as well.  Shown with  ETD‘s new release Vasha in chestnut;  Celestial Studios Deviant Nation – Vogue Skin – Cashmere (Vamp – Enchant); and Scarlia Inc’s Flame Eyes Version 2.

Glaurena Silk Bouses & Jeans
Glaurena Silk Bouses & Jeans

The silk blouses come with prim collar and sleeves, and are lush in details and color, on the jacket layer,  I paired mine shown in Chocolate and Cream with their JeansOpera Light Blue Jeans which are well done, and prim pant legs I really like.  Shown with ETD‘s Davina II in Copper; BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent; Celestial Studio‘s Vogue Skin – Cashmere (Noir – Glitter) Freckled.

I really love this store, and I have only one complaint..well two..1. Need more clothes  2. Multiple Layer options.  The designer Kauri Darkstone is turning out a superb design, she’s got skills, talent, and an eye for detail and does amazing seam work, they are perfect!.  But the layer options are only on the jacket layer for the silk blouse and the corsets.  I am begging everyone who likes this store to please send a nice note asking for her to consider doing items on the Jacket, Shirt, and Undershirt Layer, so we can wear them more. I had also been thinking I could wear the corset and skirt from the witch dress with other items, the corset yes, but the skirt I will have to make glitch pants for as the bottoms for the skirt are on the same layer as the stockings.  I was also looking to get a corset thinking I could wear it on the shirt layer, with a open jacket over it, but alas not these.  The corset are very well done, and I want one of each.

Glamurena Hat/Hair with Strayers Halloween Sweetshirt
Glamurena Hat/Hair with Strayer's Halloween Sweetshirt

Glamurena Studios currently has two hair styles out, both with attached hats. Shown here is the BonBon Hair Brown Tones(V0.2) pack which contains 2 shades.  The hat itself is scripted with various winter/fall colors, even stripes!  The texture and detail is again superb.   I paired with the Glamurena jeans, and Strayer‘s group gift the Halloween Sweetshirt.

I have two sets of eyes I want to share from Scarlia Inc, I have many more and will be blogging/reviewing them in small allotments due to SL/RL fun glitches.  I used the Flame eyes for my witch outfit they are perfect for Halloween fun.  I noticed that about the eyes from this store they are fun mixes of color and shadow, you will be surprised!  Definitely worth a stop to check them all out.  Shown here are Flame, and Wintergreen notice the 4 graduations in shade, and how stunning each are.  Nice flecks, and overall good sized, and realistic looking..outside color that is..LOL..If only RL could give us these eyes!

Scarlia Inc, Flame 1-4
Scarlia Inc, Flame 1-4
Scarlia Inc in Wintergreen 1-4
Scarlia Inc in Wintergreen 1-4


Celestial StudiosGlamurena StudioETDStrayerBaxScarlia IncKari; TorridWear;