Together For Sway – W. Winx & Flair – Carova Retreat

Together For Sway

Designers across the grid have banded together to create items for the Together For Sway event.  The event runs from today, December 15th through December 31st, and benefits a much appreciated designer, Sway Dench, in Second Life.  Sway Dench is the avatar behind Sway’s, a cute store with an eclectic mix of homewares, bric a brac, and fashion – check out her cute rubber boots.  Sway in real life has a benign brain tumor, and is under going surgery in about a month for it.  Together for Sway was created to help her business stay afloat during her surgury and recovery, affording her the opportunity to relax and recooperate without the stress of worrying about her business for the next six months.

Together For Sway features items from over 80 stores, with 100% of the purchase price being donated to Sway Dench.  There will be a number of music events accompanying the event, check the blog for details, updates, and additions. Many items have been already blogged, and vendor ads adding to the Together For Sway flickr group, take a sneak peak at them before heading over.  If you are looking for more ways to help Sway, there are a variety of ways you can listed here.

W. Winx & Flair have collaborated to create the Carova Retreat for Together For Sway.  It’s a tranquil spot for your garden or outdoor space where you can hang out with your friends.   The design features mesh, 23 land impact, 5 custom sits, and click on/off candles.  With the low land impact it makes it ideal for first land.

WWinx & Flair - Carova Retreat - ad

This item is available for purchase at the Together For Sway event.  There is a full size display demo at the W. Winx mainstore just outside, including a landmark giver back to the event.

Together For Sway Info:

Together For Sway Teleport

Together For Sway Blog

Together For Sway Flickr Group

Sway Dench’s Blog

Sway’s on Marketplace

Sway’s (inworld)

W. Winx Teleport

Hair Fair 2012 – Demo Group

Hair Fair 2012 – Demo Group

Hair Fair Demo Group

The Hair Fair Demo Group has always not only been a great way to see all the hair releases early – Hair Fair Demos are sent the day before Hair Fair starts – but also a fun way to try on styles from creators that may be new to you, with friends and family at home.

Not only can you compile a shopping list ahead of time, and be prepared to just shop at the event, it will also help with not having to rez each style in a busy environment, store to store.

Have a party, get your friends to vote on styles you love, play dress ups with your besties and convince your partners that trying on girl or boy hair is fun behind closed doors – don’t forget to make your snapshot silent while you take pics of them.

This event is a huge Charity Event for Wigs for Kids, and we want it to be as fun as possible for you, and we love hearing all the excitement leading up to the event, and Demos are a great way to do that. You will find a clickable board HERE  or you can copy paste secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about  in chat and open your chat history to click the underlined link to join that way.

All hair sold at hair fair 2012 will be donating a percentage to Wigs for Kids, the charity of choice for Hair Fair. If you want to know more about Wigs for Kids you can visit their website, or watch this short film of its founder and how Wigs for Kids is now a legacy to a loved on.

Wigs For Kids Story
Hair Fair 2012 Join Us banner

Skin and Shape Expo 2011 – Amacci

Skin & Shape Expo 2011 - Amacci - Full

Amacci released Katie at the Skin and Shape Expo, this is a lovely skin, shown here in Nutmeg.  This skin is well made and detailed.  Comes with hair base, and cleavage options, additional eyebrow shapers, system lash alpha to hide default lashes, and 16 base makeups.  Shown here are makeups 1-4, in nutmeg, followed by lip tattoos made for the Katie skin.

Skin & Shape Expo 2011 - Amacci - Lips
The Skin and Shape Expo runs through the 20th. Featuring both skin and shape makers, this is the place to come to to create a whole new you. More than 60 creators in total, spread out over 2 sims, should make a pleasant shopping experience. Each creator has an item out with 50% of the proceeds going to Direct Relief International.

Teleport:  Skin and Shape Expo

Items shown in photos:

Hair: LeLutka – Biel – Soy Sauce
Skin: Amacci – Katie – Nutmeg – Fresh
Lashes:  Amacci – Eyelashes – Charm – Black
Eyes: Amacci – Real Eyes – Summer
Swimwear: Bijou – Wired – White  [Bijou is closed – Item no longer available]
Shoes: DeeTaleZ – Pumps – Black & Beige 2
Poses: Glitterati
Posestand/Studio: VR Studio by VR Foundry

Cozy Winter

Cozy Winter

I put together a cozy winter look. Lot’s of layers of warm material have me ready to curl up to read a book. This cabled cardigan from INDI Designs features a great white shirt underneath, all prim parts well made, and able to wear alone, or with each other. I loved how I was able to match the beige tone with this wool skirt from DeeTaleZ, and the Miel Lia Leggings. A cloud of hair to from LeLutka, and this cute set of jewelry from EarthStones, with the new LeLutka Gem skin finish the look.

Hair:LeLutka – Megan Hair – SoySauce
Skin: LeLutka – Gem – Hush – Makeup5/DBrows
Eyes:  Argrace – Moonlit Eyes – Regular (Honey)
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 lashes/curl
Jewelry: EarthStones – Chandraki – Gold/Mother of Pearl
Manicure: Mandala – Sinra – Nails – Red
Shirt/Sweater: INDI Designs – Michelle – Cardigan/Shirt beige
Skirts: DeeTaleZ – Thick Wool White Fur
Leggings: Miel – Lia Socks
Boots: Miel – Lia Boots
Poses: Olive Juice

Mon Tissu

mon tissu just released this lovely sculpted sweater called Softest Cinch Cardigan.  It features a prim lapel, and sculpted prim skirt lower half.  I love the look of the pockets, and the belt tied in the back is to die for.  I paired the cardigan with their pleated skirt in black.  They’ve included the lower skirt of the cardigan on pelvis and stomach attachments so you can layer your look with other items quickly. The cardigan comes brown, grey, lavender, moss, mustard, red, rose, and black.  Some of my favorite shoes of late are these from LeLutka.  I love the shape of the heel, I can’t get enough of this shape paired with stockings and leggings of all sorts, shown here are these fantastically seamed No. 9 panty hose.  Under my cardigan I have on Royal Blue’s hot body suit with paint splatter in contrasting colors, she has a whole bunch of these in fun colors, come get your 80’s on.


mon tissu - Softest Cinch Cardigan

Hair:  LeLutka – Willamina – Soy Sauce
Skin:  Tuli – Bella – Sunkissed/br – Kellie (PU2)
Lashes:  Chaisuki – lashes13
Eyes:  Argrace – Moonlit Eyes – Regular (Honey)
Sweater: mon tissu – Softest Cinch Cardigan – (Mustard, Moss, Black)
Top:  Royal Blue – Paint Filled Dreams Bodysuit – Night
Skirt:  mon tissu – Pretty Pleats Skirt – Black
Stockings: No.9 Nylons – High Pantyhose -backseam- black50
Shoes: LeLutka – Pow Pumps – Black
Poses: doll

** Post edit 1/14/2011: replaced photo due to partly unrezzed texture, improperly showing item.

Le Look Osakki!

Osakki @ Le Look

Osakki who I have been bingeing on the past couple of posts such as Osakki Berries, and With Love Plaid, has just released a new collection, and a new location at Le Look!  It’s a stunning looking store.  The designer Kaysha Piers ‘s work this time around has continued with her structured look in form, but from soft sweaters to military bodysuits, and jackets.  It’s a wondrous, contemporary mix of old, and new styles, with fun twists. It’s very hip, very now, and totally Second Life fashion. I especially love her for her variety of leggings.

Osakki - Assassin - Blood

One of my favorites right away was this eye-catching blazer in blood-red, with coordinating corset, leggings, and gloves, called Assassin.  It featured two types of shoulder epaulets.  As I mentioned before she has a variety of leggings,  I was really taken with the fish net leggings I blogged in With Love Plaid.   I have worn them for over a week, so I am quite happy she’s created even more, and hope she just turns these out left and right.  I am sooo into this right now.    [Osakki Mainstore Teleport] Check out my awesome new hair from Exile, this windblown hair is great.  I am in love with browns and auburns and Kavar nailed it.  I love the way it drapes from behind as well.

Osakki - Leggings - Variety

Whut Whut:
Hair: Exile – Nyx – Dusk
Hair Base:  Amacci – Hair Base Tattoo – Mocha
SSkin: eStyle Exquisite – Paris X3 – Tan 24
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelashes ‘Allure” – Black
Eyes:  Amacci – Real Eyes – Amber
Outfit: Osakki – Assassin – Blood
Boots: SiniStyle – Animosity Boot
Poses: Marukin

I also wanted to share that Sasy Scarborough of SasyPants (lol), has created a flickr group of stock images for Second Life users.  Bloggers, photographers, virtual artists, photo pile up enthusiasts are sure to find something interesting to use in this group that is growing and growing.  If you have a love of taking photos, and are always snapping a photo out on location, consider submitting it to this group.  All work submitted is to be used Non Commercially.  You can’t use it to make textures, backgrounds, etc.  You can use it as the background of your store ad, or blog post photo, or pile up, etc.  The group has a lot of potential, so please consider making some backgrounds for others, or use it as your resource for backgrounds.  Check it out Second Life Stock Images, and check out an example of how I used a photo.

Second Life Stock Image (flickr group) Use Example

PLEASE REMEMBER this is NOT a pile up group, so if you submit a photo like a head shot, it can then be used in any manner non commercially by others.  There are groups for pile ups, this is where you get the background you want for it.  Just sayin’  don’t complain when you are the next spoke person for diaper fetish group. Mmmhmm.

Chaisuki – Paris – New Release

Chaisuki - Paris

Chai Kazan of Chaisuki skins recently released a new skin named Paris.   It’s a well defined skin, special attention paid to all areas.  I particularly like the stomach on all tones, navel, and collar bone.  She features several bikini options, hair bases, and layers of lipsticks, several layers of eyeliner, eye decor, blood, blush, smokey eyes.  They are all fun to play with. Mixing and matching to create a really unique look.

Chaisuki - Paris - Makeup Layers

The Paris skin is available in six skin tones, from Milky to Nougat.  Shown below, are Milky, Peach, and Nougat.  The attention  to the nuances of the lighter skins is great. I tried this skin, with several of the shapes I use, and find it went well with all of them, each had a unique look as well.  Grab some demos at Chaisuki.

Chaisuki - Paris - Milky, Peach, Nougat.
Chaisuki - Paris - Milky, Peach, Nougat.

Hair: LeLutka – Aadi hair – SoySauce; Lingerie: Luck Inc – ; Lashes: Chaisuki – lashes27; Poses: Long Awkward Pose



This outfit was more about obsession then fashion.  I mixed all the things I love right now, from knee socks, to layering a shorter top on a longer one.  Textures are also important, the idea of this red wool skirt, with the leather boots, with the heavier fabric of the vest, with the lighter feel of the LeLutka shirt.  All colors understated, yet holding their own coming together to make a statement.

Hair: LoQ – Cafe Misto – Mocha
Skin: eStyle Exquisite – Athens X3 – Tan 1
Lashes: Chaisuki – lashes32 Brianna
Makeup: PixelDolls – Eyeshadow – Firefly – Ashes
Manicure: Page 3 – Rings & Nails
Shirt: LeLutka – Irma Shirt – Cream Shirt w/shadows
Vest:  Twisted & Spoiled – Khaki Vest
Skirt:  DeeTaleZ – Thick Red Wool
Bag:  Shiny Things – Leather Bag – Reddish
Socks:  Royal Blue – Sheer Compliments Socks – Red Rum
Boots: Bax – – Prestige Boots – Brown (colorchange – mocha)
Poses: aDORKable

New Releases @ W. Winx

I have been remiss in posting my new releases at W. Winx. Enjoy. Hope you are enjoying your autumn!

Your W. Winx-Pumpkin Patch is a fun place to hang out this fall. Abundant with a wide variety of pumpkins, this is a great place to throw some more poses, perhaps a picnic table or blanket, hang out with friends, take photos. Celebrate the season with a trip to the pumpkin patch! Gather your friends around your, for a fun autumn event.
Available in 3 different sizes for your parcel. Available at W. Winx

W. Winx-Pumpkin Patches

On display at W. Winx @ The Deck.

W. Winx-Reap The Wild Wind
W. Winx-Reap The Wild Wind

Reap The Wild Wind, is a scene for your garden, home, store, or special place, that incorporates the images of a day stuck in bed. With the imagination running wild, it turns into a fantasy land of adventure. Featuring 18 animations, 19 if you count the spyglass. An afternoon treat tray that gives hot cocoa, oatmeal cookies, newspaper hat, wooden sword, spyglass, and fishing pole when touched to help wile away the hours in bed. Perfect for a fun place to hang out with your friends, delight your guests, or tuck away into a place where only you can play.

W. Winx-Reap The Wild Wind
W. Winx-Reap The Wild Wind

Reap The Wild Wind’s dimensions are 12 meters by 8 meters, and the whole design is copy, and modifiable. Check it out on display at W. Winx. Click the demo sign at the store, bring some friends to try out all the fun. Available for gifting at display, and on Xstreet. W. Winx Main Store.

W. Winx - Reap The Wild Wind
W. Winx – Reap The Wild Wind



So Sasy and I were out fashion trolling last night.  Usually this evolves into massive binge shopping trips that involves a rotating gaggle of girls, some minor flirting and dragging along of the men we find along the way, and that bleary moment 12 hours later when you log on wondering where the hell all your lindens are, and wtf is all this in your inventory, followed by another couple of hours of trying on clothes and recalling it all over Skype.  Yeah, good times, good times.  This started the same way but ended quickly when Sasy dragged me over to Meghindo Romano’s store appropriately named Meghindo’s.  After combing through the lovely lingerie, the swimwear, the little party dresses,  I turned a corner and saw their outfits.  I died.  I love when designers throw together an entire look.  I love that one easy moment of click wear a folder and being ‘done’.  To throw on their idea of a moment in time, an event, etc.   Meghindo’s does this very well.  She is a very clever designer, using  multiple layers, and layer work to her advantage.  Her jewelry, amazing big earrings, are flexi alpha, which is a fun twist.  Many prim parts are done flexi, and completely different then I have seen before.  She has a several group gifts available, her group only being $250 to join.  One outfit was the coolest outfit, I totally began imaging various places my avatar would wear it to, and what I loved about it were the prim pant legs.  Not your typical sculpts, or old school cones/cylinders they were flexi giving a really nice evening pantsuit touch to it.  I liked the movement.   The jewelry was all on layer available with or without the top.  Very fun effect.  Many of her outfits come with full accessories from shoes, handbag, clothes.  The price range for an entire outfit as shown in my photos runs about what you would be paying if you purchased them as separates, and pulled a unique look together.  I am showing off several of Meghindo’s outfits, and can’t wait to photograph more, they are so fun.  I thought I would show them off playing around with a style of layout I am totally stealing from Eve Kazan at Mademoiselle. She blogged Hair Fair 2010 Recently using this, and my attempt is very amateur in comparison but I liked it enough to wanna play around with it.

I’m wearing hair from Hair Fair 2010 from a new to me store.  I knew about them, but only as they were new sim mates, and holding out on putting out  their hair until Hair Fair. Shown are Natasha Likes Hot Rollers, Natasha Loves Boris, and Riley.  Three formal updos, Riley is their store freebie hair style available in a naturals pack. I love naturals packs, can I say it enough? Shown from left to right from Meghindo’s are Diplomat, Admiral, and Faded.  Shown with Diplomat, is lacey face tattoo from Masquerade Parade.  It comes with several variations, light, dark, and tintable (viewer 2.1+ only).  I can’t wait to play around with my outfits some more, and blog them again, and mix these separates with some other pieces.

Outfits: Meghindo’s

Hair: Frou-Frou

Face Tattoo: Masquerade Parade’s Face It – September Morn

Bandana Day @ Hair Fair 2010

Bandana Day @ Hair Fair 2010
Bandana Day @ Hair Fair 2010

Arrr, tis’ Bandana Day at Hair Fair 2010.  Aye, The tradition is t’ remo’e your hair, and wear a bandana for the rest o’ the day.  These bandanas be a’ailable at the fair, with 100% o’ proceeds goin’ t’ Wigs for Kids. E’ery year residents and content creators make some o’ the most memorable designs. Aye, me parrot concurs. Many people collect these as sou’enirs. Gar. Arrr, the styles range from a traditional look t’ mighty whimsy. They all run $50 each, and be a’ailable at bandana booths on each sim.  Ahoy, check out a few o’ the styles a’ailable.

W. Winx @ Hair Fair 2010 Bandana Day
Hair Fair 2010 Bandana Day

Here be me own fine bandana, representin’ me store.  A collecter’s item it right be, and a hearty photo prop to be saved to.

Hair Fair 2010 Bandana Day
Hair Fair 2010 Bandana Day

Gar, Where can I find a bottle o’rum?

Teleport , click here.

Mina Paper Couture

Mina @ Hair Fair 2010
Mina @ Hair Fair 2010

Mina is a store that’s new to me this year, and it’s been fun to get to know them through their offerings this year.   My favorite at the fair is Stacey, which is a very relaxed updo, with attachable ponytail.  It comes with 2 variations of the updo portion, with, and without daisies.  The ponytail itself is also adorned with daisies.  Bonus it’s a charity hair, as well as the Thulani.  Thulani is a versatile unisex hair, as well as the Debbie, which is shown here in Cranberry.   Carice is a soft, mid-length hair, with a bit of a wave to it, very subtle, very nice. Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.  For maps of all stores locations on each sim click here.  Check out the inworld demo group to pick up demos!  Know before you go!  This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandana donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids.  To get some tips on managing your settings for attendance at Second Life events like Hair Fair click here.

Paper Couture & Mina
Paper Couture & Mina

A while back someone posted a plurk highlight photos of a country wedding they had found on flickr.  We wondered over the splendid photography, and I was determined I would try to emulate some of the principles at play in them.  When I saw Paper Couture’s Crossroads dress, I was sure this was just the dress to attempt for this, partnered with this Stacey hair.  However I envisioned something a little more than what I settled for, as I really just don’t have the time to play around doing a full attempt at shadows in Kirsten.  So here it is, minus the shadows, extra props, lighting, etc, all that can happen another day.   The crossroads dress is a lovely mermaid style dress, with details over the bodice, very simple, very elegant.  It also comes with a grey shrug not shown here.  I have played it simple with the jewelry throwing on a turquoise and silver necklace from Zaara, and a pair of western boots (not viewable) from Adam n Eve, complete with Surf Couture, sheaf of wheat for my mouth.

Hair:  Mina Hair Fashion – Stacey – Dark Chocolate (With flowers) & Pony
Skin:  Chaisuki – Vienna – 08 Peach
Lashes:  Celestial Studio – Lashes – Club 3
Mouth Attachment:  Sand Shack Surf Couture – Chewing Wheat
Necklace:  Zaara – Vanisri – Wrapped Necklace – Turquoise-Silver
Bangles:  Zaara – Kaya – Turquoise Bracelet – Silver
Dress:  Paper Couture – Crossroads
Boots:   Adam n Eve – Rodeo – Brown
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

I would especially like to thank Anais Fugue for her hospitality.

September Outing

The Strand @ Hair Fair 2010
The Strand @ Hair Fair 2010

The Strand is  brand new to Hair Fairs in general, but they really are a fledgling store, that’s been here a bit and that’s gaining notice.  I know of them as they moved their store to The Deck where I have my store sometime this past summer.  The Strand has a gift of several hairs that have been in their store previously, in a limited range of colors, one of which is featured in my photo in the upper right corner.  I make no guarantee that this is one of the colors available, as I have previously obtained the hair. The other three styles are all charity donation hair, benefiting Wigs for Kids.   I love this Sammi Hair, the tweed hat at an angle is too cute.  A pack of it comes with 3 variations of tweed.  What I love about this store is they’ve got what they call an Undecided Pack featuring a sampling of shades from each pack.  It’s basically a naturals packs, you might be familiar with the term from ETD.  The other styles feature extensive twists, and plaiting, with Jacqui featuring plaids around the crown, and Blossom being the height of fashion as an avant garde hair updo.   Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.  For maps of all stores locations on each sim click here.  Check out the inworld demo group to pick up demos!  Know before you go!  This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandana donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids.  To get some tips on managing your settings for attendance at Second Life events like Hair Fair click here.

September Outing
September Outing

I had the chance to get out this afternoon to location hunt for photos, stop by some favorite scenic places, and eventually stop by Paper Couture to pick up a few things from their brand new Fall/Winter 2010 Collection.  I’m wearing the Typhoon boots from Paper Couture, that are very Now and very Yummy.  I love this rich texture, and color on them, they also come in black, eggplant, and this amazing grey combo that’s very timeless for concept wear.  I love how the tops  match the lower colors in my floral skirt from en Svale.  I wore a Jacket from Maitreya in Ochre to pick up the colors at the top of the skirt to continue the theme, although you can’t see it, under the jacket I have a brick colored shirt from Celestial Studios on.  Up top, its my fun, lush, Chaisuki lashes, with the beautiful Tuli skin with eyeshadow to coordinate, Armidi True Enhance Nails in Gold.  Yeah I said that!  Make a left when you walk into the hair store and they are right on the wall, golds in 3 colors there, many other shades too and only $90L.   I also am wearing new earrings from Paper Couture that are so big and so amazing, I LOVE THESE.  I don’t know if I can take them off, but damn they must weigh pounds!  I am in love!  By the way, if you are wanting previous collections from Paper Couture, they keep them on Xstreet.  I love them for that.  Jewelry Clothing

Hair:  The Strand Main Store
Lashes:  Chaisuki – Lashes27
Skin: Tuli– Jade – (Tone 4/br) 03c
Earrings:  Paper Couture –  Studded Gold Circles  (New Fall/Winter 2010 Collection)
Jacket: Maitreya– Short Trench – Ochre
Shirt:  Celestial Studios – Trixie Hoodie – Brick
Manicure: Armidi – (True Enhance) Painted Nails – Gold
Skirt:  en Svale – Print Skirt – Red
Boots:  Paper Couture – Typhoon Boots – Brown   (New Fall/Winter 2010 Collection)
Poses: Glitterati

Ibizarre Raspberry Aristocrat

Raspberry Aristocrat @ Hair Fair 2010
Raspberry Aristocrat @ Hair Fair 2010

So in the middle of this, my friends took off to do the Kawaii Hunt and left me on my posestand.   I will remember this.  Today I have Raspberry Aristocrats hair, she was such great find last year, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who waited all year for more hair.   It was well worth the wait considering her 3 Darlas hair is a short bob with 3 variations of bangs/fringe. 3 Darlas is her donation to charity hair, and an excellent deal on top of that.   Continuing the trend at her store she has Halia, Fala, and Solace all in the bobbed hair range.  Fala features a flexi option, Halia is a longer bob (limited time store freebie) , and Solace is an angled cut. Lemondrop and Brooklyn are pulled back pony styles.  Very relaxed, I love the variations of them. I am so glad to see some more hair out of this store. All hair featured is shown in Blonde Flax shade. Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.  For maps of all stores locations on each sim click here.  This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandana donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids.  To get some tips on managing your settings for attendance at Second Life events like Hair Fair click here.

Raspberry Aristocrat & Ibizaare
Raspberry Aristocrat & Ibizaare

With my Raspberry Aristocrat hair, I have on a new release from Ibizarre.  Get ready to start the fall season with this cute babydoll style sweater with flower print.  I love the knit texture, and the prim work is very cute.  I had some viewer issues that created an issue making the seams derez leaving a flesh toned line where they meet.  I would have them correct from time to time, and even asked some friends on different viewers what they saw, and confirmed this was a rezzing/viewer issue.  The seams are fine. I corrected this by wearing other clothing underneath on all layers to match the tone of the sweater.  Even with a turtleneck and t-shirt I had most of it corrected with a small bit under the arms remaining a problem.  I just ignored it. I have styled the sweater with these cute grey jeans and belt from INDI Designs Freya outfit.  The sweater was so Mod, I had to have a pair of skinny pants.   I accessorized with red as much as I could to really make everything pop.  Red, and loop jewelry from fri,day, and bright red gloves from 5th & Oxford were perfect.  I love these gloves, I need to go grab them in all the colors available.  This was a purchase I made for another outfit, and I just don’t want to take them off.  All this red really plays off the red lipstick from the latest skin from Tuli released at The Dressing Room…Helena 02.  I love that my Launa Fauna dimples go perfectly with it.  I picked up this cute tote from Wasted Youth, it comes with a bow option as well.

Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat [ BLOG]   [STORE]    [FAIR]
Skin:  Tuli – The Dressing Room – Helena 02 [The Dressing Room TP]
Dimples: L. Fauna – Dimples (Tan)
Lashes: Calla – Ball Tip
Jewelry: – Loop Jewelry – Red
Top: Ibizarre – Helen Wool Jumper
Gloves: 5th & Oxford – Leather Gloves – Red
Handbag:  Wasted Youth – Quilted Black Leather Bag
Belt:  INDI Designs – Freya (Jeans from outfit)
Pants:  INDI Designs – Freya (Belt from outfit)
Boots: – Journey.Boots – Red

Helena @ Ibizarre
Helena @ Ibizarre

The Ibizarre Helena Sweater also was part of a release that included matching leg warmers, and capri length leather pants. Shown above I have the whole outfit styled with its matching Helena items, and then also my way.  Available in Black, Brown, Grey and Lilac.  It was hard to separate these from each other for a style post, but I think it worked well.  The Helena cropped leather pants have a great texture, and I can’t wait to mix them into my wardrobe.  The leg warmers come in floral, and plain.  I love the matching knit texture they have, and these would be especially cute over jeans.

Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat [ BLOG]   [STORE]    [FAIR]
Skin:  Tuli – The Dressing Room – Helena 02 [The Dressing Room TP]
Dimples: L. Fauna – Dimples (Tan)
Lashes: Calla – Ball Tip
Jewelry: – Loop Jewelry – Red
Top: Ibizarre – Helen Wool Jumper
Gloves: 5th & Oxford – Leather Gloves – Red
Handbag:  Wasted Youth – Quilted Black Leather Bag
Belt:  INDI Designs – Freya (Jeans from outfit)
Pants:  Ibizarre – Helena Crop Leather Pants – Black
Legwarmers:  Ibizarre – Helena Legwarmers – Floral Black
Boots: – Journey.Boots – Red

No funnel cakes at the fair…

Attention there are no funnel cakes at Hair Fair. @ Hair Fair 2010 @ Hair Fair 2010’s offerings at Hair Fair 2010 are 3 soft styles, Fiona, Sasha, and their charity hair Lexi.  All three styles shown with Lexi the one on the far right being the one that donates a portion of the price to Wigs for Kids.  It’s a cute updo, with soft tendrils framing the face.  Fiona is a nice soft side sweep of hair.  Shown in Jaded Blond, they will be available ONLY at Hair Fair 2010 until September 19th, after that it will be available in’s store.  Hair Fair 2010 is ongoing through September 19th.  To see what stores or get slurls to it , click here.   This year Hair Fair charity hair styles, and bandanas donations go to help pay for custom-made Wigs for Kids. @ Hair Fair 2010 @ Hair Fair 2010

While I was initially was going to just feature the hairstyles themselves, once I had put on Sasha, I knew exactly I had to blog this dress I had tucked away, it had been waiting for this hair.  I went for a soft look overall, sticking to Jaded Blond as a hair shade.  The Sasha has this lovely scarf/ribbon, which is color-changeable,  I went with chocolate and chose to use that tone to accessorize with.  It took 24 hours of seriously thinking about who and where this dress was.  I knew I wanted this dress but couldn’t recall who made it, and if I even owned it.  I began a long hunt trolling all the stores featuring sculpted clothing (really known for it), and saw this at Aoharu and remembered I bought them in packs during their big sale months ago.  When I first bought it I tucked it away until I found accessories for it, and finally now I have them.  I love the look of Sasha with it,  teamed up with a dream catcher bag also from, and these awesome mary jane jumps from G. Field.  Thanks to Winter Jefferson, for remembering where I could find them.  I love the big thick strap on them, with the color changeable trim and buckle.  So retro, so now, and so chic.  I went with one simple set of bracelets from Zaara, in lieu of heavy amounts of jewelry I love to wear.  I would have loved to see this look with perhaps a ribbon choker, a broach, and charm bracelet.

Hair: – Sasha – Jaded Blond (Chocolate Bow) [ at Hair Fair]
Skin:  Chaisuki – Vienna – 18 Peach
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Lashes – Classic 8
Manicure: Tete a Pied (now 5th & Oxford) – TaP – Toffee Nails (glove layer)
Dress: Aoharu – Bt Tiered Doll Dress – Ivory
Bangles: Zaara – Pallev – Clear
Handbag: – Dream.Catcher Bag (Chocolate)
Shoes:  G Field – Square-toe Shoes – Sophie – Brown
Poses:  Glitterati

Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker Composite
Motivational Speaker

I couldn’t do a series on my favorite jeans, without covering some of my favorite denim skirts.  I have consolidated all of these together in one post featuring the same tops, and accessories.   This is a very fun, casual look.  The sculpted Aoharu denim shirt is worn over my Bandana dress from Tuli, that is getting double duty as a halter.  The Aoharu shirt comes with the belt, but I am also wearing another belt from DeLa’s Daisy skirt, which I think plays up my bracelets from YourShape.  Together they suit the Bandana print, with the denim.  My boots are Bax’s prestige boots in red,  they come with variations in shade, boot cuff, metal finishing.  I love to wear them with denim, and have blogged them previously with them.

MS 1
Motivational Speaker

The skirts are from a wide variety of stores, BettePage, LeLutka, Maitreya, Muism, and Emery.   The angled skirt is Muisms, and comes in this longer style, and straight across shorter length.  I love the movement on it.  LeLutkas has a lot of structure to it without sculpts.  I love the denim textures, and the length.  Maitreya, and Emery’s both feature sculpted skirt parts, short in length and good distressed denim look.   BettePage’s is another midlength with good movement, and distressing.   I am wearing Tuli’s Gina skin from a previous run at The Dressing Room, and my hair is a new release from Mirai Style.  She’s has 3 new hairs in the front of the store,  I have no idea when they were released but they still say NEW.  ;P    To see which skirt is which, click through to my flickr photo, and hover your mouse over the image to see the name of the stores.

Hair: Mirai Style – Waca2 – Mattcocoa
Skin:  Tuli – Gina 01
Earrings:  Mandala – Monica Earring – Red
Top 1:  Aoharu – Dungaree Long Shirt – Light Blue
Top 2:  Tuli – Bandana Dress (top)
Bangles: YS&YS – Suede Bracelets – Dark
Manicure/Rings: Page 3 – Rings & Nails
Belt:  DeLa – Daisy Belt (from Daisy skirt)
Skirts:    BettiePage – Denim Pants Skirt Dark
Muism – Denimi Zip Skirt – Dark Denim Skirt long
Maitreya – Jules Jean Skirt – Dark
LeLutka – Mona Jean Skirt – Blue Light
Emery – Denim Skirt Palette #01
Boots: Bax – Prestige Boots – Red
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

Title from Cut Chemists – Motivational Speaker

In The Waiting Line

Twisted & Spoiled’s Jeans are part of series of posts I’m doing featuring some of my favorite jeans.  I acquired these over the summer, and love them to death. I bought the fat-pack which included 12 colors, from true blue seen in my composite shot, to pink! Included are two types of jean prims, baggy and boot cut, nicely sculpted they give it a nice finish. The shading, and hems/seams are done well, and well worth adding to your inventory.

In The Waiting Line

I paired my jeans with my shear-ling coat from DeLa in beige.  Dela make these in a short and longer version, I’m wearing the longer version called Jona.  Sculpted, with good texture, I love the fullness of this!  Underneath I have on two more shirts from Twisted and Spoiled, the feisty shirt in a rich chocolate, which comes with sculpted prim cuffs, and collar.  Available in a wide variety of colors, as well as the Vest I am wearing, which is more like a longer ribbed tank. My jewelry is from Miel, who have been slick enough to put out jewelry for $50L Friday events for some time now, yet rarely after that is it in store to buy.  All their jewelry is delicious enough that I am ready to start a petition to make them carry it at full price in the store afterward. If you agree it also, please send them a nc requesting this. This set’s called Ahi, it’s simple, it’s elegant, and unique. My other accessories are Casa del Shai’s Lizard Boots in brown, and Mandala’s Saicho belt in brown.  My skin is a new release at The Dressing Room by Tuli called Gina 06, and has this lovely adoration by the left eye. She’s released several there over the course of it, so it’s becoming a nice collection.  Soft makeups, dewy skin, the look classic, everyday, fresh.

In The Waiting Line

My hair gets it’s own paragraph…it’s awesome.  It’s from Ploom, and if you hadn’t heard already Ploom’s designer is Helyanwe Vindaloo of Deviant Kitties.  She’s branched out into this new store of amazing hair, and some nice skins…Sasy talks about them here, and some of her other hairstyles too.  I loved this one called Iris.  This style comes with a hud to change the streak of color in the hair, the hair shade itself is Auburn. I love its form, and that’s one thing that caught my eye when I visited Ploom for the first time.  I snagged quite a few hairs, and can’t wait to go back!

Hair: Ploom – Iris – Auburn (with blonde streak option)
Skin: Tuli – The Dressing Room – Gina 06 [The Dressing Room TP]
Jewelry: Miel – Ahi Set
Coat:  DeLa – Shearling Coat “Jona” – Beige
Top 1: Twisted & Spoiled – Chocolate Feisty Shirt
Top 2: Twisted & Spoiled –  Vest – Magnolia
Belt: Mandala – Saicho Belt – Brown
Jeans: Twisted & Spoiled – T & S Jeans
Boots: Casa del Shai – Lizard Boots – Brown

Poses:  Variety of poses by ImpEle, Glitterati, and !Bang

Addicted To Base

Nyte'N'Day Essential Jeans Composite
Addicted To Base

Most days I can be found bumming around the grid in my jeans, Sasy can attest to this.  I have managed to acquire quite a collection as once I find a pair I love, I tend to go back and grab the fat pack.  I’d planned a post on my favorite jeans, and then couldn’t decide on shades, and hem styles, so I have decided time willing to split them all up into a post on each store rather then an all in one.

Nyte'N'Day Essential Jeans Set 1

I’m starting off with Nyte’N’Day’s Essential Jeans.  They  feature 2 styles of leg hems, in Cuffed and Straight, both of which are well sculpted enough that I can’t pick a favorite and just wear them according to what suits my mood and look.  They come in 6 colors Acid, Dark, Dark Blue, Dark Stone, Light, and Stone. Good detail and seams, and the shading done brilliantly. The acid wash reminds me of their Button-Fly Jeans in faded if you ever loved these, you can snag the Essential in Acid for an updated variation.

Nyte'N'Day Essential Jeans Set 2

My outfit starts with Nyte’N’Day’s Hok Shirt in Espresso, a sculpted fitted halter.  Featured in several colors, with beads at the shoulder its a sexy shirt. Mind you there is no way one could create this shirt with a glitch layer, so be prepared, wear your hottest skin, cause it’s gonna be a peep show for the public if your skin rezzes before the sculpt does!  The included glitch layer is worn low to provide extra fabric when you stretch between the halter and the base tie.  I love it, and damn straight I didn’t let a silly thing like flashing people keep me from wearing it.  I have on Tuli’s latest skin, Audrey, worn with the eyelash layer.  This is an interesting skin, definitely Tuli all around, and well done, but limiting if you are not using viewers that allow for extra layers.  SL 2.0/2.1 is the recommended viewer for this skin if you want the ability to wear the eyelash base AND the lipstick layers.  On Emerald I could manage eyelash or lips,  I love Tuli’s lips in the natural/bare and went for the lashes.  My belt is also from Nyte’N’Day it’s their latest release and comes in various neutrals shown here in dark brown.  A new release from Kalnins is on my feet! Saleina!  If you aren’t familiar with Kalnins Footwear, they specialise in sculpted shoes usually with prim feet.  One of the most simple to use shoe huds for tinting included, I swear it’s no tears!  The hud also lets you change various elements of the shoe from store selected colors to customise them for your look.  I am wearing pounds and pounds of jewels, from Zaara and Mandala, all this topped off with a new release from LeLutka, their Amanda hair! I love the messy look with hair sticks holding them together.

Items & Teleports:

Hair: LeLutka – Amanda 3 – Soy Sauce
Skin: Tuli – Audrey (tone 4/co/fr) – 06
Eyelash Base: Tuli – Audrey lashes tattoo type B
Earrings: Mandala – Takayama Earrings – Female – Turquoise
Necklace 1: Zaara – Adira Necklace – Turquoise Silver (worn on spine 2)
Necklace 2: Mandala – Takayama2 Necklace – Turquoise (worn on spine)
Manicure/Rings: Mandala – Takara Nail – Metal Silver
Bangles: Zaara – Sadaf Pauna Bangles/Bracelets – Silver
Top: Nyte’N’Day – Hok Shirt – Espresso
Belt: Nyte’N’Day – Ginger Belt – Dark Brown/Silver Studs (worn on stomach 2)
Jeans: Nyte’N’Day – Essential Jeans
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear – Saleina
Poses: Persona

Lush & Structure

Amacci Hair

Amacci just released this beautiful hair base with hair knot and three styles.  I really love the form of the hair knot, specially with it little whisps coming out of the bottom.  The three hair styles are Lara, Lena, and Liana.  All lovely ponytails each sporting a different bang/fringe, that with the hair bases, really create a natural hairline.  Shown here are Lara in Brown Sugar, Lena in Henna, and Liana in Swedish Blonde.  All other hair bases, with hair knot shown in Brown Auburn, my favorite red there.

JE Republic Composite

I was in the mood for purple today and it had needed to be luscious shade, so I chose Je*Republic’s  jacket called Tartanism.  It features sculpted collar, cuffs, belt, and lower half. The plaid itself is well done, and it comes in a variety of colors, I went with Blue Violet.  I paired it with the shorts and socks from DeLa’s Mirielle outfit, which have a nice finish on the seams, giving it a nice tailored looks but easy on prims as it’s all layer.  I have these fun pumps from LeLutka, the word pump is a misnomer, as I find these are a great heel, rather than pump, with a fantastic mary jane look as well. I love the look of them with the stockings.  I am wearing a mass of jewelry from nails with rings, and earrings from Mandala, and a coordinating necklace from Zaara.  I went with Armidi’s Focsani Bag in 24k gold to pick up the gold rivets in the belt.  This skin from Chaisuki has this nice smokey eye, which I accentuated with lashes from Sky Everett Designs,  they were part of a free pack of them, that may still be out.  Together the face has this lush look about the eye, that suits the dewy tone of the skin.

JE Republic Full

Hair: Amacci – Hair Knot – Brown Auburn
Hairbase: Amacci – Brown Auburn
Skin: Chaisuki – Vienna 17 (Caramel)
Lashes: Sky Everett Designs – Eyelash w/dots
Earrings: Mandala – Monica – Purple/Gold
Necklace: Zaara– Vanisri Necklace – Amythest Gold
Jacket: Je*Republic – Tartanism – Blue Violet
Handbag: Armidi Gisaci – Focsani Bag – 24k Gold
Shorts: DeLa – Mirielle Shorts – Black
Stockings: DeLa – Mirielle Socks – Black
Shoes: LeLutka – Pow Pumps – Black
Poses: Olive Juice & MyPinkieSkull

Full of Nyte’N’Day

Nyte’N’Day‘s been a mainstay in Second Life for years.  The designer, Nyte Caligari,  has successfully won the hearts of fashion devotees, club go-ers, and everyone in between with her ability to design outfits that suit our everyday lives.  Sasy and I decided to feature an item we both agreed on from Nyte’N’Day, mixing and matching other items from them, and if we wanted a few other places.  Click here to see Sasy’s look featuring the Mete titled Ain’t No Shoe Pony, read on for mine.


Look One: (Right)

Hair: LeLutka – DeJa Vu – Soy Sauce
Skin: Chaisuki – Vienna – 18 – Caramel
Lipstick: Chaisuki – Vienna Lips – 07 – Caramel
Necklace: Zaara – Balini Necklace – Onyx Clear
Jacket: Nyte’N’Day – Moitie Jacket – Red
Shirt:  Nyte’N’Day – Mete Shirt – Black
Belt: Cobrahive – Big Waist Belt – Pianokeys
Manicure: Awesome Designs – Finger Nail Polish In Blood Red + White Tip
Purse:  Celestial Studios – Hobo Bag – Burgundy Suede
Shorts: Nyte’N’Day – Mete Shorts – Black
Shoes: Kalnins – Wonder
Pose: DARE

Look Two: (Left)
Hair: LeLutka – Becks – Soy Sauce
Sunglasses: Armidi Gisaci – Fi Umo Sunglasses – Dark Tortoise/Gold Lens
Skin: Chaisuki – Vienna – 18 – Caramel
Lipstick: Chaisuki – Vienna Lips – 07 – Caramel
Manicure: Awesome Designs – Finger Nail Polish In Blood Red + White Tip
Necklace: Essentia – Retro Montage – Silver
Bangle Right: YS&YS – Simoun Bangle
Bangle Left: YS&YS – Wooden Bracelet
Shirt:  Nyte’N’Day – Mete Shirt – Blue
Belt: Nyte’N’Day – Ginger Belt – Tan/Silver Studs
Skirt:  Nyte’N’Day – Denim Mini Mini Skirt – Light
Bag: LeLutka – Mitu – Tan
Shoes: Surf Couture – Nantucket Spectators – Navy
Pose: MyPinkieSkull