Adam n Eve’s Persephone Skin

Adam n Eve recently released their new skin line Persephone. I have been impressed with this skin as the make ups are lovely and fresh, there is a wide variety of them, and the skin tones are so lovely its hard to pick just one. Sachi has really done an amazing job on these but shes good at skins. The majority of the skin is hand painted offering a nice soft effect without going too sourced. Shown here is Set 6 of the line in tone 3, I have included three makeups from other sets, and given you full front and back details to see this amazing skin.

Sachi has a real talent for bring out the best in tits n ass pardon the term but its true. Her cleavage is awesome and makes you want to stock up on v necks, and other plunging necklines to show off. The bum is divine, nicely rounded, with a amazing attention to quirks we face in that area. The seam work is perfection, I detect no seams at all. Sachi includes two skins per makeup for your choice in bikini wax, and also includes matching nail and toes polish on the glove and sock layers, and lashes to complete your look. I photographed the skins here with NO lashes, and have to tell you, you gotta try them out with a variety of lashes for fun. The Persephone is a large line, with a nice selection. Set 7 is a particularly fun set featuring Misery, perfect runny makeup for your emotional needs. Set 7 also has a tear version available. Tp here, to grab the demos.

Shown with:

Artilleri – deanna bra and panties – leo Store Tp here

Digit Darkes – Naturale – Defiance – Straight Rockstar hair Store Tp here.

Alice’s Garden

One of the things I love about Second Life is the stuff you find along the way to somewhere else.  I had been looking for an autumn themed sim.  Initially I went to Tempura Island to take some photos but there were too many people there to really get anything done.  So I hit search, and used Autumn and Fall as my search string but mostly found places that really weren’t what I had in mind.  Along the way I found Alice’s Garden.

Alice’s Garden sells prefabs, vehicles, trees, and other garden items that are well textured, scripted, and amazingly well priced.  Initially I had found her location at Avendale Mystery, which featured a little prefab, trees, plants, and tree houses.  After searching the designer Aino Beresford’s profile, I found another location at Dojo Tristan, which had a few more.  Check out what I found.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse prefab
The Lighthouse prefab

I really fell in love with this.  The textures are dreamy, features a trap door inside leading underwater, various areas outside for relaxing,  a nice full main room, and the light house tour with a winding stair leading up to the top.  I am still obsessing over it,  it’s only a matter of time before I snag it.  Available for a sweet price at $799.

Two tree houses are available, they are adorable, in the light house picture above the area is covered with grasses, they are on a temp rezzer and I cleaned the area so that you can better see the tree houses in the next pictures, so you will see the area at the bottom suspended at water level on display.

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Adam N Eve-Skai Boots

Damen Gorilla of Adam N Eve has been hard at work creating an amazing pair of boots for us boot-a-holics…the Skai boot.  Tall and sleek its a wonderful boot for this fall season that goes well with pants and skirts, easily dressed up or down. I especially love the blue of the Calypso, and the rich purple of Delight.  Whats even better is right now they are a special price for the launch! Launch Price (On 25th Aug 2008 through 26th August 2008), L$200 per pair L$1500 MultiBuy (L$188 each).   After that date they will be available at their original price, so I would stock up now for fall with the MultiBuy, cause you can’t beat a $188 price tag on awesome boots classically designed so that you could wear them for years..its a wardrobe investment for sure.  Sculpted and available in 8 colors!

Adam N Eve – Skai boots – Chocolate, Delight, Black, and Calypso

Adam N Eve-Skai Boots with Thimbles- Svetlana Takes the Bus

Bangles:VG Republic – Double Gold/Resin Bangles
Shirt: League – Wide Belted II Black Shirt-long sleeved (shirt layer)
Skirt/Corset: Thimbles – Svetlana Takes the Bus  (corset-black)
Hair: Dernier Cri – Hannah with bangs
Skin: Adam n Eve – Persephone t3 – Make up Creme
Boots: Adam N Eve – Skai boots – Chocolate

To have the car sent round:  VG Republic, League, Thimbles, Dernier Cri, Adam N Eve

Can’t wait for fall

The summer drags on and I am waiting for fall.  I want a little relief from the hot weather, and I want to start layering again.  All this is on my mind as I shop, thinking about will this or that work well with a coat, or jacket?  Can I pair this with a sweater, or wear with dress pants.  I recently saw on the feeds a nice fat pack of pants from Ibizarre, and went over to snag them as they are only $100.  Took a while to figure out they were in the Ibizarre Outlet store in the same area of shops as the main store, but I am glad I poked around, and especially glad I was able to find this cute dress.

Ibizarre – Uma dress (Karamel)

I love this style of dress, and even more light backgrounds against dark designs, really a nice dress all around, and I can’t wait to wear it out.  Comes in a number of colors, and is a nice little something to throw on for a early fall excursion. I really am pleased how well it works with some recent purchases, like the Hannah hair from Dernier Cri, and my latest skin obsession Adam N Eve’s Persephone line.

Earrings: Celestial Studios – Eliza Boho Dangle Earrings-Group Gift (Feb 2008)
Necklace:  VG Republic (Viva La Glam) – Stranded Disc Necklace
Bangles: VG Republic – Double Gold/Resin Bangles Color Changeable -Black
MMSkins – Thora Lashes
Hair:  Dernier Cri – Hannah
Skin:  Adam n Eve –  Skin – Persephone t3 – Make up Red Rocket
Dress: Ibizarre – Uma (Karamel)
Pose: Long Awkward Pose – Seduction 1
Click here for a car to be sent round:  Ibizarre, Celestial Studios, VG Republic, MMSkins, Dernier Cri, Adam N Eve, Long Awkward Pose.

Crazy Days

Well the suspense is killing me…I have had a few sneak peeks at various styles from designers i know,  but they didn’t let me peek at everything…and they aren’t the only ones at Hair Fair!  Almost 90 hair designers!  Good Lord!  The need for new hair is getting to me!  I know I’m not the only one chomping at the bit for it to start..BTW  open to the public on Friday, August 22, 2008.  YES! THIS FRIDAY!!  Click here for all the yummy details.

As you can see I need new hair badly…

;P  actually this is the MiaSnow hair everyone is raving about an exclusive lucky chair item only.  Better get in on it!  It’s totally fab!  I mean seriously! I snagged this super cute outfit called Shekey in Pink from Line.  I wandered into Line after a very sad crawl around the grid totally on my own as Gary was dealing with Malware problems, so sad…tear…I had to use my own lindens to shop.  So there I was waiting for the expected furniture store to rez, (it did I was just standing in the wrong area)  and I saw this!  Zippir Kayo the designer behind Line does furniture, clothing and accesories.  She had a nice selection of chucks, ankle boots, pumps, boots, and flip flops, all in stunning bright colors.  I grabbed a couple of outfits and lugged them home to check out.

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Lazy Days

Antonia Marat of artilleri is not just a great designer, she also an awesome builder.  Her sim is full of amazing things she’s created from the awesome trailer  (Gary says if I have his prim babies, I can have it, we checked there is enough room in the bedroom for our bed, a couple of cribs and maybe some bunkbeds if we wanna adopt too!) to the best Flamingo in Second Life.   She recently created the Magda Lounger, a great addition to your patio.  Along with this she also released some fun late season swim suits, and other summer wear just in time for those dog days of August, and to get ready for your last summer bash…Labor Day.   With this release, you’ll be wishing for an Indian Summer to come along.

Gary is wearing a board suit of his own texturing to compliment Whimsy’s swim wear… artilleri’s Leelee bikini in leopard…you have to agree Antonia is the queen of doing leopard and zebra prints.  The Magda Lounger comes with a wearable reflector ensuring an all over glow, and the cushions are color changeable.

Also worn:

Shoes:  Armidi-Gisaci- Dahlia Bow Platforms in Bole, Hair: Analog Dog-Milli with Milli Bang in Bleached,  Sunglasses: Dernier Cri-Tortuoise Shell

Click here to tp to Artilleri Mainstore

Who Has Our Back

In the past months, and most recently, it has come to light about yet another DMCA filing between designers. That’s not what this post is about. What we’d like to address here is the “keeping things quiet” aspect of these situations.

We completely understand the need for silence when dealing with said issues. However, one thing that has consequentially occured from doing so is that many, many bloggers are continuing to post on items they are unaware may turn out to be stolen. This is painful in the end for not just the designer – and we totally share your pain in this – but also for the many bloggers who have showcased/reviewed the products, filling their blogs with praise for the items, only to feel let down in the end and ultimately have their own values questioned.

Such widespread covereage on the SL blogosphere also leads to more customers/readers considering the products in question for purchase, and again the bloggers do feel very responsible for that. As many designers know, if a blogger at any time suspects an item’s integrity, they will immediately contact the designer to make them aware of the situation. In a lot of cases, this is what leads to DMCA’s being filed. Not everyone can have eyes everywhere to see their own content has been stolen.

But who looks after us?

Second Life fashion bloggers are valued and sought after to showcase items for many designers, but that is where the respect seems to end. We hold designers in such high regard. If we were told via IM or notecard that something was amiss with the content of one creator over another, we would be perfectly capable of keeping that to ourselves should you request that. Naturally, further blogging on the items in question would cease to occur. We understand that designers dealing with the trauma of having their work stolen may not have considered alerting the bloggers as a course of action in the past, but now is when it is crucial to stand united in this and feel more like a community than ever before.

Keeping it to yourselves is what is letting many content thieves get away with thier thievery. Without an undisputable display of theft, these “content creators” are able to continue producing, and in doing so they will inevitably use bloggers and fashion feeds as tools to spread the word. Bloggers, like designers, also spend many, many hours behind closed doors compiling blog posts and genuinely working hard on their own written content. We don’t always see and hear everything. In the past, too many newer bloggers have been attacked in comments on their own blogs because they weren’t aware of theft with a particular store. That in itself is reprehensible. If you know something the blogger doesn’t, IM THEM and let them in on it. If you don’t want to consider it as helping the blogger, at LEAST think of it as helping the designers that have been stolen from.

We hope that people will help us in the future by letting us know, privately and anonymously if necessary, that there is questionable content making its way around the blogosphere. We have no interest in spreading gossip! But we DO have interest in, as well as obligation to our readers to know about, content theft. Hopefully, in the end, we will not feel like we have to rip our blogs apart and delete older posts (which will consequentially punish other designers who were mentioned and linked to) in order to hide what has been done innocently.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

On my way to LaLa FooFoo, I decided to check out one of her satellite stores and browse the other shops there, but when I went into LaRue Laval’s profile, I noticed she had ACGirl’s group in it.  I hadn’t heard of it, so I double clicked it, found the owner Achi Little, and tp’d over.   Turns out, ACgirl is a Japanese designed store, full of yummy goodies.  I grabbed a couple of freebies she had, a bloody tee, and I think an outfit which I haven’t had the chance to check out yet.  She had the cutest packs of skirts.  I grabbed Type A pack.  Each pack comes with 4 tops, and three patterned skirts.

ACgirl JP Skirt & Bare Top – Type A

Outfit: ACgirl-JP Skirt & Bare Top <<A>>
Hair:  *TRUTH* Angel – Panama
Shoes:  Stiletto Moody – O Wedge – (Silver)

The skirts are tiered perfectly with a lovely flow and come in various Japanese prints.  Paired with the included tops,  its a very nice summer look.   I loved how well they worked with other items in my inventory and paired them with an assortment of items from other designers and found the skirts to be a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

Home from my shopping trip

Top: *Shai* Roche Silk Charmeuse Tank Nude
Vest: (Elephant Outfitters) Andi Denim Vest – Pale Blue
Skirt: ( ACgirl ) Skirt Type << A >> 01
Hair: Adam N Eve- Roxy 2 – bblond
Lashes: Minnu Model Skins-Thora Lashes
Skin: Adam N Eve- Adam n Eve Skin – Persephone t3 – Make up Gold
Sunglasses: Dernier Cri-Shades 01 Tortoise Shell – Tan
Purse: Celestial Studios-Hobo Bag – Denim
Jewelry: SLink Wood and Turquoise Jewelry Set
Bangles:  +plus*June Bangles*
Bangles:  AC Big Bangle Wood
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci- Viniani Heel – Bole
Luggage:  Argyle-Travelers suitcase

But what really stuck out there was an amazing deal!  Inspired by Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor album.  Achi Little took it a step further and includes two poses front print work done for the album.  So I had a little fun in photoshop.

Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor

Parody of Inner Jacket Media

Outfit: ( ACgirl )MADONNYA comes with 2 poses
Hair: ETD Lannah – Orange Burnt
Tights: Devilish Cupcake~FishyPants-White/colorchange (tinted Rum Pink)
Shoes: Jaywalk: Billie – Fuchsia

It was a fun shopping trip, and I picked up tons of little things here and there along the way.  If you take the TP in Achi Littles Profile, there are two in her picks, take the one to Mebius Mall, or tp to her main store located at Japan MALIBU Resort (174, 185, 22).
ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs, ETD Isle (187, 198, 31)

Devilish Cupcake Roller Disco, Talana (150, 99, 60)

Jaywalk by Lyra Muse, Lithium City (64, 7, 26)
Truth, Truth Island (158, 134, 29)

Stiletto Moody Shoes, Stiletto Moody (43, 42, 23)

Casa Del Shai (148, 127, 692)

Adam n Eve, Genesis (80, 94, 39)

Minnu Model Skins, Glam World (100, 176, 23)

Celestial Studios, Celestial City (68, 240, 27)

Dernier Cri, Dernier Cri (129, 134, 28)

Slink.  The art of beauty, Slink (127, 140, 22)

+Plus, Ravens Requiem (29, 35, 23)

AC Aphrodite Creations, Breakers dAlliez (241, 14, 24)

Armidi Gisaci – Accessories, Shoes, Sunglasses, Armidi (128, 141, 26)

Argyle Main Store,  Wingo (90, 82, 51)