Alice’s Garden

One of the things I love about Second Life is the stuff you find along the way to somewhere else.  I had been looking for an autumn themed sim.  Initially I went to Tempura Island to take some photos but there were too many people there to really get anything done.  So I hit search, and used Autumn and Fall as my search string but mostly found places that really weren’t what I had in mind.  Along the way I found Alice’s Garden.

Alice’s Garden sells prefabs, vehicles, trees, and other garden items that are well textured, scripted, and amazingly well priced.  Initially I had found her location at Avendale Mystery, which featured a little prefab, trees, plants, and tree houses.  After searching the designer Aino Beresford’s profile, I found another location at Dojo Tristan, which had a few more.  Check out what I found.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse prefab
The Lighthouse prefab

I really fell in love with this.  The textures are dreamy, features a trap door inside leading underwater, various areas outside for relaxing,  a nice full main room, and the light house tour with a winding stair leading up to the top.  I am still obsessing over it,  it’s only a matter of time before I snag it.  Available for a sweet price at $799.

Two tree houses are available, they are adorable, in the light house picture above the area is covered with grasses, they are on a temp rezzer and I cleaned the area so that you can better see the tree houses in the next pictures, so you will see the area at the bottom suspended at water level on display.

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The Ultimate Accessory

Shoes? No. Jewels? No. The Latest Handbag? No!


I am amazed at how many people of the fashionable set haven’t heard about it. What on earth are you wearing besides the obvious? I know…just your ao right? My god! How do you function? Honestly!

So what is a MystiTool?

Well… Let me overwhelm you with a list of features then I can go over some of the more everyday features you might immediately find a use for.

Avatar Scanner, Sim-wide AV Scanner, Remote Sim-Wide, AV Scanner, Bug Scanner, Bug Radar, AV Chat Range Notify, Movelock, Non-Physical Vehicle, Collision Notification, Channel Listener, Locate Avatar, Unsit, Eject, TPHome, Ban, Unban, Music, Kill Avatar, Trap Avatar, Drag Avatar, Toss Avatar, Orbit Avatar, Crush Avatar, Disrupt Object, Teleport History, Landmark Manager, Favorite Locations, AV Following Chair, DynaTable + Automatic Chairs, Object Rezzer, Flight Assist, Posing Stand, URL Catcher, SL URL Maker, Sky Platform Rezzer, Instant Platform Rezzer, Camera Follower, Sim Warnings (sim stats, flags), Anti Idle/Away Prevention (the only feature you dont need cause you can disable that in the Client menu), Color Converter, Land Calculator, Emoter, Animation Control, Avatar Stand, Mimic (AV Imitation), Popup Sender, Avatar Find, Dust Particles, Light Emitter.

What! Whoa! That is a LOT of STUFF!

Not really, but yeah, kinda.

ALL IN ONE HUD! You can access all these amazing features either by typing in a simple command in chat like: /1 light on; or click theHUD button, select Privacy, then select Scan Sim.

First you get your MystiTool box, unpack, and watch this nice little folder unfold in your inventory with the following items:

Landmark to Mystical Cookie Designs, MystiTool Hud, MystiTool Implant, MystiTool Land Relay, MystiTool Settings Backup, MystiTool Sleeper, MystiTool Manual.

You wear the HUD. This is the majority of the features listed.

Implant: If you like a nice face light, and maybe the ability to locate someone you’ve lost in a sim, or like dust particles while flying wear the Implant.

The Land Relay: Rez on land you own, or you can have this deeded to the group if its Group Owned. This will allow you to scan your home sim for a list of avatars in the sim it’s located in. Nice if you happen to have checked your home on map, and notice someone is at your house-don’t tp in to say WTF?!?, scan your sim, and know WHO you are dealing with first. Perhaps it’s friends stopping by, maybe someone using your poseballs, or your nearest and dearest having an affair! OOOOH! Now we are talking gadgets aren’t we!

The settings backup is nice as you will store a lot of information in your MystiTool. The designer has a built in update feature so when she tweaks, or adds content, she can send you the new update and you can add your accumulated settings to the new MystiTool. Also great for when SL goes horribly wrong and you need to reset.

Sleeper: built in is the ability to put your MystiTool to sleep. It cuts the scripts running down to the basics. I do this when I notice I am having difficulty in a sim, and can’t bear to detach. I need my radar and the ability to protect my av in seconds.

Manual: You won’t believe how many people never read it. Save that bad habit for R. This is so important, and so much better then IM’ing the group with stuff like “how do I turn my dust off” and very simple things like that. READ THE MANUAL! If you find you have problems reading the note cards in the manual getting messages like “you do not have permissions to read this” or some shit like that, Drag the notecard out of the manual and into your MystiTool folder, then you will be able to. This is a common SL glitch.

Start out using MystiTool every day. Now for the features.

Radar: Now if you have never used radar, it displays a list of avatars within 96 meters of you. You can get other free radar huds to wear but not all also tell you if the avatar is Sitting, Walking, Hovering, Flying, Typing, Busy, Away, or on Alway Run. Nice for having conversations with people whose ao overrides their typing animation. Instead of standing around looking at each other you know the other person is typing something to say or…just standing around looking at you. They appear as follows on your screen in a nice list on the right:

1 AVs within 96m [0]

Philip Linden (5m) BAR (this means that Phil is 5 meters away, set to always run, and has his busy on.


Philip Linden (88m) SA <–Sitting, Away

Philip Linden (88m) HT <—-Hovering, Typing

Philip Linden (88m) FB.AR <–Flying in busy mode, and set on always run.

You are also notified if someone comes into chat range with green text on your screen in the chat space:

[12:02] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Philip Linden (19m) This is something that you can choose whether or not you want it to display on your screen. On/Off functions are nice.

No one see this but YOU! This is the one tool you will use all the time because if you are wearing it you are seeing it, you will after time rely on this to the point of being handicapped when not on. No radar is like being naked, at a podium, blindfolded.

Av Scanner: Just what it says allows you to scan for avatars.

MoveLock: Probably the second most used tool you will learn to use. Typing /1 ML on gives you the ability to not get pushed by greifers, or in crowded places. Camping and tired of people pushing you out of range of the camper to take your spot? Movelock! Tired of shopping and some newbie/greifer tries to push you around. MoveLock! This is an on/off feature as well. I am 24/7 ML on.

Non-Physical Vehicle: Rezzing this orb and sitting on it makes it very difficult if not impossible for a greifer to orbit you. Sitting helps too against some devices, but this is pretty much a sure thing. To disable this, stand up. It disappears and you may go about your business. This is the first thing I do when a greifer strikes, if I am in a place where I can rez objects, rez and sit, disable particles in the client menu, check my radar for the name of the person I am going to file an Abuse Report on, while protecting myself and others with my MystiTool features.

Collision Notification: I have my settings so that if I come in contact with a script object I get a notice similar to the chat range notification. This will tell me what is trying to interact with me, be it someone shooting their watermelon gun at me, or my clumsy laggy ass bumping into scripted objects.

Channel Listener: This is a favorite! When this feature is on, I have the ability to see in chat when you type any channel command in chat, like change your hair color, or show/hide poseballs. I can also see if you try to use any channel commands on YOUR MystiTool.

Locate Avatar: Duh!

Unsit, Eject, TP Home, Ban, Unban, Music, Kill Avatar, Trap Avatar, Drag Avatar, Toss Avatar, Orbit Avatar, Crush Avatar, Disrupt Object—ok, some of these are land commands you can use if you have the land relay on your land and deeded to your group. Someone comes onto the property and you want them to leave. /1 unsit Philip Linden; you can also change your music settings with this. Now the main Hud, will allow you to use the other features to protect yourself if greifed. /1 toss Philip Linden; /1 orbit Philip Linden. Now while I am using El Presidente’s moniker to demonstrate how easy it is to use these features, I highly recommend NEVER typing most of these exact lines. All these feature if you are not able to easily remember channel commands, are able to be accessed and used via the menu system. It will scan the local area for av’s within range, and give you a list of people to choose from. But come on, if you are gonna use these, you don’t have that kind of time. Use your brain and REMEMBER them, I can orbit your ass while you are still navigating the menu system. Be Proactive. And a nice public service announcement from all MystiTool users: DO NOT USE this for greifing, the MystiTool community prides itself on responsible ownership, and fellowship. Don’t be an ass, you wanna play like this–go play Warcraft.

Teleport History, Landmark Manager, & Favorite Locations: Yes! There is a back button! Forget where you’ve been and wanna go back. TP History! This will automatically store a selection of places you have been recently. Landmark Manager allows you to drag your LM’s to it to store for easy reference, and out of your inventory. Favorite Locations allows you to “bookmark” your favorite places to quick TP there, without digging around for LM.

AV Following Chair, DynaTable + Automatic Chairs, Object Rezzer: Fun things! Need to help someone get somewhere? Going afk and don’t want to have your friends just leave you standing there. Rez a chair behind yourself or another person. This chair will follow you or them. When SL was having some problems and I had Delilah Karas over, I used this chair to have her sit while I flew her 3 sims over to go shopping in my home sims. DynaTable + Chairs– this will rez a table and as many chairs as it can as people require them. Color changeable too. Object Rezzer– You can now store any COPY item in here to rez when you want it. Picnic, bench, poseballs, car. If its a COPY item, you can have it wherever you can rez. Nice for storing couples poses, kisses, and champagne. 😉

Flight Assist: Delete your flight feather! You can fly with no added assistance now, and at different speeds-even fly plaid.

Posing Stand: Hello! I was wrong, this will be the 2nd most used item.

URL Catcher: Someone just mention a website and you want to check it out, this will assist you.

SL URL Maker: Tired of freezing up every time you click MAP to make a slurl, via menu you are two clicks away from having three types of SLurls posted in your chat for you to copy and paste into IM’s, etc.

Sky Platform Rezzer: Need more room? Rez a 40m x 40m sky platform! Loaded with options–the floor can be changed with a click to grass, builders measuring grid, asphalt, wood, and more. Bit of a klutz? one click and you have a railing around the parameter-I like to call these Gary Walls. Need some privacy? Enclose the entire space! No see in, you see out!

Instant Platform Rezzer: Handy device for accurate placing of your Sky Platform. Rez it, and sit, select the altitude you would like your Sky Platform to be at, 300m for example, and it whizzes you up there. Rez your platform.

Anti Idle/Away Prevention: As I said before the only feature you don’t need cause you can disable that in the Client menu. If you are still wearing a scripted object to keep you from timing out and getting logged off–DO THIS RIGHT NOW! You WILL need to double check the next couple of times you log on to make sure the setting as “taken hold” after a couple of times it will remain like this. You may need to do this when installing a different viewer, or an upgrade. Many people think that doing this is a cheat type thing. If you are one of them, you are misinformed. This information comes directly from the Second Life Knowledge Database from the Lindens for YOU! On your keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+D or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D. On a Mac, press Option+Shift+Open Apple+D.; The words Client and Server appear next to the Help menu at the top of the Second Life window. From the Client menu, choose Character. From the Character menu, choose Character Tests. From the Character Tests menu click on Go Away/AFK When Idle to remove the X next to it.

Color Converter, and Land Calculator: I haven’t used these yet-but they are for the color …mumble…mumble..technical..something or other, and Prims per Sq. Meter finder thingies.

Emoter: Make yourself smile, look sad etc.

Avatar Stand: Stand on someone’s head.

Mimic: Really fun and quickly obnoxious. Scan the area to get a list of avs in the area to mimic, click one, then type fun things like, Select Philip Linden, /1 say I would really like to help you recover your lost armidi hair collection, but I really have to take a shit right now.

[12:01] Whimsy Winx: Mr. Linden, I am really upset that I have invested a great deal of USD purchasing power into the grid, which has helped the SL economy grow, and tried to conduct myself at all times as an upstanding, responsible, SL resident, only to lose precious items due to asset loss on an unstable grid. What can you do to help me. BTW I will be blogging this. (white text)

[12:02] Philip Linden: I would really like to help you recover your lost armidi hair collection, but I really have to take a shit right now, and upload a texture of it for the SL Scat Fetish group. (you can’t fool everyone with this-it will be displayed on all screens in green text)

[12:02] Philip Linden: WTF? (white text)

Popup Sender: More fun! Scan the area, select a person, send them a pop up. Tell someone you love them! Send a pop up that won’t get missed in chatting areas to people around you. Hey! It’s Whimsy’s Rez Day! BTW it’s January 9th. I will be available for you to adore, throw surprise rez parties for, please give me advance notice so I may wear something fabulous!

And how much do you think you would spend to purchase these items? You are looking at some serious Lindens! But not with MystiTool. $396! Interested but overwhelmed? Pick up a $1 limited feature MystiTool at the store.  For a limited time, Mystical Cookie Designs will be listed in my Picks in my profile.   Mystical Cookie Designs is located in Avendale 197, 242, 22.

After a very very very long blog post I realize this sounds like a infommercial. I was in no way compensated for this post. I purchased my MystiTool, in the Spring of 2007, on my own. I loved it so much, I will tell anyone and everyone about it. Try it out for yourself.