Glamurena Witch

I can’t quite recall how I came about finding Glamurena Studios,  I know i had been in search looking for something and randomly tp’d.  So glad I did, as this was quite a find.   I immediately snagged some eyes (not shown here today), skin demos (also not blogging today, but go grab some demos), but I did snag their luscious silk blouse in creme, and loved it so much I went back for hair, another shirt, and my favorite witch outfit!   But first check out my new toy, thanks to Kari and Torridwear.  A group gift, this perfect witches broom was delivered just as I had discovered my old one wasn’t working.  Filled with great Torrid anims featuring several flying poses, sits, etc.  Someone asked me which group it had been in and after sorting through my emails I can confirm its in the Kari update group, and the Torridwear update group, all tucked inside a cute pumpkin too!

Trick or Treat...Shhhh!  I bewitched your poseballs.
Trick or Treat...Shhhh! I bewitched your poseballs.
Glaurena Halloween Pumpkin Set
Glaurena Halloween Pumpkin Set

Glamurena Studios‘s Halloween Pumpkin set was exactly what I was looking for in a witch costume.  Funky Orange and Black striped stockings and gloves with garters,  peasant style bodice with prim princess sleeves, tight well textured corset, and a feathery, fringy black skirt that shows the perfect amount of leg. Included a undershirt of cobwebs, and a Witch Hat with sculpty pumpkins, that paired with my latest shoe acquisition the Bax Boot from Bax Coen in Black Patent Leather fully scripted with walks, color change heels, tips, eyelets, and even add on lace in a variety of colors I was set to go.  Glamurena Halloween Pumpkin set also comes in a lovely purple shade as well.  Shown with  ETD‘s new release Vasha in chestnut;  Celestial Studios Deviant Nation – Vogue Skin – Cashmere (Vamp – Enchant); and Scarlia Inc’s Flame Eyes Version 2.

Glaurena Silk Bouses & Jeans
Glaurena Silk Bouses & Jeans

The silk blouses come with prim collar and sleeves, and are lush in details and color, on the jacket layer,  I paired mine shown in Chocolate and Cream with their JeansOpera Light Blue Jeans which are well done, and prim pant legs I really like.  Shown with ETD‘s Davina II in Copper; BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent; Celestial Studio‘s Vogue Skin – Cashmere (Noir – Glitter) Freckled.

I really love this store, and I have only one complaint..well two..1. Need more clothes  2. Multiple Layer options.  The designer Kauri Darkstone is turning out a superb design, she’s got skills, talent, and an eye for detail and does amazing seam work, they are perfect!.  But the layer options are only on the jacket layer for the silk blouse and the corsets.  I am begging everyone who likes this store to please send a nice note asking for her to consider doing items on the Jacket, Shirt, and Undershirt Layer, so we can wear them more. I had also been thinking I could wear the corset and skirt from the witch dress with other items, the corset yes, but the skirt I will have to make glitch pants for as the bottoms for the skirt are on the same layer as the stockings.  I was also looking to get a corset thinking I could wear it on the shirt layer, with a open jacket over it, but alas not these.  The corset are very well done, and I want one of each.

Glamurena Hat/Hair with Strayers Halloween Sweetshirt
Glamurena Hat/Hair with Strayer's Halloween Sweetshirt

Glamurena Studios currently has two hair styles out, both with attached hats. Shown here is the BonBon Hair Brown Tones(V0.2) pack which contains 2 shades.  The hat itself is scripted with various winter/fall colors, even stripes!  The texture and detail is again superb.   I paired with the Glamurena jeans, and Strayer‘s group gift the Halloween Sweetshirt.

I have two sets of eyes I want to share from Scarlia Inc, I have many more and will be blogging/reviewing them in small allotments due to SL/RL fun glitches.  I used the Flame eyes for my witch outfit they are perfect for Halloween fun.  I noticed that about the eyes from this store they are fun mixes of color and shadow, you will be surprised!  Definitely worth a stop to check them all out.  Shown here are Flame, and Wintergreen notice the 4 graduations in shade, and how stunning each are.  Nice flecks, and overall good sized, and realistic looking..outside color that is..LOL..If only RL could give us these eyes!

Scarlia Inc, Flame 1-4
Scarlia Inc, Flame 1-4
Scarlia Inc in Wintergreen 1-4
Scarlia Inc in Wintergreen 1-4


Celestial StudiosGlamurena StudioETDStrayerBaxScarlia IncKari; TorridWear;

Winx-Redwood Cottage

I just finished placing my latest release, Redwood Cottage at my store..   A fallen redwood tree trunk transformed into a one bedroom cottage.  I’ve also added a Subscribe-O-Matic for the store, it’s at the teleport point by the store sign.

Redwood Cottage
Redwood Cottage

*Two main rooms, 1 with double height ceiling
*Cuddle window settee on main floor, with menu driven poses in seagrass settee rug
-Cuddle Menu contains 7 couples set poses, 7 friends set poses, and 4 single poses
*Upper Loft with sunroom
-Sunroom contains window seat and spa bath, 2 additional sit poses in this area.
*Spiral Walkup to reach upper loft, with cosy space underneath
*Carved wood decor windows
*Stained glass window, and sunroom dome in autumn nature theme.

You’ll be surprised at home roomy it is!

Redwood Cottage interior facing loft
Redwood Cottage interior facing loft
Redwood Cottage Sunroom
Redwood Cottage Sunroom

Redwood Cottage is 149 prims
Spa Bath water is 1 prim
Copy/Mod/No Transfer

Other Winx Home & Garden items are available on: Onrez Xstreet Winx Home & Garden Mainstore

Aleri Darkes Virgo Skins

Aleri Darkes just rebuilt her store and it coincides with her latest skin release her Virgo line.  This line is heavily modded Splendor skins, so fans of those will love the new variety she has created.  Stunning make ups, and a lovely attention to detail in every one, with heavy modding of face and body.  Each skin tone comes in a variety of styles shown here is the tan tone.

Aleri Darkes  Virgo Skins in Tan
Aleri Darkes Virgo Skins in Tan

Stunning to be sure, I was hard pressed to not to turn a skin photo session into a lingerie shoot.  Since I brought it up, I should mention that each skin is comes in 3 bikini styles (demo for a looksee), and she has has been kind enough to include several sets of lashes.  The lashes come in a full set, tops only, bottoms only, left eye, and right eye only versions so you are prepared for a variety of sweeping hair styles, and various accentuations of the lovely eye make-up.  I want to particularly mention that I found the in the Tan line, the Mata Hari, and Tarot to be very lovely.

Aleri Darkes Virgo Skins in Tan Makeup
Aleri Darkes Virgo Skin's in Tan Makeup

Shown with Armidi’s [Intimizzio] Il Giorna – Gold; ETD’s Starley Pumps in cheetah; and ETD Tiana in Chestnut.  All Makeups where photographed with no lashes.   TP’s:  ETD Armidi

Aleri Darkes/Diversity Hair

W. Winx-Timeless Colonnade Ruin

Timeless Columnade Ruins
Timeless Colonnade Ruins

I recently set out the W. Winx-Timeless Colonnade Ruin at  Heathrow. The Timeless Series is another series I am working on, specially designed for a forest setting, but does well in forested parcels too.  The Colonnade Ruin in particular is a very large one height-wise and is stunning set in nature, along water, mountains etc.  It will make one want to explore to find it when viewed from a distance.  I’ve included a bonus column to arrange at the sight to complete the effect.  Covered in white roses, it’s a classic, dreamy, and romantic addition.

I will be adding items from this series as I tweak some details on them.  Adding them to your outdoor space adds quite alot of atmosphere and setting, and with the added implement of Torley’s amazing windlight settings you can effect a surreal environment, and really showcase your space.  The Timeless Series will feature a columned cuddle ruin, fountain, grotto, ruined gazebo, and waterfall.

Available inworld at W. WinxXstreet.

Hot LALA Jackets

Hotla Hoodoo of Hot LALA Designs, has some great jackets for fall.  Her Inbound Jacket, and Suede jackets have a rich texture, and the color palettes for them are perfect.

Hot LALA Suede Jacket with Jean Capris
Hot LALA Suede Jacket with Jean Capris

The richness of this jacket’s texture is what draws me in, but I am over the moon with the generous cut of the front, and the style variations.  While all on the jacket layer, you get a on layer full sleeve version, a sexy sleeveless version, and for added effect you can wear the bottom on a skirt layer to give them both dimension.  The jean capri’s are great, I wore them with the skirt jacket bottom off so you can check out the bum, they come with prim cuffs with extra detailing, while Hot LALA clothes are transferable she smartly perms them modify.

Hot LALA Suede Jacket Variations
Hot LALA Suede Jacket Variations (middle prim skirt variation)

The Suede jacket is available in an assortment of colors, and is transfer.  I really enjoyed the variation, and hope to layer a poet shirt underneath the sleeveless.  Shown with Domestic V Skins DV-04-CHEEKY SHEEN HYBRID2 (NATURAL)   Currently Domestic V skins are $5 instore, an amazing sale price; Lashes: [Whimsy ]Lashes-dramatic by Arriah Fiertze of Whimsy (SWEAR TO GOD not my store but oooh love the name!;  Hair: ETD’s new release Tiana in Chestnu.t    TP’s:  Hot LALA Whimsy Domestic V ETD

Hot LALAs Inbound Jacket & Jeans
Hot LALA's Inbound Jacket & Jeans

Hot LALA’s Inbound jacket is richly textured as well, with lot of zippered details.  Available on Jacket layer, Transfer.  The Inbound jeans deliver a tight fit, and a nice denim hue.  Shown with Domestic V Skins DV-04-CHEEKY SHEEN HYBRID2 (NATURAL)   Currently Domestic V skins are $5 instore, an amazing sale price; Lashes: [Whimsy ]Lashes-dramatic by Arriah Fiertze of Whimsy (SWEAR TO GOD not my store but oooh love the name!;  Hair: ETD’s new release Tiana in Blonde, Shoes: ETD Starley Pumps (Cheetah)   TP’s:  Hot LALA Whimsy Domestic V ETD

Hot LALAs Inbound jacket close up
Hot LALA's Inbound jacket close up

The Jacket features all these great zips, and has a special shirt layer to wear underneath to fluff it out and give it more dimension, a great effect.  Check out more of Hot LALA Designs assortment of clothing at: Hot LALA

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose (LAP)’s Red Carpet Diva set (Blogged here) TP Here:  LAP

New Inworld Location

Thanks to Teena Basevi I have been able to add all my items that are ready, and already featured on OnRez, and Xstreet, to the Heathrow location, for inworld purchase and viewing.   I am going through my inventory and pulling out builds I’ve stored and getting them ready to be added.  I know eventually i am going to need a very large space and have already started planning out the landscaping, but for the moment, located here i have one new added item a Autumn Centerpiece, which is a floral arrangement for mantels, coffee tables, and dinner tables, two candles with a pumpkin floral centerpiece, available inworld, onrez, and Xstreet.

Autumn Centerpiece
Autumn Centerpiece

Other items just added to the Heathrow location are:

The Cloister Gazebo
The Cloister Gazebo

Onrez Xstreet

Cloister Conversation Firepit
Cloister Conversation Firepit

Onrez Xstreet

Petite Maison Citrouille-Little Pumpkin House
Petite Maison Citrouille-Little Pumpkin House

Onrez XStreet

Fall Photo HUD
Fall Photo HUD

Onrez XStreet

Winx Home & Garden

Fall Photo Hud

Well Second Life has been a pain all week, and murphy’s law has been in effect. Nothing like going to photograph skins, and other items, and find after hours spent carefully doing so, that all of them have your hud/interface on. 😉   So I busied myself with other things to wait out a streak of bad luck.

I have finished a photo hud with 16 frames/borders, effects for some fun inworld photos.  I made some of them specially for the darkest of settings for some fun mist/fog/spectral effects.  If you are not familiar with a photo hud, you wear it, frame your shot, save photo to disc, and crop in any image editing program.

I’m adding some fall centerpieces this week too if Second Life accommodates, but next my skin posts.

Fall 2008 Photo HUD
Fall 2008 Photo HUD

I have listed it on Onrez, Xstreet, and it’s also available inworld, see my classifieds ad for a tp, its by the little pumpkin house.

Friday Happenings

Several Reminders about activities on Friday, October 10, 2008

View towards Emerald City
View towards Emerald City

Magic of Oz Grand Opening hunt ends Friday click here for details, click here for a TP

Wicked Witch of the Wests Castle in Winkie Country
Wicked Witch of the Wests Castle in Winkie Country


Impressione Announces the Opening of a New Art Exhibit Featuring the Works of four Yip at the KMADD Center for the Arts

In the tradition of showcasing the most creative, talented people of Second Life, KMADD welcomes four Yip to KMADD Center for the ARTS.  The exhibit opens on Friday, October 10th, at 3pm SLT, followed by Mitch Triellis ( live from Chile singing famous old school jazz songs (Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin) on the KMADD City Plaza beginning at 4pm slt.  Kirk, Maddox, and four may take a moment to drop by during the opening!

Building up to the Friday’s gallery opening, four Yip was recently a guest on Sunday night‘s Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe,

four Yip is a shining star in 2D digital art.  She is a master with graphic manipulation in Photoshop, where she turns snapshots of avatars she meets and creates realistic portraits that look like a combination of a painting and a photograph.  Often whimsical, always evocative, Yip’s work stands powerfully on its own.  It opens wide the window to the soul of the player behind the avatar, picking up on clues of that person’s personality from their style and appearance.  Some may recognize Yip from her notable presence in the SL Flickr community, others from her tiny, quirky shop in which she “sells” everything for free from a propeller swing for four, to winged, stork-legged bird chairs to a Charlie Chaplin cinema package (moving background included).

The exhibit opens October 10th and is part of KMADD City’s one year anniversary celebration running from October 9-12.

KMADD Center for the Arts Location:

four Yip’s shop location:

four Yip’s Flickr:

For more information, please visit the KMADD website at and also


KMADD Enterprise is a conglomerate of business in Second Life that includes a Model Agency, Studio, Image Consultancy, Avatar Products Store, Shopping District, Gallery and VIP Events Group.

Impressione is a full service virtual worlds marketing agency, offering the complete range of services to develop your brand, both in-world and out.

Blog Post Updates

Thought I would give a quick update on some recent postings, and tell you something at the end of my post.
Merry Go Rounds at Alices Garden
Merry Go Rounds at Alice's Garden

I went over to Alice’s Garden recently, and found she had put out the merry go rounds her signs had advertised.  They are stunning!  Merry go round 1 is a fun favorite, click and sit and get a nice twirl, only 31 prims and an astonishing $149 price!  The same goes for Merry go round 1, a traditional carousel with charming horses, fully working, 76 prims, and same price of $149.  An adorable steal.

Merry Go Round #2
Merry Go Round #2

Both Merry Go Rounds, are at the Dojo Tristan location of Alice’s Garden, click here for a tp.

Petite Maison Citrouille
Petite Maison Citrouille

I also was able to set down a inworld copy of my little pumpkin house for viewing.  Its located at the Cafe Yard Sale (Yard sale from Fashion Consolidated Cafe members) in Heathrow click here for a TP. It’s also listed on SLex and OnRez.

Riverside Shopping in Munchkinland at Magic of Oz
Riverside Shopping in Munchkinland at Magic of Oz

Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch (power couple & SL Giant) and designers for Eye Candy, and Treasured Visions, (omg serious giggles) would like to announce that “We’d like to thank everyone for making the Grand Opening of Magic of Oz an incredible experience… we couldn’t have hoped for a more wonderful and enthusiastic response and we are so glad that people seem to love Oz like we do.  The hunt has been extremely popular and the sim has stayed at capacity for 3 days now.  I know that there are people who have not been able to get in enough to find all the items and some have not been able to get in at all.  So we have decided to extend the hunt until Friday the 10th at 10 pm SLT! This is a thank you from us to all the people who have supported the sim.  We are so grateful to you and to our fantastic vendors whose gifts made the hunt as epic as it was.  So spread the word – the Slipper Hunt is here for another 5 days!”

Yeah I know, this hunt has been one of the most challenging, as they are using a object rezzor to cleverly rez the red slippers around the sim, as soon as one has been found, it disappears, and is rezzed in another location.  Challenging, but we are having so much fun!  Here’s the list of some of the items, more have been added and green stationary slippers too.

Here’s a checklist of the hunt items:

[LAP] – Magic of Oz – Poses Inspired by the Sim #1
[LAP] – Magic of Oz – Poses Inspired by the Sim #2
[LAP] – Magic of Oz – Poses Inspired by the Sim #3

The Stringer Mausoleum gift #1
The Stringer Mausoleum gift #2
The Stringer Mausoleum gift #3

Schadenfreude Down the yellow brick road
Schadenfreude Oz earrings
Schadenfreude Green Spectacles (copper)
Schadenfreude Green Spectacles (gold)
Schadenfreude Green Spectacles (silver)

~silentsparrow~ (oz) swimmy fishie (wear me)
~silentsparrow~ Gift#1 Luxe Corset and Mania Vest

~EC~ Magic of Oz Exclusive Bracelet
~EC~ Magic of Oz Exclusive Choker
~EC~ Magic of Oz Exclusive Ring

~JD~ MTF Shoulder Buddy Swamp Tree
~JD~ MTF Sitting Scarecrow
~JD~ MTF Sitting Flying Monkey

Witch’s Castle by Malkavyn [small]
Witch’s Castle by Malkavyn [large]
Munchkin Land by Malkavyn [small]
Munchkin Land by Malkavyn [large]
Emerald City by Malkavyn [large]
Emerald City by Malkavyn [small]

(Miriel) Bird of Paradise Headdress – Gold/White/Morganite

JUICY { Chunky Red Magnolia Bracelet }

TP here


DOMESTIC V Skins has put their ENTIRE skin line in a box for $100, and available in singles for $5,  HURRY I think its only for a few more hours today  TP here

Winx-Petite Maison Citrouille

Just in time for October, I’ve released the Petite Maison Citrouille, that’s Little Pumpkin House for those who don’t parlais.  Ok, I know as chic as it sounds, neither do I, but elka Lehane of Boing Fromage was kind enough to help me. Thanks elka! XO.

My Lil’ Pumpkin is sized for nestling in your garden or forest for this season, with room inside to fit your friends too.  Inside is a upper loft area with a futon and pillows, with a settee underneath and ample seating. Outside there are pumpkins and vines, providing more seating to enjoy the change of season.  4 singles poses, and 5 couples poses throughout.  64 prims, and Copy/Mod/No Transfer.

It’s a fun little garden novelty for you to enjoy, currently listed on OnRez, and SLex, I can rez it inworld on request for more viewing and am in process of looking for the perfect spot to set up a permanent location for it.  Check my Picks to see if I have placed it inworld, if I do it will most likely to start be places at the Cafe Yard Sale in there.

Don’t forget the Magic of Oz-Grand Opening is still in full swing, with parties, giveaways, gifts, and a hunt click here for details.

Magic of Oz (MOO) Sim Grand Opening & Hunt

Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch (power couple & SL Giant) and designers for Eye Candy, and Treasured Visions, have created a wonderful new themed sim Magic of Oz.   Today was the first day of the Grand Opening event, and was fun!  I have been frequenting the sim for a couple of weeks now, with stress tests, and other fun stuff.  For those who love Second Life photography and exploring this is not a sim to miss!  Check out some pictures before I hit you with the amazing schedule of events this weekend.

ZOMG!  Witches Castle meets Steampunk...ima faint!
ZOMG! Witches Castle meets Steampunk...I'm gonna faint!

Yes, steampunk, I know you probably don’t think of steampunk when you think of Wizard of Oz, and probably still have images from the movie with Judy Garland stuck in your head but..THINK! You will definately want to install some of Torley Linden’s Windlight Presets before you go…Click here.

Shopping riverside in Munchkin Land
Shopping riverside in Munchkinland

Magic is indeed a good descriptor for this sim, the colors, the lights, the curves, all of it superior quality with amazing things to see.  I have had access to this sim for 2 weeks, and I tell you I have been all over it, and always found something new that I didn’t notice before.  There is so much here (besides the shopping) you will find yourself coming back to see more, and I am only showing you a portion.  If you come to explore, its hard to stay on the yellow brick road, you have been warned, you know you shouldn’t leave the path…but here you should… more after the cut. (please let the feed do the cut)

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