Sasy Scarborough

Mahrathon2012_SL 8th - 9th December

Starting @ 3.48pm Saturday 8th of December, the Annual DJ event @ The Velvet , where Maht Wuyts DJ’s for 26+ hours straight to raise money for Heifer Interenational. This event will be running in RL and Second Life with guest hosts from all over SL spending an hour of their time to help keep everything jumping. We hope that you can join in on the fun on the 8th or 9th or just stop by and donate, all amounts are appreciated.
Guest Hosts :
Alicia Chenaux
BabyChampagne Sass
Caelan Hancroft
Cajsa Lilliehook
Callie Cline
Harlow Heslop
Harper Beresford
Lolotehe Menoptra
Samara Barzane
Sasy Scarborough
Tristan Elan
Whimsy Winx
As well as the wonderful staff of The Velvet
(if you are interested in hosting an hour, please contact Cajsa Lilliehook or Sasy Scarborough)
Press Release : 

Marathon DJ Event in Second Life and Real Life Raises Funds…

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