Spin Spin Sugar

Spin Spin Sugar

So much newness is out! I’m knee deep in cute things to blog! For starters, new Exile hair..2 of them! Shown here is Wild Horses, in Maple. A lovely full mesh hairstyle. More newness are these mesh skinny jeans from TuttiFrutti which will be available at My Attic, which opens in a few hours (12 am slt October 21st). This pair is called Forever (Blue) and features bandanna print. They’re also available in a red version, as well as a leopard, an autumn floral, and a tropical looking graphic print. I’m wearing them tucked into my cute fringed cowboy boots from J’s, so you are missing out on the cuff. Check them out at My Attic, and grab some demos. My Attic theme for this session is Falling Into You, and starts October 21st, and runs until the end of the month. All items are 95L during the event.

Izzie’s makes such lovely things. I’m wearing her Faith skin, and if you are in the market for a new skin, grab all her demos! I’m wearing it with her red lipstick from the Dark Vibrant Lipstick pack. Also wearing this cute mesh Coffee Bean jewelry set, that’s brand new, and available at Fair. It features bracelets for either hand, earrings, and two styles of necklaces. Two items that are fairly new (late summer/early fall) are Happy’s cute Purity top, and Emery’s Sihone bag. I’m enjoying an Indian Summer day in this summery fun top. The top is partial layer, and partial sculpted prim, patterned in a cool casual print. Emery’s Sihone bag is non rigged mesh, available in a variety of colors. It’s a casual design, that’s trendy, and cool.
SLink has made mesh hands! They are available in a variety of hand poses, shown here are Casual. Also available are Elegant, Fist, Flat, Gesture, Horns, Mouse, Point, Prosper (as in Live Long and Prosper LOL), Relax, Smoking, Splayed, and Victory (Peace Sign). They are sold in singles, 5 packs, and a fatpack. Included is a mesh wrist, and tattoo layer blender layer to help blend skin tones, a nail color hud, and Skin Hud. Read all the accompanying information to assist in tinting. They’re rigged, and fit nicely on the body, and are so much better looking than our base hands.

Hair: Exile – Wild Horses – Maple {MESH}
Eyes: Amacci  – Gaze Eyes – Grey
Lashes: LeLutka  – 2011/Curl
Skin:  Izzie’s – Faith – Sunkissed
MakeUp:  Izzie’s – Dark Vibrant Lipstick – Dark Red
Jewelry:  Izzie’s – Coffee Bean Jewelry Set {MESH} (Currently available at Fair)
Hands: SLink  – Mesh Rigged Hands – Casual {MESH}
Bag: Emery – Non-Rigged Mesh Bag Sihone – Blonde {MESH}
Top: Happy – Purity – Strawberry
Jeans: TuttiFruitti – Mesh Skinny Jeans – Forever (Blue) {MESH}
Boots: J’s – Fringe Cowgirl Boots2 – Sand
Poses: Marukin
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry VR Studios mobile hud
Items: W. Winx & Flair – Falling Into You – Market Set {Mesh} (Currently available at My Attic)

Marinara Flutter

Marinara Flutter

The main component of my outfit is a new release from MichaMi called the Marinara, shown here in red, a smexy, stylish one piece dress.  I’m wearing a few of LeLutka‘s early summer releases the Anna Belt (available in Light, Dark, True with 3 variations per), and Tairona Bag (comes with ao), along with their latest skin release- Flutter.  Details further down about the skin release.  I’m wearing the Moitie Jacket from Nyte’N’Day over the dress.  This is a favorite go to jacket in my inventory, I love the details of the jacket belt.  I have accessorized with A:S:S‘s Narayan Necklace.  Maitreya‘s Allegre shoes are another summer release I’m wearing available in a number of colors, or grab the fat-pack for the ultimate in mix in match styling.

Eyes: Amacci – Real Eyes – Amber
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 Lashes/Curl
Skin: LeLutka – Flutter – Bisque/DB/MK9
Earrings: Mood – Drops of Rain
Necklace: A:S:S – Narayan Necklace
Jacket: Nyte’N’Day – Moitie Jacket – Beige
Dress: MichaMi – Marinara – Red
Belt: LeLutka – Anna Belt – Dark C
Handbag: LeLutka – Tairona Bag – Sand
Manicure: Mandala – Nail Palette 1 Medium
Shoes: Maitreya – Allegre
Poses: Ploom
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

LeLutka - Flutter

LeLutka just released Flutter a new female skin with a variety of new tones.  Shown here is Bisque which I judge to be similar to a light-mid tan/sun-kissed ranged tone.  I really liked the unique eyebrows, and the beautiful shading that really accentuates the eyes, a good cheek bones.  I am looking forward to seeing this changes as they relate to others shapes, but at the moment love it on my usual shape.
When you buy a skin tone you receive twelve makeup variations (one of them being a bare makeup, which is great on it’s own or for use with other makeup layers) in a dark brow, and twelve in a light brow. Two brow shapers (not shown here) for light and dark, breast enhancers on a layer and undershirt clothing layer. I was really excited to see the addition of two hair bases in Sookie, and Walnut Whip hair shades, nail covers in a matching bisque tone (for wearing under prim nails) on layer, and glove layer, and their 2011 lashes/curl  (which are color changeable).   I liked the range of tones this skin came in, and went with Bisque as it seemed like a nice end of summer tone, I look tanned, and with a few of the blushes a hint of sunkiss.  I might switch up a shade as fall progresses and winter comes. Grab demos to check out the new tones, and check out how it looks on you.

Flutter Full

And..yes, I just blogged a skin in my fringed cowgirl boots, if you don’t like it you can go dig up my mother and tattle, but she’s just gonna tell you about the summer I refused to wear anything but my white patent dress shoes from Easter.

Shown with:
Hair: Angel – Alanis II – Caramel
Eyes: Amacci – Real Eyes – Amber
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 Lashes/Curl
Skin: LeLutka – Flutter – Bisque (dark brows)
Earrings: Mood – Drops of Rain
Manicure: Mandala – Nail Palette 1 Medium
Bikini – Aushk’a&Co – Summerline-Bikini Blue
Shoes: J’s – Fringe Cowgirl Boots – BlueGrey
Poses: Aushk’a&Co
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Love Boat Port of Call Outfit

Thanks to Sasy, I have the theme to Love Boat stuck in my head today….so of course we need an outfit for a day out shopping during a port of call on the Love Boat.

Love Boat Port Of Call

Hair: LeLutka – Rykiel – Soy Sauce
Eyes: Amacci – Real Eyes – Winter
Sunglasses: Armidi Gisaci – Fi Umo Sunglasses – Dark Tortoise/Gold Lens
Skin: Lara Hurley – Odette/Tan [Former CH1C  Event item/Will be Available at Lara Hurley this week]
Jewelry: Mood – Egiziano Dea Set  [RFL Item Available at Accessory Fair
Outfit: L’Abel – Ann – Cream [Moody Monday Item]
Belt: Nyte’N’Day – Ginger Belt – Dark Brown/Dark Brown Studs
Manicure: Mandala – Takara Nail – Brown
Bag: LeLutka – Tairona Bag – Sand
Boots: J’s – Fringe Cowgirl Boots – Dark Brown
Poses: Glitterati
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry



I have been slowly accessorizing and playing with different tops for this outfit for weeks, trying out different boots, hair, tops.  I finally settled on J’s latest release of their Cowgirl Boots2.  I love these boots in this red, but I snagged the fat pack.  These are classics!  The fringe is flexi, and has great movement.  I’m wearing the latest from Tres Blah, this lovely peasant top, with embroidery.  If you like it it’s also available as a dress at the store.  By chance I was already planning this outfit with Tres Blah’s denim cut offs, which are layer only, and I like that about this style.  My skin is by Felicity Blumenthal, made specially for Another Fundraiser II called Ginger Skin.  Only $50L with 100% proceeds going to Red Cross (for Japan).  My purse is from Addict and also benefits Japan, with proceeds going to no kill animal shelters in Japan.  The Fur Japan event started last night, and is jam-packed with items!  I picked up three great houses there. My hair, Tempest, is from Exile, and I am in love with the length, and soft flex.  My jewelry is from Mood, called Bandara, in silver with turquoise which match my turquoise eyes from Amacci.

Hair: Exile – Tempest – Chocolate
Lashes: Glow Studios – Like Natural – Like Natural
Eyes: Amacci – Real Eyes – Turquoise
Skin: Felicity’s Ginger Skin [Another Fundraiser II]
Jewelry:  Mood – Bandara – Turquoise
Shirt:  Tres Blah – Viento Peasant Blouse
Shorts:  Tres Blah – Denim Cutoff Shorts (light)
Manicure: Reale – Manicure – Red – (Gift – Free Manicure)
Purse: Addict – Day Tripper Bag/Ocean Ave [Fur Japan]
Boots: J’s – Fringe Cowgirl Boots2
Poses: Glitterati
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

I discovered these post processing effects in the Singularity viewer, and was curious to see the effect inworld.  Sometimes you just want to cut the post processing time down, or take snapshot.  This is a great, and I hope they further develop it.  I would like to see the Gaussian Blur effect lightened, and think it would be great to incorporate shadow/highlighted borders too. To access them 1. log into Singularity, 2. on your top tool bar World – Environment Settings – Post Process Effects.  I have made photos demonstrating each of the effects.  Color Filter let you play further with Gamma, and Brightness. I loved being able to change the Saturation while retaining any windlight settings I have on.  Contrast is really nice addition as well.  The Gaussian Blur is great in thought but the effect even at level 1 on the slider is too strong for portraits.  Night vision is way cool!  I like that you can also create an effect, and save it.  It’s really easy to use. To see the effects, click the Enable box, play with the sliders.  The tabs stack so if you want one more than one tabs setting, leave enable on. Check out the photos.


Singularity Post Processing Effects

Skin: – eStyle – Diamond X5 – 20 Tan Cleavage
Scene: Belle Belle – La Roulotte
Poses: Glitterati
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Blues & Greens

Blues & Greens

A mish mash of some recent releases, with some favorites thrown in.  Bodysuit by Maitreya, this color only available at The Dressing Room.  The Dressing Room for those who haven’t heard is a discount shop, featuring discounted items made by various stores.  Always worth a stop! Currently they have a Tuli skin, and this awesome body suit, other colors/tones available at those stores main.  Zaara recently had a sale, check to see if its still going, but its 50% off of selected items, so another place worth stopping.  I picked up this items here. My J’s Thigh High Boots are a favorite, when they appeared at the Shoe Fair this past year, I snagged both fatpacks for the colors alone. This low ponytail hair from Lamb is to die for, there is another variation of a low pony released at the same time, with bangs that is equally well done.  Great lashes from Chaisuki, she really has a wide variety of them, this pair I love for its cat eye variations.  Page 3 makes these great manicure and ring combos, all recolorable via hud, even the type of silver/gold on the rings.

Blue & Greens

Items, Stores, and Teleports:

Hair: Lamb – Lost – Pale [TP]
Skin:  Tuli –  Jade (tone 4/li) 04c  [TP]
Lashes:  Chaisuki – lashes32   [TP]
Earrings: Zaara – Hiral Shell Earrings – Gold [TP]
Necklace: Zaara – Swarit Necklace Paua – Gold [TP]
Bracelet: Zaara – Sadaf Paua Bangles [TP]
Manicure/Rings: Page 3 – Rings & Nails  [TP]
Suit: Maitreya – Bodysuit de la Ruche – Sea Green (This color available at The Dressing Room) [TP] [The Dressing Room TP]
Boots:  J’s – Thigh High Boots – BlueGray [TP]
Poses:  Reel Expressions [TP]

Back from Rehab

Been vacationing in Azeroth, but I am back now, and expect I’ll be blogging more.  I know you missed me, but I’m back! (I really hope everyone knows my vanity is really me just rping and laughs with me)

Kisses! XOXOX!