Can you hear the drums Fernando?

Fernando II

I love military gear, when I was a teen my biggest fashion score was discovering my fathers army duffel, packed with button up army shirts, and an army parka.  They in my opinion at the time, went perfectly with my collection of old flannel shirts from my grandfather, and my precious boots.  I was very pleased to see this year is packed with military looks.  I snagged this awesome Charlie Jacket in Green from LeLutka layering it over this cute tiered frock from Whippet & Buck.  The leggings from Zaara and new boots from Lassitude & Ennui screamed to be included.

Hair: LeLutka – Scarab – SoySauce
Lashes:  LeLutka – Seductress
Eyes:  Argrace – Moonlit Eyes – Regular (Honey)
Skin: LeLutka – Gem – Hush-Makeup7/Dbrow
Gloves: Royal Blue – Put Em Up Gloves – Charcoal Mesh
Jacket: LeLutka – Charlie Jacket -Green
Dress: Whippet & Buck – Haver Tiered Frock
Leggings: Zaara – Nishar Leggings – Full-High Waist – Burnt Olive
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Theda Boots – Grey
Poses: R.icielli
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry



Amacci Recently Released new hair, I love the Milly with its layers and perfect bangs shown in Brown Auburn. Her auburn really is lovely.  Another recently release is Tuli’s Gina Skin from early January I love the makeup, and the detailed skin.   This cute dress from DeeTalez, its adorable.  I keep it all together with accessories in my clothing folder to right-click change into between events, and other outings, it’s been my favorite thing to wear.  Comes on a variety of layers, plus prim pockets, and bonus pocket with the cutest little teddy bear in it, not shown. The designer made this style of dress in a variety of patterns something for everyone, I really should just buy them all if I can ever get out of this one.
FuLo is a new jewelry store debuting at The Deck.  The designer isn’t fully set up yet, but does have some items out currently.  This necklace was a gift, and will be coming to the store soon.  It’s available in a variety of gem stones, I chose amber for this.  Another favorite thing about this outfit are my knee socks with flowers from Miel, they are color change on cuff and flower, and a must have in all colors.  Royal Blue has these cute shoes, they hover between an ankle boot and shoe.  I love them particularly with these socks, they are great with pants too.

Hair:  Amacci– Milly – Brown Auburn
Lashes:  Chaisuki – lashes32
Eyes:  Argrace – Moonlit Eyes – Regular (Honey)
Skin: Tuli – Gina – Tan – 05 Equinox
Necklace: FuLo – Gabrielle Necklace – Amber
Dress: DeeTaleZ – Cotton Dress – Lace Violet
Socks: Miel – Jane Flor Sock Light
Shoes: Royal Blue – Night Out Botties – Eggplant
Poses: Miseria

Mon Tissu

mon tissu just released this lovely sculpted sweater called Softest Cinch Cardigan.  It features a prim lapel, and sculpted prim skirt lower half.  I love the look of the pockets, and the belt tied in the back is to die for.  I paired the cardigan with their pleated skirt in black.  They’ve included the lower skirt of the cardigan on pelvis and stomach attachments so you can layer your look with other items quickly. The cardigan comes brown, grey, lavender, moss, mustard, red, rose, and black.  Some of my favorite shoes of late are these from LeLutka.  I love the shape of the heel, I can’t get enough of this shape paired with stockings and leggings of all sorts, shown here are these fantastically seamed No. 9 panty hose.  Under my cardigan I have on Royal Blue’s hot body suit with paint splatter in contrasting colors, she has a whole bunch of these in fun colors, come get your 80’s on.


mon tissu - Softest Cinch Cardigan

Hair:  LeLutka – Willamina – Soy Sauce
Skin:  Tuli – Bella – Sunkissed/br – Kellie (PU2)
Lashes:  Chaisuki – lashes13
Eyes:  Argrace – Moonlit Eyes – Regular (Honey)
Sweater: mon tissu – Softest Cinch Cardigan – (Mustard, Moss, Black)
Top:  Royal Blue – Paint Filled Dreams Bodysuit – Night
Skirt:  mon tissu – Pretty Pleats Skirt – Black
Stockings: No.9 Nylons – High Pantyhose -backseam- black50
Shoes: LeLutka – Pow Pumps – Black
Poses: doll

** Post edit 1/14/2011: replaced photo due to partly unrezzed texture, improperly showing item.

Gear Drop

Fashion Gear Drop Off Boss

So….I totally was off the wall angry yesterday…I bought shirts.  <insert lengthy rant about shirts that don’t  cover midriffs, that are designed by style to do so, that have made me so angry I couldn’t blog you in a look of the day, so I am blogging someone else rant>

I logged in today thinking of an outfit as GEAR. Fashionista gear that dropped off a boss, and put this together…cause I am cool like that – shit matches.  Enjoy…btw Royal Blue…Lovely Marni has set up an outlet at her store. Stop by!

Hair: LeLutka– Seth – BlueRinse
Eyes: Amacci Real Eyes ~ Moon
Skin: eStyle Exquisite – Paris X3 – tan 23
Makeup: PixelDolls – Eyeshadow – Fairy Kisses – Teal
Lashes: Amacci ~ Eyelashes “Allure” – Black
Shirt: Maitreya – Savoir Turtleneck – Coal
Jacket: Royal Blue (Outlet) – Gemmas One Woman Army Coat – Snow
Gloves: Royal Blue (Outlet) – Jills Fighting Talk Gloves in Teal
Belt: Mandala – Mikoto Belt black/silver
Pants: Royal Blue – Whats up Spock Leggings Moon
Boots: Anexx – Five Belts Boots – Black
Poses: Long Awkward Pose


Amacci - Full Service Salon

Amacci is a full service salon store, offering skins, hair, eyes, lashes, and lingerie…even eye sparkles!  They recently had some releases you should definitely check out if you haven’t already.

Amacci - Hair Base & Pony Tails

Firstly she just released a pack of hair base attachment ponytails that I love, and when it comes to hair bases…Carina Larsen is muh gurl.  Guys, she has pony attachments and hair bases for you as well.  Then she really wowed us by then releasing a “crazy hair” pack of shades of Blue, Blueberry, Cherry, Lilac, Lime, Pink, Purple, and Red.  Amazingly, at the moment those Crazy Hair packs (all hairs have this option as a pack now) are $35L each which include the hair base as well…so if you occasionally like me have a penchant for Pink Ponies…well then. (shown here are Blue, Lime, Blueberry (yeah I know like the yummy warm blueberry pie…mmmm, Pink.)

Amacci - Crazy Hair Packs Currently $35L!!!

As if that wasn’t enough the busy girl released the Irina skin, shown here in the various skin tones its available in.  The makeups are well done, I love how rich the eye makeup is, the work on the body is lovely, and the lips are dewy and kissable.

Amacci - Irina Skin Tones

I recently went to change my eyes, they have been to date, a free pair of eyes from Basy!, and were discontinued which is why I never really cited them in posts.  Amacci was just what I needed, as I hunted everywhere for a eye I could live with everyday.  She had a wide range of them, and I found that her browns were really well done.  I have decided to make the switch now to her Real Eyes, probably settling on Autumn, or Moon, as they are some of my favorites.  She also features sparkles for the eye!

Amacci - Eyes & Lashes

Hair/Skin/Eyes/Lashes/Lingerie: Amacci
(I told you they were full service)

SL Marketplace

Shoes: Royal Blue
Dress/Coat: Armidi
Poses: Long Awkward Pose (from her latest release!  ❤ LAP!)



This outfit was more about obsession then fashion.  I mixed all the things I love right now, from knee socks, to layering a shorter top on a longer one.  Textures are also important, the idea of this red wool skirt, with the leather boots, with the heavier fabric of the vest, with the lighter feel of the LeLutka shirt.  All colors understated, yet holding their own coming together to make a statement.

Hair: LoQ – Cafe Misto – Mocha
Skin: eStyle Exquisite – Athens X3 – Tan 1
Lashes: Chaisuki – lashes32 Brianna
Makeup: PixelDolls – Eyeshadow – Firefly – Ashes
Manicure: Page 3 – Rings & Nails
Shirt: LeLutka – Irma Shirt – Cream Shirt w/shadows
Vest:  Twisted & Spoiled – Khaki Vest
Skirt:  DeeTaleZ – Thick Red Wool
Bag:  Shiny Things – Leather Bag – Reddish
Socks:  Royal Blue – Sheer Compliments Socks – Red Rum
Boots: Bax – – Prestige Boots – Brown (colorchange – mocha)
Poses: aDORKable