Adam n Eve recently released a new skin called Amaris.  As always with Adam n Eve skins, it’s well done with beautiful details.  Shown here is Natural skin tone, a light tone but creamy light tone.  Featuring twelve different makeups that include Bare, manicures, pedicures, cleavage ‘dehancers’, enhancers, eyebrows, and freckles.  Each skin also has a ‘bewb’ option for an extra layer of omph, and four hair bases.  The makeups were pretty, from soft heathery tones, to a bright scarlet lipstick. This skin is available at Adam n Eve.

Shown is new lingerie from Fishy Strawberry featured at the Crush On You Event.  Incanto in black, and Desiderio in Nude.  Each style has many layer options, and was well thought out, featuring garters, stockings etc. The Desiderio is very vintage with higher waist panties, also included is a Brazilian panty option. It’s available in a range of soft muted tones.

Exile has debuted mesh hair called Domino at the Crush On You Event!  This is a lovely soft style, perfect for Valentines Day.  Demo is available and the full range of his hair shades on sight.

Teleport to Crush On You event.

Crush On You

Crush on You Poster Texture

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Juicy Crush On You

The Juicy Crush On You event has started.  Lots of designers, and full of treats.  Sasy and I worked together again to create three items for this event.  The Ballina Crush Set, the Juicy Crush Rug, and the Crush Cactus Planter. Juicy Crush On You runs February 10th to February 18th with 40+ stores involved. Teleport to event. Take a peak at the Juicy Crush On You Flickr group.

W Winx & Flair - Ballina Crush Set AD

Ballina Crush Set – A girly, spring, fun inspired canopied outdoor lounge area.  91 prims, copy/mod/no trans. Featuring unique textures, and sitting poses.  Drink dispenser and a variety of colors, and backboard themes to customize your lounging area. Currently available only at the Juicy Crush On You event, and 50% off. Display on view outside W. Winx main store.

W Winx & Flair - Crush Rug Vendor Ad

Juicy Crush Rug – Paint your toes nails for that hot Valentines date you have! Unique textures, click for wearable nail polish bottle, and brush.

W. Winx & Flair Crush Planter AD

Juicy Crush Cactus Planter – A gift for you, come by and pick it up.  Wearable potted Cactus, with changeable pot textures.  Wear, or decorate your home.