Alphabet Challenge-D

Alphabet Blog Challenge-D

With letter D in Willow Zander’s Alphabet Challenge I resorted to pulling out some favorite items that have been in my inventory at least a year.  My first thought was hair from Dernier Cri, check out this favorite circa Hair Fair 2010.  I couldn’t resist using Digit Darkes, whose letter D became logos for her store. She may be gone, but she’s still a favorite in my closet especially her slip dresses…worn here as a shirt, under this cute chocolate houndstooth jacket from DeeTaleZ, with my Marni skirt from DeLa. I frothed a bit at the mouth when released their Dream Catcher bags, love getting to wear them out and about.

Hair: Dernier Cri – Taylor
Eyes: Amacci – Gaze Eyes – Deep Green
Lashes: OH – Lashes – Oriental Doll (honestly couldn’t find a a current inworld store, unknown/not at location listed in profile)
Skin: Gala Phoenix-Curio – Petal [Dark] Elf Happy Holidays
Jacket: DeeTaleZ – Tops Winter Coat Pattern
Shirt: Digit Darkes – Affair Slip Dress – Nude [Closed]
Manicure: Tres Blah – Nail Color – Dirt
Bag: fri.dayDream Catcher Bag – Chocolate
Skirt: DeLa – Skirt Marni – Brown
Boots: MaitreyaDune Boots – Brown
Poses: Di’s Opera

PXL Creations @ Vanity Universe Skin Fair

PXL Creations - July

PXL Creations has a line of skins called July at Vanity Universe’s Skin Fair.  The body features no flaws, excellent shading, and beauty marks on the abdomen for a unique look.  The skin line comes with push-up cleavage option; light, medium, dark eye brows shades; the line is available in dark, tan, light tan, sun-kissed, and natural.

PXL Creations - July - Skin Tones


These are really lovely skins, with fine delicate features on the face with full lips. A variety of makeups in a soft day to-night range.  Lush lips with gloss, finely done eye make-ups, and the freckles options comes with the hint of freckles on the face for a soft look.

PXL Creations - July- MakeUp

I’m wearing Exile‘s Single Lady hair in chocolate, to accentuate the amazing cheek bones of the July skin.  Swimwear by CKS Designs, this bikini called Sparklebum comes with prim side ties, and neck tie in the back, shown here in teal, its available in several colors.  To tie the look together I have the Messina heel from Digit Darkes in Vineyard, this heel comes scripted with bling, walk, and sound options.  Scarlia Inc’s jewelry in coral was perfect for bringing out the coral tones in the teal and coral shoes.  Finely made, comes in a variety of colors, to coordinate with outfits.


PXL Creations skins are featured at Vanity Universe Skin Fair this year.   Charity skin selection purchases will go to Care International, an international charity devoted fighting against global poverty.  Read more about the charity here.  Donation kiosks will be available on the sim.

Teleport to Vanity Universe Skin Fair here.

Teleport to PXL Creations Main Store here.

Hair: Exile – Single Lady – Coffee
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Lashes – Classic 1
Earrings: Scarlia Inc – Essential Earring – Coral
Necklace: Scarlia Inc – Kaleidoscope Necklace – Coral
Bracelet:  Scarlia Inc – Spangle Necklace – Coral
Swimwear: CKS Designs – Sparklebum Bikini – Teal
Shoes: Digit Darkes – Messina Heel – Paisley Vineyard – Silver
Poses: Long Awkward Pose [Teleport]

Chaisuki @ Skin Fair

Ok, Whatever you are doing, stop right now and seriously head over to skin fair.  Stop by Chaisuki if you haven’t already, and buy their lashes.  A serious MUST HAVE for the lash lover!  Before I even say one word about the skins…..admire…drool….and lust for the lashes….Emergency Shopping teleport here.

Chaisuki Lashes

Three different lashes shown here, in order they are No. 27, No. 20, and No. 15.  I found them a dream to fit with this skins, and I was easily able to mod them for other skins as well.  Keep in mind due to the nature of the design, you might wanna use these with a high arch brow, and vivid make up for added extra effect.

Chaisuki - Gina - Body

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying Chaisuki skins, and I eagerly dove into my bloggers review pack after I had been able to purchase the lashes, and wear them for a couple days.  I refuse to remove them.  Chaisuki has a recent release called Gina, a lovely skins, with no seam issues, and good highlights and shadows.  Skins come with a pushup and hair option, and are a bare bikini wax, with an additional on layer wax.  The range of eye makeups is stunning, I photographed all of them, and couldn’t bear to stick them in small snapshots, so I’m sharing some highlights, but they are all equally fun, vibrant makeups in this range, all shown with Lash No. 20.

Chaisuki - Gina - Makeups

Chaisuki has pre-released Elise at Skin Fair, shown below, in 4 shades.  It too features all the fine detail of the Gina line, as well as excellent makeup.  I liked her skin tones, even the paler ones didn’t wash you out in a variety of Second Life light settings, and the cream to tan ones were even, and a healthy tone.

Chaisuki - Elise - Body - Skin Tones

Chaisuki is featured at Vanity Universe Skin Fair this year.   Charity skin selection purchases will go to Care International, an international charity devoted fighting against global poverty.  Read more about the charity here.  Donation kiosks will be available on the sim.

Teleport to Vanity Universe Skin Fair here.

Chaisuki Main Store teleport here.

Hair: JunWave – Rina (Cut Off) – Black
Watch: Muse – Classic Tank Watch in Black/Silver
Bikini: Artilleri – LeeLee Bikini – Zebra
Shoes: Digit Darkes – Messina Heel – Zebra Black

Pink Fuel – Blacklisted – Karma

Pink Fuel-Blacklisted-Karma
Pink Fuel-Blacklisted-Karma

Pink Fuel is featured at Skin/Shape Expo ’09, silly me was so googly-eyed over their cute little avatars, I had never made it to the top floor of their store to see them. Doh!   I was delighted with a sample pack that I received, such sweet adorable features these are a lovely edition to your skin collection.  Pink Fuel skins come in a range of colors, and with each skin purchase you receive a light and dark brow option, in addition to freckles!  The freckles are a fine sprinkling of muted tones, perfect for flirting!  Good body tone all over, with delicate soft shading, and highlighting.  Attention to detail on the face is especially nice, with the eye area is a major feature. The lips are juicy, fresh, youthful, and lightly tinted.  Nice range of makeups, good balance and shape for the brows, and I found I needed no adjustment to my shape to accommodate, you may have the same luck.  No heavy dark bun shadows!  Good attention to cleavage, I will let you inspect the bits and bobs via demo yourself.  Seams are well blended.  The skins are quite lovely, and you owe it to yourself to come grab demos. Teleport to store here. I am wearing the Skye line in Tea, Milk, and Honey (2 pics) tones.

Pink Fuel Makeup
Pink Fuel Makeup

I am wearing a cute little lingerie set called Cornbread from Blacklisted, minus the included stockings. I love the detail, and the well done seams, and they are sooo cute!  The demibra is well placed, and I love the curvy cut of the Cheeky panties in the back!  Cute stockings are included in sheer and solid,  I did not photograph them due to the fact I would be blogging the skins with them, and wanted to show off the nicely done legs, which seem to grow longer when viewed from behind in these panties!  Way to go Gauge Laville!  Teleport to store here.

My hair is Faie in Umber from Karma.  They have quite a selection of hair, in sexy styles, and some chic updos.  4 color hair packs are available, as is a fatpack.  Nice whispy bits, with good prim work.  Click to teleport. [Purchased] I am also wearing Messina Heels (Zebra) in Mocha from Digit Darkes, a nice neutral tone with a bit of RAWR in them! Teleport.

All poses shown are from Miseria, click to tp.

Skin and Shape Expo poster

Skin/Shape Expo ’09 begins September 26th, benefiting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  It’s a smaller event then a fair typically is, with a wide variety of stores participating. Click for a teleport to the expo!  See map below for listings and location of stores!

Skinshapeexpo map JPG

Hot Date

Perfect for a Hot Date!
Perfect for a Hot Date!

So it’s Friday and after many early nights this week, I am thinking I might be up for a date night with Gary.  Maybe some exploring, shopping, dancing, who knows.  So I need a hot date dress that will work for any situation I come into, ‘cept a ball, I have no desire to attend a formal event tonight.  But it still needs some vavavavoom to it.

I was able to find that in the Glam dress from JE Republic, bonus this tiger stripe works perfectly with my Digit Darkes Messina heels in tiger.  Seriously meant to be.    The dress comes in a number of colors, I bought the gold and orange,  shown here in gold, in darker colors the tiger stripe effect becomes more subtle.  I like the embellishment around the bodice, and the short length.  I hope to go back and grab some more.   I wish the designer had considered more layer work when constructing it, it would have made the bodice in jacket length fun for wearing with pants at a longer length.  I really should send a note card suggesting more layer work and why.  I think many times people really aren’t considering how often we will wear parts of an outfit with other items.

My Digit Darkes Messina heels in Tiger Natural were the first thing I thought when I clicked buy.  The tone and style is perfectly suited.  The Messina heels are scripted for resize, walk, and sounds.  They come in a number of variations, from plaid to these.

The Tiger’s Eye set from Essentia was a must have for this.  The set contains a necklace, earrings, and bracelet with this funky pattern on them.  I like the length of the earrings, and felt the necklace had enough substance to hold its own against the dress.  Not overly large and chunky, and not too small and delicate –a perfect match.  I have my Eydie handbag from VG Republic (aka GLAM aka Miam Miam).  This one was released when they were Miam Miam.  (I am still patiently waiting for the reopen 🙂 )  Its a cute little back I wear with my priority 4 handbag anims, as it comes preloaded with animations, and is no mod.  Please more people consider making anims an option on purses.  Sometimes I want to use my anims with it, sometimes I want one with its own anims.  But I like a choice, it takes 1 second to rez a copy and then put the anims in.  Many designers are now giving you a choice, either by providing you with other copies, Posed/UnPosed, or even attachment choices (you can copy and do this too if not included on a copy purse)  Hand/Shoulder.    Lately I have a ao I love for totes, so I am copying and moving them all to my right shoulder.

My Hot Date night skin…Redgrave’s Leticia in tan and smoky.  Realistic and well done.   To top it off the Maya II hair from Naughty.  This is one of my favorite hairs its long and with a bit of a hint of curl and a look of mussed in a hot way.

I have no clue where my night will take me.  I am currently looking into some places I found in Showcase.  But I could as easily end up looking this hot, but parked on my sofa watching youtube videos.ave Below are some links to places I troll for a fun or interesting night out.

Second Life Showcase Second Life Out & About (flickr group)                      Xploring Second Life (flickr group)           Other peoples picks 😉

Hair:  Naughty Designs –  Maya II – Red Sea [Purchased]
Skin: Redgrave -Leticia – Tan Skin – smoky [Purchased]
Jewelry: Essentia –  Tiger’s Eye Set [Gift from designer]
Handbag: VG Republic –  Eydie Handbag  Noir (no longer available) [Purchased]
Dress: JE Republic – Glam – Original – Gold [Purchased]
Shoes: Digit Darkes – Messina Heel – Tiger Natural (Gold) [Review Item]
Poses: Long Awkward Pose Teleport Here.

Digit Darkes-Messina Heels

Digit Darkes just released an entire line of shoes, that should be deemed Porn.  Plain and simple shoe porn.  Sexy luscious scupty heels in a wide array of colors and patterns.

Digit Darkes-Messina-Various colors/patterns
Digit Darkes-Messina-Various colors/patterns

I honestly couldn’t capture how sexy these are, as I spent a day in my bedroom trying them on over and over and occasionally taking them out for a spin.   But if you want porn, serious, hardcore, shoe porn, you need to savor these over on Newdoll Nikolaidis‘s blog, and for you extremists..either check her flickr, or see in store..please don’t molest the demos.

Scripted to fit a variety of foot sizes, the lowest they go is size 1.  I compared size 1 feet to size 0 and honestly there is very little difference.  You could size these to 1 and wear with a o foot, or just make a copy of your shape with size 1 feet and throw it in your shoe folder.  Other options include a heel click sound I hadn’t heard inworld before and really like, and walk option.  All controlled via menu, just click your heel.

Digit Darkes Messina

Digit Darkes has a number of sets within the line Zebra, Leopard, Paisley, Plaid, Tiger.  The Messina in Tiger-Natural, I swear, turns your foot from sexy to hot rod, the stripes litterally an amazing bit of texture work that pimps your shoe.  The Zebras I love for the texture, and the color range make this a a shoe that will get a lot of use.  The Leopard, well who has enough leopard, Digit’s rendition is as hot as Antonia Marat’s leopard prints at Artilleri.  The Paisly and Plaid I spent the most time in as I was amazed at what this look can do for an outfit, it gives immediate sex appeal, and are stunning with pantsuits.  Each shoe comes with a Silver or Gold option on the buckles, and I love that both are included in the shoe purchase.

Digit Darkes is located in the Addictive sim

Digit Darkes – Sasy Reflections

I love Digit Darkes!  Design wise shes funky, cool, chic, and always classy.  Her last two releases the Sasy Set, and her very latest Reflections dress show you her design range so well.  She’s a wiz at putting together vibrant colors and prints to really get you a wow factor when dressing.  She’s not shy and all and brought out her inner “Sasy” with this release.  Its a nice contemporary look with good lines.  The Reflections dress is an example of her finest work.  The color palette she chose for the dresses is muted to a degree with vibrant bits of color here and there.  It made choosing a dress very difficult, as when i got my ads from the Subscribe-O-Matic I was torn as each picture rezzed as amazing as the first.

Reflections in Harvest by Digit Darkes
Reflections in Harvest by Digit Darkes

Shown here is Reflections in Harvest.  A mix of purples, blues, and silver.  The bodice is a complementary cut, with a show off back.  The flexi skirt is well made with the fluidity we like to see in gowns,  it retains its form well when moving.  The dress has this hot peek-a-boo slit, that doesn’t deliver a bit a leg every time, but does leave a person waiting for that next glimpse.   Very sexy effect, specially if you know any leg-men. ;P   Digit hasn’t posted it on her blog yet but check back regulary to see the range of colors it comes in, or TP to Digit Darkes on the Addictive sim.

Digit Darkes- Sasy Corset sets in Daisy and Fall
Digit Darkes- Sasy Corset sets in Daisy and Fall

She recently released the Sasy Corset sets, which come with 2 corsets, a belt, and pant with prim legs.   Her prim pant legs are well done, nice and crisp looking and easy to mod.

Digit Darkes - Sasy Corset Variations
Digit Darkes - Sasy Corset Variations

The corsets are fun to play with, they come in two colors per set, long and short variations of both, and all on all layers so you can really get some use out of these when you work them into your exhisting wardrobe.  The prim belt is cute and comes in two color varations, and I found it easy to fit.  As you know with Digits work they are well constructed, and the seam work is great.  She released these in a variety of colors, I have shown here the Daisy and Fall set, to see the others click here. I am totally loving those grey pants.  I can’t wait to mix these into my wardrobe.  Tp to Digit Darkes on the Addictive sim click here.

Shown with Digit Darkes’s Sasy Corset sets are Adam n Eve’s Persphone Skin, and Babii pumps, Analog Dog’s Minna hair in Blonde, Earthtones’ Chakra jewelry set, and an awsome set of bangles from Zaara.

Adam n Eve’s Persephone Skin

Adam n Eve recently released their new skin line Persephone. I have been impressed with this skin as the make ups are lovely and fresh, there is a wide variety of them, and the skin tones are so lovely its hard to pick just one. Sachi has really done an amazing job on these but shes good at skins. The majority of the skin is hand painted offering a nice soft effect without going too sourced. Shown here is Set 6 of the line in tone 3, I have included three makeups from other sets, and given you full front and back details to see this amazing skin.

Sachi has a real talent for bring out the best in tits n ass pardon the term but its true. Her cleavage is awesome and makes you want to stock up on v necks, and other plunging necklines to show off. The bum is divine, nicely rounded, with a amazing attention to quirks we face in that area. The seam work is perfection, I detect no seams at all. Sachi includes two skins per makeup for your choice in bikini wax, and also includes matching nail and toes polish on the glove and sock layers, and lashes to complete your look. I photographed the skins here with NO lashes, and have to tell you, you gotta try them out with a variety of lashes for fun. The Persephone is a large line, with a nice selection. Set 7 is a particularly fun set featuring Misery, perfect runny makeup for your emotional needs. Set 7 also has a tear version available. Tp here, to grab the demos.

Shown with:

Artilleri – deanna bra and panties – leo Store Tp here

Digit Darkes – Naturale – Defiance – Straight Rockstar hair Store Tp here.

Hard Work

Ok, so last night Gary comes home from work…finally…I mean I only see him maybe for an hour or two a day at most, and while I get to see him, I barely get to even ask how his day went if there is an event we have to attend. Yeah I know, cry me a river, but seriously, come on. We both get home last night, and we are tired and grumpy he’s been at work, and I’ve been off scouring the grid for fashion. We have a moment were we have a second to talk while in the shower…yes we are into water conservation at our house, and guess what happens.

Just look at the picture for a minute and you tell me whats wrong. Me…I see a wonderful moment where my true love is devoting a little time to me…what does he see…guess!

If you guessed that he saw the basket of dirty laundry in the back, and got mad…you guessed right. Seriously, he got mad cause I spent the day working on a blog post and didn’t do the laundry. Like I have time to do laundry…I am trying to work out details for the next Design Challenge for The Cafe Society, and making sure that my photos are well done to showcase items, and he wants to bitch about laundry. Keep in mind…I don’t own a washer and dryer…I tried to build one, and got the whole thing made…but didn’t have the textures…he could have bought me one…he knows where to get them…the really nice scripted ones with a little slap and tickle in them too…does that even inspire him to buy me a set…no…the man has never been in the kitchen of our new house yet, and we moved in like early April.

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