Skin and Shape Expo 2011 – Adam N Eve

Skin and Shape Expo Adam N Eve Full

Adam n Eve’s release for Skin and Shape Expo 2011, is this very nicely made Dany, shown here in Sunkissed tone.  Sachi Vixen, the skin creator at Adam n Eve is well known for putting together a finely detailed skin.  For those in love with Viewer 2, this skin is your dream skin, with the majority of the customization left to layer work such has brows, brow & pubic, pubic, lipstick, and eye shadows.  The base skin comes with an enhanced cleavage option version.  Also available on sock and glove layer are manicures, pedicures, which she also combines on a v2 layer.  Photos below show 2 eye shadows, with 2 lipsticks.

Skin and Shape Expo Adam N Eve Face

The Skin and Shape Expo runs through the 20th. Featuring both skin and shape makers, this is the place to come to to create a whole new you. More than 60 creators in total, spread out over 2 sims, should make a pleasant shopping experience. Each creator has an item out with 50% of the proceeds going to Direct Relief International.

Teleport:  Skin and Shape Expo

Items worn:

Hair: Maitreya – Lotte – Caramel
Eyes: Amacci – Real Eyes – Turquoise
Lashes: Chaisuki – Lashes 09
Skin:  Adam n N Eve – Dany – Sunkissed – Bare
Earrings: YS&YS – Loop Gold
Lingerie: Dimbula Rose – BK&RED Wagara
Shoes: LeLutka – Pow Pumps – Black
Poses: doll
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Another Fundraiser II

Three years ago, Eloh Eliot of Another Shop caused a grid wise stir when she released full perm skins.  Her reasoning was simple…to see what would happen.  Lots happened!  Out of her generosity, many people had access to layered psd’s.  Psd is a file extension name for Photoshop, meaning there is more than one item inside the file, on a layer.  These layers were lashes, eye-makeup, lips, shading, highlighting, all the elements that come together to create a skin.  For many people this was the first time they were able to see the process.  It was an informative tool, as well as resource.

Seizing this opportunity, and hoping to cement the foundations for proper use of this gift, Another Fundraiser was born.  Second Life residents were encouraged to create modded/modified skins.  The response was overwhelming.  In just a few short day, there were tons of skins already set out awaiting the opening. Residents were consuming tutorials as fast as they could to participate.  Everyone contributed to their skill level at the time, and everyone learned something.  Over the years, people who attempted to make some new makeups for this event, have gone on to show their skills with more makeup, more heavily modded skins, and eventually a fully developed skin with no traces of the old Eloh they started out with. A fresh new skin, fully their own.  Eloh Eliot’s risk, paid off in many people ‘leveling up’.

It was  three years ago to the day, of the posting of the charity receipts for Another Fundraiser, that Mina Jun of MinaJunk offered her full perm skins to the grid for modification, to benefit Red Cross.   The grid has changed a lot in 3 years.  We now have tatoo layers, allowing avatars to swap out tattoos, and makeups.  Another Fundraiser II is back to help victims of the March 11th 2011 Earthquake, and Tsunami by asking residents to try their hand again at modding skins.

Please read for information about Another Fundraiser II.

A collection of various tutorials that might answer some questions about working in Photoshop/gimp with layered files.  You can do this, it’s easy, just play around, emulate some tutorials, and see what happens….trust me anything you do will be better than my old Another Fundraiser skin mods. ;P   Using Mina Jun’s skins, Eloh Eliot’s layers, and Sezmra Svarog’s template, I am sure you can put together something someone will like.  Give it a try!

Eloh Eliot’s Another Blog
Eloh Eliot’s Skin Files (Worth looking through the layers to see the work involved.)
Tutorials by Eloh Eliot
Vint Falken’s Tutorials
Facial Hair Tutorial
Link to various Second Life Skin Tutorials (youtube)

There is a lot of information out there for you, hunt for it.  I suggest using your search browser to find skin resources.  Please double-check copy rights, licensing, and distribution information before using.  Just cause it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s free.

Tuli – Faith Exclusive

Tuli is hard at work on a new skin line called Faith.  She recently released a lovely teaser of it for the opening of her new satellite at The Deck.  It’s only available at this location, and comes in three shades, light, tan, and dark tan.

Tuli - Faith - Exclusive skin
Tuli - Faith - Exclusive skin

Faith is a very pretty skin, with this exclusive version having smokey eyes, and a pale lip I love.  I especially like seeing this very subtle difference in skin tone between these three shades.  Sometimes there is to much of a difference between a light, and tan, here you have tan actually bridging the gap between dark tan and light.   The features are lovely, and the blush leaves a healthy bit of pink in the cheeks.

Tuli - Faith - Body
Tuli - Faith - Body

The body is well defined with good muscle tone, not overly defined, but healthy.  Good shading and highlighting work together with the base skin tone.  The seams are good, and the skins transition well from front to back, and up and down.  I love the placement of the moles here and there on the skin.  While realistic qualities exists, it retains a soft, elegant, look that I think hand painted skin enthusiasts will flock to, while those who go for more realistic effects will admire for being subtle.

This skin is available only at Tuli’s satellite at The Deck.  Shown with Insolence’s panties and bra from her Iris lingerie set in black, and the ultimate bedroom mule from enkythings called Nana in black, and Truth’s Alicia hair in pumpkin.

Items & Teleports:

Hair: Truth – Alicia [Purchased]
Skin: Tuli – Faith “The Deck” exclusive (tan) [Purchased]
Lingerie:  Insolence – Iris Black Panties and Bra from the Iris Black Lingerie Outfit [Purchased]
Shoes: enkythings – Nana heels – Black [Purchased]
Poses: Long Awkward Pose Teleport Here.

PopFuzz-Glamour Skins

PopFuzz Bamboo of PopFuzz is a long time favorite designer for many residents.  She’s widely talented, offering clothing, skins, eyes, and even prefabs in her store.  She has  a love of vibrant color, you always know you can find that extra something you needed at PopFuzz.  My first visit to PopFuzz was a new resident, as she offers a large selection of items at discount, and had a widely sought after group of lucky chairs.  The place was overwhelming with the amount of merchandise, and all in a rainbow of hues.

I’ve been over quite a lot recently, due to an extreme addiction to the inworld game Can’t StopFiachra Lach of Essentia whose main store is located here has a table out, so I am there…a lot.  Between turns I like to zoom out and shop at the number of stores on the sim, as well as PopFuzz.

PopFuzz has recently redesigned the inside her store, I really liked the look of it.  It’s a easy to navigate place, with a department teleport board located in the lobby.   The skin section I love for it’s sleek look.  I  acquired her Glamour skin line, after noticing the nice shading on the cleavage of a friend…yes I peek at cleavage.  PopFuzz offers a wide variety of make-ups within her lines, providing for a wide variety of looks.  Here’s her Glamour Skins in Tan.

PopFuzz Glamour Skin
PopFuzz Glamour Skin

Her skins are hand drawn, and nicely detailed.  She has paid attention to the abdomen, and nicely accentuated the cleavage, rear, and legs for a very nice skin.  Check out the detailed work on the shoulder blades and the back of the knees!  Even the small of the back has been carefully drawn for a realistic look.

PopFuzz Glamour Skins
PopFuzz Glamour Skins
PopFuzz Glamour Skin
PopFuzz Glamour Skin
PopFuzz Glamour Skin
PopFuzz Glamour Skin
PopFuzz Glamour Skin
PopFuzz Glamour Skin

PopFuzz also makes a selection of eyes.  But the ones that really grabbed my attention were her prim eyes, yes I said it PRIM eyes.   In addition to the set of prim eyeballs, included is the eye on the typical eye layer.   The ability to wear prim eyes means you can really have some fun creating a unique avatar.  Here I am wearing a blue, and a brown prim eye.

PopFuzz Prim Eyes-Heterochromia combination of Blue & Brown
PopFuzz Prim Eyes-Heterochromia combination of Blue & Brown

Teleport to PopFuzz

La Sylphide – Erin

La Sylphide has just released their new skin line-Erin.  Erin is a fusion of hand painting and sourcing, with good seam work, and is available in two skin tones,  Light and Tan.

Shown from top to bottom are make ups: Erin Light Brown, Erin Light Smoky Crimson, Erin Light Smoky Fuschia, Erin Light Soft Pink, Erin Tan Cocoa, Erin Tan Smoky Blood Red, Erin Tan Smoky Hot Pink, Erin Tan Smoky Pale

La Sylphide - Erin - Light
La Sylphide - Erin - Light

Both tones are subtle, and I found the light to be not too overly light, and the Tan to be a nice tone, not overly dark, or bronzed as Tan can run.  The all over tones with the hand painted highlighting shadows made for nice depth.  I photographed a selection of each tone with lashes (MMSkins – Thora) and without.  The pale makeup skin (last in each set) I found dreamy and am looking forward to wearing it out!  I don’t know what it is about pale make up-lips in particular that I currently find so appealing, but this one is really nice. I typically go for smoky eyes and pale lips and this delivered well.

La Sylphide - Erin - Tan
La Sylphide - Erin - Tan

The Erin line is available in 16 make up variations per skin tone, with demos available at La Sylphide.  All Lashes worn were (MMSkins – Thora,  Hair Aden’s Windblowen in Hazel, shown is SLink’s Wood and Turquoise Earrings, and Celestial Studios eyes in Light Brown.  Full Body photo shows Casa del Shai’s Tamara Lingerie, and Jaywalk’s Paige stilettos in black.

Teleports:  MMSKins Aden SLink Casa del Shai Jaywalk Celestial Studios

La Sylphide (mainstore)

Slink – Isabelle Skin – New Release

If you have been over to Slink, you know Siddean Munro is hard at work creating beautiful clothes, hair, shoes, and jewelry.  Her skin lines in the past have been very kind to those who hunt down the barest of makeups.  Those who have been waiting for a little more makeup options can finally have their wish today.  Siddean is releasing the latest in her Isabelle line!  Today, Saturday, September 13th, 2008 at 3pm she’s having a fashion show, and doing her release of her Isabelle and Christopher lines at 4pm!  Best of all for you deal hunters out there is she’s putting out a special promo skin available for FREE for one hour at her show, after that $50L at her store until Sunday at 12pm slt. Click here for more info.

I know she has always done a great job with bare faces, fresh dewy looks, etc.  So I was very interested in seeing what she would do with the new line.  As you would expect if you are already familiar with her Isabelle skin, is all over goodness.  She pays attention to details, from the cute mole by the belly button, abs, and very good attention to the derierre.  No smudging, no smears, no seams.  But this lines got freckles!  FRECKLES!  I love them! As a freckled person I am quite happy with the job she did on them they are cute!   Isabelle is a lovely line, and addition to your skin collection.

I was quite miffed today, to find that despite several attempts, photoshop and flickr refused to allow me to post these photos at the size I had intended to showcase the variety of make up. I swear its always something.  So I suppose you are just going to have to get over there to the fashion show, and her store later to grab demos to really get a good look at them.  I photographed each with no lashes worn, showing one skin from each set at the bottom with a side by side comparision of a skin with and without lashes.  I am also wearing ETD’s Anisa hair in Espresso, Tesla’s Shiny Felicity Heel in Red, Bazy! eyes in grey steel, Last Call’s Cannes Bikini in Red & White (no longer available-store closed),

Adam n Eve’s Persephone Skin

Adam n Eve recently released their new skin line Persephone. I have been impressed with this skin as the make ups are lovely and fresh, there is a wide variety of them, and the skin tones are so lovely its hard to pick just one. Sachi has really done an amazing job on these but shes good at skins. The majority of the skin is hand painted offering a nice soft effect without going too sourced. Shown here is Set 6 of the line in tone 3, I have included three makeups from other sets, and given you full front and back details to see this amazing skin.

Sachi has a real talent for bring out the best in tits n ass pardon the term but its true. Her cleavage is awesome and makes you want to stock up on v necks, and other plunging necklines to show off. The bum is divine, nicely rounded, with a amazing attention to quirks we face in that area. The seam work is perfection, I detect no seams at all. Sachi includes two skins per makeup for your choice in bikini wax, and also includes matching nail and toes polish on the glove and sock layers, and lashes to complete your look. I photographed the skins here with NO lashes, and have to tell you, you gotta try them out with a variety of lashes for fun. The Persephone is a large line, with a nice selection. Set 7 is a particularly fun set featuring Misery, perfect runny makeup for your emotional needs. Set 7 also has a tear version available. Tp here, to grab the demos.

Shown with:

Artilleri – deanna bra and panties – leo Store Tp here

Digit Darkes – Naturale – Defiance – Straight Rockstar hair Store Tp here.


Entama While taking photos for the topic I had planned to blog next, and am putting off for a bit, I came a strange folder in my inventory. I picked this up in some sim somewhere that seemed to be a hub for Asian newbies to stop and grab some freebies. This is a full avatar pack called Entama-Musume, comes complete with hair, skin, shape, eyes, clothes, and cool accessories like helmet, jetpack, and skateboard. Some of which are scripted, but I have never played with them–I’ve learned to be cautious when playing on my sky platform at 700m. Wondering what else the designer made, I checked the edit box for the creator and found she had a skin store. Intrigued by the lovely skin ad she has, in the mood for fun after trying on this avatar, and wanting to know more I went to investigate her skin store.

Surprise! Surpise! The teleport brings me to a box in the sky where only weeks ago I tp’d into after someone reported in the Fashion Emergency group about some new skins at a reasonable price. I wasn’t the only one that day to come investigate that day. Grazia Horwitz, who declared a short while ago, that skins were the new black had come as well.

All of the skins and a few avatars are done by ChicoTan Sperber, with more avatars for sale by uRieL Soothsayer. The Building is a dual purpose shop the content from uRiel Soothsayer being sold under the RoBot RoCk InC business name. Christyna Voom of:+:PureMAG Aoba Shop:+:, has a vendor here, selling the cutest bottle cap beanie hats, and whatnot. Her creations can also be found at :+:PureMAG Aoba Shop:+:, in Aoba, check her profile for a teleport.

ChicoTan has 9 series of Skins for females, and three for men. All include a shape, and the skins are MOD so you can change the tone. Individually they run $800 per skin/makeup, with a fat pack of 6 for $3500, demos are $1. I grabbed some demos that I liked, and here they are: Special Skin #009-only comes in this one skin, #001, #002, #006, #008 all shown here in brown and pink lipstick’s.






Avatars by ChicoTan, are available, a very cool one for $700-T2 skin, includes eyes, shape and skin, and can be purchased in one of 5 colors. Great av, but for robot fetishists, it’s gonna look silly with the X3 cock from xcite. I suppose it would make you a cyborg then, whatever. Male and Female Tintable Henley’s $77.

RoBot RoCk InC -carries some fun avatars for a reasonable price, pink and blue frogs fully animated for $300, Oversized Scissor Hands Suit $100, Scripted beer taps for $200, to a Minion of Shadows Avatar for $150, I picked up a Chicken for $1, that lays eggs. Gary being a big breakfast in bed type guy, I though this would help out with the household budget if we just kept a chicken. Sonic the Hedgehog avatar is animated and runs $50. The coolest thing I saw was an avatar that reminded me of the cat like robot vehicles in Voltron of my youth, these are called SaberTiger’s for $300 and other av’s can ride you.

Second Life is very much a trip down the rabbit hole, a simple photoshoot can turn into an expedition. You never know what you are going to find as there are so many residents out there creating content. I think it pays to be an explorer of sorts, but I think by nature Second Lifer’s are a curious bunch. We found SL, we stayed, we acquired skills. Our brains know the next bit of eye candy is around the corner, or a tp away.