Ride On/Right On

Ride On/Right On

Maitreya recently released a ton of new goodies.  I’m wearing their Boyfriend Jeans from their new release.  They come with an optional belt, which includes a HUD with 16 belt colors.  The jeans come in 8 different washes, purchasable separate or by fatpack. I love the rolled up hem, they’re perfect for summer.

Maitreya BF Jeans Washes and Belt Colors

I’m wearing Erratic’s Cory Oversized Sweater in striped navy for my spring look, with Mon Tissu’s Straw Tote in white, and L. Warwick’s Europa Slingback Platform Wedges.  These shoes are mesh, and feature a really high arch look, and are compatible with Slink’s Avatar Enhancement Mid Feet. Each color comes with leather, wood, or cork wedge option.  My mesh hands and feet are from Slink, and I’m wearing a manicure from Set 55 from Flair on them, it’s a fun geo block print. My head is the Slink Visage Mesh Head Becky, which I am wearing with Ploom’s Willow skin and appliers in cream. I’m also wearing Wasabi Pills Michelle hair which was available for most of this month at April’s edition of Fameshed and should be available in store now.

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Michelle – Gingerbread {MESH} NEW
Eyes: Amacci – Gaze Eyes – Golden Green
Head: Slink – Visage – Becky {MESH}
Skin Appliers: Ploom – Willow – Cream
Manicure/Pedicure Applier: Flair  – Applier Slink A/E –  Set 55 [Flair ]
Hands: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed {MESH}
Top: Erratic – Cory – Oversized Sweater – Stripes/Navy {MESH}
Tote: Mon Tissu – Straw Tote Bag – White
Jeans: Maitreya – Boyfriend Jeans – Washed Out (red belt) {MESH} NEW!
Feet: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Feet  – Mid {MESH}
Shoes: L. Warwick – Europa – Slingback Platform Wedges – Crimson Cork {MESH}
Poses: Ploom  NEW! (Currently available at Pose Fair 2014)
Posestand/HUD/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Phosphorescent – Ride On/Right On 

Pose Fair 2014 – W. Winx & Flair

Pose Fair 2014 just opened, and features over 80 stores each featuring new items.   W. Winx & Flair collaborated to bring two fairy nature themed pose props, a Fairy Flower Swing, and Fairy Waterlily Pond.

W. Winx & Flair - Fairy Flower Swing

The mesh Fairy Flower Swing features 8 custom made poses, and comes with it’s own grass base to fit into your garden. It’s modifiable via menu so you can adjust your avatar, or even open it up and take the poses out to use with your pose stand if you like. Included are four different wings to wear if you need wings! The permissions are Copy/Mod/No Transfer.
W. Winx & Flair - Fairy Waterlily Pond
The Fairy Waterlily Pond features 8 custom poses, 5 of which are sits for each lilypad, and 3 fairy flying poses. Included are complimentary fairy wings, and it also includes a pond with water in case you don’t already own one. The poses are in the main waterlily plant, and it’s not attached to the pond so you can place it in your own pond or linden water. The permissions are Copy/Mod/No Transfer.

Pose Fair runs April 19th – May 3rd, 2014. The theme for the fair is a fun out of this world galaxy theme, the whole fair is black, so set your windlight/daylight settings to the region settings default, and enjoy. All vendors are set to all bright so you won’t miss a thing!

W. Winx & Flair @ Pose Fair 2014 Teleport






Sashay! Shantay!

Sashay! Shantay!

The Celoe & LeLutka team have released several new items. For Celoe it’s the hot Jacqualine Sandals. The mesh sandals come in eight colors, with the chain/metal options of gold and silver included. They feature an easy to use HUD to tint feet, change manicures, and resize. Forget spring, I need a hot summer date for these!
LeLutka released two mesh hairstyles, and today I am wearing the Bouffant in Praline. This. Is. Big. Sexy. Hot. Hair. The hairstyle features a mesh base, mesh tresses, and a pearl tiara. Grab a demo and check it out.

Celoe Jacqualine Sandals

My poses are new from Ma Vie, and are currently available at Pose Fair 2013 which is running until April 14. I used several from different sets released there, and also with my Eames Lachaise from Handverk. Ma Vie makes nice poses, suited nicely for everything from personal photos, blogging, and professional photography. Don’t forget to check out her Underwater Love set. While you might just think it’s for mermaids…I’m sitting on the chaise with it. You better WORK!

You better WORK!

I’m also wearing Handverk’s Flamingo Clutch, and Disk Necklace. The clutch is full of whimsy, and available in a variety of colors, I’m over the moon with the pink one, and love the design of it. The disk necklace is also available in a number of textures, and is great for modern formal and casual. I’m really impressed with the design of Handverks accessories as they are contemporary in design, but each has some organic or whimsical element.

HANDverk New Mainstore

HANDverk has created a new main store. It’s a beautiful contemporary mesh building complex housing their mesh accessories, and mesh home goods. The building is beautiful I especially liked the enclosed courtyard at the teleport spot. The canopy over it really is nice, and I love the spiral stair case in the corner. The home goods are nicely displayed for demoing, and finding the options available for them. The accessories building is a stunning display area for their items. The colors, the tone of wood, and graphic displays are professional, well thought out, and suit the entire build. The designers have put as much thought and care into the store as they do the design of their products, and ads. Second Life is becoming so exciting and refreshing since the introduction of mesh and this is an example.

A new release/update from SLink are my SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands. If you already own SLink’s mesh hands, or feet go back to the store and get the latest update via the redelivery terminal. The latest update gives you the ability to perfectly match your prim parts to your skin by using an applier made by your skin designer!

Developer kits are available to designers, click here for more info on how to apply for a kit. Tuli is using this now with my new Eva skin, so you can stop by her store and buy a skin applier hud that will match all her tones. The hands/feet are really simple to use. Unpack your purchase, read the item titles inside the folder carefully. There will be the regular mesh hands/feet you can tint still via hud. But there is a separate hand/foot boxed that says “Avatar Enhancement”. Unpack this if it’s not already unpacked. This is what you need to use the appliers, the actual part will be labeled with an (av).

You will find your hands and several huds in the Avatar Enhancement folder. There is a Basic Fingernails Hud with basic manicures. The Main Nails Visibility Hud allows you to change the length and tip of your fingernails. There is a hud you can wear to quick access the SLink website for more info called Slink Avatar Enhancements. Check to see if your favorite skin designers have made SLink hand/feet appliers for you. They’re easy to use, once you have your (av) hands/feet on, wear that particular stores hud, and click the shade you want, and viola. Same technique for manicures which are available from several stores. I’m wearing a pink and silver manicure in Flair’s Set 5. Many designers are also using this to make stockings for the bare mesh foot as well so check your favorite stores for this item.

*Remember you will only see the perfect effects from tinting and appliers, if you have your basic shaders and atmospheric shaders enabled. To do this, go into (Ctrl + P) Preferences > Graphics Tab > Advanced and checkmark the boxes.*

Hair: LeLutka – Bouffant – Praline {MESH} NEW!
Eyes: Amacci – Gaze Eyes – Steel
Lashes: LeLutka  – 2011/Curl
Skin: Tuli  – Eva – Powder 09 Dimples NEW!
Makeup: Tuli – Eva – Powder – Lips – Sheer Sweet Pink Gloss NEW!
Necklace: Handverk – Disk Necklace – Mother of Pearl {MESH}
Dress: Celoe  – May Dress – Night {MESH}
Clutch: Handverk – Flamingo Clutch – Cotton Candy {MESH}
Hands: SLink  – Avatar Enchancement Hands – Casual {MESH} NEW!
Hand Applier: Tuli  – Powder Skin Applier NEW!
Manicure Applier: Flair – Nail Hud Add On – Slink Avatar Enhancement – Set 5  NEW!
Shoes: Celoe  – Jacqualine Sandals – Glamour -Gold Chain {MESH} NEW!
Poses: Ma Vie– Dream Sequence 08, Long Nights 05, Underwater Love 09, Slipping Away 04. NEW! (Currently Available at Pose Fair 2013)
Furniture: Handverk – Eames Lachaise – White {MESH} [used with Ma Vie Pose: Underwater Love 09]
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Adorkable @ Pose Fair 2013

Pose Fair 2013 has begun and there are so many great stores involved. Adorkable has several new sets of poses available, I’m featuring two poses from them. Adorkable is a unique pose maker who includes a mirrored version of each pose. This photo was done using Grace 1 and Grace 1m. In theory I could have created this photo by mirror myself in photo editing software, however, what if I wanted to do a location shot, with two avatars….mirrored poses for the win. I like the idea of mirrored poses as many times I will want to use a pose but because of what I am wearing it just doesn’t suit the post, but the mirror will. Check out the other pose sets at Pose Fair 2013.

Twin Grace

I’m wearing Doll COCO’s mesh ball-jointed doll avatar. This avatar body is free and comes in two skin tones, Snow, and Cacao. You can choose from a number of unique mesh heads as a separate purchase for a custom look, as well as mesh clothing, and costumes specifically made for the doll. She also has accessories like hats, helmets, even bat wings, animated insect wings, and monster feet are available. Join her free group and click the vendor at the store to get your starter body. The body has several body options, with or without lingerie, and ‘smooth’ option with no genital details, and a default version with nipple areolas and full genitals. After purchasing a Head for the body, you can wear it in place of the White Cap that tops the doll body. The head also includes a wearable teardrop, and a head with closed eyes. The dress comes with two necks in the skin tones, I didn’t need them, and the boots with two skin color options. I removed my doll feet to wear them.

Avatar: Doll COCO – Body – Snow (FREE)
Hair: KIK – Susanna – Coffee
Head: Doll COCO – Head – Lena
Dress: Doll COCO – Classic Dress – Black-Stripe
Shoes: Doll COCO – Button Boots – Black
Poses: aDORKable –  Grace 1 & Grace 1m (Currently Available at Pose Fair 2013)
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry
Stock Image:  Roche By Cajsa Lillehook – (SL Stock Image Flickr Group)
Thug Bunneh is thug
For this photo I am wearing Doll COCO’s gift Rabbit Avatar. This rabbit looks so serious, it’s just adorable. Its a free gift, right next to another free gift of Wizard of Oz themed mesh characters, and a mesh Dorothy avatar. This rabbit also comes with a camouflage jacket. I’m showing off the cute Whimsy 2m pose from the Whimsy post set. I loved how even more defiant the bunny looks with it.

Avatar: Doll COCO – Rabbit Avatar (GIFT!) [Make sure you take the Slurl I provided, or you will be at a different location that doesn’t have the rabbit out]
Poses: aDORKable –  Whimsy 2m (Currently Available at Pose Fair 2013)
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry
Stock Image: SL-Backgrounds-Parkland-Calas Galadhon-_011 by Whimsy Winx – (SL Stock Image Flickr Group)

PS if you are looking for the gift Bat Wings, they are located at this location.   This is also were the new bodysuits, slip dress, insect wings, etc are.  Careful there is a body priced at $450 here, I believe its the newer model.  If you are looking for the clothing, more heads, and free body, rabbit, and wizard of oz characters they are at the DOLL COCO location I listed in my credits instead.

Pose Fair 2012


Pose Fair 2012 opened April 15th, and runs through April 30th, 2012.  Plenty of time to visit the 120 stores that are participating.  Two sims full of favorites, and I’m sure you will still find a few ‘new to you’ places!  The regions are arranged  with a variety of stores and family oriented stores on POSE FAIR NORTH, and more mature and adult content stores on POSE FAIR SOUTH.  For a listing of stores, and slurls check out the Pose Fair 2012 post here.

Pose Fair 2012 also is having a Photography Competition on Flickr, with judging taking place on May 2nd.  Featuring prizes of $15,000L for First Place, $10,000L for Second Place, and $5,000L for Third Place!