Linden Living: Moving In

40779447573_226655b1fa_k.jpgMoving Day by Whimsy Winx, on Flickr

Hi everyone. So my mailbox is fixed, and I’ve got a proper Linden Home again. Now, comes the fun part, deciding which home style I like, and getting my furniture in.  This has been pretty difficult. I’m leaning very heavily on the Winchester, and currently moving into that one for now.

The biggest issue I see is how to divvy up enough LI for the space so I can have a bit of everything I think I need. I’m very sure I want a kitchen, living room, dining, and outdoor recreation. It’s the upstairs bedroom that is conflicting me, I would like a bedroom as well as a work room which I can use it for both.

46956662414_afa8a83b8a_k.jpgWindow Treatment by Whimsy Winx, on Flickr

Initially I decided since I had 5 areas to decorate I would evenly assign LI to each space with a starting point of about 70 LI per space. Seemed simple enough, if I was happy with an area that was still under 70 LI I could reassign additional LI elsewhere or keep as I might want to spawn cars as needed.

This is actually quite a challenge for me considering I’ve lived with nearly whole sims to rez out as much as I please for 10 years. I’ve already started installing a kitchen, and plan on working it out from there.

46956663844_5936e0bd46_b.jpgCoffee Break by Whimsy Winx, on Flickr

The Lindens keep teasing us with news that more homes are coming soon. I’ve been watching the map and they certainly are making progress. They’ve also updated to include security orbs, as when they went live the ban lines were ugly and as you can imagine, that just ruined the esthetics here quick. So the solution was to feature security orbs, and there are quite a few rules for them as we don’t want to suddenly find ourselves returned home from the street on a bike ride, or sent home when flying over (personal aircraft are quite popular here). So that should help at least keep my hot tub clean. For more information about the security orbs check the forum announcement from Patch Linden here.

40779445473_7e3e9a75fd_k.jpgYou kids get off my lawn by Whimsy Winx, on Flickr

Also, shout out to my fellow neighbors on Bellisseria – keep it weird. The random t-rex, the police chases, broken down buses..ya’ll make my day. But stay out of my hot tub.

Worn in all:
Body: Slink – Hourglass
Head: LeLutka – Chloe
Skin: DeeTaleZ – Mina – MixedType
Eyes: Euphoric – Enigma Eyes – Ice
Nails: Empire – Almond Nails – Short

Hair: DP YumYum – Hair Fair (Gift 2016)
Top: The Secret Store – Hazel Tank Top – Mint Leaf
Bottom: The Secret Store – Cora Belted Shorts – Mint Leaf
Items: Soy, Minimal, Dust Bunny, Malone, Fashionably Dead, Second Spaces, YS*YS, Jian, RC Cluster, Cheeky Pea

Hair: DP YumYum – 78AHF – Brown
Necklace: Mai Bilavio – Initial Pendant W
Top: RKKN – Tay’s Sweater
Bottom: Coco Designs – Ripped Crop Jeans – Blue
Pose: FoxCity – Taxi
Items: Schultz Bros, MadPea, Second Spaces, Floorplan

Hair: DP YumYum – 78BHF – Brown
Top: Tee*fy – Ashley Top – i<3
Bottom: Blueberry – Jimena – Denim Shorts
Shoes: Tetra – Air Sneakers – White
Pose: Hopscotch (modified)
Items: Roost, Omg it’s.., Studio Skye, Botanical, Half-Deer, Heart Garden Center, Tres Blah.

Hair: DP YumYum – 78BHF – Brown
Top: Tee*fy  – Ashley Top – i<3
Bottom: Blueberry – Jimena – Denim Shorts
Shoes: Tetra – Air Sneakers – White
Pose: Everglow (modified/no longer available)
Items: Fancy Decor, Hive, RC Cluster, Studio Skye, What Next, Heart Garden Center

Ya know, you’re probably thinking right now, why is does that place have a slurl and not this place? Look, do you see all those stores? I didn’t plan on having to slurl all of them. I certainly didn’t think that out well when thinking ooh I can have an outfit change and take another photo. I haven’t blogged in like 6 months so I’m rusty and over ambitious. But I assure you, all of the above stores can be found in search or marketplace, and if not there they’re closed. I might feel guilty and come back and populate them more but search is right there.

Hair Fair 2017 – Tetra

35655425671_5ce2864df2_b.jpgHair Fair 2017 – Tetra by Whimsy Winx, on Flickr

Tetra released 3 hairstyles at Hair Fair 2017. Orange is a braided hair which comes with an over the shoulder option, or down the back.  Mango is like Orange, with full braid, close to head, but is short, does not have the tail that Orange has.  The style is well done for both.  It gives the appearance of a hair that has a lot of volume to it, and it works very well for Mango as just an updo.  Cherry is a long hair, to the back, and over one shoulder.  All styles here are 1 of 2 red tones from the Balayage pack. Tetra is located here on the Brunette sim.

35787461635_3afd97244b_c.jpgHair Fair 2017 – Tetra – Cherry, Mango, Orange by Whimsy Winx, on Flickr

Hair Fair 2017 runs through July 16th. Featuring hair creators of Second Life, each hair sold donates a percentage to Wigs For Kids. Each sim also contains Bandana Booths featuring bandanas made by residents of Second Life. Bandana’s are limited edition, $50L each, with 100% of price going to Wigs for Kids. Also available this year are Hares made by Anya Ohmai, little rabbit wearables featuring a bandana.

For more details about Hair Fair 2017  visit the blog.  Also check out the Flickr groups – Hair Fair 2017 Official Flickr Group, and Vendor Images.  Wigs for Kids, is a non profit charity that provides a complete hair system for children suffering from hair loss due to illness, or injury.  For more information visit Wigs for Kids.

Hair: Tetra – Cherry, Mango, Orange {MESH} NEW! (Currently available at Hair Fair 2017)
Hairbase Appliers:   LeLutka [APPLIER]
Eyes: Ikon – Spectral– Quickleaf {MESH}
Head: LeLutka – Cate Bento {MESH}
Skin Appliers: YS&YS – Tone 3 [APPLIER]
Head Appliers: YS&YS – Maddie – LeLutka  [APPLIER] NEW!
Body: Slink – Physique {MESH}
Hands: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual & Elegant 1 {MESH}
Nails: Empire – Almond Nails – Medium {MESH}
Bracelet: Izzie’s – Initial Bracelet {MESH}
Bracelet: Izzie’s – Tropical Bracelet {MESH}
Ring: Izzie’s – Pineapple Ring {MESH}
Swimsuit: ANE – Summer Swimsuit – Tropical – Slink Physique {MESH} NEW! (Currently available at The Liaison Collaborative)
Feet: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe – Flat {MESH}
Poses: Corpus – Against The Wall & Sizzle NEW!  (Currently available at The Liaison Collaborative)
Studio/Posestand: VR Foundry

Anhelo – l’atelier de l’ecrivain {MESH}
Apple Fall – Retro Radio {MESH} [GACHA]
Apple Fall  – Lemonade Bucket {MESH}
ARIA – Anemone Potted  Sansevieria {MESH}
ARIA – Anemone Potted Strelitzia Reginae {MESH}
Cheeky Pea –  Boho Dreamtime Hammock Cloud (PG) w/stand {MESH}
Concept – 05. Patio Carpet light {MESH} [GACHA]
Cube Republic – Red Tower Ginger {MESH}
Dubu – Throw Pillows – Floral {MESH}
Dust Bunny – beach locations sign {MESH} NEW!
Dust Bunny – pink medinilla plant {MESH} NEW!
Dust Bunny – Natural Habitat 2 – pilea peper plant {MESH} NEW!
Dust Bunny – Natural Habitat 2 – potted palm {MESH} NEW!
Dust Bunny– lounging chair {MESH} [GACHA]
Dust Bunny– basket table {MESH} [GACHA]
Dust Bunny – tiki torch {MESH} [GACHA]
Dust Bunny– flip flops {MESH} [GACHA]
Kalopsia – Bright ‘n’ Boho Rocking Chair – Aqua {MESH} [GACHA]
Sari-Sari – Beach Vacation – Pillows 1 {MESH} [GACHA]
Studio Skye – Palms {MESH}
Studio Skye – Zingiberaceae Alt Leaf {MESH}
Studio Skye – Alligator Apple Bush {MESH}
Soy – Potted Traveler’s Palm Tree  {MESH}
Zin + Toro – cruiser bicycle + mint  {MESH} [GACHA]
Zerkalo – Country Living – Glass w/Lemonade {MESH} [GACHA]

Perfect Tense

24973640314_374690caba_z.jpgPerfect Tense by Whimsy Winx, on Flickr

Hair: Little Bones – Lo {MESH} NEW! (Currently available at Uber)
Eyes: Ikon– Spectral – Denim {MESH}
Head: LeLutka – Aria {MESH}
Skin Appliers: YS&YS [APPLIER]
Head Appliers: YS&YS – Bella&Xiao – LeLutka [APPLIER] NEW! (Coming Soon to Skin Fair 2016 – March 11-27th)
Body: Slink – Physique {MESH}
Hands: Slink– Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual {MESH}
Manicure/Pedicure Applier: Flair – Set 144  [Applier]
Necklace: Minimal – Sole v2 Necklace- Black – Slink {MESH} NEW! (Currently available at Whore Couture)
Dress: Tetra – Metallic Bandage Dress – Black – Slink {MESH} NEW! (Currently available at Uber)
Feet: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Feet – High {MESH}
Shoes: Essenz – Dallas – Slink {MESH}
Poses: Aushka&Co
Studio/Posestand: VR Foundry

♪   Fallulah – Perfect Tense  ♪