Together For Sway – W. Winx & Flair – Carova Retreat

Together For Sway

Designers across the grid have banded together to create items for the Together For Sway event.  The event runs from today, December 15th through December 31st, and benefits a much appreciated designer, Sway Dench, in Second Life.  Sway Dench is the avatar behind Sway’s, a cute store with an eclectic mix of homewares, bric a brac, and fashion – check out her cute rubber boots.  Sway in real life has a benign brain tumor, and is under going surgery in about a month for it.  Together for Sway was created to help her business stay afloat during her surgury and recovery, affording her the opportunity to relax and recooperate without the stress of worrying about her business for the next six months.

Together For Sway features items from over 80 stores, with 100% of the purchase price being donated to Sway Dench.  There will be a number of music events accompanying the event, check the blog for details, updates, and additions. Many items have been already blogged, and vendor ads adding to the Together For Sway flickr group, take a sneak peak at them before heading over.  If you are looking for more ways to help Sway, there are a variety of ways you can listed here.

W. Winx & Flair have collaborated to create the Carova Retreat for Together For Sway.  It’s a tranquil spot for your garden or outdoor space where you can hang out with your friends.   The design features mesh, 23 land impact, 5 custom sits, and click on/off candles.  With the low land impact it makes it ideal for first land.

WWinx & Flair - Carova Retreat - ad

This item is available for purchase at the Together For Sway event.  There is a full size display demo at the W. Winx mainstore just outside, including a landmark giver back to the event.

Together For Sway Info:

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The Back To Black Event 2012 – Strength

The Back To Black event starts February 11th through February 29th and is brought to you by Chic Management.  This event is to promote mental health awareness and is themed around inspirational themes; like Love, Strength, Family, Friendship, etc.  I chose two items from Strength for this post, perception is that you either have it or don’t.  The truth is you cultivate it, and exercise it like a muscle, it’s something you’ve had all along.

Back to Black - Yoga - Izzie's

Izzie’s has made these cute leisure sets that come in three colors, with choice of coordinating drawstring cording. I like how comfortable they look, specially while doing some yoga.   Elefantu‘s Yoga Studio is a fun item featured.  It’s a full yoga studio, that comes with a surround sphere so you get the full effect of being out and about at the studio. It’s decorated with yoga mats for you and your yoga buddies, relaxing candles, water cooler, and other decor. Each yoga mat comes with menu driven yoga animations.

Back to Black event - Yoga Composite Final

To read more about the Back To Black event and see a list of participating stores click here.  The event opens Feb 11th.  Please refer back to the blog for a teleport when it opens.

For this post I am also wearing new hair from Ploom, and new skin from Adam n Eve.  I love this long pony tail, and how it’s divided over the shoulder and down the back.  Amaris is a beautiful skin I plan to show more indepth in another post.  I went with a natural look for this with the Fraiche.  Included are matching manicures and pedicures on layers, chest enhancers and ‘dehancers’, hair bases in Black, Brown, Pale Blond, and Red. Freckles, and eyebrows in Blond, Brown and Red.

Hair: Ploom – Stevie – Red 2 Hud
Eyes: Amacci – Real Eyes – Winter
Lashes:  LeLutka – 2011 Lashes/Curl
Skin: Adam N Eve – Amaris – Natural – Fraiche Bewbs
Manicure/Pedicure: Adam N Eve – Amaris – Rainbow
Cleavage: Adam N Eve – Amaris – Cleavage Enhancer Natural
Outfit: Izzie’s – Leisure Outfit    [Back to Black Event 2012]
Yoga Studio: Elefantu                [Back to Black Event 2012]

Sasy joined me for yoga, she’s also wearing Izzie’s Leisure outfit, with Adam N Eve’s Amaris skin, and Wasabi Pills Kamiko hair.