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Idiosyncrasy & Savoir Faire Shapes

Idiosyncrasy - Lucy - Ultra Pale

Idiosyncrasy’s Lucy skin is a sampling I had from Skin/Shape Expo ’09.  Lucy shown here is a new tone release in Ultra Pale. True to its name its a very pale, delicate skin, but not so pale that it washes you out.  It’s soft, with lovely shading.  It features the cutest little beauty mark on the stomach.  I love the one on the nose, making it a nice flirty feature.  The make ups I have shown here are cute beyond belief, but check out the  larger close up one.  The everyday style of makeup shows you just how lovely the features are, the soft contours, and the barely blushed cheeks.  Other make ups in the line are fun, and the range is full of variety. Click here for a teleport to main store, but until October 1oth you will only be able to pick up the Ultra Pale shade of Lucy at the Expo, after which they will be moved to her main.

Idiosyncrasy & SavoirFaireShapes
Idiosyncrasy & Savoir Faire Shapes

Idiosyncrasy’s lips are lush, and enhanced by my choice in wearing a new shape.  I usually only wear my personal shape, but I made an exception with the offerings at the expo.  I was very impressed with Savoir Faire Shapes as a shape store in general.  When I was a new resident I had no clue how skin and shapes work together to create a unique look.  I would buy shapes and get upset that the skin I wore with them didn’t look the way I wanted.  I blamed the skin designers.  After I acquired a shape I liked that worked with the skins I liked, I realized this.   You can fill a room full of women in the same skin, with different shapes and they will all look different.  Finding the right mix is trial and error, but so worth grabbing all the skin and shape demos you can find and playing a bit.  Once you find the look you like, or close to it, you can begin modding the skin to suit your esthetics to height, mouth etc.  This way you will get a unique look that is all you.   Many shape designers have modifiable shapes for this purpose.  I recommend never buying a no mod shape.  EVER!    While shopping at the expo I noticed Savoir Faire Shapes and really liked the offering of shapes they had.  I felt their variety was contemporary in what people are currently looking for.  The shape maker  Hybrid Ansar worked very well on the faces providing some of the latest sought after features, while keeping everything nicely in balance.  For these photos I am wore her Lola shape.

Blacklisted - ETD - Curio
Blacklisted - ETD - Curio

I am wearing another cute lingerie set from Blacklisted.  Shown without the stockings that come with it in sheer and solid, I have on the Feverdemi, and Cheeky panties.  The set is called  Be Starin’.   I found that my ETD Starley pumps in Pink were a perfect match.  I love how they pick up the pinks in the Lucy skin.  I am wearing Curio’s Babycakes hair in Light Brown, a fun doubled backed loose bunned pigtail style.