Comfortable & Casual


I pulled this casual and comfortable look together for a fall day out photographing autumn trees.  My location shot didn’t work out, but I love the how the browns work together for this.  The corduroy mesh pants from Beetlebones are too cute, and some thought to design, and dressing  into consideration. They’re done in two versions, a tucked and untucked, giving a bit of help to those of us who are working to layer mesh, and prim parts. I’m wearing the tucked version in Brown, and over it I’m wearing my mesh DCNY D-Line sweater.  Because they are the tucked pants, I don’t have to resort to wearing a size smaller than usual pants, with a size up in my top.  The DCNY sweaters are a fun addition to my wardrobe.  The variety and pairing of colors in the set, really can make this a sweater choice that can last through winter. Nice sizing of knit, and color pairings.  Included but not shown is a matching knit scarf with purchase.  Both the pants and sweater are available at My Attic for $95L until October 31st, after that, check the mainstores. I’m also wearing a new mesh hairstyle from Vanity Hair called Verity. This is a really flattering style, with the cutest barrettes.  My shoes are a recent addition to my wardrobe from Ison I picked up at the most recent Collabor88.  I picked up the whole set cause I couldn’t pick just one color, the loafers looks great.  My camera is from Tee*fy, it’s so cute, and my watch is from Miel. I recently gushed about the SLink mesh hands here, but still have to say, SLink’s mesh hands still win over the regular avatar hands.  I feel so different when viewing my avatar now. Grab some demos!

Hair: Vanity Hair  – Verity – Teen Blonde {MESH}
Eyes: Amacci  – Gaze Eyes – Grey
Lashes: LeLutka  – 2011/Curl
Skin:  Izzie’s – Faith – Sunkissed
Top: DCNY – D-Line Sweater – Cafe  {MESH} (Currently available at My Attic-Falling Into You theme)
Camera: Tee*Fy – Vintage Brownie Camera – Brown {MESH} 
Watch/Jewelry: Miel – Troupe Watch – Natural
Hands: SLink  – Mesh Rigged Hands – Elegant {MESH}
Pants: BeetleBones – Boyfriend Cords Tucked in Brown {MESH} (Currently available at My Attic-Falling Into You theme)
Shoes: Ison – Kippen Wedge Boot {MESH} (Currently available at Collabor88 – Oct 2012/Pink Flamingos theme)
Poses: aDORKable
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Fall Day

Fall Day

I recently teleported around the grid looking for some signs of autumn, and found a group of New York themed regions.  I had to stop and take some photos, and chose MidState New York.  If you are looking for a location to use for a location shot, definately drop in, and explore.  I’m wearing a new release from L’Aph, a lovely mesh dress, which really gives off a vintage feel.  I really like the wide cuff collar, and cuffs, bonus that they contrast, plus a contrast hem to really make the design dramatic.  The texture is a yummy damask style, and is available in a variety of colors, with even two shades of red! I accessoried my look with the also very classic, very vintage look of the Yummy pearl sets which are currently at Collabor8.  I layered 2 necklaces from the Tiffany Set and the Jennifer Set, to really glam it up, along with matching pearl studs from the sets,and Zaara’s Kashiti Bobble ring in pearl. I layered Mimikri’s Fox Fur Stole over the top for the perfect posh look. I finished off with this sophisticated mesh updo from Ploom which is also new, along with some older favorites like my Pow Pumps from LeLutka, and the Estelle Bag from Orta.

Fall Day Composite

Hair: Ploom – Long Day {MESH}
Eyes: Amacci – Gaze Eyes – Candy
Lashes: LeLutka  – 2011/Curl
Skin: Izzie’s – Faith – Sunkissed
MakeUp: Izzie’s – Faith – Eyeshadow Brown
MakeUp: Izzie’s – Faith – Eyeshadow Smokey 2
MakeUp: Izzie’s – Faith – Lipstick Strawberry
Earrings: Yummy – Jennifer Pear Set {Mesh} (Currently available at Collabor88 – Sept 2012)
Necklace 1: Yummy – Jennifer Pear Set {Mesh} (Currently available at Collabor88 – Sept 2012)
Necklace 2: Yummy – Tiffany Pear Set {Mesh} (Currently available at Collabor88 – Sept 2012)
Manicure: Mandala – Nail Palette 1 Medium
Ring: Zaara – Kashiti Bobble Ring – Pearl
Handbag: Orta – Estelle Bag – Creme {Mesh} (Currently available at Collabor88 – Sept 2012)
Dress: L’Aph – Eva Dress – Aubergine {MESH}
Fur Stole: Mimikri – Fox Fur Stole – Beige
Shoes: LeLutka – Pow Pumps – Black
Poses: aDORKable 
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry
Location: MidState New York

Fall Looks

I love sweater dresses, and wrap dresses, and v-neck lines, so I am over the moon with some new releases, and pulled out some things I already owned to see how well they will all work together in my fall wardrobe.   Most recently PixelDolls, Adam n Eve, and Novocaine have released dresses along these lines, some favorites I already owned are from Vitamin Ci, Karamia, and Icing, and I just discovered So Many Styles.   I can’t wait to pull together some more accessories and some handbags to complete these looks,  I so regret having not picked up the fatpacks of Maitreya Dune boots too thus far. After photographing all of these, it became quite clear I really need to stock up more on tights, and stockings, and boots-I am a firm believer in you can never have enough boots.  But I discovered my latest item to obsess over and wear until the pixels fade, a pair of freebie stockings from Sheer-the wrinkled ones.

PixelDolls - New Release
PixelDolls - New Release

Can I gush enough about the wrinkled stockings from Sheer? PixelDolls has a number of dresses they have released recently that are stylish, Cashmere shown in Moss, and Cozy shown in Crimson.  Hair by PixelSalon, located at PixelDolls is Melora which comes with a colorchangable Hud, and other Color Huds are available for $100 each separately.  I’m also wearing JayWalk’s Liah Boots in Onyx.   Tights and stockings from Sheer, and G.L.A.M, both free gifts instore.  The G.L.A.M tights are tintable, and the store is also known as VG Republic.    Teleports:  PixelDolls G.L.A.M Sheer JayWalk

Adam n Eves Clement Sweater Dresses
Adam n Eve's Clement Sweater Dresses

Adam n Eve just released the Clement Sweater Dresses, shown here in Teal and Red.   The teal dress is shown with PixelSalon’s Apollonia hair (color hud), Paper Couture Tights (free store gift), and Maitreya’s Bloom Boots in White.  The red dress is shown with PixelSalon’s Melora hair, Sheer’s Zebra stockings (free gift), and Gracile’s City Girl boots, which are color/texture changeable shown in White Snakeskin.      Teleports:  Adam n Eve PixelSalon Maitreya Sheer Gracile

So Many Styles dresses
So Many Styles' dresses

So Many Styles was a fun find this week, I went on a hunt for sweater and wrap dresses and found this in search, so shame on me for not reading all my Fashion Consolidated notices as they are a vendor.  The Sweater Dress in Blue is shown with PixelSalon’s Apollonia hair, with G.L.A.M’s tights, and Gracile’s City Girl boots.  The Sporty Dress in black I wasn’t initially going to blog, and thought I would have to contact the owner, as there is a slightest of gaps at the seams where the shirt meets the pant at the waist.  After going over all the items I purchased at So Many Styles, I mentioned it to another designer who told me about a current Second Life glitch that will make this happen.  She recommended waiting a bit and checking it again, and showed me on her designs this was happening occasionally but it stops after awhile.  So Many Styles appears to be well constructed, as you can see they do nice shadow and highlights so they really do know what they are doing, after careful consideration, I am choosing to accept based on the quality of their pieces that this is the glitch not the designers fault.  But since I am blogging it I do want people to be aware if they see this at this store or elsewhere to consider the designers work before rushing to send notecards for fixes. I would recommend this store to anyone, they have a lot of great clothes, and even some cool African turbans if you have been hunting for them.  The Sporty Dress in black features lovely prim sleeves, I love the stripes going down them, and the contrast around the hems.  It was hard not to buy the fatpack, but alas lindens no longer grow on trees for some of us.  Shown with PixelSalon hair and Gracile Boots already mentioned.        Teleports:  So Many Styles G.L.A.M. PixelSalon Gracile

Vitamin Ci & Novocaine
Vitamin Ci & Novocaine

New release from Novocaine on the right is the Genevieve Long Sweater in honey, they released a number of colors, and this with its prim sleeves, skirt, and most especially the color changeable belt make it worthy purchase.  Shown with PixelSalon hair, G.L.A.M. tights, and JayWalk’s Liah Boot in Mahogany.   On the left is Vitamin Ci‘s Terry in brown,  no glitch pants with this so pair it with some fun panties, borrow another items glitch pants, or make your own.  Also shown with G.L.A.M tights, PixelSalon hair, and Adam n Eve’s Skai boots in Chocolate.   Teleports: Adam n Eve PixelSalon G.L.A.M JayWalk Novocaine Vitamin Ci

Icing & Karamia
Icing & Karamia

Two chic dresses from Icing and Karamia!  Icing’s Pinstripe Princess (can’t beleive I almost bought this twice-I liked it so much when I saw it I forgot I owned it already, I swear you HAVE to shop with your inventory open) shown with PixelSalon hair, and Gracile City Girl boots this time in Red.  Karamia’s wrap dress is a long standing favorite of mine, featuring lots of primwork, and I desperately have craved in a million other colors too, but alas it only comes in black.  Shown with the stockings it comes with, and JayWalk’s Liah boots in Onyx.  Teleports:  Icing Karamia PixelSalon JayWalk

What I really liked about the majority of these dresses is that they came with the bodices on multiple layers so you can wear them with coats, and jackets, they all had great prim parts.  All skin shown here is Adam n Eve Skin – Persephone t3 – Make up Purr.  Available at Adam n Eve.

La Sylphide – Erin

La Sylphide has just released their new skin line-Erin.  Erin is a fusion of hand painting and sourcing, with good seam work, and is available in two skin tones,  Light and Tan.

Shown from top to bottom are make ups: Erin Light Brown, Erin Light Smoky Crimson, Erin Light Smoky Fuschia, Erin Light Soft Pink, Erin Tan Cocoa, Erin Tan Smoky Blood Red, Erin Tan Smoky Hot Pink, Erin Tan Smoky Pale

La Sylphide - Erin - Light
La Sylphide - Erin - Light

Both tones are subtle, and I found the light to be not too overly light, and the Tan to be a nice tone, not overly dark, or bronzed as Tan can run.  The all over tones with the hand painted highlighting shadows made for nice depth.  I photographed a selection of each tone with lashes (MMSkins – Thora) and without.  The pale makeup skin (last in each set) I found dreamy and am looking forward to wearing it out!  I don’t know what it is about pale make up-lips in particular that I currently find so appealing, but this one is really nice. I typically go for smoky eyes and pale lips and this delivered well.

La Sylphide - Erin - Tan
La Sylphide - Erin - Tan

The Erin line is available in 16 make up variations per skin tone, with demos available at La Sylphide.  All Lashes worn were (MMSkins – Thora,  Hair Aden’s Windblowen in Hazel, shown is SLink’s Wood and Turquoise Earrings, and Celestial Studios eyes in Light Brown.  Full Body photo shows Casa del Shai’s Tamara Lingerie, and Jaywalk’s Paige stilettos in black.

Teleports:  MMSKins Aden SLink Casa del Shai Jaywalk Celestial Studios

La Sylphide (mainstore)

Adam n Eve – Gratis/Jura

Adam N Eve recently released two cute dresses.  Ok not exactly is dead sexy, and the other a slick affair.  Both dresses are well put together, feature multiple layer options, and multiple skirt options.  We LOVE that!

Adam n Eves Gratis in Black
Adam n Eve's Gratis in Black

Gratis is so sexy its unreal.  Sexy formal wear, club wear, or even lingerie and a suit.  I have to try out gratis alone with other items to see how this can work into my wardrobe, I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to do this BEFORE blogging, but I was too excited I suppose.  Gratis is a sexy cut and looks amazing on the body emphasizing a whole side of your body that will make your love interests eyes pop out.  Serious wolf whistles with this one.  The texture creates a cool effect, so it simply doesn’t look like its painted on, giving it more depth.  Available in six colors.

Adam n Eves Jura dress
Adam n Eve's Jura dress

Jura is available in six colors, all nice a bright.  I like this one this apple green is vivid and sleekespecially against the silver detail and trim work. I am already hunting down a variety of items to mix and match with this, as well as hunting through my inventory for more.  Included are multiple layer options for the bodice including the one middle and far right designed for wearing with pants.  I wore it with the tomato skirt prim, as I liked the way the line of trim looked as it went across my hips.   Both the Tomato skirt (middle) and the flexi prim skirt (left) are included to give you more options.   It’s located currently on the same display as the Gratis but behind it.

Click here for a tp to both.

Both dresses shown with MMSkins Hair-Magdalena in Ginger (gift), and Adam n Eve SkinPersephone t3 – Make up Purr.  Jura shown with Celestial Studios jeans-Ultra Light.

Digit Darkes – Sasy Reflections

I love Digit Darkes!  Design wise shes funky, cool, chic, and always classy.  Her last two releases the Sasy Set, and her very latest Reflections dress show you her design range so well.  She’s a wiz at putting together vibrant colors and prints to really get you a wow factor when dressing.  She’s not shy and all and brought out her inner “Sasy” with this release.  Its a nice contemporary look with good lines.  The Reflections dress is an example of her finest work.  The color palette she chose for the dresses is muted to a degree with vibrant bits of color here and there.  It made choosing a dress very difficult, as when i got my ads from the Subscribe-O-Matic I was torn as each picture rezzed as amazing as the first.

Reflections in Harvest by Digit Darkes
Reflections in Harvest by Digit Darkes

Shown here is Reflections in Harvest.  A mix of purples, blues, and silver.  The bodice is a complementary cut, with a show off back.  The flexi skirt is well made with the fluidity we like to see in gowns,  it retains its form well when moving.  The dress has this hot peek-a-boo slit, that doesn’t deliver a bit a leg every time, but does leave a person waiting for that next glimpse.   Very sexy effect, specially if you know any leg-men. ;P   Digit hasn’t posted it on her blog yet but check back regulary to see the range of colors it comes in, or TP to Digit Darkes on the Addictive sim.

Digit Darkes- Sasy Corset sets in Daisy and Fall
Digit Darkes- Sasy Corset sets in Daisy and Fall

She recently released the Sasy Corset sets, which come with 2 corsets, a belt, and pant with prim legs.   Her prim pant legs are well done, nice and crisp looking and easy to mod.

Digit Darkes - Sasy Corset Variations
Digit Darkes - Sasy Corset Variations

The corsets are fun to play with, they come in two colors per set, long and short variations of both, and all on all layers so you can really get some use out of these when you work them into your exhisting wardrobe.  The prim belt is cute and comes in two color varations, and I found it easy to fit.  As you know with Digits work they are well constructed, and the seam work is great.  She released these in a variety of colors, I have shown here the Daisy and Fall set, to see the others click here. I am totally loving those grey pants.  I can’t wait to mix these into my wardrobe.  Tp to Digit Darkes on the Addictive sim click here.

Shown with Digit Darkes’s Sasy Corset sets are Adam n Eve’s Persphone Skin, and Babii pumps, Analog Dog’s Minna hair in Blonde, Earthtones’ Chakra jewelry set, and an awsome set of bangles from Zaara.

Slink – Isabelle Skin – New Release

If you have been over to Slink, you know Siddean Munro is hard at work creating beautiful clothes, hair, shoes, and jewelry.  Her skin lines in the past have been very kind to those who hunt down the barest of makeups.  Those who have been waiting for a little more makeup options can finally have their wish today.  Siddean is releasing the latest in her Isabelle line!  Today, Saturday, September 13th, 2008 at 3pm she’s having a fashion show, and doing her release of her Isabelle and Christopher lines at 4pm!  Best of all for you deal hunters out there is she’s putting out a special promo skin available for FREE for one hour at her show, after that $50L at her store until Sunday at 12pm slt. Click here for more info.

I know she has always done a great job with bare faces, fresh dewy looks, etc.  So I was very interested in seeing what she would do with the new line.  As you would expect if you are already familiar with her Isabelle skin, is all over goodness.  She pays attention to details, from the cute mole by the belly button, abs, and very good attention to the derierre.  No smudging, no smears, no seams.  But this lines got freckles!  FRECKLES!  I love them! As a freckled person I am quite happy with the job she did on them they are cute!   Isabelle is a lovely line, and addition to your skin collection.

I was quite miffed today, to find that despite several attempts, photoshop and flickr refused to allow me to post these photos at the size I had intended to showcase the variety of make up. I swear its always something.  So I suppose you are just going to have to get over there to the fashion show, and her store later to grab demos to really get a good look at them.  I photographed each with no lashes worn, showing one skin from each set at the bottom with a side by side comparision of a skin with and without lashes.  I am also wearing ETD’s Anisa hair in Espresso, Tesla’s Shiny Felicity Heel in Red, Bazy! eyes in grey steel, Last Call’s Cannes Bikini in Red & White (no longer available-store closed),

At last…Fall…lol..almost

Labor Day for Americans is when we typically start our autumn season,  even though its not officially fall for another few weeks, we are already mentally there.  I have been ready since last fall for this fall.   Autumn is a fun season fashion wise, out come layers, rich tones, and amazing textures.  Knits, Leather, Suedes are all suited to the tones we look for in fall despite whatever fashion maven or guru declares is the in color for fall.  One look I love for autumn are boots, or well heeled shoes, paired with jeans, and something to wrap up in either a sweater, a sweater coat, or favorite jacket.   I went rummaging around in my closet, and across the grid to pull together the following outfits.

Fall Outfit 001

All inspired by some of my favs and some new items.  Maitreya‘s Jade with its woolen cap a new release available currently at Hair Fair 2008, while I’m not a hat person, and never purchased any hat with hair before-this one sold me.   It’s so soft, and I love the color changeable option I get with it.  I wish a few more colors were there, but its a nice spectrum on its own, and I am happy it doesn’t rely on the same tinting method other items use, as unless my atmospheric shaders are on I can’t see tints.  (don’t ask I think I voted on a jira)  The Gypsy Coat is by Truth, and will probably be discontinued soon.  He’s having a huge sale, so go grab some hair which some styles will be also discontinued, and this coat, which is shown here in Cherry and is available in four colors.  It’s main jacket component is on the jacket layer, with a prim skirt, and prim belt, hood, and cuffs.  Thanks to layering options from Last Call (no longer in business), I was able to wear one of my favorite shirts from Veronica on the shirt layer, with lower half on the underwear layer.   Worn with Celestial Studios Cords in Tan, tight fit, with skinny prim legs, they went perfect with my Maitreya Bloom Boots in Brown, without the calf prims.  A finishing touch to this fall outfit is ETD’s Everyday Tote in Brown, worn on the shoulder.  I love this tote as much as Celestial Studios Hobo bags.  Whats awesome about both is the anims that come with them, and in particular ETD’s is a torrid ao, so you can even turn off your ao and just use the bags…no more whacking people upside the head…or yourself for that matter.


Adam n Eve‘s Skin – Persephone t3 – Make up Creme gives a nice dewy look, I wore MMSkins– Thora Lashes, but modded to allow for the SL’s glitch with transparencies, to work with the hair.  A nice trick is to make a copy of your lashes,  then move the lash set that overlaps your hair IF the style doesn’t show any lash, into your skull completely hiding it, then rename the lash at the end with Modded-Left Side Only or Modded – Right Side Only.  You can do this will all your mod lashes and store copies of them in the folders with the hair you own that drape across eyes, its a nice trick to know.

Fall Outfit 002

Again here you can see I have a sweater, jean outfit going.  I am wearing Phaylen Fairchild’s (Diva Designs) Aurelia Gray Sweater from last fall’s Sweater Collection with sculpted collar, prim cuffs, and you have to scream with glee that it is still available.  Its a short shirt layer sweater, so I wore it with Leagues Wide belt – lower to prevent any skin from showing.   Celestial Studio‘s Jeans again in the tight fit, with skinny leg prims, and Maitreya’s Bloom boots in Purple, no calf prims, yes that’s ETD’s Everyday Tote again,  sorry but I am obsessing here indulge me.  ;P


Adam n Eve
Celestial Studio
Phaylen Fairchild (Diva Designs)

Hair Fair 2008

Adam n Eve’s Persephone Skin

Adam n Eve recently released their new skin line Persephone. I have been impressed with this skin as the make ups are lovely and fresh, there is a wide variety of them, and the skin tones are so lovely its hard to pick just one. Sachi has really done an amazing job on these but shes good at skins. The majority of the skin is hand painted offering a nice soft effect without going too sourced. Shown here is Set 6 of the line in tone 3, I have included three makeups from other sets, and given you full front and back details to see this amazing skin.

Sachi has a real talent for bring out the best in tits n ass pardon the term but its true. Her cleavage is awesome and makes you want to stock up on v necks, and other plunging necklines to show off. The bum is divine, nicely rounded, with a amazing attention to quirks we face in that area. The seam work is perfection, I detect no seams at all. Sachi includes two skins per makeup for your choice in bikini wax, and also includes matching nail and toes polish on the glove and sock layers, and lashes to complete your look. I photographed the skins here with NO lashes, and have to tell you, you gotta try them out with a variety of lashes for fun. The Persephone is a large line, with a nice selection. Set 7 is a particularly fun set featuring Misery, perfect runny makeup for your emotional needs. Set 7 also has a tear version available. Tp here, to grab the demos.

Shown with:

Artilleri – deanna bra and panties – leo Store Tp here

Digit Darkes – Naturale – Defiance – Straight Rockstar hair Store Tp here.

Your Worth

I am going to bring up an ugly topic: Camping

I came to Second Life, cause I couldn’t run The Sims 2 any more without upgrading my RAM. I knew to check the blogs as I downloaded Second Life, for clothes, hair, and skin because just like in TS2, I wasn’t going to walk around looking like a townie. I had heard about camping on one of them. No details were provided, but I knew it was how to make money. While shopping at The Free Dove, I noticed what appeared to be a tipi outside. I went out to see if this was a campsite. Nothing.

After making my first friend in Second Life, he showed me where I could camp. It was at a club with a CampMaster. He should me how it worked, and I was pleased to finally have some money. It was the standard camping rate at the time $1 every 5 minutes, with a $100 daily limit. I will refer to these rates using this: $1/5; and $1/5/100.

I quickly accumulated a folder full of LM’s to campsites all offering the $1/5/100. All over the grid this rate was highly available, and seemed to be a basic rate. You could also find many $4/15, a few $5/15, and wow…the $10/15/200. All offered via my favorite camping system The CampMa$ter. There were tons of camping chairs, and dancepads around Second Life offering the same rates, some booted you after a set time, which was anywhere from 1 hour and 30 minutes, on up. It was hard to find one that gave you a pop up menu to click to continue camping, if at all it was pop up menu to put in a code that would allow you to move up in rate. If you were AFK, you continued to dance at the rate you started at.

Club Arsheba

My favorite campsites were Club Arsheba, a $1/5/100 CampMaster, where I would camp overnight with my friends. Perched on a sign, close to a money tree to pick lindens when I could. During the early evenings, I would camp at the camping chairs high up on a platform above the Goddess Mall, in the Spiral region. I loved these. I really don’t know why but I did. $3/15 for 1.5 hours. When your time was up the camping chair made you stand up. It then locked the chair for a maybe a minute where only you could reclick to sit. No one else could steal your chair during this short time. Sure lag, and a screw up view could slow you down to not be able to click in time, but this was still not so bad. It was nice and quiet. Hardly anyone talked. No one danced. No one played obnoxious sound files. No one wore particles. Nice and quiet. I would turn my sound on, and sit and listen to the quiet sound of Second Life at that altitude. Arsheba’s CampMaster is long gone, sad since I also grew accustomed to the sounds of the casino there. I miss hearing the repetitive sound of one of them in particular. I would hear it all night as I slept SL/RL Spiral/Goddess Mall is gone too, it’s still in my home sims, but now it’s the owners design studio and store and the region name has changed. I miss it. Funny enough I spent so much time there, and had such positive experiences there I moved into the Goddess of Love Apartments in the sim next door, and now live in a lovely home in another GOL sim nearby.

I have up until this late summer earned all my income by camping, with the occasional purchase of lindens. On my own, I could earn bottom line a minimum of $360L on a bad day. I did just fine, shopped as much as I liked, lived in nice places, and had nice things. Life was good. Sure I noticed the few places around that had $2/15 camping. LOL! We used to laugh at that rate and walk by! If I saw some poor soul who didn’t know better I would flood them with LM’s to campsites offering the basic rate: $1/5.

As I spent more time building and less time camping unless I was afk, I noticed more of these lower rates popping up. $1/10, $2/15. I continued to walk by and never camp there. But others did. I would find a new place, but it gave a pop up to continue camping, I left, others stayed. I alway knew I had another campsite in my landmark folder with a better rate or no pop up. Soon these “no bot” devices were everywhere. Silly thing is I know how the bot program works. I have it. I have never used it. I will never use it. People think that booting someone or giving a pop up will combat them. Nope, there is a setting for that. The program will handle a variety of tasks. Like logging in. Reclicking after a set time, etc. The person behind the av doesn’t have to be there, the program running along side Second Life will take care of what ever settings you choose to select.

Bots became a problem because you couldnt move faster then them as a computer was controling their click. They could be focused on a chair, pad or log in button set to auto click. Ever been to a campsite and heard the log in button of a campmaster being clicked? Ever heard it with 10 people there, and still 10 openings…click….click…….click. No soemone is not checking their time, it’s a bot already logged in and still running the program…click…click. Now I could care less if someone has an alt camping. Bot’s are alt too, their re-clicking and logging be set up via a program. An alt has the same chance as me at getting a spot. I don’t care if you are camping 5 alts. But seriously if you are camping that many alts, think about why–bots too. If you are doing this to earn Lindens to cash out to USD, you’re nuts. Go get a RL job.

With the end of casino’s, SLingo, etc on the grid campsites vanished overnight. I spent an entire day teleporting to my best sites and…gone nothing there but a patch of grass. What did SL lose? Well me..with up to $700 a day of disposable income. Nearly $4 USD lost a day by not shopping. Now think of others who left. Campsites became hard to find. The rates dropped. After awhile things picked up again. Lots of campsites around. Camping everywhere in fact. But! It’s crap rates with crappy low limits. Who is going to offer $1/5 camping when they can pack them in at $6/60 minutes.

People heads up here! What is your worth? Why are you flocking to these rates? Do you value yourself this cheaply in real life. If no one camps at these crap rates, the owners will be forced to take out half the chairs/pads, and offer a better rate. Spread the word. Start a Union even. DON’T DO IT! Get camping back in control. Owners will have to change the rate to a better one. QUIT the surveys! You are opening up yourself to having email spam, snailmail spam, and identity theft. Take a stand. Report a bot to a bot group. Don’t camp at bot friendly places-the owner are simply going to eliminate camping their eventually and put their alts on the property to get a traffic rating. Shop where you camp, start a business there, help them become successful in their mall or business.

Don’t camp for less then the equivalent of $1 every 5 minutes.

The Ultimate Accessory

Shoes? No. Jewels? No. The Latest Handbag? No!


I am amazed at how many people of the fashionable set haven’t heard about it. What on earth are you wearing besides the obvious? I know…just your ao right? My god! How do you function? Honestly!

So what is a MystiTool?

Well… Let me overwhelm you with a list of features then I can go over some of the more everyday features you might immediately find a use for.

Avatar Scanner, Sim-wide AV Scanner, Remote Sim-Wide, AV Scanner, Bug Scanner, Bug Radar, AV Chat Range Notify, Movelock, Non-Physical Vehicle, Collision Notification, Channel Listener, Locate Avatar, Unsit, Eject, TPHome, Ban, Unban, Music, Kill Avatar, Trap Avatar, Drag Avatar, Toss Avatar, Orbit Avatar, Crush Avatar, Disrupt Object, Teleport History, Landmark Manager, Favorite Locations, AV Following Chair, DynaTable + Automatic Chairs, Object Rezzer, Flight Assist, Posing Stand, URL Catcher, SL URL Maker, Sky Platform Rezzer, Instant Platform Rezzer, Camera Follower, Sim Warnings (sim stats, flags), Anti Idle/Away Prevention (the only feature you dont need cause you can disable that in the Client menu), Color Converter, Land Calculator, Emoter, Animation Control, Avatar Stand, Mimic (AV Imitation), Popup Sender, Avatar Find, Dust Particles, Light Emitter.

What! Whoa! That is a LOT of STUFF!

Not really, but yeah, kinda.

ALL IN ONE HUD! You can access all these amazing features either by typing in a simple command in chat like: /1 light on; or click theHUD button, select Privacy, then select Scan Sim.

First you get your MystiTool box, unpack, and watch this nice little folder unfold in your inventory with the following items:

Landmark to Mystical Cookie Designs, MystiTool Hud, MystiTool Implant, MystiTool Land Relay, MystiTool Settings Backup, MystiTool Sleeper, MystiTool Manual.

You wear the HUD. This is the majority of the features listed.

Implant: If you like a nice face light, and maybe the ability to locate someone you’ve lost in a sim, or like dust particles while flying wear the Implant.

The Land Relay: Rez on land you own, or you can have this deeded to the group if its Group Owned. This will allow you to scan your home sim for a list of avatars in the sim it’s located in. Nice if you happen to have checked your home on map, and notice someone is at your house-don’t tp in to say WTF?!?, scan your sim, and know WHO you are dealing with first. Perhaps it’s friends stopping by, maybe someone using your poseballs, or your nearest and dearest having an affair! OOOOH! Now we are talking gadgets aren’t we!

The settings backup is nice as you will store a lot of information in your MystiTool. The designer has a built in update feature so when she tweaks, or adds content, she can send you the new update and you can add your accumulated settings to the new MystiTool. Also great for when SL goes horribly wrong and you need to reset.

Sleeper: built in is the ability to put your MystiTool to sleep. It cuts the scripts running down to the basics. I do this when I notice I am having difficulty in a sim, and can’t bear to detach. I need my radar and the ability to protect my av in seconds.

Manual: You won’t believe how many people never read it. Save that bad habit for R. This is so important, and so much better then IM’ing the group with stuff like “how do I turn my dust off” and very simple things like that. READ THE MANUAL! If you find you have problems reading the note cards in the manual getting messages like “you do not have permissions to read this” or some shit like that, Drag the notecard out of the manual and into your MystiTool folder, then you will be able to. This is a common SL glitch.

Start out using MystiTool every day. Now for the features.

Radar: Now if you have never used radar, it displays a list of avatars within 96 meters of you. You can get other free radar huds to wear but not all also tell you if the avatar is Sitting, Walking, Hovering, Flying, Typing, Busy, Away, or on Alway Run. Nice for having conversations with people whose ao overrides their typing animation. Instead of standing around looking at each other you know the other person is typing something to say or…just standing around looking at you. They appear as follows on your screen in a nice list on the right:

1 AVs within 96m [0]

Philip Linden (5m) BAR (this means that Phil is 5 meters away, set to always run, and has his busy on.


Philip Linden (88m) SA <–Sitting, Away

Philip Linden (88m) HT <—-Hovering, Typing

Philip Linden (88m) FB.AR <–Flying in busy mode, and set on always run.

You are also notified if someone comes into chat range with green text on your screen in the chat space:

[12:02] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Philip Linden (19m) This is something that you can choose whether or not you want it to display on your screen. On/Off functions are nice.

No one see this but YOU! This is the one tool you will use all the time because if you are wearing it you are seeing it, you will after time rely on this to the point of being handicapped when not on. No radar is like being naked, at a podium, blindfolded.

Av Scanner: Just what it says allows you to scan for avatars.

MoveLock: Probably the second most used tool you will learn to use. Typing /1 ML on gives you the ability to not get pushed by greifers, or in crowded places. Camping and tired of people pushing you out of range of the camper to take your spot? Movelock! Tired of shopping and some newbie/greifer tries to push you around. MoveLock! This is an on/off feature as well. I am 24/7 ML on.

Non-Physical Vehicle: Rezzing this orb and sitting on it makes it very difficult if not impossible for a greifer to orbit you. Sitting helps too against some devices, but this is pretty much a sure thing. To disable this, stand up. It disappears and you may go about your business. This is the first thing I do when a greifer strikes, if I am in a place where I can rez objects, rez and sit, disable particles in the client menu, check my radar for the name of the person I am going to file an Abuse Report on, while protecting myself and others with my MystiTool features.

Collision Notification: I have my settings so that if I come in contact with a script object I get a notice similar to the chat range notification. This will tell me what is trying to interact with me, be it someone shooting their watermelon gun at me, or my clumsy laggy ass bumping into scripted objects.

Channel Listener: This is a favorite! When this feature is on, I have the ability to see in chat when you type any channel command in chat, like change your hair color, or show/hide poseballs. I can also see if you try to use any channel commands on YOUR MystiTool.

Locate Avatar: Duh!

Unsit, Eject, TP Home, Ban, Unban, Music, Kill Avatar, Trap Avatar, Drag Avatar, Toss Avatar, Orbit Avatar, Crush Avatar, Disrupt Object—ok, some of these are land commands you can use if you have the land relay on your land and deeded to your group. Someone comes onto the property and you want them to leave. /1 unsit Philip Linden; you can also change your music settings with this. Now the main Hud, will allow you to use the other features to protect yourself if greifed. /1 toss Philip Linden; /1 orbit Philip Linden. Now while I am using El Presidente’s moniker to demonstrate how easy it is to use these features, I highly recommend NEVER typing most of these exact lines. All these feature if you are not able to easily remember channel commands, are able to be accessed and used via the menu system. It will scan the local area for av’s within range, and give you a list of people to choose from. But come on, if you are gonna use these, you don’t have that kind of time. Use your brain and REMEMBER them, I can orbit your ass while you are still navigating the menu system. Be Proactive. And a nice public service announcement from all MystiTool users: DO NOT USE this for greifing, the MystiTool community prides itself on responsible ownership, and fellowship. Don’t be an ass, you wanna play like this–go play Warcraft.

Teleport History, Landmark Manager, & Favorite Locations: Yes! There is a back button! Forget where you’ve been and wanna go back. TP History! This will automatically store a selection of places you have been recently. Landmark Manager allows you to drag your LM’s to it to store for easy reference, and out of your inventory. Favorite Locations allows you to “bookmark” your favorite places to quick TP there, without digging around for LM.

AV Following Chair, DynaTable + Automatic Chairs, Object Rezzer: Fun things! Need to help someone get somewhere? Going afk and don’t want to have your friends just leave you standing there. Rez a chair behind yourself or another person. This chair will follow you or them. When SL was having some problems and I had Delilah Karas over, I used this chair to have her sit while I flew her 3 sims over to go shopping in my home sims. DynaTable + Chairs– this will rez a table and as many chairs as it can as people require them. Color changeable too. Object Rezzer– You can now store any COPY item in here to rez when you want it. Picnic, bench, poseballs, car. If its a COPY item, you can have it wherever you can rez. Nice for storing couples poses, kisses, and champagne. 😉

Flight Assist: Delete your flight feather! You can fly with no added assistance now, and at different speeds-even fly plaid.

Posing Stand: Hello! I was wrong, this will be the 2nd most used item.

URL Catcher: Someone just mention a website and you want to check it out, this will assist you.

SL URL Maker: Tired of freezing up every time you click MAP to make a slurl, via menu you are two clicks away from having three types of SLurls posted in your chat for you to copy and paste into IM’s, etc.

Sky Platform Rezzer: Need more room? Rez a 40m x 40m sky platform! Loaded with options–the floor can be changed with a click to grass, builders measuring grid, asphalt, wood, and more. Bit of a klutz? one click and you have a railing around the parameter-I like to call these Gary Walls. Need some privacy? Enclose the entire space! No see in, you see out!

Instant Platform Rezzer: Handy device for accurate placing of your Sky Platform. Rez it, and sit, select the altitude you would like your Sky Platform to be at, 300m for example, and it whizzes you up there. Rez your platform.

Anti Idle/Away Prevention: As I said before the only feature you don’t need cause you can disable that in the Client menu. If you are still wearing a scripted object to keep you from timing out and getting logged off–DO THIS RIGHT NOW! You WILL need to double check the next couple of times you log on to make sure the setting as “taken hold” after a couple of times it will remain like this. You may need to do this when installing a different viewer, or an upgrade. Many people think that doing this is a cheat type thing. If you are one of them, you are misinformed. This information comes directly from the Second Life Knowledge Database from the Lindens for YOU! On your keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+D or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D. On a Mac, press Option+Shift+Open Apple+D.; The words Client and Server appear next to the Help menu at the top of the Second Life window. From the Client menu, choose Character. From the Character menu, choose Character Tests. From the Character Tests menu click on Go Away/AFK When Idle to remove the X next to it.

Color Converter, and Land Calculator: I haven’t used these yet-but they are for the color …mumble…mumble..technical..something or other, and Prims per Sq. Meter finder thingies.

Emoter: Make yourself smile, look sad etc.

Avatar Stand: Stand on someone’s head.

Mimic: Really fun and quickly obnoxious. Scan the area to get a list of avs in the area to mimic, click one, then type fun things like, Select Philip Linden, /1 say I would really like to help you recover your lost armidi hair collection, but I really have to take a shit right now.

[12:01] Whimsy Winx: Mr. Linden, I am really upset that I have invested a great deal of USD purchasing power into the grid, which has helped the SL economy grow, and tried to conduct myself at all times as an upstanding, responsible, SL resident, only to lose precious items due to asset loss on an unstable grid. What can you do to help me. BTW I will be blogging this. (white text)

[12:02] Philip Linden: I would really like to help you recover your lost armidi hair collection, but I really have to take a shit right now, and upload a texture of it for the SL Scat Fetish group. (you can’t fool everyone with this-it will be displayed on all screens in green text)

[12:02] Philip Linden: WTF? (white text)

Popup Sender: More fun! Scan the area, select a person, send them a pop up. Tell someone you love them! Send a pop up that won’t get missed in chatting areas to people around you. Hey! It’s Whimsy’s Rez Day! BTW it’s January 9th. I will be available for you to adore, throw surprise rez parties for, please give me advance notice so I may wear something fabulous!

And how much do you think you would spend to purchase these items? You are looking at some serious Lindens! But not with MystiTool. $396! Interested but overwhelmed? Pick up a $1 limited feature MystiTool at the store.  For a limited time, Mystical Cookie Designs will be listed in my Picks in my profile.   Mystical Cookie Designs is located in Avendale 197, 242, 22.

After a very very very long blog post I realize this sounds like a infommercial. I was in no way compensated for this post. I purchased my MystiTool, in the Spring of 2007, on my own. I loved it so much, I will tell anyone and everyone about it. Try it out for yourself.