Another Fundraiser II

Three years ago, Eloh Eliot of Another Shop caused a grid wise stir when she released full perm skins.  Her reasoning was simple…to see what would happen.  Lots happened!  Out of her generosity, many people had access to layered psd’s.  Psd is a file extension name for Photoshop, meaning there is more than one item inside the file, on a layer.  These layers were lashes, eye-makeup, lips, shading, highlighting, all the elements that come together to create a skin.  For many people this was the first time they were able to see the process.  It was an informative tool, as well as resource.

Seizing this opportunity, and hoping to cement the foundations for proper use of this gift, Another Fundraiser was born.  Second Life residents were encouraged to create modded/modified skins.  The response was overwhelming.  In just a few short day, there were tons of skins already set out awaiting the opening. Residents were consuming tutorials as fast as they could to participate.  Everyone contributed to their skill level at the time, and everyone learned something.  Over the years, people who attempted to make some new makeups for this event, have gone on to show their skills with more makeup, more heavily modded skins, and eventually a fully developed skin with no traces of the old Eloh they started out with. A fresh new skin, fully their own.  Eloh Eliot’s risk, paid off in many people ‘leveling up’.

It was  three years ago to the day, of the posting of the charity receipts for Another Fundraiser, that Mina Jun of MinaJunk offered her full perm skins to the grid for modification, to benefit Red Cross.   The grid has changed a lot in 3 years.  We now have tatoo layers, allowing avatars to swap out tattoos, and makeups.  Another Fundraiser II is back to help victims of the March 11th 2011 Earthquake, and Tsunami by asking residents to try their hand again at modding skins.

Please read for information about Another Fundraiser II.

A collection of various tutorials that might answer some questions about working in Photoshop/gimp with layered files.  You can do this, it’s easy, just play around, emulate some tutorials, and see what happens….trust me anything you do will be better than my old Another Fundraiser skin mods. ;P   Using Mina Jun’s skins, Eloh Eliot’s layers, and Sezmra Svarog’s template, I am sure you can put together something someone will like.  Give it a try!

Eloh Eliot’s Another Blog
Eloh Eliot’s Skin Files (Worth looking through the layers to see the work involved.)
Tutorials by Eloh Eliot
Vint Falken’s Tutorials
Facial Hair Tutorial
Link to various Second Life Skin Tutorials (youtube)

There is a lot of information out there for you, hunt for it.  I suggest using your search browser to find skin resources.  Please double-check copy rights, licensing, and distribution information before using.  Just cause it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s free.

A Busy Week

Riddle Secret Linden

The grid has been a nightmare for me recently, textures take forever to rez, worn prims disappear, then when everything is just right and I try to take a photo, the prims go grey again.  Way too frustrating!

I finally was able to get some blogging done, this outfit comprises some new releases, some event clothing, and a charity item.  March 5 to March 26, Juicybomb is hosting Pure Juice, which features a number of designers.  I’m wearing from that event, The Secret Store’s Juicy Top, in Hot Pink.  It’s also available in Carmine, and French Pink.  Featuring a prim top, with cute black bow empire waist.  Also featured at Pure Juice is Riddle, who made these awesome leather pants, shown here in black, they are also available in brown. I love the texture of them, and they feature prim pant legs.  This is just a tiny sampling of what’s there, click here for a teleport to PureJuice.

My hair and necklace are recent releases from Maitreya, and Mood.  Lotte is a relaxed pony tail with color change ponytail band.  Mood’s Chrysalis necklace and earrings, come with a hud that lets you change the metal from the shade shown here to darker tones. Je Suis has had a sale going on, you might still be able to stop by and binge on jewelry.  I picked out my Magnifique bracelet, I bought the fatpack, which has a set of bangles, and each bangle, or all, can be color changed via hud.  Two stacks are included, preset to be worn on either wrist.

My bear is the Relief L$1000 – Teddy Bear, all proceeds from the sale of this bear go to the ‘Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts of the American Red Cross’.  Click here to view the 2 styles of bear, one sitting, one wearable, available in various prices. For other ways to give inworld, check out the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser which starts March 16th, and Radar magazines Japan Relief Fund Event.

Hair: Maitreya – Lotte – Caramel
Lashes: Glow Studios – Like Natural
Eyes:  Amacci – Real Eyes – Summer
Skin: League – Amber – Br Suntan – PinkChampagne – Cleavage
Jewelry:  Mood – Chrysalis
Manicure: Mandala – Takara Nail – Metal White
Top:  The Secret Store – Juicy Top – Hot Pink  [PureJuice]
Bear:  Relief L$1000 – Teddy Bear
Bracelet: Je Suis – Magnifique – Bangles -All Colors
Pants:  Riddle – Leather Pants – Black  [PureJuice]
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Allure – Black
Poses: Long Awkward Pose
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Call for Couture – Sneak Peek – Vanitas Vesture


Call for Couture - Vanitas Vesture
Call for Couture - Vanitas Vesture


Second Life –  Call for Couture starts October 10th!  Designers were asked to create a couture item for auction (50% of this auction final price will go to the charity), and a pret-a-porter (ready to wear) variation (not limited edition).   The designs are captivating!  The first design that caught my eye was created by SarahTheRed Aurbierre of Vanitas Vesture.  She’s a talented designer, who was also recently seen at the Wear Grey event.  Her couture item is definitely a hot ticket.  Her designs were inspired by tale of The Walrus and the Carpenter, which next to the Jabberwocky is my most favorite of Carroll’s writings.   Her couture gown is stunning!  A longer gown then her ready to wear version, its skirt is comprised of oysters.


Call For Couture - Vanitas Vesture
Call For Couture - Vanitas Vesture


The ready to wear is a knee length dress, with sexy cowl neckline, and backless.  Available in many colors, it was quite hard to choose which I wanted, and I may go back for the rest.  I loved each and every variation.  Shown here I have the Camel which I thought was amazingly chic, all in beige, that graduated to taupe at the skirt.  Featuring an oyster hat perched on my Camelia hair from Dernier Cri, accessorized with jewelry from Zaara, and this lovely skin from eStyle Exquisite, that I can’t wait to get a chance to do a skin blog post on.  My cute G Field Square-toe Shoes complete the look.

Hair: Dernier Cri – Camelia
Lashes:  Amacci – Eyelashes “Belle” – Black
Skin:  eStyle Exquisite – Paris X3 – tan 6
Necklace: Zaara – Parnini Necklace
Dress:  Vanitas Vesture – Wonderland – Epigram Dress – Camel
Manicure: Mandala – Takara Nail/Brown
Bangles: Zaara – Pallav clear bracelets
Shoes:  G Field – Square-toe Shoes – Sophie – Brown
Poses: Long Awkward Pose


Call For Couture - Vanitas Vesture
Call For Couture - Vanitas Vesture


The Classic was fun little dress for a warm autumn day.  Starting with the cowl neck in squash that graduates to beige, then to a deep crimson at the skirt.   I played around with it and mixed  the cowl neck top with an apple green high waist skirt from Ingenue shown on the right. Complete with a makeup change but also from eStyle Exquisite, Nantucket Spectators shoes from Surf Couture in a complementary Pumpkin, as is the jewelry from I completed the look with this cute hair from Frou-Frou, a nice formal updo that includes 3 styles of hair attachments all themed for fall.  They are a shiny metallic, one created from various hair textures in a variety of shades, and natural textures forming pumpkin, acorn and leaves, in a crown.

Hair: Frou-Frou – Gigi/Brick
Crown: Frou-Frou – Gigi Fall Crown – Nature
Lashes:  Amacci – Eyelashes “Belle” – Black
Skin:  eStyle Exquisite – Paris X3 – tan 4
Earrings: – Loop Earring – Jade
Manicure: Mandala – Takara Nail/Brown
Bangle: – Loop Bangles – Pumpkin
Shoes:  Surf Couture – Nantucket Spectators – Orange
Poses: Long Awkward Pose
(Look 1-Left)
Dress:  Vanitas Vesture – Wonderland –  Epigram Dress – Classic
(Look 2-Right)
Top:  Vanitas Vesture – Wonderland –  Epigram Dress (top only) – Classic
Skirt:  Ingenue – Vintage Basics – Secretary  – Apple

Call for Couture starts October 10th, with limited edition couture outfit auctions, all benefiting The Samaritans “a confidential emotional support service for anyone in the UK and Ireland. The service is available 24 hours a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide.”  CHIC Management has put it together, they are known for the Black and Blue Fair, the Summer of Love Fair, and the Platinum Hunt.   Call for Couture will run from October 10th to October 31st, with a variety of events, etc. So keep checking their blog for more info.   Teleport to Call For Couture.

List of participants:

Continue reading “Call for Couture – Sneak Peek – Vanitas Vesture”

Bandana Day @ Hair Fair 2010

Bandana Day @ Hair Fair 2010
Bandana Day @ Hair Fair 2010

Arrr, tis’ Bandana Day at Hair Fair 2010.  Aye, The tradition is t’ remo’e your hair, and wear a bandana for the rest o’ the day.  These bandanas be a’ailable at the fair, with 100% o’ proceeds goin’ t’ Wigs for Kids. E’ery year residents and content creators make some o’ the most memorable designs. Aye, me parrot concurs. Many people collect these as sou’enirs. Gar. Arrr, the styles range from a traditional look t’ mighty whimsy. They all run $50 each, and be a’ailable at bandana booths on each sim.  Ahoy, check out a few o’ the styles a’ailable.

W. Winx @ Hair Fair 2010 Bandana Day
Hair Fair 2010 Bandana Day

Here be me own fine bandana, representin’ me store.  A collecter’s item it right be, and a hearty photo prop to be saved to.

Hair Fair 2010 Bandana Day
Hair Fair 2010 Bandana Day

Gar, Where can I find a bottle o’rum?

Teleport , click here.

Mina Paper Couture

Mina @ Hair Fair 2010
Mina @ Hair Fair 2010

Mina is a store that’s new to me this year, and it’s been fun to get to know them through their offerings this year.   My favorite at the fair is Stacey, which is a very relaxed updo, with attachable ponytail.  It comes with 2 variations of the updo portion, with, and without daisies.  The ponytail itself is also adorned with daisies.  Bonus it’s a charity hair, as well as the Thulani.  Thulani is a versatile unisex hair, as well as the Debbie, which is shown here in Cranberry.   Carice is a soft, mid-length hair, with a bit of a wave to it, very subtle, very nice. Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.  For maps of all stores locations on each sim click here.  Check out the inworld demo group to pick up demos!  Know before you go!  This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandana donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids.  To get some tips on managing your settings for attendance at Second Life events like Hair Fair click here.

Paper Couture & Mina
Paper Couture & Mina

A while back someone posted a plurk highlight photos of a country wedding they had found on flickr.  We wondered over the splendid photography, and I was determined I would try to emulate some of the principles at play in them.  When I saw Paper Couture’s Crossroads dress, I was sure this was just the dress to attempt for this, partnered with this Stacey hair.  However I envisioned something a little more than what I settled for, as I really just don’t have the time to play around doing a full attempt at shadows in Kirsten.  So here it is, minus the shadows, extra props, lighting, etc, all that can happen another day.   The crossroads dress is a lovely mermaid style dress, with details over the bodice, very simple, very elegant.  It also comes with a grey shrug not shown here.  I have played it simple with the jewelry throwing on a turquoise and silver necklace from Zaara, and a pair of western boots (not viewable) from Adam n Eve, complete with Surf Couture, sheaf of wheat for my mouth.

Hair:  Mina Hair Fashion – Stacey – Dark Chocolate (With flowers) & Pony
Skin:  Chaisuki – Vienna – 08 Peach
Lashes:  Celestial Studio – Lashes – Club 3
Mouth Attachment:  Sand Shack Surf Couture – Chewing Wheat
Necklace:  Zaara – Vanisri – Wrapped Necklace – Turquoise-Silver
Bangles:  Zaara – Kaya – Turquoise Bracelet – Silver
Dress:  Paper Couture – Crossroads
Boots:   Adam n Eve – Rodeo – Brown
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

I would especially like to thank Anais Fugue for her hospitality.


I love Bubbles.

Clawtooth @ Hair Fair 2010
Clawtooth @ Hair Fair 2010

Bubbles Clawtooth, of the Tableau Clawtooths aka Clawtooth by Clawtooth, has made yummy hairs this year, many of them with a vintage origin.  The French Connection is tres chic, and very nautical at the same time oh la ahoy, viva la resistance!  The beret is texture change which gives you tons of options, and really hugs your head well accenting your bangs/fringe.  Other designs from Clawtooth this year are RockinRolls, a fun victory roll hair, follow up another victory roll hair he did awhile back.  I love it. My Shilova is a chic short hair that I think can go from casual to evening wear. It’s very 1930’s, yet very contemporary.  You’re A Star, is exactly old Hollywood glamour, it begs for a satin gown, and a tiered fur stole with tails.  Turnip Sorbet is Clawtooth’s charity hair, its very waif like, adorable, and versatile.  Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.  For maps of all stores locations on each sim click here.  Check out the inworld demo group to pick up demos!  Know before you go!  This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandana donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids.  To get some tips on managing your settings for attendance at Second Life events like Hair Fair click here.

Mystic Bubbles French Connection
Mystic Bubbles French Connection

I loved the possibilities insinuated by this hair so I paired it with a navy peacoat from en Svale, and headed over to Mystic to take shadow photos.  They were quite fail for me, but luckily Sasy is better then me at it, and took these for me.   I’m also wearing a blue strip turtleneck from Coco, I love the effect of the sculpted bottom portion, specially with this shorter peacoat.  I have absolutely no idea whose shorts I am wearing, and my apologies to the creator.  I am usually able to recall such things easily, and didnt make notes at the time this photo was taken, 1 free item from my store to the first person who accurately names it, and it appears in my inventory.  I am afraid it’s the same with the makeup version of this Chaisuki skin, you will have to try on demos to find it,  it’s most likely in the Vienna line, peach tone, as I have been wearing those alot lately.

Hair:  Clawtooth
Skin:  Chaisuki
Coat:  en Svale – Pea Coat -Female – Navy
Handbag: Armidi Gisaci – Gordie Print Bag – French Feather
Shirt: Coco – Striped Turtleneck Top – Blue
Shorts:  Unknown (first person to correctly identify them.  I will give you 1 item from my store free)
Boots: Sand Shack Surf Couture – Elsa Boots – White
Poses: Long Awkward Pose &/Or Diesel Works
Location:  Mystic

Cocktail Hour

Miel @ Hair Fair 2010
Miel @ Hair Fair 2010

It’s cocktail hour for Miel at Hair Fair 2010, with their line up of Cosmo, Martini, and their charity donation hair Mojito.    Cosmo and Martini are classics, and softly styled,  suitable for a variety of looks.   The showstopper is Mojito an amazing prim curly do thats chic, and could still easily be worn on child avatars ala Shirley Temple -ish.    Miel has gone from fashion to including hair at their store this year.  It’s always worth a look when they do a release to see what they have come up with, anything from their recent release of cowboy boots, to sculpted tops.  I am over the moon about some of the curly hairs at the fair this year, and this one of them. Miel’s hairs are available in 5 shades of each color group, Brown, Black, Blonde, Red.  I am wearing the 1 in each shade (cept Black).

Miel @ Hair Fair 2010
Miel @ Hair Fair 2010

I wanted to show of this hair and went for a slim pencil skirt from Ingenue.  Many people disregard systems skirts as relics in sl, I have to tell you thats simply not true.  Pencil skirts in general show off your rear in general, that’s the gimmick, while creating a slim look.  A system skirt will put some junk in your trunk due to the fact it can’t hug your butt cheeks, point blank.  The trick is left to designers at creation to keep the highlighting of the skirt to a minimum.  There should only be enough shading to make some natural wrinkles in the fabric and nothing more, specially near the rear or thighs. With the lower back half of the skirt becoming darker under the buttocks if any shading at all.  Ingenue, a vintage fashion house in Second Life knows the trick and has these lovely Secretary pencil skirts.  They come in a number of muted tones, with jacket layer upper high waist, and a prim option of peplum skirt toppers. I fell in love with them, and bought them all.  I topped off the skirt with this Bourgewhat? top from Veschi, it’s two toned, similarly hued to my skirt, and has prim collar and cuffs that just don’t stop.  I threw on my dream.booties from in Red, with my Ahi jewelry set from Miel.  I love the makeup on my Bruna skins from Glance, this one is Colour, and I find it really suits this style.

Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.   This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandanas donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids.  To get some tips on managing your settings for attendance at Second Life events like Hair Fair click here.

Hair: Miel – Mojito – Red 1
Skin:  Glance – Bruna – Colour
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Lashes – Classic 8
Jewelry Set:  Miel – Ahi Set
Shirt: Veschi – Bourgewhat? 2-tones Blue/brown
Manicure: Mandala – Takara Nail/Brown
Skirt:  Ingenue – Vintage Basics – Secretary – Chocolate – Dream.Booties – Red
Poses: [doll.]

The cutest damn hair evah

Scribble @ Hair Fair 2010
Scribble @ Hair Fair 2010

So what I love about Hair Fair, is its so very much an exposition.  Consider the Worlds Fair, or your State/County Fair, the best get to go, and each show off their latest talents, and innovations in products.  We’ve seen some amazing concept hair aka avant garde, we have seen some amazing designs that we haven’t seen inworld yet.  Some cover the needs of high fashion, or alternative sub sects of style, or even the most basic of needs…like Scribble’s Cleaning Day.    You might already be familiar with their braided crown hair, but Scribble is new to me hair wise as I am always ways paying attention to the clothes in their store when I go.  Designer, Radio Signals has created 5 styles showcased at Hair Fair 2010.   The hairstyle Scribble chose for Wigs For Kids, is called Saturday Morning, this cute short pigtail styles.  Everyday casual, and one that would be adorable on a child.  Also released are two sideswept styles, an updo, and my favorite Cleaning DayCleaning Day features this adorable kerchief, the pattern of the fabric is this lovely dark red with paisleys.  It’s just what I always wanted.

Scribble @ Hair Fair 2010
Scribble @ Hair Fair 2010

I couldn’t wait to wear it with my Sianita dress from Reale,  I have it in this pretty denim/yellow print, but am wearing the dark denim/pink version for this post.  Reale has a knack with the dresses they make, always a favorite in my wardrobe.  I last wore their tulip dress to an Oscar party.   This dress is a fun, casual denim babydoll, with hints of retro/vintage with it’s prints, and rick rack.  I kept it casual yet nice with my Nantucket Spectators from Surf Couture in Red, and a Hobo Bag from Celestial Studios.   My skin choice was Laqroki’s Alice, a nice dewy skin.  I pulled out some cute jewelry from Luc, to keep the casual look going.  My poses are from Olive Juice, and so cute.

Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.   This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandanas donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids.  To get some tips on managing your settings for attendance at Second Life events like Hair Fair click here.

Items & Teleports
Hair: Scribble – Cleaning Day – Brown/Adrift
Skin: Laqroki – Alice – 01 (Peach) Glow Skin
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Lashes – Classic 8
Jewelry:  Luc – Vintage Print Set – LoveLetter
Handbag: Celestial Studios – Hobo Bag – Berry Cute
Dress: Reale – Sianita – Dark Denim/Pink
Shoes:  Surf Couture – Nantucket Spectators – Red
Poses: Olive Juice

Labor Day Glitz

Shag @ Hair Fair 2010

I was thrilled to see Shag at Hair Fair 2010.   Guys will love it as they made guy hair, which you can see blogged by Gasolinealex Serevi on YouStyleSL.   I’m doing three hair styles for girls, one being this great hat hair called These Things.  It features color-change hat, and band, and this cute low ponytail down the back.  Shag also made this thick braided pony called Let Me Kiss You with whisps escaping the braids.  It’s very casual, and very cute.  I love the hair they have set for charity called Breathe.  It’s a full big hair, a bit tousled.  It’s easily my favorite of their Hair Fair 2010 release, and I am in love with their chestnut shade now enough to wonder what color have I been wearing all this time from them.  Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.   This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandanas donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids.

Shag @ Hair Fair 2010

I chose Breathe with this dress I picked up from Gizza Creations.   This empire dress is full of color and movement, a bright happy dress to spend Labor Day in.  I’ve piled on the jewelry for a little tropical end of summer glitz, all of it from YS&YS, added more color with my makeup/skin from Chaisuki and grounded it with these summery Maitreya Gold  IXKin’s in cocoa.

Hair:  Shag – Breathe Me – Chestnut
Skin:  Chaisuki – Vienna – 02 Caramel
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Lashes – Classic 8
Earrings/Necklace: YS&YS – Africa Set – Gold
Manicure:  Page 3
Bangles: YS&YS –  Naala Bangles Set 2
Dress:  Gizza Creations – Summer Angel
Shoes:  Maitreya Gold –  IXkin – Cocoa
Poses: Diesel Works

No funnel cakes at the fair…

Attention there are no funnel cakes at Hair Fair. @ Hair Fair 2010 @ Hair Fair 2010’s offerings at Hair Fair 2010 are 3 soft styles, Fiona, Sasha, and their charity hair Lexi.  All three styles shown with Lexi the one on the far right being the one that donates a portion of the price to Wigs for Kids.  It’s a cute updo, with soft tendrils framing the face.  Fiona is a nice soft side sweep of hair.  Shown in Jaded Blond, they will be available ONLY at Hair Fair 2010 until September 19th, after that it will be available in’s store.  Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.   This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandanas donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids. @ Hair Fair 2010 @ Hair Fair 2010

While I was initially was going to just feature the hairstyles themselves, once I had put on Sasha, I knew exactly I had to blog this dress I had tucked away, it had been waiting for this hair.  I went for a soft look overall, sticking to Jaded Blond as a hair shade.  The Sasha has this lovely scarf/ribbon, which is color-changeable,  I went with chocolate and chose to use that tone to accessorize with.  It took 24 hours of seriously thinking about who and where this dress was.  I knew I wanted this dress but couldn’t recall who made it, and if I even owned it.  I began a long hunt trolling all the stores featuring sculpted clothing (really known for it), and saw this at Aoharu and remembered I bought them in packs during their big sale months ago.  When I first bought it I tucked it away until I found accessories for it, and finally now I have them.  I love the look of Sasha with it,  teamed up with a dream catcher bag also from, and these awesome mary jane jumps from G. Field.  Thanks to Winter Jefferson, for remembering where I could find them.  I love the big thick strap on them, with the color changeable trim and buckle.  So retro, so now, and so chic.  I went with one simple set of bracelets from Zaara, in lieu of heavy amounts of jewelry I love to wear.  I would have loved to see this look with perhaps a ribbon choker, a broach, and charm bracelet.

Hair: – Sasha – Jaded Blond (Chocolate Bow) [ at Hair Fair]
Skin:  Chaisuki – Vienna – 18 Peach
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Lashes – Classic 8
Manicure: Tete a Pied (now 5th & Oxford) – TaP – Toffee Nails (glove layer)
Dress: Aoharu – Bt Tiered Doll Dress – Ivory
Bangles: Zaara – Pallev – Clear
Handbag: – Dream.Catcher Bag (Chocolate)
Shoes:  G Field – Square-toe Shoes – Sophie – Brown
Poses:  Glitterati

Home, Garden, Patio Expo 2010 – RFL EVENT

Home, Garden, Patio Expo 2010 begins today April 10th, and runs through April 18th.  With eight regions of Second Life’s home and garden designers!  It’s hard not to find someone you have loved for years, and someone you haven’t seen yet here.   It’s definitely a hot ticket to browse through the displays and find some incredible items.  All brought to us by the All-Stars RFL Team!  Check out the list of stores, and be sure to see each one’s charity item!!

Home Expo 2010 Store List

Grab some friends and teleport to Home Expo 1 to start, or open your map inworld, and type Home Expo, pick a sim, and get started!  Not just awesomely made items in the RFL vendors at each store there, but auctions, raffles, and even a scavenger hunt!  All events are located at the specially assigned event areas (imagine that!) located to the south of Home Expo Sims 1 through 4, and to the north of Home Expo sims 5-8, as I have highlighted in the graphic below.

Home, Garden, Patio Expo 2010, Event Locations

Sneak peek at some of the sights….

Trident @ Home, Garden, Patio Expo 2010
Little Boxes @ Home, Garden, Patio Expo 2010
Petals On The Wind @ Home, Garden, Patio Expo 2010

Winx-Timeless Waterfall Grotto

Timeless Waterfall Grotto
Timeless Waterfall Grotto

Winx-Timeless Waterfall Grotto– features statuesque marble columned waterfall cascading to a reflecting pool taken over by lush white roses. Features 4 animations from Pillow Talk, and Ex-Pose. Ex-Pose has custom made this Daydream animation specially for Winx Home & Garden. Poseballs are /1 show hide.

Striking addition to your garden, forest, region creating instant atmosphere with a sense of time and place. Romantic, dreamy, picturesque. Stunning when viewed in evening light.

98 prims Copy/Mod/No Transfer Easy Rez-Faux installation, see enclosed instructions for installation. Stunning when viewed in evening light.

******A portion of the purchase price will go to the Australian Red Cross to help the Victoria Bushfires Victims******

Come see this latest edition to Oubliette and help raise fund for a worthy and very heartfelt  cause.

Located here: Winx Home & Garden


Please refer to Moggs Oceanlane’s blog post on how you can help, either by making a donation to a kiosk, paying an avatar, or purchasing an item benefiting this cause.

Random Calliope Limited Edition Sets Auction


***Announcing the auction of four Random Calliope
Limited Edition sets and one unreleased set. ***

The proceeds of this auction will assist two families who are facing unemployment during this Christmas season. Dig deep, bid generously, and take home a piece of Second Life history for your Christmas present. Bidding will be open through 1:00 PM SLT on Saturday, December 20 SLT at Random’s WorthWhile Gallery in Ode.

The pieces that are available for auction span the length of Random Calliope’s time in Second Life and show both his progression as an artist and his journey through Second Life. To read in depth about the pieces, please look at Pretty in Prims: A Retrospective of the Artful Visions of Random Calliope.

Spiral Dance Limited Edition Set
Spiral Dance Limited Edition Set

Spiral Dance was inspired by Mae Best and released as a Limited Edition piece in August, 2005. The set consists of a necklace and earrings.

Blonde Gatsby Limited Edition
Blonde Gatsby Limited Edition

The Blonde Gatsby is a variation of The Gatsby which was created in honor of the opening of the Grand Ballroom in December 2005. The Grand Ballroom is now a part of the Crescent Moon Museum owned by Tayzia Abattoir and the Blonde Gatsby was the gift given to all the attendees of the rededication of the Museum in the fall of 2007. The set consists of bracelet, necklace, and earrings.

Passe Vuur Limited Edition
Passe Vuur Limited Edition

Passe Vuur, or Passion Flame, was inspired by Valadeza Anubis and released as a limited edition in May, 2006. The set includes bracelet, earrings, headpiece, and necklace.

Rendezvous Limited Edition
Rendezvous Limited Edition

Rendezvous made its debut as a limited edition in September, 2007. It is a truly exquisite piece that makes use of Random’s traditional prim built diamond baguettes for the first time. The set includes bracelet, earrings, necklace, and ring.

Little Jimmy Brown Unreleased Set
Little Jimmy Brown Unreleased Set

Little Jimmy Brown is an unreleased set that was made at the same time Random created the one-of-a-kind Miss SL L’Oreal Paris 2007 Tiara. It is a beautiful combination of gold and diamonds that deserves to be placed around the neck of someone you truly cherish. The set includes a necklace and earrings.

Having these pieces come up for auction is truly a rare opportunity to own a piece of SL’s culture created by one of its premiere citizens. None of these pieces have been available for over a year and it is hard to say if they will ever be available again. Do not miss this extraordinary chance to add to your Random Calliope collection and help two fellow SLers have a chance at a Christmas this year.

Bids can be made at the WorthWhile Gallery. In addition to this auction, 50% of the proceeds from purchases made at the gallery of Random’s unlimited edition jewelry is donated to the Modest Needs charity, which assists people in short term financial need. This is an ongoing project, so always know that when you make a gift of a Random Calliope piece you not only make someone in SL happy but you are also helping people in real life communities throughout the United States.

For more information about this auction and Random Calliope jewelry, please contact Elizabeth Tinsley.

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Background Information:

Random Calliope has been honing his craft and sharing his creations with us for almost four years. His chosen medium of expression are tiny prims and his work is often cited as the pinnacle of microprim artistry. What he can create with these miniature building blocks is an exercise in the highest craftsmanship. There is no debating the superior building skills Random displays in his creations. The detail he is able to achieve is breathtaking. Quite simply, he can make prims dance.

Although his building skills are extraordinary, he will be the first to tell you that the building has become second nature. What elevates his jewelry into art is the life that he infuses into each and every prim he places. With nothing more than prims and light Random tells the stories of his Second Life. Every piece is born of SL experience. Every creation is a captured SL moment. Preserved in prims, Random’s visions speak to us of the passions inherent in our immersive Second Life. All we need do is listen to the whispers of the storyteller as the light of the SL sky tickles and caresses the unadorned, multifaceted surfaces of his jewelry.

To see a Random Calliope piece is akin to witnessing a wonder of the world because his work is truly breathtaking. It is so detailed in execution as to make one feel as if they could reach out and grasp it in the hand. But to wear a Random Calliope piece is to cross the boundary between worlds and know without a doubt that Second Life is as real as any physical experience you have ever had. The true gift of the artist is to be able to create pieces that speak to the unique experiences of the individual; Random’s work carries a piece of him. Because of the intimacy inherent in wearing his jewelry, the spark of life that he puts into every prim he places leaps into the wearer, creating an electric connection between artist and observer. Infused with life the jewelry thus comes alive to shimmer and dance upon the breast, the wrist, the finger, becoming a tangible weight full of the meanings you pour into the piece. Random creates vessels to hold the memories, hopes, and dreams of your SL.