New Releases @ W. Winx

I have been remiss in posting my new releases at W. Winx. Enjoy. Hope you are enjoying your autumn!

Your W. Winx-Pumpkin Patch is a fun place to hang out this fall. Abundant with a wide variety of pumpkins, this is a great place to throw some more poses, perhaps a picnic table or blanket, hang out with friends, take photos. Celebrate the season with a trip to the pumpkin patch! Gather your friends around your, for a fun autumn event.
Available in 3 different sizes for your parcel. Available at W. Winx

W. Winx-Pumpkin Patches

On display at W. Winx @ The Deck.

W. Winx-Reap The Wild Wind
W. Winx-Reap The Wild Wind

Reap The Wild Wind, is a scene for your garden, home, store, or special place, that incorporates the images of a day stuck in bed. With the imagination running wild, it turns into a fantasy land of adventure. Featuring 18 animations, 19 if you count the spyglass. An afternoon treat tray that gives hot cocoa, oatmeal cookies, newspaper hat, wooden sword, spyglass, and fishing pole when touched to help wile away the hours in bed. Perfect for a fun place to hang out with your friends, delight your guests, or tuck away into a place where only you can play.

W. Winx-Reap The Wild Wind
W. Winx-Reap The Wild Wind

Reap The Wild Wind’s dimensions are 12 meters by 8 meters, and the whole design is copy, and modifiable. Check it out on display at W. Winx. Click the demo sign at the store, bring some friends to try out all the fun. Available for gifting at display, and on Xstreet. W. Winx Main Store.

W. Winx - Reap The Wild Wind
W. Winx – Reap The Wild Wind

Winx-Lotus Water Temple Grotto

New Release at Winx Home & Garden

Winx-Lotus Water Temple Grotto
Winx-Lotus Water Temple Grott

The Winx-Lotus Water Temple Grotto is a rainforest/jungle ruins themed design full of atmosphere to create a unique addition to your sim, or garden area. Abandoned long ago buy some unknown culture, and over run by a gnarled banyan tree, it allows you to bend the design to your minds eye of when and where it should be. Lush pillows and cushions allow you to decorate the design to create a space to relax and spend time with friends and loved ones. Available in two color themes Bollywood a mix of bright, rich colors, and Jade Tea Garden a mix of relaxing tones. Even without the addition of these, this creation has ample space to add your own decor to it. Surrounded by lush plants, grasses, and ferns.

Other Features: Click on/off fire, easy Rez-Faux installation, 2 themed color sets of pillows/cushions/drapes with 5 single sits/3 menu driven couples poses. 2 themed color sets of pillows grotto-side with 2 single sits. Corner Pillow features 3 couples sits via menu.

Copy/Mod/No Transfer

Can be viewed inworld and purchased at:
Winx Home & Garden Main Store @ Oubliette in a nature setting ON DISPLAY!!

Winx Home & Garden @ The Deck

Also available for purchase or gifting on Xstreet.

Winx-Redwood Cottage

I just finished placing my latest release, Redwood Cottage at my store..   A fallen redwood tree trunk transformed into a one bedroom cottage.  I’ve also added a Subscribe-O-Matic for the store, it’s at the teleport point by the store sign.

Redwood Cottage
Redwood Cottage

*Two main rooms, 1 with double height ceiling
*Cuddle window settee on main floor, with menu driven poses in seagrass settee rug
-Cuddle Menu contains 7 couples set poses, 7 friends set poses, and 4 single poses
*Upper Loft with sunroom
-Sunroom contains window seat and spa bath, 2 additional sit poses in this area.
*Spiral Walkup to reach upper loft, with cosy space underneath
*Carved wood decor windows
*Stained glass window, and sunroom dome in autumn nature theme.

You’ll be surprised at home roomy it is!

Redwood Cottage interior facing loft
Redwood Cottage interior facing loft
Redwood Cottage Sunroom
Redwood Cottage Sunroom

Redwood Cottage is 149 prims
Spa Bath water is 1 prim
Copy/Mod/No Transfer

Other Winx Home & Garden items are available on: Onrez Xstreet Winx Home & Garden Mainstore

Alice’s Garden

One of the things I love about Second Life is the stuff you find along the way to somewhere else.  I had been looking for an autumn themed sim.  Initially I went to Tempura Island to take some photos but there were too many people there to really get anything done.  So I hit search, and used Autumn and Fall as my search string but mostly found places that really weren’t what I had in mind.  Along the way I found Alice’s Garden.

Alice’s Garden sells prefabs, vehicles, trees, and other garden items that are well textured, scripted, and amazingly well priced.  Initially I had found her location at Avendale Mystery, which featured a little prefab, trees, plants, and tree houses.  After searching the designer Aino Beresford’s profile, I found another location at Dojo Tristan, which had a few more.  Check out what I found.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse prefab
The Lighthouse prefab

I really fell in love with this.  The textures are dreamy, features a trap door inside leading underwater, various areas outside for relaxing,  a nice full main room, and the light house tour with a winding stair leading up to the top.  I am still obsessing over it,  it’s only a matter of time before I snag it.  Available for a sweet price at $799.

Two tree houses are available, they are adorable, in the light house picture above the area is covered with grasses, they are on a temp rezzer and I cleaned the area so that you can better see the tree houses in the next pictures, so you will see the area at the bottom suspended at water level on display.

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Breathe Deep-Seek Peace

Breathe Deep Seek Peace When Milli Santos created the Ginny Talamasca memorial at her place, and offered it for the community to leave something in remembrance, I rushed over and put in a gazebo from a series I had been working on all fall. At the time, I didn’t know why it had to be that piece, but looking back I now know why.

When I first started making them, the fall collections had come out, and I was always here in my studio designing them while wearing my new Last Call and playing around with the outfits, and almost exclusively all of them Last Call cause I have a teeny little obsession problem with the store. When building this one, I had a picture in my head of how it would look when finished. In my mental picture there was a woman standing near it wearing a dress from Last Call. It wasn’t finished yet, so I raced across the grid to grab what I needed for it, and came back upset and empty handed because I could only focus on the dress, then it occurred to me what was missing. I went to my patio and ripped out the roses I had purchased for this series from another temporary design, and went back to the studio. I then titled it with the only thing I could think of as comfort for a title, rushed over and dropped it on the site. Breathe Deep, Seek Peace.

It’s a Dinotopian saying from the Dinotopia books by James Gurney. A few years ago one of my daughters had chosen it as her book for a school project. A report and diorama. It turned into an immense project, with even the report being submitted in English, and translated into the Dinotopian language. She learned the values represented by the Dinotopian culture, and I through her seemed to memorize them at the time, and one thing has always remained. Breathe Deep-Seek Peace. In the worst of times, this is the only thing you can do sometimes.

The Cloister

I was really overwhelmed when Milli IM’d me about it recently. She loved it and wanted to buy it. I came over and set it for sale for her. My first official sale. Sad and happy at the same time. She kindly let me set another gazebo, The Cloister, at another location at Stern and set it for sale.

Thank you Milli, I have been really dragging my heels, and almost avoiding some of the work I need to be doing. I am glad you liked it. I wanted something special, and it’s perfect. Thank you too for giving us a place we can express our appreciation for an inworld artist who delivered what so many men fail at…we felt beautiful.